Equestria Girls: Clown Academy

When the new School year started, a assembly in the gym happened. When Celestia and Luna announced that they are stepping down, they announced that a group of people bought the school.

When the new principle, Sasha Smiles comes in along with new teachers and staff, and makes some new changes to the school, the students of the now formal Canterlot High learn they are all going to become clowns and be living in the School. Little did they know, is that one alicorn Princess is part of it. Will Sunset and the other students accept their roles being turned into clowns?

This fic is based off TF-Circus' comic, all OCs that are mentioned in this story belong to him

Warning: Contains Hypnotisim, Brainwashing, and Clowns, you've been warn.

Chapters (1)

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