Jesus did it, why do you askt

Perhaps to avoid answering it or to be a pompous tit.someyimes it works well if it is an answer to their question as well as a reflective statement which answers tyhe question and at the same time passes it back to them

sort of

“so why do you always end up drunk at my parties?


“well is anyone worth staying sober around your parties for?

Something like that off the top of my head. Pompous i guess but a dig back at a dig.

A polite way of saying your parties are shit and so are you friends.

You could go one step further and say

“How do you know you are always in bed asleep by the time i fall over pissed.”

I suppose you don’t like this person much though.

On a flirty note the smooth talker always does it in Dickens novels-

Oh Richard why do you always look so lost like a frightened boy.”

Oh Anna, can i be anything but a lost soul without you in my guaze”

So it has it has it’s uses, just ask another one back after they ask their retorical question or just laugh and say ha perhaps you are afraid to answer my pertinent question, could it be you are hiding from my interest in you?

could flatter them or tell them to do one. Probably a little chuckle would come from their mouth ansd a quick glance at the floor, a flick of the hair, and then they would answer you in some manner. I think they are arrogsnt or don’t ike you thinking about it.


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