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    Default 1969 camaro/firebird steering questions

    Ok let me start off with my main question, How different are the firebird and camaro factory steering setups, and Can they be interchanged?
    I am building a 1969 firebird with an LS1 engine and 4L60E transmission, I did alot of research and decided to go with the Hooker Headers conversion motor mount plates as one person said he used them on his 1969 camaro with bone stock steering and crossmember and the stock (NOT-notched oil pan) and all of it fit and worked together. This was the ideal solution for me as I am on somewhat of a budget. I got the engine set in the car today and the centerlink is rubbing the oil pan at full lock. I need to update the steering and suspension components anyways and since I work at a parts store part time (Oreilly's) I was thinking about purchasing the 1969 camaro stock steering components to use on my firebird since the firebird steering parts are twice as expensive for some reason. Can anyone think of any reason why I would not be able to use the factory camaro steering setup on a factory firebird of the same year?
    another question, If I was to put the camaro steering on my car and still have clearance issues, I was thinking about extending the pitman and idler arms to bring the center link closer to the K-member. As it sits now there is several inches of clearance between the centerlink and the K-member.


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    They're the same setup.

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    That's what I thought too but each component has a different part # between the two cars. I'm gonna go ahead Nd swap it to the camaro stuff and hope it gives me more clearance


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    By extending the idler and pitman Arms you may be setting your self up for some bump steer or possibly other issues,but I may be mistaken as I'm not quite sure of what you mean by extending your idler and pitman arms.Would you be talking about bending these parts?I'm not quite able to picture how you wpuld extend your pitman as it has to be bolted to your steering box shaft.Forgive me if that doesn't make sense as I'm having some back trouble right now and can''t seem to get to sleep.If you don't mind let me know how you are going to go about the modification of the previously mentioned parts.

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