I'm implementing a queue using a circular array, and I'm kind of stuck in the resize() method implementation (when the array is full).

Inside the enqueue() method I check if the size of the array equals it's length, and get if it's full. Now, instead of throwing an exception, I'm trying to resize the array.

The thing is, I have two cases to consider

  1. front <= rear
  2. rear < front

Which is the best way to copy the elements of the old array into the new, larger one?

I thought it using a for-loop, like:

newArray = new Array[oldArray.length2]; if (front <= rear) { for (int i = front; i < rear; i++) { newArray[i] = oldArray[i]; } } else { for (int i = front; i < newArray.length; i++) { newArray[i] = oldArray[i]; } for (int j = rear; j < front; j++) { // i'm using the variable i, the order is maintained newArray[i] = oldArray[j]; i++; } }

Then oldArray = newArray, return newArray and the resize it's done

I'm not sure of the amount of for's used to do this and I'm afraid I lose values.

Can someone tell me if there is a better way to do this?

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