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About the new options

Finally you can specify your smbios.plist location using a device selector prefix like “SMBIOS=rd(0,0)/Extra/smbios.plist”.

You can pass an alternate video ROM image file to the system.

Using this boolean switch, you can control the injection of your video BIOS to device-properties. We got various reports if this switch is really needed to make your graphics device handled correctly by the system.

You can use the same booter partition for both Leopard and the recent Snow Leopard; to do that you can put your OS version specific KEXTs/MKEXT this way:

Download information

You can get the binaries here: Chameleon-2.0-RC3-r658-bin.tar.gz

Sources: Chameleon-2.0-RC3-r658-src.tar.gz

How to install

Manually: Follow the steps in the README file under the doc folder.
Installer: You can use the RC2 installer pkg, and replace /boot with the new one from the binary tarball.

Note for Mac users:

Chameleon is developed to boot Darwin/Mac OS X on PCs, it doesn’t work on Macs.
Please don’t install Chameleon to your system drive, we got many failure reports with unbootable Macs after installing Chameleon.

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