Vegas on a Budget
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Where else can you stay at luxury hotels, dine at 5 star restaurants, watch breathtaking A-list shows, and party the night away at world famous nightclubs?

There’s only one place – Las Vegas baby!

But as amazing as this may sound, not everyone can afford to pay top dollar for a Hangover worthy weekend in Sin City.

Or can they?

If there’s one city where you can live like a high roller on a low roller budget, Las Vegas is the city.

From ridiculously cheap 5 star meals at some of the best restaurants to VIP service at some of the finest hotels and nightclubs in Vegas, anyone, and I do mean anyone can live it up in Vegas without breaking the bank.

But there is one rule…

In order to be treated like a VIP in Las Vegas you need to act like a VIP.

Do not…

  • Act like you own the place
  • Drink out of a neon yardstick
  • Dress like a bum
  • Disrespect employees, waitresses, or hosts

Act like a respectful VIP and you’ll be amazed at all the great things that’ll come you way.

So with that being said, here’s exactly how you can save money in Las Vegas even when you’re living like a high roller.

High Roller Vegas Lifestyle on a Low Roller Budget

Vegas High Roller on a Low Roller Budget

Even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar for an insanely outrageous lifestyle in Las Vegas, there are quite a few ridiculously easy and surefire ways for you to live like a high roller while staying on a low roller budget.

You’d be amazed at all the incredible things you can see, do, watch, and eat for under 0 during a weekend getaway – all while living lavishly like a king or queen.

Here’s how.

Las Vegas on a Budget

Here’s the complete guide to everything you’ll need to plan your budget friendly Las Vegas vacation. From finding the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas to dining at some of the world’s best restaurants and buffets, here are 73 insanely easy ways for you to live like a high roller in Las Vegas on a low roller budget:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Shows
  • Nightclubs
  • Things to Do
  • Getting Around the City
  • Airfare Tickets

So with that being said, let’s jump straight to the Vegas money saving guide!

How to Save Money on Las Vegas Hotels

How to Save Money on Hotels in Las Vegas

Nightly hotel rates in Las Vegas are ridiculously affordable. You can easily find rooms on the Strip for as low as a night. Yes you read that right.

And even if you decided to a little bit, you can still find 4-5 star hotels for less than 0 a night.

You just need to know where to look and how to book them.

Here are some surefire tips that will help you score some awesome Las Vegas hotel discounts and deals as well as get the cheapest rooms possible.

1. Join a Hotel’s Membership Program for Discounts

Every major hotel in Las Vegas offers a “gaming” club that you can join. With this you’ll get immediate access to discounted room rates and exclusive promotions and deals.

Here are all the programs that you can join:

2. Visit Midweek

Las Vegas room rates are absurdly cheap Monday-Thursday, with Tuesday and Wednesday generally being the cheapest.

3. For Weekend Getaways, Come Saturday-Monday

Sure the clubs may not be as bumping on Sunday or Monday, but if you’re looking to come to Vegas for other reasons, this is generally the cheapest way to visit. Even though you’re paying a premium price on Saturday night, you’ll notice a significant drop on Sunday’s room rate. Plus, flying out on a Monday is cheaper than Sunday.

4. Keep an Eye on the Convention Calendar

Vegas is the convention capital of America. Every week there’s something going on. Whether if it’s a small business convention or CES, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s going to be a conference during the week you visit. So in order to save some money on your hotel rate and vacation as a whole, be sure to come during times that aren’t during any major Vegas conventions.

Check out the Las Vegas Convention Calendar.

5. Avoid Fight Weekends (or the Super Bowl)

Unless you’re coming to watch the fight, try to avoid big sporting events and music festivals.

Check out the fight schedule here.

6. If Military (or Veteran), Get a Military Discount on Room Rates

Almost every major hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond (including those near Fremont Street) offer military discounts. Expect to save anywhere from 10-20% on your entire stay.

For the complete listing of Las Vegas military discounts, check out this awesome guide!

7. Save 10% if You’re a First Responder

First Responders which includes EMT, firefighters, and police officers can save 10% off their stay at at of the Caesars properties.

8. Save 10% if You’re a Teacher

If you’re a teacher, you can save 10% off your entire stay at any of the Las Vegas Caesars properties.

9. Get a 10% Discount if You’re a Student

Students can save 10% on their room rates at any of the Caesars properties.

10. Take Advantage of AAA Member Discounts

AAA members can save 10% on MGM Mirage Properties.

11. Take Advantage of Local Resident Rates

If you live in Nevada, there are actually quite a few hotels that offer special packages and discounts for locals. Just check the “Offers” page on any hotel that you’re considering for more details.

12. Compare Rates for all Hotels in Your Budget

Using sites like, Expedia, and TripAdvisor allows you to get the best idea on how much you’ll be paying while also getting an idea of what past guests have to say about their recent stays. Or better, check out for hotel specials and deals.

13. Do Your Research

Not all hotels in Las Vegas are created the same. The difference in quality from a 4 star and a 5 star is very noticeable. The same goes with a 3 and 4 star. My advice, check out each hotel’s website, watch videos, read TripAdvisor reviews, and compare amenities.

14. Research Resort Fees

Almost every major hotel on or near the Las Vegas Strip has resort fees. These fees can range from -32 a night. And the worst part about it is that it’s not initially included in the hotel price. You’ll only get the true total once you start the room booking process.

Thankfully there are a few hotels that don’t charge a resort fee meaning that you’ll only need to add tax to your room rate. Here they are:

  • Alexis Park All Suite Resort
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
  • Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Highway
  • California
  • Cannery
  • Casino Royale Best Western Plus
  • Eastside Cannery
  • Four Queens
  • Fremont hotel and casino
  • Lucky club
  • M Resort
  • Main Street Station
  • Wyndham Grand Desert

15. Use Your Marriott Rewards to Stay at the Cosmopolitan

Did you know that the Cosmopolitan is part of the Marriott Autograph Collection and that you can use your Marriott Rewards points to book a room there? It’s true! Plus, you can even combine your points and cash to book your room.

16. Share Your Room

This is almost a no brainer. The more people you can squeeze into a room, the cheaper your cut will be.

17. If Your Resort Experience Has Been Poor, Complain

If your room is dirty or you had a bad experience at a hotel’s restaurant, be sure to complain (respectfully).

Chances are you’ll get an apology as well as some nice perks such as a resort credit, show tickets, drinks, vouchers, etc.

18. Stay in the Middle of the Strip

Staying in the middle of the Strip doesn’t mean you’ll find cheaper hotel rates (although most of the cheaper hotels are there), it’s mainly just a better way for you to save money and time when trying to get around the city.

By staying in the main hub area (anywhere between Caesars Palace, City Center, Planet Hollywood, and the Flamingo) you’ll save money by taking less or shorter taxi rides as well as have closer access to cheaper eateries on the Strip.

Heck, you can basically walk from hotel to hotel if you stay in these hub hotels:

19. Always Check out the Promotions/Specials Tab on Hotel Websites

Before you add in your dates on the hotel’s website, be sure to check out their Vegas hotel deals and promotions page. Here, you’ll find any cool promotions that the hotel is running such as free buffet passes, 40% discounts, two free show tickets, free nightclub line passes, etc.

Here are some great hotel rate calendars to help you find the cheapest time to stay in Vegas:

20. If the Strip Isn’t for You, Stay in Downtown Las Vegas

This is the real, genuine Las Vegas that was once the norm before the Strip came along. Here you’ll find really cheap resort room rates as well as cheap eats.

A couple of the more popular ones include:

  • Four Queens
  • Golden Nugget

And if Downtown Las Vegas feels a little too sketchy for you, you can alway stay a few blocks off the Strip at one of these hotels:

The Best Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Here are some of the best cheap hotels that will still make you feel like a high roller based on your budget:

Low Roller

Bally's Las Vegas Discounts

These hotels are pretty cheap but the overall look and feel of the hotel is still better than any Motel 6. Rates are under a night.

Mid Roller

MGM Grand Discounts

These hotels are the most popular ones on the Strip but they truly have that awesome Vegas feel to them. Rates are under 0 a night.

High Roller

Wynn Tower Suites Discounts

These are the best of the best. 5 star resorts with 4 stars pricing. These luxurious hotels are unlike any of the one’s you’d find elsewhere in Las Vegas. Rates are under 0 a night.

  • Aria
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Delano
  • Bellagio
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Encore Las Vegas
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Palazzo
  • Trump Las Vegas
  • Vdara (non-gaming, non-smoking)

Super High Roller

Aria Sky Villas

These super luxurious hotels are usually smaller “hotels” within a hotel. From stellar service and limo transportation to free beverages/snacks and breathtaking suites, these world-renown resorts offer the best bang for your buck, if world-class service is something you desire.

  • Aria Sky Suites
  • Aria Tower Suites
  • Hotel 32
  • Wynn Tower Suites
  • Encore Tower Suites

And lastly, if you’re really looking to book a room that would cost you at least ,000 a night in any other major city, you should check out the SkyLofts at MGM Grand.

How to Save Money at Las Vegas Restaurants

How to Save Money at Restaurants in Las Vegas

From coupons and deals, to clever restaurant hacks and timing, here’s how you can save money at Las Vegas restaurants during your visit:

21. Take Advantage of Las Vegas Restaurant Deals

For awesome restaurant deals and coupons be sure to check out these three site’s Las Vegas restaurant discounts page:

22. Dine on the Pre-Theater Menu

Generally, most restaurants inside hotels that have a nightly show will run a pre-theater prixe-fix menu.

You’ll get great quality food and a really cheap price.

And best of all, you don’t need to be going to a show or present a show ticket to dine off of this special.

Check out this listing for all the Las Vegas restaurants that offer pre-theater menus.

23. Go During Happy Hour

Cheap drinks at eats with generally emptier crowds. What more can you ask.

Check out this listing for all the Strip restaurants and bars that offer happy hour specials.

24. Go During Reverse Happy Hour

Although most restaurants in Las Vegas stop serving food by 11 pm, there are still quite a few places that will offer a reverse happy hour where you can find super cheap drink and eats.

Here are some places for Reverse Happy House:

  • RA Sushi at the Fashion Show Mall
  • Buffalo Wild Wings near the Elara
  • Seafood Shack at Treasure Island
  • Press Lounge at the Mandalay Bar
  • Sushisamba in the Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Holstein’s in the Cosmopolitan
  • Rockhouse at the Venetian
  • Hofbrauhaus off the Strip
  • Unami Burger at the SLS

25. Eat at Resort Buffets

Why pay a person at a restaurant when you can pay for all you can eat food and drinks?

For the best bang for your buck, eating at a buffet can help you save money without cutting out food quality.

Heck some of the these buffets serve 5 star quality food.

Here’s some of my favorites that’ll give you the best bang for your buck:

  • Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan
  • Wynn Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas
  • Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace
  • Studio B at the M Resort
  • Carnival World and Seafood Buffet at the Rio

And lastly, here’s a buffet that’s pretty expensive ( a person) but includes unlimited lobster tails, filet mignon, king crab legs, Perrier-Joust (usually a glass), and caviar:

  • Sterling Brunch at Bally’s (offered only on the Saturday and Sunday)

26. Vegas Buffet Hack: Go to a Buffet During a Transition Period

Most major buffets including Bacchanal and Wynn Buffet are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And the pricing for each varies significantly.

For example at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars (#1 ranked buffet in Vegas), breakfast/brunch is a person and dinner is a person. Brunch runs from 7:30 am to 3 pm and dinner starts at 3 pm.

The Vegas buffet hack is to come to the buffet around 2:30 to get brunch prices. Then as you’re eating slowly, all the brunch food is being swapped out for dinner food.

So basically you’ll be dining at the dinner buffet at brunch prices.

It’s awesome!

27. Join Hotel Gaming Reward Programs

Most if not all major resorts in Vegas offer a gaming program where you can earn rewards and benefits including buffet line passes, discounts at restaurants, and more.

These 2 offer some of the best benefits:

28. Eat at the Hotel Food Court

Some hotels in Vegas actually have a food court where you can find cheap eats from restaurants that you’ll typically find at your mall.

If food is something you’re not looking to splurge on then hotel food courts are usually your best bet.

Here are the best Las Vegas hotel food courts:

  • Caesars Palace
  • MGM Grand
  • Fashion Show Mall
  • Venetian
  • Monte Carlo
  • Luxor
  • Miracle Mile Shops (not really a food court but there are tons of fast casual restaurants throughout)

29. Skip Room Service

Sure it’s convenient but room service in Vegas is absurdly expensive.

If money is tight, the only time you should order room service is if your room actually comes with complimentary room service (such as a few room packages at the Wynn and Encore do).

30. Ask for a Military Discount (or Student Discount)

Some restaurants in Las Vegas offer military discounts that can range from 10-30%.

For the complete listing of restaurants, check out these Las Vegas restaurant military discounts.

Plus, for restaurant student discount, check out this guide.

31. Eat a Big Breakfast or Dinner

One thing that’s I’ve notice about Vegas is that there are a lot of delicious things to snack and munch on during the day.

That’s why usually when I go, I tend to either go to a breakfast buffet, snack during lunch, and eat an average sized dinner.

Not only does this help save me money (since breakfast is usually the cheapest meal especially at buffets), but it essentially allows me to skip lunch at any costs associated with it.

This won’t work for everyone but I thoroughly enjoy implementing this tip.

32. Share or Split Meals

There’s nothing easier than going to a restaurant and splitting an appetizer or entree.

Some places (like some of the one’s below) have generous portions, making it easier for you to dine for 2 for under .

Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for cheap yet delicious food, then this listing is just for you.

Here are the best cheap Las Vegas restaurants that you can still enjoy a quality meal at without breaking the bank:

  • Tom’s Urban near New York New York – generic American fare with huge portions
  • White Castle near Casino Royale – classic mini burgers
  • Shake Shack at the LINQ – burgers and shakes
  • Unami Burger at the SLS – unique twist on burgers
  • Five50 Pizza at the Aria – huge pizza slices cooked in a 550 degree brick oven
  • Anchor Bar at the Venetian – cheap eats and drinks
  • Double Barrel Saloon at the Monte Carlo – awesome happy hour food and drink specials
  • Yard House at the LINQ – expansive beer menu which delicious food options
  • Olives at the Bellagio (Lunch) – possibly the best bang for your buck in terms of food quality
  • Grand Lux a the Palazzo – great deals and expansive menu that’ll satisfy everyone
  • BLT Burger at the Mirage – juicy burgers and shakes
  • Beijing Noodle No. 9 – freshly made Chinese noodles at a bargain
  • Table 10 at the Palazzo – get the mac and cheese
  • Cabo Wabo at the Miracle Mile Shops- street tacos during happy hour
  • Serendipity 3 at Caesar’s Palace – frozen hot chocolate and huge portions
  • Milo’s at the Cosmopolitan – popular lunch prixe-fix menu
  • Mon Ami Gabi at Paris (Breakfast) – great food and even better views
  • Hash House a Go Go at the LING and Rio All Suites – biggest portion sizes I’ve ever seen
  • Holstein’s at the Cosmopolitan – good burgers and spiked milkshakes

Feel free to share any of your favorite cheap Vegas restaurants that you believe should be added to this list by leaving a comment below.

How to Eat at 5 Star Restaurants on a One Star Budget

Best Las Vegas Restaurant Discounts

Las Vegas restaurants are the busiest between 8-10 pm, which makes it harder to score a table.

Thankfully, most of these restaurants will run a pre-theater or happy hour menu between 4-7 pm.

You’ll still get the same amazing quality meal, just at a cheaper price.

Here are some 5 star restaurants that you can eat at quite “affordably.” I say “affordably” because you’ll still be paying anywhere from - per person but the quality of these restaurants can easily run you 0 or more in any other major city.

  • L’Atelier Joel Rubuchon at the MGM Grand
  • Picasso at the Bellagio
  • Andreas at the Encore
  • Bazaar Meat at the SLS
  • Carnevino at the Venetian
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas
  • Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria
  • Twist by Pierre Gagniere at the Mandarin Oriental

You should also consider getting one of these restaurants credit cards that’ll help you save money on your dining costs.

Heck one of these cards helped me eat at a 5 star restaurant for FREE.

P.S. Don’t forget to make reservations. These restaurant apps should help.

How to Score Cheap Vegas Show Tickets

The Best Cheap Las Vegas Show Discounts and Deals

If there’s one thing you need to do in Las Vegas, it’s experience a show.

From magic and comedy to world class acrobats and headliners, there’s a show for everyone.

The only downside is that some of these shows come at a hefty price.

Thankfully there are a number of ways that you can save money and score cheap Las Vegas show tickets.

Here’s how:

33. Tix 4 Tonight

These booths, located at the Fashion Show Mall, Circus Circus, Town Square, Planet Hollywood, and Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops offers tickets for that night for 50% off.

Just be sure to get there early because it can get extremely busy!

For all Tix 4 Tonight booth locations and shows, check out their website.

34. Book Online

The best place to score cheaper show tickets is to purchase tickets on the shows official website.

Generally you find the cheapest prices and you can avoid any convenience fees by printing them at home.

35. Always Check the Promotions Tab on the Website

Every show that’s located in a resort is almost guaranteed to have an ongoing special offer.

Just be sure to click on the “Offers” tab under their show list to find exclusive, deals, promotions, offers, and discounts.

36. Book Through a Third Party

Using third-party Las Vegas travel sites can help you score some of the cheapest show ticket deals in town.

Here are some of the sites you should check out:

37. Hotel Guests Can Get Discounted Show Tickets

Some shows offer discounts to guest staying on property. Just be sure to call your respective hotel and ask about any hotel guest show ticket rates.

38. Take Advantage of Student and Military Discounts

Some shows including all of the Cirque du Soleil Shows (except “O”) and shows on MGM properties offers military discounts. You can book these military discounted show tickets HERE.

Plus some shows will even offer student discounts as long as you have your student ID.

Blue Man Group tends to have the best student discount offer out of all the big production shows in Vegas.

Get 50% Off Las Vegas Shows

Here are all the shows that you can get 50% off in Las Vegas!

Just make sure to book through the links below to score this awesome deal!

Vegas! The Show

Vegas The Show Discount

The #1 Vegas show that features showgirls, incredible dancing acts, memorable Vegas icons and headliners, and so much more! Save 50% Here

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V The Ultimate Variety Show Discount

Experience some of the coolest, most unique acts in all of Vegas including some popular stars from the hit show, America’s Got Talent! Save 50% Here

Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque Discount

Not you normal burlesque show. The kicker, the dancers are all Zombies! It’s a super fun show! Save 50% Here

Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion Discount

You’ve seen them on America’s Got Talent, and now you get to watch these talented musicians make music from some of the most unique objects. Save 50% Here

The Mentalist

The Mentalist Discount

Incredible magic, mind reading, and comedy from one of the best mentalists in Las Vegas. Save 50% Here

Beatleshow Orchestra

Beatleshow Orchestra

A fun and entertaining Beatles tribute show that features only live hits! Save 50% Here

All Shook Up

All Shook Up Las Vegas

“The King” is alive and he’s back in Las Vegas at this hot new Elvis Presley tribute show. Save 50% Here

Aussie Hunks

Aussie Hunks Discount

As seen on Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, these guys will dance the night away. Save Here

Hitzville The Show

Hitzville Discount

Experience the very best of Motown featuring tributes to Moto’s biggest superstars and their biggest hits, all performed live. Save 50% Here

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Check out some of the best comedians fro across the nation including comics who’ve performed on Showtime, HBO, and comedy central. Save 50% Here

Marc Savrard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Discount

“The funniest show EVER” – Watchas Marc Savard, hypnotize audience volunteers to do unspeakable things. Save 50% Here

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

As seen on America’s Got Talent, Nathan Burton is quite possibly the best daytime show in Las Vegas. Save 50% Here

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

An amazing and cute cast of housecoats, dogs, parrots, geese, and mice. Save 50% Here

Stripper 101

Stripper 101 Discount

Las Vegas’ number one pole dancing class where you can learn sexy moves from real Las Vegas strippers. Save Here

Las Vegas Show Discounts and Deals

Beatles Love Las Vegas Discount

For exclusive access to Las Vegas show discounts and deals, be sure to check out the list below!

From magic and comedy to headliners and Cirque du Soleil, these are the best cheap shows in Las Vegas:

Cirque du Soleil

Here are the best affordable Cirque du Soleil shows that you must see in Las Vegas:


Here are the best cheap magic shows in Las Vegas:

  • Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic (daytime)
  • Criss Angel’s Mindfreak
  • Penn and Teller


Here are the best overall shows in Las Vegas that’ll give you the most bang for you buck:

Headliners and Music


Here are the best comedy shows in Las Vegas


  • Fantasy
  • X Burlesque

How to Party Like a Celebrity at Popular Nightclubs (Without Going Broke)

How to Save Money at Nightclubs in Las Vegas

If you didn’t party at one of Las Vegas’ world famous nightclubs, did you really go to Vegas?

And as expensive as some Vegas clubs can get, there are some clever ways to save money while also partying like a rockstar.

39. Get the V Card

This is by far one of the the best VIP experiences in all of Vegas. With the V CARD NIGHTLIFE PASS, there’s no lines, no cover, and most importantly, you’ll get free VIP access to over 31 nightclub’s, day clubs, and strip clubs.

With this card, you’ll get a valid one time use free admission at these participating venues:

  • TAO
  • Marquee
  • Hyde Bellagio
  • Rehab
  • Chateau
  • Voodoo Lounge
  • Sapphire Pol
  • RockBar
  • Hustler Club

Just to name a few.

SPECIAL OFFER: Click here to save 50% off the V Card pass!

40. Ladies, Talk to the Club Promoters to Get Free Entry to Clubs

If you can, try to find a club promoter handing out free club vouchers. These guys job is to get as many girls in the clubs as possible so if you can, reach out to them to get yourself on the list as well as get free entry for you and your squad.

You’ll typically see these guys on the street or the pedestrian walkways wearing a club’s t shirt.

41. Reach Out to VIP Hosts on Instagram and Twitter

These guys will typically get you onto the list as long as you text or call them by 8 pm to confirm your spot.

Just search for “VIP hosts in Vegas” on Twitter, and you’ll find plenty.

42. If You’re a Group of Girls, Ask Your Host if Any Guy Tables Are Looking for Girls

Once you do find a Las Vegas promoter, be sure to ask them if they have any groups of guys looking for girls to hang out with them.

This can work two ways:

  1. They’ll pair you with the guy group in line that way you can both get in quickly
  2. They’ll send you to the guy group’s table

Either way, they’re both a win win.

43. Get Into a Nightclub for Free by Eating at Their Restaurant

Some restaurants in Las Vegas are also associated with a particular club meaning that if you dine there, you’ll get free access to the nightclub.

Here are some places that do this:

  • Dine at Tao or Lavo at the Venetian and you’ll get access to their clubs
  • Dine at Adrea’s at Encore and you’ll get entrance to Surrender

44. To Save Money on Drinks, Play Slots on the Casino Floor

I got this tip from Nomadic Matt. To save money on drinks, pop a squat on a penny or nicely slot machine and play slowly. In no time a waitress will come around providing you with free drinks. Be sure to drink quickly and tip nicely and you’ll be on your way to at least 5 free drinks.

Then you can head to the nightclub without having to pay those ridiculous drink prices.

45. Bring Your Room Key for Discounted Room Entry and Shorter Lines

Some hotels have their own clubs meaning that if you’re a hotel guest, you can get discounts as well as wait in your own special line (which is usually shorter than the normal one).

46. Have a 2:1 Girl-Guy Ratio for Free Entry (or Quick Entrance)

The best way to ensure that your group gets into a club as quick as possible is to have a 2:1 girl guy ratio. The more girls you have in your group, the better the chance you’ll get in.

Plus, there’s even a higher chance that you won’t have to pay a cover.

And even if you don’t come to Vegas with a mixed group, you can always make friends in the nightclub line or even at the pools beforehand and go inside the nightclub together.

47. If You Have a Large Group of Guys, Get Bottle Service

As expensive and pricey as bottle service is, it’s honestly one of the best an possible even most affordable ways for a large group of guys (with no girls) to get into a club.

From amazing service and attention, to drinks, and private seating areas, who doesn’t want to live like royalty for a night?

For a party of 6 to 8, expect to pay a least 0 per person which also includes taxes and gratuity.

48. If You Don’t Have a Table, Arrive by 10 pm

Club lines fill up fast so to make sure you get in, be sure to arrive as early as you can.

49. Follow the Dress-Code

And last but not least, be sure to follow the dress code to ensure that you won’t get denied at the door.

Wear this and you’ll be good.

How to Save Money at Las Vegas Attractions


Just like everything else in Vegas, attractions are expensive.

Thankfully there are quite a few ways that you can experience some of the coolest and best Las Vegas attractions without spending a fortune.

Here’s how:

50. Get the Las Vegas Explorer Pass

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass allows you to visit 3 to 5 of the most popular Las Vegas attraction for one low price. All you need to do is choose 3 or 5 out of the 25 popular Vegas attractions listed and just present your pass at the ticketing area. It’s so easy!

It only costs for 3 choices or 9 for 5 choices.

Some of the attractions you get access to with the pass include:

Just to name a few…

Get your Explorer Pass here and save 55%!

51. Print or Download Coupons for Popular Attractions

Almost every popular paid attraction in Las Vegas offers a discount or better, has a coupon. The hardest part is just trying to find them. Thankfully, there are quite a few awesome websites that offer attraction coupons and discounts.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

52. Visit Free Attractions

There are actually quite a few cools things to do in Las Vegas that are 100% free. See below for the complete list of the best free Las Vegas attractions..

Best Free Things to Do and See in Las Vegas

The Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Here are all the best free things to do and see in Las Vegas that you must add to your Vegas bucket list.

From free outdoor shows to amazing art galleries and wildlife exhibits, you can find plenty of great free things to do in Las Vegas throughout the Strip and beyond.

So with that being said, let’s jump straight to the best Vegas freebies!

The Aquarium at the Silverton

A 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium that showcases over 4000 exotic fish and sea life.

Bellagio Conservatory

Elegant arrangements of plants and flowers in a beautiful atrium. It’s truly breathtaking.

CBS Television Research Center

Help the folks at CBS decide which shows they should put on the air and which ones they need to scrap.

Circus Acts

At the Circus Circus hotel, you can watch death defying stunts by unicyclists and acrobats high above the casino floor at the world’s largest permanent circus.

Drink For Free…Kinda

Okay, so you’ll never get free drinks in Las Vegas. However, drinks on  most casino floors are complimentary. The kicker is that you need to be gambling to get some. Just be sure to tip your waitress well and the free drinks will be flowing.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Free admission to this world famous chocolate factory which allows visitors a behind the scenes look at the chocolate making process including free samples.

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace

An animatronic display that features the fall of ancient Rome and Atlantis.

Fremont Street Experience

Enjoy a free, jaw dropping light show on the world’s largest video screens. It’s truly one of a kind.

Fountains of Bellagio

Possible the most popular free attraction in all of Las Vegas. Watch as the dancing fountains sing and dance to a world famous soundtrack.

Golden Nugget

Check out the world’s largest golden nugget. At 61 pounds of pure gold, the “Hand of Faith” can only be found at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Downtown LV.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

If you love Pawn Stars then you must visit the real Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Downtown Las Vegas.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

A sweet 2 story Hershey’s chocolate store that includes Hershey apparel, merchandise, baked goods, and most importantly, candy!

The LINQ Promenade

A shopping, dining, and entertainment mecca featuring some of the more popular and unique restaurant chains from across the nation.

M&M World

Let your tastebuds explore one of the largest M&M candy selections in the world.

Palazzo Waterfall Atrium

A beautiful waterfall that’s becoming one of the more popular photo spots in Las Vegas. Learn more about the Palazzo here.

The Park at New York New York

An outdoor promenade that features dining, entertainment, and nightclub activities in cool and artsy environment.

Shopping Malls

Shopping of course costs money, but believe it or not, many of the malls in Las Vegas are great places to walk around, window-shop, and most importantly, escape the heat.

Favorites include:

  • Crystals
  • Fashion Show Mall
  • Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Miracle Mile Shops
  • Forum Shops at Caesar
  • Grand Bazaar Shops at the Bally’s


Fun entertainment and drama displays throughout the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.

Volcano Eruption

Every evening at the Mirage, guests can watch as the Mirage volcano explodes in a choreographed display.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

If you went to Las Vegas and didn’t get a picture with this world famous sign, did you really go?

Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo

Take an in depth look at a bright display of flamingos, pheasants, ducks, ducks and swans.

Best Cheap Paid Things to Do and See in Vegas

Big Apple Roller Coaster Las Vegas

Here are some of the best cheap attractions in Las Vegas that you can do for less than .

These are not to be missed!

High Roller Observation Wheel

Experience the world’s tallest observation wheel. At 520 feet this wheel eclipses the world renown London Eye. This 30 minute experience will give you breathtaking views of Las Vegas and the Strip. Go during the day and you’ll only pay .

Big Apple Roller Coaster

Travel at speeds up to 67 mph while you’re looping, dropping, and twisting through the New York New York. And oh yeah, let’s not forget about those amazing views of the Strip.

Gondola Ride

No need to go the Venice to experience an authentic gondola ride with a serenading gondolier.

Neon Museum and Boneyard

Check out some of the most famous Vegas neon signs at their final resting place.

Eiffel Tower Experience

Incredible sight seeing from the Las Vegas sized mini Eiffel Tower. But don’t let it fool you, it’s still a great view.

Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

A beautiful exhibit that showcases white tigers, lions, and leopards (as well as dolphins).

Slotzilla Zip Line

Zip 850 feet across Fremont Street in this one of a kind experience.

Shark Reef at Mandaly Bay

Where else can you pet sting rays, eels, and crabs?

How to Get Around the City without Paying a Fortune

Lyft Las Vegas Discount

Getting around Las Vegas is actually quite easy.

Whether if you’re trying to get from one hotel to another, you’ll notice just how pedestrian friendly the city is.

However, there are times when you need to take a car to get to where you’re going because walking just won’t cut it (especially in that burning heat).

Thankfully there are a few great ways for you to get around the city without paying a fortune.

53. Don’t Rent a Car

Sure rental car rates aren’t that ridiculously expensive, but the thing that kills you are the parking garage fees. It’s almost not worth it.

54. Don’t Take a Taxi

With the emergence of ride-sharing services, Taxis are becoming more and more irrelevant. Not to mention how overpriced they are compared to Uber and Lyft.

55. Use Lyft

Using Lyft to get around the Strip is by far the cheapest option in Las Vegas. You can literally get from the Mandalay Bay to Wynn Las Vegas for less than . In a taxi, that’ll cost you at least .

Plus if you sign up using this code, you can get off 10 separate rides.

56. Use Uber

Just like Lyft, you can get around the strip at half the cost of a taxi. The biggest difference between using Lyft and Uber is the fact that you’ll find more Uber cars on the app than you would Lyft.

57. Take the Monorail

For only for a single ride ticket or for an all day pass, you can get from SLS to the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Monorail.

Here are all the places the monorail stops:

And if safety is a concern, there are several police K9 teams throughout the monorail to ensure your safety and security.

Use this site for Las Vegas Monorail coupons and discounts.

58. Use the Free Trams to Get Between Some Hotels

There’s a free tram between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio with stops at Crystals Shopping Mall and the Aria/Vdara.

This is a great free way to get from hotel to hotel without paying for a taxi or Uber.

How to Score Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

How to Find Cheap Flights to Las Veas

Scoring a cheap flight to Vegas can be quite easy as long as you’re open to making a few adjustments here and there.

Here are some easy ways to save money on flights to Las Vegas:

59. Book Your Flight 47 Days in Advance

According to Thrillist, booking your ticket exactly 47 days before your tip is the best way to score the cheapest fare.

60. Use Kayak, Skyscanner, or Hipmunk

These sites will compare flight prices across every airline (except Southwest), thus finding you the cheapest flight to Las Vegas possible.

Here’s the sites:

61. Clear Your Browser’s Cookies

Airline websites use browser cookies to help track your flight searches. As a result, if you continue to check a flight price over and over again, chances are that the flight’s price will actually increase.

That’s why you should clear your browser’s cookie, or better, use an incognito window when shopping for flights.

62. Book from a “Fake” Location

Where a plane ticket is purchases can greatly affect pricing.

International flights are generally cheaper in countries with lower costs of living.

Here’s how booking from a “fake” location can make your flight to Vegas a lot cheaper.

To sum things up, it’s all about using international versions of websites, not the .COM variation.

63. Invest in Airline Credit Cards

If earning airline miles and points from everyday purchases is something that interest’s you, then you should definitely invest in an airline credit card like this awesome one.

The best part is that most, if not all, offer a special bonus incentive once you spend a certain amount of money within 3 months.

These bonus points are usually good for at least 1 or 2 roundtrip tickets.

With the Southwest Airlines credit card, you can literally earn 5 or more roundtrip tickets.

64. When in Doubt, Fly Southwest (and Use Points)

Aside from Frontier or Spirit, Southwest is generally the cheapest airline to fly to Las Vegas from the mainland U.S.

And in my opinion, it’s the best option because it has a secret weapon – Rapid Rewards.

Earning Southwest Rapid Reward Points are so easy that it should be illegal. In less than 3 months, you can find yourself with enough points in your account for 4 or more roundtrip tickets.

Here are some surefire Southwest Airlines hacks to help you save money while also earning free flights as soon and easy as possible.

65. Don’t Fly on a Friday

Instead fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. These are by far the cheapest days to fly if you’re will to travel midweek.

66. Leave Vegas on a Monday for Weekend Getaways

If you’re going to Vegas for a weekend getaway, chances are you’re playing hooky from work on friday, flying to Vegas instead, and staying until Sunday.

Unfortunately this is the most expensive time to go to Vegas.

The best way to do it is to fly into Vegas on a Saturday and leave on Monday.

You’ll notice cheaper airfare and a heck of a lot cheeper hotel rates.

67. If You Can, Take the Earliest or Latest Flight

This isn’t always the case for every airline, but for some, including Southwest, the earliest flight out or the last flight is generally the cheapest option.

Anytime between 5 am and 7 am, or after 8 pm will be the cheapest.

68. Fly In-Direct

If your money is more important than time then taking a flight that has stops in generally cheaper than a nonstop flight.

69. Mix and Math Airlines

Flying in to Las Vegas on one airline and flying out on another can actually save you a lot of money.

70. Fly From an Alternate Nearby Airport

If you happen to live in an area that has multiple airports, then you should consider checking flight prices from each.

For example if you live in Maryland, you have access to 3 nearby airpots – Ronald Reagan (DCA), Baltimore Washington (BWI), and Dulles (IAD). You’d be shocked at how different the airfare prices to Las Vegas are.

71. Sign Up For Your Favorite Airline’s Email Alerts

You’ll get weekly emails about any upcoming flight promotions or deals leaving from your local airport.

72. Carry On Your Bag

Unless you’re flying Southwest, chances are you’ll be paying a checked bagged fee.

That’s why I recommend doing 2 things – bring a carry-on and personal item.

Here are some of the best carry-on suitcases around.

73. Buy a Hidden City Ticket

This can be a huge gamble but if done correctly, it’ll pay huge dividends.

Let’s say you’re leaving from Orlando and you’re looking for a flight to Las Vegas.

You can use the hidden city trick by booking a cheap flight from Orlando to Phoenix with a layover in Las Vegas. Then all you need to do is get off the plane during your layover in Vegas.

BUT remember, this only works when you have a carry on bag.

Use Skiplagged to find hidden city flights.

How to Save Money in Vegas: Bonus Quick Tips

How to Save Money in Las Vegas

To add to our list, here are some additional insanely easy ways to save money in Las Vegas:

1. Go to the nearby pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens for cheap snacks, toiletries, or most importantly, bottled water. Don’t buy the ones in the hotel because they are ridiculously overpriced.

2. Grab those coupon books you see in hotel lobbies. You’d be amazed at how many useful Vegas hotel, restaurant, and show coupons you’d find in those things.

3. If flying into Las Vegas, grab the in-flight magazine for Las Vegas coupons.

4. Don’t gamble. As crazy as it may seem, the amount of people who go to Vegas and not gamble is quite significant. And just think about all that money you’d save. Sure you can win, but the odds are always against you.

5. And last but not least, stick to your budget. Vegas can get crazy. The last thing you’d want to do is leave thousands of dollars in the hole.

But hey if you use some of these insanely easy tips, you’re almost guaranteed to have the Vegas trip of a lifetime!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this guide has shown you how to properly do Vegas on a budget without missing out on any glitz, glam, or luxury.

Please share this guide on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest.

Thanks and have a great trip!


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