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Get ready for Fall and back-to-school season with these great, handpicked lesson plans:

Tips & Strategies:

Getting Ready for School:


The following lessons are grouped by subject, but most can be used in any class


Computers & Internet:

Language Arts:

  • After each student creates a self-descriptive bubble map, the class graphs the popular adjectives in this first day of school idea (K-5)
  • This idea starts as a beginning-of-the-year bulletin board and ends as a memory book compilation of student writing assignments (1-4)
  • Here students share their special “gifts” after reading Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” (1-5)
  • This beginning-of-the-year “ME Box” idea helps students focus their writing (3-6)
  • Here students create a booklet about their vacation or summer event (2)
  • This first day of school idea uses “Miss Nelson is Missing” to teach classroom rules (2-3)
  • This is another beginning/end of the year activity called “Memory Book” (2-5)
  • Students interview each other in this first day idea (3)
  • “Talk Time” is a good first day activity to get students talking (3-5)
  • In this idea, students write letters to themselves at the beginning of the year and read them at the end (3-6)
  • This is an “All About Me” memories and goals book idea (3-6)
  • Here is an “All About the Teacher” bilingual poster idea (4-5)
  • This classmate interview template is an interactive language arts activity and an ice-breaker (4-6)
  • Use this back-to-school art activity to review writing paragraphs (4-7)
  • In this beginning/end of year lesson, kids read letters written to them by last year’s students (4-7)
  • Here is a “Mighty Mike, Brilliant Brianna, Talented Tamika” name learning game with adjectives idea (4-7)
  • Students interview classmates here while working on writing and oral presentation skills (4-7)
  • This is a fun group “Things we have in Common” activity for learning about classmates (5-8)
  • This is a good beginning-of-the-year lesson for introducing essay structure (6-9)
  • Buddy Bags and Venn diagrams are used here as get-acquainted tools to compare and contrast students (7)
  • In this get-acquainted game, students look up creative adjectives to describe themselves (7-8)
  • This “Cubicle Reading and Writing” lesson is appropriate for back to school time (8-11)
  • This back to school lesson involves the evaluation of poems (9-12)
  • ESL students learn to form questions here while learning information about their teacher (Multiple/Other)






Social Studies:

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