Im with another Aquarius (male), but were still somewhat opposites.

Im the free-spirit that hates jealousy and being tied down, I always want something new and I love to just randomly take off. But Im very loyal and faithful if I choose to be. However Im also extremely creative and artsy, and thats how I get my emotions out, Im not great at expressing them, or feeling them, otherwise. My need for something new usually ties in with needing vacations, moving around a lot, changing and deserting relationships/friendships, and cutting and dying my hair randomly.

He is very logical and non-emotional and great with math and all that. Hes very loyal to me, but was always flaky in past relationships, never being tied down with lables, and not sticking with one person for more than two months (we however have been dating for two years, live together, and have a child on the way). Despite his non-emotion, hes very emotionally attached to me, even more so than I am to him. He doesn't like spontaneity, and has to have everything planned out. He always needs something new as well, but usually to do with technology or other social advancements.

Our differences show in our relationship by:

I love to randomly go on unplanned trips, like to the beach or camping, always outdoors. I love the idea of backpacking accross Europe and staying in hostels. I want to join the Peace Corps.

He has to have everything planned and budgeted. He also needs luxury, so no hostels. and no camping for more than 3 days. He hates the idea of the peace corps because he feels that if hes going to be traveling, he wants it to be fun and adventurous, and not work.

However, we compromise by me telling him my spontaneous ideas, and he plans them and actually makes them happen, whereas my plans usually fall apart. But if I actually make plans ad follow through with thm, even if it seemed like something he wouldnt like, he loves it.

Also with emotions, I hide mine vigorously, andsometimes dont even realize how Im feeling about a situation because I ignore my emotions. He has to pick and pick at me in order for me to break.

He is very straightforward about how he feels, often coming off as nagging to me, but its very helpful in knowing how to fix the situation because were open and honest without any emotional outbursts.However, with his friends hes very private about his emotions and personal life.

All in all, we may be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to being an aquarius, but the blatant aquarius traits are what make us perfect for each other.We balance each other out very well, and our detachment from emotion, and open-mindedness, causes us to not hardly ever fight. And when we do fight, its more like "hey you did this and it pissed me off" "Ok ill fix that. Want to fuck?" "sure!" and then we never fight about it again because the partner actually fixes the issue.
On the other hand, I dated an Pisces for a year, on and off.

He was unpredictable, manipulative, lazy, and a liar. But he was also passionate, adoring, and poetic. Hed write me songs and poetry, and confess his love for me all over the place. It was a very passionate relationship when we were together...but then hed see someone else and get dstracted and leave me for her. But then hed come back, and then hed leave me again for someone else.

We were similar in that we were unpredictable and spontaneous, dating him was a blast. always taking off in the car and driving to exciting adventures. But it was also an emotional rollercoaster. Because he would encourage me to delve further into my shell because he was SO emotional. I felt as if I couldnt be emotional because he needed my steady logic and soundness. It wore me out and caused me to be insecure and depressed.

And he was never satisfied with me because...well...hes a Pices. But he still keeps trying to come back, to this day and that was 3 years ago.
Lastly, I dated a Scorpio. This was my first, and shortest relationship.

we were friends for two years, and I thought I was in love. Then we dated for two months and I realized I was far from it and ran away as fast as I could.

He was grossly sexual (and Im a sex fiend, so thats saying something), but then when I would try to seduce him he would reject me. Very moody and we were never on the same page. I saw things one way, he saw them another. I was willing to accept his opinion, but all of my opinions that were different from his were "stupid", and hed make sure that I knew he thought I was stupid. He was very insecure and wanted everyone to like him, so he was a chameleon, and would act like the people he was around, and only acted like himself in private. It was very annoying.But he was also great with kids and very affectionate and kind.

Dating him was a pain in the ass because I never knew was he was thinking. Which I thought was exciting at first, but turned out to just be annoying.
heres the jist

-Aquarius [f] Aquarius [m]
great match, casual and unpassionate, but very loyal. Though they may have very differing opinions, they easily accept one anothers way of thinking and thus avoid conflict. Sex is awesome and fun and both parties are open and generous.

-Aquarius [f] Pices [M]
Could possibly work with dedication and patience on both sides. Very exciting and passionate. Lots of fun, but also an emotional roller coaster. Both have a hard time being faithful, and depression is hard to avoid for both parties. Sex is extremely passionate and romantic, which sometimes makes up for its often, one-sidedness on the Pisces part.

-Aquarius [f] Scorpio [m]
Not a good match. Both parties have a hard time understanding one another, leads to frustration and sometimes desperation. Only good thing is that the drive of the Scorpio sometimes helps the Aquarius stay on track. Sex hardly ever happens, and when it does, it often feels rapey/unwanted

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