Good Times with Mo (also known as Good Times) is a morning radio show on Magic 89.9 and Killerbee around the Philippines, hosted by Mo Twister and Nikko Ramos every Monday to Thursday from 6 a.m. PST to 9 a.m. PST on Magic 89.9. Former DJs, Joseph Paul Pacis Javier ("Mojo Jojo"), Grace Lee, Angelika Schmeing-Cruz ("Angelicopter"), and Mia Bayuga, all left the show on 2012 for personal reasons.



The show has been on the air for four years starting in late 2005 when Mo returned from Los Angeles, California and was given the late night slot. He returned on February 2006 with Mojo Jojo as his co-host. Andi9 came to the picture in the late March 2006 as the replacement for Happy.

The show nearly collapsed in January 2007, when Andi left for the beach on New Year's Day in 2007. Mo originally proposed a 2-week suspension for her but later allowed her to invite a guest in Forbidden Questions. That guest was Andi's crush, Luis Alandy. Also, the iPod Luis' Christmas gift to Andi was to be auctioned to the highest bidder the Thursday after Forbidden Questions. He eventually went all the way to 40, thus saving Andi's job on Good Times With Mo, and her iPod nano. Despite this, Andi left the show the month after and Maui Taylor replaced her.

However, after an on-air dispute between Mo Twister and Maui Taylor, Maui Taylor resigned from the show on May 30, 2008. Andi9 once again became her replacement but for only a few months as she would eventually retire from the show once more on November 2008. Mo and Andi9 allegedly had a relationship and Andi's parents was against Mr. Gumatay. Grace Lee was then assigned as their third female co-host.

Since June 5, 2006, Good Times with Mo was placed in the morning slot and is one of the Top 5 morning shows in Philippine Radio (both in FM and AM)[citation needed].

Since January 22, 2012, Angelika left the show due to conflicts with co-host Grace Lee. In February 2012, Mojo resigned from good times due to health reasons though he is still part of the radio. Suzy was introduced to the show.

On March 6, 2012, it was announced that Grace Lee had resigned from the show. She was replaced by Mia Bayuga.

On November 5, 2012, Makoy Pare ("Showbiz Bro"), a regular caller of the show, was given his own segment and was introduced to the show. In his segment, Makoy Pare ("Showbiz Bro") is called by the hosts to provide "local showbiz news". He is currently the longest running co-host of the show.

In 2013, the show was under a five-month suspension and was replaced by First Thing in the Morning, hosted by Sam Oh and Gibb. Mo returned when the show was revived on December 2, 2013, with Sam and Gibb as co-hosts.

In January 2014, Mikey Bustos replaced Gibb, but Bustos himself also ended up leaving a year after; after an off-air disagreement with his co-host Mo Twister. The show was temporarily a two-(wo)man army with Mo and Sam for many months (while also having guest co-hosts in Guji Lorenzana & Mara Aquino) before Bustos was officially replaced by Nikko Ramos in late November 2015.

In mid-2016, Senator Bam Aquino guested on Good Times with Mo. A few weeks later, he officially became a regular guest co-host once every week on the show until March 7, 2017.[1]

In March 2018, DJ Sam Oh announced that she will be taking an indefinite leave from the show to do the Camino de Santiago. After she left in April, the show had numerous people sit-ins as they search for a new co-host in the event that Sam Oh does not return. On August 13, 2018, it was announced that KC Montero would be the new co-host.

Current hosts (as of June 2018)
  • Mo Twister (2005 – present)
  • Nikko Ramos (September 2015 – present)
Former hosts
  • Andi-9 (2006-2007)
  • Maui Taylor (2007-2008)
  • Grace Lee (2007 - March 2012)
  • Mojo Jojo (2006 - February 2012)
  • Angelica "Angelicopter" Schmeing-Cruz (2010 - January 2012)
  • Mia Bayuga (2012)
  • Tin "Suzy" Gamboa (2012-2013)
  • Noelle Bonus (February 2013 - August 2013)
  • Gibb (December 2013 - January 2014)
  • Mikey Bustos (January 2014 – July 2015)
  • Sam Oh (December 2013 – April 2018)
  • Makoy Pare ("Showbiz Bro") (November 2012 – present)

Games and antics[edit]


  • Guess The License Plate Number:


  • Bring Your Crush to Work Monday
  • Alternative Tuesday
  • Forbidden Questions Wednesdays
  • Industry Secrets Thursday

Forbidden Questions is a controversial segment, with previous guests including:

  • Tim Yap (October, 2006; 39 out of 40)
  • Lolit Solis (November, 2006; 40 out of 40)
  • John "Sweet" Lapus (December 13, 2006; 35 out of 40)
  • Antoinette Taus(December 20, 2006; 15 out of 40)
  • Rustom Padilla (January 3, 2007; 26 out of 40)
  • Hero Angeles (January 10, 2007; 35 out of 40)
  • Wilma Doesnt (January 31, 2007; 40 out of 40)
  • Jaycee Parker (March 21, 2007; 27 out of 40)
  • Mahal (July 18, 2007; 14 out of 40, current lowest scorer)
  • Gary Lising (July 25, 2007; 40 out of 40)
  • Rivermaya (September 19, 2007; 26 out of 40)
  • Ellen Adarna (September 5, 2013; 40 out of 40)
  • Bernard Palanca (November 21, 2013; 40 out of 40)
  • Kat Alano versus Mo Twister (40 out of 40)
  • Francine Prieto (January 23, 2014; 39 out of 40)
  • Maria Ozawa (November 23, 2015; 40 out of 40)
  • Maricar de Mesa (June 17, 2016; 39 out of 40)
  • Baron Geisler (January 11, 2018; 9 out of 40)


  • Nonoy Name That Tune
  • Where the Hell Are We Calling?
  • Batman or President GMA
  • Categories Game
  • Celebrity Trivia
  • ATM Andi/Grace Lee
  • Porn Star or Athlete (e.g. Tennis Star)
  • The Ex-Games
  • Who Knows Mojo Jojo
  • Yabang Mo!
  • Where in the World Are We Calling?
  • Sukapella

The Yabang Mo! has several variants, such as the 'I Gotta Feeling' which was played last late November 2009, where the listeners are asked to do the game by rapping it out in the tune of the said The Black Eyed Peas song for one minute.

Other stuff[edit]

  • Gay or Straight
  • Miguel's Prank Call
  • Kwentong Kadiri
  • Chick Republic
  • Radio Tinder

Miguel/Lil' Man Guile[edit]

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Miguel, also known as Lil' Man Guile, guested in this show from 2006 to 2009, usually every Thursday. He now has a show every Sunday morning with Big Daddy Jake called Big Daddy's Playground.

Prank calls done by Miguel/Lil' Man Guile[edit]

He also does some prank calls for this show as well. He targeted (partial list):

  • A BPI branch (for a loan to use it as his cash to spend it on a PSP)
  • former Manila mayor Lito Atienza (to help him solve his Math assignment)
  • Embassy Superclub in Taguig City (he wanted to celebrate his birthday there with open bar and clowns but was not able to do that because they don't have such stuff)
  • 2 Call Centers (was caught while calling one of them but he said that he was one of the fan of this show)
  • The campaign office of Senator Joker Arroyo (said that their campaign jingle was the best and claimed that he was part of a committee to select the best campaign jingles then)
  • La Salle Greenhills - Grade School (wanted to enroll but will not go to class, instead will pay the teacher to give him a grade)

Spinoff TV show[edit]

In February 2008, Good Times spun off into a weekly TV show on Studio 23 hosted by Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo, Grace Lee and Andi9. The show aired every Tuesday nights at 11:00 p.m.


"Charice" Twitter hashtag joke[edit]

On May 9, 2012, the Good Times hosts started a butt-joke on Twitter while their show was on-air. It became the trending topic in the Philippines on Twitter. Almost immediately, the hashtag spread, drawing both positive and negative reactions from the listeners. International singing sensation Charice fought back by directly sending messages to Mo Twister through Twitter.[2]

But later after the show on the same day, the management of Magic 89.9 released an official statement, suspending Mo, Suzy and Mia for two weeks without pay as a consequence.[3][4][5]

Makoy Pare AKA Showbizbro[edit]

May 2012 Mo Twister announced that he was looking for someone to play a character of a Straight Guy that loves to talk showbiz. Long time caller and listener of the Makoy Pare volunteered for the post. Up to now the people still don't know the real identity of Showbizbro. However, after a few years Makoy was offered by NMFTV to have his own podcast which was then called "Machong Chismisan" which was derived from his persona of being Machong Chismoso.


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