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Synopsis: In 2007, in Kenya, an English family is enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector.


By Shabbadew2002

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Police corruption in post-colonial Kenya is a fact of life.  Transparency International, a watchdog organization, ranks Kenya as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world. The average city dweller in Kenya pays 16 bribes per month.  In 2007 an English family was enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector. 

PART 1: Kate & Harry

They were always shaking someone down and making them pay.  They operated out of the Langata station.  Their leader was Chief Inspector Munyambu Adoya. He was a member of the Luo tribe, whose males were not circumcised when they became teens, unlike the Kikuyu who practiced circumcision.  Munyambu was a devotee of Jamhuri, a shadowy figure in the early years of the African Nationalist movement who taught that Africa would become the dominant political arena in the 21st century and Africans were destined for world leadership.

Munyambu liked to think that his hobby of shaking down whites was his own small contribution to maintaining the values of Jamhuri and changing the political landscape of Kenya by helping Africans assume their rightful place in the world.  He, his Senior Sergeant Kamau and his crew, all of them from the Luo tribe, operated like a gang out of the Langata station and an industrial warehouse on Pate Road.   They sold “protection” to business men, brokered stolen goods and collected bribes whenever they could. 

The controlled a video production company whose owner, Lei Peng, a Chinese businessman, they’d caught making porn films.  Highly illegal, his Kenyan porn films found eager distributors in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.  Munyambu had shaken Peng down for bribes at first but then realized that his porn videos and DVDs were worth a fortune.  So, he ended up cutting himself in for a piece of that action too. He and Kamau maintained a small office in the warehouse.

He was close to an Army Colonel, John Ojuang, at the Langata barracks across the street from the police station.   Between his contacts and the soldiers on the base, Munyambu and Kamau had a small but lucrative sideline running prostitutes.  With only a police paycheck, a smart enterprising operator like Munyambu needed to be creative in Kenya.  He had decided to shakedown a certain white man.  He would demand a heavy bribe.  The alternative was for the man to spend some time in a Kenyan jail.  Nobody who went into a jail in Kenya wanted to return any time soon.  If he couldn’t pay the bribe, the Inspector would pressure him to turn his wife over to him or even his daughter.  He would turn them into prostitutes and performers in porn videos.  If the man was humiliated in the much the better.  For Munyambu, and his cohorts in crime, this was called having fun with the mzungus (white people).  Besides being greedy, the 60 year old cop’s other vice was cruel sex and sadistic torture. 

“That man belongs on his knees. I just love putting my foot in a white man’s ass....I really do,” said Chief Inspector Munyambu talking about his latest victim.

“You and me both. Nothing better than putting a mzungu through school.  Paybacks are a motherfucker,” agreed Senior Sergeant Kamau.

Harry Braxton was white, 44 years old, sandy-haired and balding.  He was average in height with pleasant features, a little pot belly and a “nice guy” attitude - typical of a man who earned his living as a salesman.  He was having tea at the coffee shop at the Nairobi Hilton.....sitting by himself when Senior Sergeant Kamau and Sergeant Zuberi of the Langata station sat down.  ‘What now,’ he wondered?

“Mr. Braxton,” said Kamau in a real friendly way as he came over and made himself comfortable.  Zuberi pulled up a chair too.

“What’s up,” asked Harry? 

He was trying to be polite, but he was sick with fear.  He wondered what they wanted.  Kamau had the manner of a smooth street criminal.  Harry was nervous and squirmed in his chair.  Kamau was doing all he could to stifle a smile at this – as Harry sweated....  At that point, Harry gulped and took out his handkerchief to mop his brow.  He had begun to sweat profusely.  Kamau was smiling at this point and so was his partner.  Harry was becoming more nervous by the minute.  They told him that they had some charges that he needed to answer and told him that they were taking him down to the station.

They hustled him to their lorry and drove ten kilometers to the station.  There they began interrogating him.  Senior Inspector Munyambu came by to see how it was going.  Harry had done something wrong. Everybody in Kenya was guilty of breaking the law at one time or another.  And everybody expected to pay a bribe.  When Munyambu told Harry that to get himself out of trouble would cost two million shillings, he got sick.  He didn’t have that kind of cash.  He told him to “piss off”.  That was the wrong answer.  They threw him into a jail holding cell.

But first he needed to see what he was facing.

“He needs some encouragement.  Take him to the “North Pole”,” was all Munyambu said. 

The two men took him to a dark corner of the station, a dirty shower room with a concrete floor and a drain.  Kamau and Zuberi stripped Harry.  When he hesitated to do it on his own they grabbed him and pulled his clothes off.   They bound his wrists and hung him from a rafter with his toes touching the ground.  He was shocked at how quickly and brutally he had been handled.

Zuberi pulled out a hose and turned it on.  He had the nozzle turned off, but it still dribbled water from the pressure.  When Kamau gave the signal, he turned the nozzle and began spraying Harry from his shoulders to his knees.  Although it was a hot day in this part of the building, the water was very cold and as the black cop concentrated on his buttocks, groin, armpits and torso, Harry began groaning. 

This was known as sending the victim to the “North Pole”.  Harry alternately gasped and groaned as he was hosed down.  Then Zuberi stepped up holding a cattle prod.  It was innocent looking but a fearsome tool with a blue plastic handle, a 30 centimeter flexible shaft ending in a red plastic probe topped with two 1 centimeter aluminum prods.  Harry was soaking wet and this would help the electricity flow. 

He used the prod on Harry’s armpits, ball sack, his penis, buttocks, and anus.  When he was done, Harry was a broken man.  They threw him naked into a holding cell.  Next to some bad customers....all black; who soon threatened poor Harry with rape.  They kept Harry in this cell naked for two days.  When they came for him he was shivering and scared.  They gave him his clothes and after he dressed, they dragged him out of the cell.

They brought him to Munyambu.  Now, Harry’s attitude was a lot different.  But, when the Chief Inspector again demanded two million shillings, all Harry could do was beg and plead for some slack.  He told Munyambu that he could come up with maybe.... “a million shillings”. 

Munyambu grinned and said, “Well, that’s a start.  Let’s see what else you’ve got that’s worth something.”

Munyambu had Harry’s wallet in front of him.  He had already taken the cash.  He began thumbing through Harry’s family photos.  He found a nice picture of Harry’s wife and eldest daughter. 

“Tell me about them,” he demanded holding up the photos.

Harry mumbled how they were just a nice family.  Munyambu asked how old they were.  When Harry told him, 39 and 15 respectively, Munyambu then asked how many children he and his wife had.  Harry, nervous now, told him, “three”. 

“I’m in the movie business,” he said.  “I think I’d be willing to let you go for a “consideration” of one million shillings.  Your wife would have to work off the balance in my movies.  And any other jobs I have for her,” he grinned.  Kamau chuckled at this.  Harry felt his stomach tie up in knots.  ‘What had he gotten his family into?’

“Of course the alternative is for you to stay in jail until you can get a trial date.  The charges you’re facing could send you away for eight or nine years.  It’s up to you....Your wife goes to work....or you go to jail.  What’s it to be?”

Harry groaned.  He would have to explain it to his wife, Kate.  Munyambu told him that he give her the details.   Harry didn’t know what he was going to do. Should he tell Kate or should he keep his mouth shut.   When he got home to their house in the suburb of Parklands that night, he realized he had sold her into slavery. 

He kept staring at her, and at one point she asked him, “Honey...... is anything wrong?”


“ take that stuff out to the garage... like you promised,” she said.


Harry had entered a new world.  It was one where the signposts were strange and his own responses were not certain.  He would have to feel his way around. Over the next few days, Harry began to try and think things through.   But after a week, Harry decided to bring the subject up to his wife.  He was unsure of how to do it, but just told her the truth.  When he told her that she was going to have to work off his debt, she was stunned.  Kate’s face went pale. 

That night husband and wife had one of the most serious talks they’d ever had in their marriage.  After much back and forth, they both realized that it wasn’t Harry’s fault.  Munyambu had found a way to get his hands on both their throats.  It was a somewhat bumpy night for both.... but in the end, their marriage was intact.  Both knew that Munyambu held all the cards.  He was blackmailing them and now his wife was trapped in his web.  The next night, there was a dinner scheduled at their home for his in-laws.  After dinner, Kate was in the kitchen, when Harry got a call on his cell phone.  It was Munyambu and he wanted Kate and Harry to meet him and Kamau for a drink at a seedy bar on Friday at 9pm.


Friday night, after dinner they drove over and got a table.  Ten minutes later Munyambu came strolling in.  Soon they were all seated and drinks were ordered.  Several people, mostly black but a few whites too, came by to pay their respects. Munyambu grinned and shook hands.  He was a grizzled, lean smallish man with a pot belly.  A wiry moustache` and beard, well flecked with gray, adorned his long face.  He had a gold tooth and sinewy forearms.  After some small talk, Munyambu outlined for Kate how her husband had gotten into trouble.  The Chief Inspector explained that Harry had paid part of the bill.  And that she was to pay the rest.  He told her that she was to make herself “available” for his use.  He told her about his movies for example.

The Inspector made no secret of the fact that black men would be enjoying her “hospitality”.   Kate sat there stupefied.  Here was this man telling her that she would be sexually abused and there was nothing that either of them could do about it.  Both men chuckled as the Chief Inspector said this, making Harry sick with shame and forcing Kate to blush.  Munyambu was no one to trifle with.  Not in Kenya in 2007.  Everyone knew how corrupt the police were and a Chief Inspector was fairly high up in the food chain.

“You wanna be cooperative,” Kamau said, grinning at Harry and reaching over to put his hand on Kate’s.  Kate had remained quiet and had blushed at some of Munyambu’s remarks. 

Harry ran thru his options in his mind as he sat there.  There were very few choices.  Kate was just as staggered and distressed.  She had hoped that his recent arrest was a thing of the past, but now it was all out in the open and she was going to be made to suffer the consequences.  The worst thing was that they would be using her in THAT WAY.  And that she worried how she would be able to endure it.

Kamau, at one point, slid his chair closer to Kate’s.  Then he started putting his hand up her dress.  Kate tried to get his hand away but he was insistent.  Harry didn’t know what to do.   Kate began breathing heavier and closed her eyes.  Harry sat there feeling sick to his stomach not knowing if he should be watching or leaving as the black man groped his wife and soon, she was reacting.   It was obvious that Kamau had reached her “treasure” and was giving her a little workout with his fingers.  He turned her around to face him and Harry saw her look down at the very obvious bulge in Kamau’s trousers.

“I’m gonna take your wife to the men’s room.  You just relax.  We’ll be back in a few minutes,” Kamau said.

Harry protested, but Munyambu looked at him coldly and said, “all I have to do is hit three numbers on my phone and there’ll be four men here to take you back to the station.  When they get you there, they’ll give you the “North Pole” treatment again.  Now, is that what you want?”

Harry hung his head and said nothing.

“We’ll then....tell Kamau you want him to take your wife to the men’s room.”

Harry looked forlornly at his wife and she looked back at him as if to say, ‘there’s nothing either of us can do, honey.’ 

Harry gulped and said, “OK.”

Harry, humiliated, had to “offer” his wife to him.  It was like he was betraying her....selling her out.

“OK...        WHAT?”

“Please take my wife to the men’s room.”

“Say SIR.”

“Yes, Sir. Please take my wife to the men’s room.”

“That’s better.”

Kate looked over at her husband and then put her eyes down.  It was such a powerful moment.  With Harry staring, Kamau took Kate by the hand and led her away.   That left Harry sitting there with Munyambu.  A smarmy Kikuyu waiter came by and grinned at his obvious humiliation when he took his order.  Kamau sealed off the men’s room by putting up a sign.  He took Kate inside and then chased out the two men who were there to take a piss. 

Next, he got Kate up against the wall, made her pull her own panties down and then gave her a good fucking.  Men wanting to use the restroom heard him putting it to her hard.  It was obvious that a woman was being pleasured.  Harry worked on a third drink to ease his discomfort.  He felt overwhelmed. After all, it was his wife in there.

He didn’t know what to do.  He was mortified and hated the fact that the black waiter was witnessing his shame.  It was obvious to him, at that point, that Munyambu really enjoyed humiliating him.  It was pretty apparent that Munyambu reveled in being able to lord it over him.  The sounds coming from the restroom became more frantic, crude and raw and a few patrons had congregated outside the door wondering what was going on.  The sign said it was some sort of “police business”. 

Harry sat there sickened.  The waiter came back to inquire if they needed anything and at that point, Kate had gotten very loud.  From where Harry sat, both he and the waiter could hear her.  The waiter grinned and said something to a passing waitress in Swahili and she looked over at Harry and laughed.  Harry blushed.  It was a very humiliating moment.  After another 5 minutes or so, Kamau and Kate came back to the table.  She was disheveled and flushed.  Kamau was smiling and looked pleased with himself.

He led her by the hand.  Just to see him standing there with his wife and with her showing obvious signs of their sexing brought a lump to Harry’s throat.  Kate wondered, ‘what will this do to our marriage?’   Harry gulped and sweated.  Kamau went on to act in a way which established his domination of Kate and with every new indignity, Harry felt like he was being swept along in a wide, fast, muddy river.  The situation was provocative.  Munyambu had him, and now his wife caught like flies in a web.   The Inspector had several sticks to beat them with him. When Munyambu told Harry he would be bringing some “friends” over to their house the following weekend, Harry winced. 

“Next Friday night.  8pm.  Don’t make us come looking for you,” Munyambu said.

Harry looked at his wife.  She returned his look with one that said, ‘it’s going to get worse.’  Harry knew then this was the reason that Munyambu invited them for a drink.  To size them up as a couple, have Kamau fuck his wife in front of him and set a date for more fun and games.  Now that it was out in the open, Harry’s palms were wet.  With that said Munyambu called over the waiter and had Harry pay the bill.   They all went out to their cars. 

As Harry was driving them home, he turned to Kate several times, but neither knew what to say, so the ride home was quiet.  But as they got close to home, Harry reached over and put his hand on his wife’s thigh and worked it up until he got to her soaked crotch. When he felt the slimy gusset of her panties, he stepped on the accelerator and rushed the rest of the way.  When they got home, Harry pestered Kate to see her pussy full of another man’s cum.  He wanted to see what Kamau had done to her. 

When she stripped off her skirt and panties and he saw her reddened, swollen labia with the obvious signs of their sexing including some semen still drooling from her vagina, he went wild and begged her for sloppy seconds.  Almost immediately, he had her on the bed and tugged his trousers and shorts down.   Presently, he got his penis inside her and felt the wet, slippery feeling of another man’s semen in her sex hole and lost it.  He only managed to thrust a few times and ejaculated.  He had gotten too excited.

Kate was amazed at how he had reacted and made a mental note of it.  A basic emotional track had been laid down for both of them that night. Over the next several days they talked about what had happened and what would happen next.  Kate felt butterflies and experienced a nervous reaction every time she thought about it.  Harry found himself wondering how he was going to handle whatever Munyambu was going to do to them next.

Mommy in the Movies

“Are we beautiful, or are we BEAUTIFUL,” Kate laughingly asked?

Kate and her daughter Rebecca, known as Becky, were preening and primping in front of the mirror in the master room.  Fussing over their hair and make-up.


“Do you like my hair shorter,” Becky asked?  She had a dirty blonde mane that of late had gone way down her back.  Recently, she’d cut it shoulder length.

Kate, at 39, with thick, dark blonde locks, a classic face, full lips and big, blue-green eyes, was studying herself in the mirror as she applied a coat of lipstick, said, “what you ought to do is wear less make-up, young lady.”

“Like you do,” giggled Becky in response?

“Do as I say, not as I do,” said Kate trying to be serious.

Kate told her eldest daughter that she had to baby sit her younger brother and sister the following night at their grandparent’s house.  She wasn’t happy with that, but had no choice.   Harry, at breakfast on Saturday morning, reached over at one point and put his hand on Kate’s and gave it a squeeze.  They gave the maid the night off.

Friday night, Kate got ready and Harry was taken aback a bit to see that she was preparing as if it were a date.  She showered, shaved her underarms, put on perfume and some of her sexiest lingerie.  Harry dressed in a perfunctory way.  He wasn’t sure what his role would be.  They settled down and Harry fixed them both a drink as they waited. Then they heard a lorry coming up the back road behind their house.  Kate’s head swung around at the sound and Harry found himself looking and listening. 

He looked over and caught his wife’s eye.   Both of them shared feelings of fear and shame. They heard the sounds of the vehicle stopping and then there was the sound of someone knocking on their back door.  Harry went for it and in strode Munyambu, grinning, Kamau and a middle-aged Kikuyu woman.  This was Nyarai, one of the few female constables.  Munyambu reminded Harry about the money and Harry dutifully handed the Inspector an envelope with one million Kenyan shillings.  Then, the cops hustled the couple into the lorry and drove more than 12 kilometers to Pate Road.  When they got to the warehouse, the couple could see that it was a non-descript building in an otherwise typical industrial park.

Once inside, Lei Peng strode over.  He was the owner of Ajax Productions.  He owned the building and was the porn entrepreneur Munyambu had busted.  He was a medium sized 50 year old man with a paunch whose family had been in Kenya for two generations.  He trotted up and bowed to Munyambu and Kamau. He ignored Nyarai and the couple.  The place was cavernous inside.  It was dusty and partially empty.  There was something covered with tarps down at the far end and there were a row of cubicles and offices on one side of the building.  The windows were at a very great height - very dirty or blacked out. 

“Everything in readiness for you, Inspector.  As you say,” Peng said to the Inspector..... almost too respectfully.

At that moment, another group of men came in.  One of them was very big. 

He saluted Munyambu and Kamau.... who said to Harry, “We call him, Tembo.”

He was chuckling as he said this.  Harry’s stomach did flip-flops.  Humiliated, he didn’t know what to say and not wanting to say something stupid, kept his mouth shut.  He looked at Kate, wanting to make eye contact with her, but other than one quick glance and connection, she was as embarrassed as he was. 

“Let’s go,” Munyambu announced.

Down at the other end of the warehouse, there was a set and lights as well as one the cameras, both stationary and a mobile set-up.  There were three Chinese men wearing military uniforms and several black men.  Munyambu led Kate over with Kamau and Harry following.  No one said anything to Harry, who just trailed along behind.  On the set, there were several young Chinese, the crew, and they turned on the lamps and set was bathed in a bright lights.  Harry stared at a strange looking sawhorse sitting right in the middle of the set.  ‘What’s that,’ he wondered?  Harry had been hanging back, trying to be inconspicuous, if that were possible.

Munyambu turned to Kate and said, “Here’s the scene.  You’ve been captured by these guys,” he said pointing at the Chinese guys in uniform.  “This is supposed to take place somewhere in the Far East. They’ve been interrogating you and you haven’t cooperated. They’re gonna tell you to take off your clothes.  You don’t want they strip you.  Then they put you on the pony. Got it?”

Kate gulped and tried to process all this.  She could hardly believe she was there. She had a vague, stupid hope that when Munyambu said he was in the movie business, that it was some soft-core thing.  Now, she suspected the worst and felt butterflies in her stomach.   Harry was shocked.  He felt like he was moving in heavy wet sand.  It wasn’t just the Inspector and Kamau. There was this new Chinese guy and then the Chinese actors in uniform and this old Kikuyu woman, and big black men..... and it was all happening very fast.  

Munyambu as almost an afterthought, said, “oh, Harry, you play the part of the husband who is forced to watch what they do to his wife.”

Harry heard him, but it didn’t sink in.  It was only when Munyambu had Kamau and another police constable who showed up, named Gachie who had several gold teeth in his mouth, and the two of them grabbed Harry and forced him into a chair, did it finally sink in.  Gachie was wearing a faux military uniform.  He would appear in the video as a “black mercenary”.

Kamau produced a pair of handcuffs from his belt.  They got Harry’s arms pulled back through the slats of the chair and cuffed him.  Harry struggled, but it was no use.  Lei Peng went around supervising.  He would also act as director.  And editor.  A regular jack of all trades.  While Munyambu was the real executive producer, Peng did all the work.  But the Chief Inspector had provided him with several things he didn’t have before.  First off, he got a steady supply of big, tall, virile, AIDs free, black men as actors.  Second, Munyambu had an older policeman, Corporal Mosi, who was a genius in purloining all sorts of equipment for use in the films. 

And Peng’s Asian audience liked their porn rough; with women being subjected to torture, especially centered on their sex organs. There was a ready market in Asia for gang-bang and “interrogation” videos.  And now, Peng had everything he needed to deliver this sort of product. So, there were some benefits to his relationship with the Chief Inspector.  Peng got into position and began to direct his actors. His three cameramen got themselves ready too.  Then Peng turned to Munyambu.

“OK, Inspector,” we are ready,” he said.

“Kate, get ready,” Munyambu said.

When Peng yelled, “action,” the Chinese guys in uniform came over and dragged her into the shot.  They were yelling at her and she got disoriented.  They yelled at her to strip, but she got disoriented.  So, the four of them stripped her.  Harry had to watch them manhandle her and before long she was naked.  First her beautiful silk blouse, her tight skirt, her shoes, her garter belt, her nylons, her bra and then her panties.  Peng directed them to move her to the “pony” at the center of the shot and had them mount Kate on the device.

When she was naked, her white skin, her mango-sized breasts, reddish-brown nipples and hairy pubic mount were exposed.  It was when Gachie pulled down her panties that the men could see how hairy she was.  The four Chinese and Gachie taunted and mocked her - calling her a “whore” in Chinese and English.  There was real pain in her face as they mocked her.  She felt waves of shame when they made her turn around and display herself.  She had wide hips, a round tummy and a big ass.  She was hairy between her legs and her thighs were full and sturdy.  Kate had begun sobbing softly.  It was sad to see.  Two of the Chinese actors made her throw her leg over the “pony” and got her seated so that her broad hips and full ass cheeks were centered.

When she had to throw her leg over the device, several of the men got a glimpse of a her clitoris that protruded from its hood in such a way that there was no missing it.  When she was seated on the pony Gachie made sure that she was properly positioned so it cleaved her slit.  As soon as she straddled the spine of the device, two men adjusted the legs so that the edge came in contact with her vulva, perineum and anus and she had to stand on her toes.  Kate squealed at this, using her calf muscles to keep her off the sharp edge. 

Gatchie grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her.  She tried to struggle, but already mounted on the “pony” there was little she could do.  Gatchie secured both wrists with a pair of handcuffs.  She began whimpering.  Harry looked over at his wife....who was as white as a ghost.....It was disturbing to say the least....but also strangely exciting to see her controlled. 

Just how crude and rough this video was to be was driven home when one of the Chinese actors took Kate’s panties and pulled them over her head.  He made sure he got the crotch centered right over her nose and mouth.  This was very humiliating.  They acted like this was the funniest thing they had ever seen and began hooting and hollering.  Some clapped as they joked with each other in Chinese.  Harry saw the huge degradation for what it was and felt a shiver go down his spine. 

First off, Kate stayed on her toes.  It was easy at first and then became harder and harder and after a few minutes she sat down. She stayed on the sharp edge for only a minute before she rose up again.  This went on for a while and the time on her toes became shorter and shorter.  Eventually her calves burned terribly.  She would sit for awhile, but the knife-edged pressure on her sensitive labia, vaginal opening, perineum and asshole would drive her to stand again. 

The cameramen, with the mobile unit, zeroed in on her pussy and her suffering face as she began to go up and down.  She was whimpering, moaning and occasionally she would let out a heart-rending groan.  She had begun to sweat heavily from her exertions and the damp crotch of her panties had become pasted with sweat to her nose and mouth.  A Chinese kid had been snapping shots with a camera to get still shots and the flash became a constant punctuation to what was happening.

As Harry fought rising feelings of shame and helplessness coupled with rising feelings of sexual arousal as Kate began to “bob” up and down on the pony.  She was soon bouncing up and down like she was riding a horse at full gallop.  It was a sight to see and from her lips a keening wail soon accompanied her ride.  They let her ride for while and Harry couldn’t help but think that she was being made to perform like a trained seal. He was ashamed that he had gotten aroused at the sight of his wife being tortured and sexually humiliated.  Gatchie came over and pulled down her panties covering her nose and mouth so they ended up around her neck.  Now everyone could see her face.

Expressions of sheer horror......shame.....loathing.......agony.....and submissive resignation alternately lit up her face like afternoon rain clouds moving across a summer sky.  It was something to see.  Eventually, the actor playing the “Captain” got up and went over to her.

“Wanna get off,” he asked her in broken English?”

“Oh, God....yes....YES.....YES....oh GOD....YES,” she wailed.

“Oh...Yes.....YES....YES...JUST LET ME OFF...PLEASE!”

“Will you tell us,” he asked, following the script’s need for her to “confess”?


With that he motioned to the others to let take her off.  When she was finally on her own two feet, she stood with her legs open and rubbed her sore pussy.  It was very sore and tender.....Her labia had swollen....her girl bits were a bit raw.... and she had suffered some bruising.  She wanted to sink to the floor, cradle her face in her hands and just cry.  But this was not to be.  They hauled her around and bent her over the pony.

The “Captain” smacked her dimpled white ass five or six times with his open hand, making it red and told her to, “wiggle fat ass, slut.” 

Kate soon began to move her ass in the most coarse and vulgar way; and Harry was amazed seeing his wife perform like a trained animal.  He had never seen her do anything like it. Two of the actors wheeled a table onto the set.  It was some sort of crude gynecological table.

“Get slut on table,” the “Captain” yelled at his men in broken English.  (The majority of the film would be in Chinese, and any English spoken by the white or black actors would turned into Chinese subtitles onscreen.)

He and the others muscled Kate onto the table. They put her on her back and made her hold her legs apart and pull her thighs back towards her breasts.  They tied her hands over her head and lashed her knees to two uprights on either corner of the table.   Harry’s eyes were almost bugging out of his head.  Seeing his wife exposed like that, with her pussy obscenely displayed, was almost too much for him. 

Two other constables from Munyambu’s Langata station were costumed.  They would appear in the video too.  Gacheru and Gatura.  Both were in their late twenties and of medium height.  Along with Gachie, these three policemen would appear as “black mercenaries” in the movie and shot so that their faces were not seen. They wore generic camouflage khakis and dark sunglasses and Peng was under orders from Munyambu to avoid shooting them so they could be identified.

As the Chinese now had Kate prepared on the table the three blacks stepped forward to “abuse” her.   The three men pulled out their black cocks.  All were a bit larger than average.  Gachie came over to Kate and began to play with her pussy. He pulled on her inflamed, puffy labia and pushed back the hood of her clitoris to expose the bud.

“I’m gonna show you what a slut you are,” he said to her.

With that, he began working his fingers into Kate’s vagina.  He got his long second and third fingers inside her and hooked them toward the front wall of her vagina.   Then, he began frigging her.  Within seconds, he had her spurting like a fountain and crying out in the throes of orgasm.  Harry had never manipulated her vagina in such a way and to see her cum so hard and wet blew him away.  He looked down and realized much to his shame, that he had gotten an erection. 

“She’s a dirty slut and needs big, black dick,” Gachie exclaimed. 

The Chinese actors then carried Harry, cuffed to the chair, into the “scene”.  He protested feebly and stared like a dumb cow led to slaughter.

Kate began to whimper, as Gacheru, younger, taller and better looking, stepped up to toy with her pussy.

He asked her teasingly, “want more, slut?” 

Kate just moaned but as he teased her clitoris she began begging, “please don’t ….PLEASE DON’T.” 

He laughed at her.  So did all the others.   Gatura, stroking his dick, encouraged Gacheru to, “fuck her good.”

Gacheru, holding his cock like a weapon, worked it in slowly.   After a moment….Kate grunted as he picked up the pace.  His dick tugged on her labia with each thrust.  Soon, he had the whole thing in her hot, red sex.  Then he fucked her slow and steady.  His tall frame seemed to dwarf her.  Gatura leaned over and began pinching her nipples and then pulling on them. 

She was breathing hard….panting.  Kate was whimpering and moaning as the black man fucked her steady and deep.  Harry was mesmerized by watching another man put his penis into Kate.  He couldn’t turn away.  To see how someone else moved.  Gacheru, whose humping had been smooth and powerful,  started getting jerky and making noises like he was about to cum, but then slowed down....going real slow in and out again. 

And soon Kate rewarded him with a wet, twitching orgasm.  She shook and moaned for about 15 seconds as her vagina clenched and squeezed his cock ….then the man, ready to cum now, started fucking her hard and deep.  He held onto her thighs and convulsively clutched at her as he began to hump her in a frenzied way.  The cameraman got close to the action to catch shots of his dick going in and out of her stretched pussy.  All very wet and nasty.

“Uh....uh….Take my load……here it cums….. SLUT,” he yelled as he came.

“Fill her up,” Gatura yelled.

Harry could tell the man was shooting a big load, from his vantage point, on the sidelines, because he had taken his balls out and they went up and down as he made a deposit into Kate’s cunt.  He was buried balls deep; all of it inside her.  Little dribbles of cum soon escaped her cunt and oozed out around his black pole.  The cameraman got in close to capture it all.  Gacheru enjoyed her tight sheath for a moment longer….then pulled out with a pop…. stepped back and finally lumbered away from the table.  Gachie and Gatura “high-fived” with him. Kate lay there in a stupor….looking dreamy……her vagina spasming in little jerky movements.  Her cunt was dilated open and a thick river of cum drooled out.

Gachie leaned in and said to Kate, “you’ve got a cunt full of cum slut….taste it.” 

He brought his right hand down to her messy pussy and scooped up globs of gooey semen mixed with her vaginal secretions on two fingers and brought it to her lips. He repeated the process, this time inserting his fingers deeper to get the deposit still inside.   He brought them to her mouth….looked at Harry…and then everyone watched as she licked his fingers. She did this over and over again…without being told to…just licked his fingers clean and then licked her lips.  Harry was in hell.  Seeing another man fuck his wife for the first time was mind-blowing.  His penis had betrayed him....gotten erect and drooled in his pants.  He was in such a state that he felt he was going to have a heart attack.  His face was flushed and he was perspiring too.

The Chinese playing the “Captain” looked over at him and said to Gachie, “let female soldier have fun with him.”

Before Harry, who was in a semi-hypnotized state, knew what was happening, Gachie crooked a finger at Nyarai, who was waiting off camera.  She was wearing a faux military uniform.  The Kikuyu woman was not pretty.  She was 45, of medium height and heavy-set, weighing about 75 kilos.  She had big tits, a fat stomach and a big ass.  Her hair was cropped short and she had two gold teeth.  Her hands were rough from years of hard work.  She was one of a handful of female constables.  And, she was no lover of mzungus. 

Harry, sensing her real nature, squirmed when she came near him.  He watched as she knelt down next to him again and was hugely humiliated when she unbuckled his trousers and pulled them and his shorts down around his ankles.  Now, everyone could see his erection - including his wife.   But he had no choice and sat there helplessly bound as Nyarai mocked him and slapped at his penis.   Harry’s penis was stiff and the tip had had begun drooling.  He blushed at being put into this situation. 

It was at that moment, that Harry looked over at Tembo and as the big man came into frame, he stood with his arm akimbo and then dramatically dropped his trousers and shorts.   The cameraman caught Harry looking at Tembo’s cock; and this made Harry look away embarrassed.  But when Harry sneaked a peek and saw his equipment, he knew why they called him Tembo.  That meant “elephant” in Swahili.  

The man was unreal.  He was 200 centimeters tall and 106 kilos and his cock was appropriate in size for his big frame.   And now, as Tembo was stepping up to the table to fuck his wife, all Harry could do was watch as another man, one with an oversize cock, fuck his wife.  He stared.  The man was tall and heavy-boned.  His head was shaved and was almost blue-black in color.  Munyambu had found him loading baggage at the airport.


His cock was so long and thick that it looked like it belonged to another species.  As he pulled back the thick foreskin, which in itself was sort of gross and formidable, Harry couldn’t help but stare at it.   The big man was ready to take his pleasure.  He began to wave it around displaying it to both Kate on the table and Harry bound to his chair.  The cameraman caught the looks on the faces of husband and wife.  It was a good shot.  It seemed to Harry that the man’s penis was as big as Kate’s forearm.  It looked like it belonged on a horse.  His testicles were big too.  The head of his monstrous penis was purplish-red and the shaft seemed as thick as a man’s wrist.  Harry watched it bobbing up and down as he got between Kate’s legs.

Harry had a clear view and saw the look on Kate’s face as he aimed it at her sloppy hole.  Her face showed fear.  The camera was getting it all.  Harry wasn’t sure how it would fit.  Tembo got between Kate’s widely splayed thighs and put the head against her wet labia.  First, he teased her with it. Making her moan.  It blew Harry’s mind to hear Kate making such noises.  As he worked it in, Harry couldn’t believe how his wife could take something that big, but she just moaned and whimpered.  Her pussy was juicing like mad. The cameraman got very close....His grip, holding a boom mike, made sure to catch all of Kate’s passionate caterwauling.

As the cock entered her and her cunt was stretched, Harry could see she was going to be totally impaled.  His mouth dropped opened as he watched. With Kate moaning and whimpering, Tembo pushed it in.  It looked to Harry as if her whole pelvis was being invaded as the man’s oversized cock violated her hole which had already been stretched by Gacheru.  When Tembo pulled back a little, it looked like Kate’s insides were being pulled out. When he thrust it in, it seemed like it would come out of her mouth.

As he penetrated her to the fullest extent, Harry looked and thought he could actually see his wife’s stomach bulge as the man’s cock filled her.  The cameraman caught a shot of her belly as Tembo’s “sword” went all the way into her “sheath”.  Harry found himself just gaping at the sight of the man’s erection buried in his wife’s vagina.  Until this, Harry had never seen another man’s erection in the flesh before.  Seeing Gacheru’s black dick, which was larger than his own, was one thing.  But, this man’s cock was a nightmare.  It was truly huge – a full 24 centimeters in length, coal black and thick as a beer bottle.  Tembo noticed Harry staring. 

He turned to the husband and said, “do you like seeing this in your woman?  Is it big enough for her?”

Tembo, at that point, pulled his dick all the way out and this made Kate involuntarily whimper as one minute she was stuffed full and the next, her sexhole was empty.  Next, holding it like a weapon, he rubbed it up and down her open pussy. Then he worked it in again and began to fuck her…easy at first…then harder, holding her white thighs in his paws and thrusting in and out. 

Harry was embarrassed by his erection which was throbbing and drooling, and which Nyarai, would slap teasingly,  but he couldn’t take his eyes away from what he was seeing.  He eyeballed the big dick going  in and out of his wife’s sex.  So did the camera.

Kate cried out, “OH GOD....OH GOD!”

It was overwhelming for Harry to hear her as she was sexed.  But, from her “uhs”, “ahs” and “ohs” they got louder and louder it was obvious she was very worked up.  As Tembo slammed his hips forward, in one convulsive move, Kate’s voice hit a higher octave as he obviously had reached a very deep, sensitive place inside.  He alternated deep thrusting with pumping her with short, little strokes.

With so much cock in her pussy, crying, yelping sounds came out of Kate.  She almost took the whole thing.  Maybe an inch didn’t fit.  His big balls slapped against her asshole with every thrust.  Her moans and groans just went on and on as Tembo hit a steady rhythm.  Nyarai, meanwhile, had begun to play with Harry’s penis.  She knew what she was doing and was soon masturbating him.  She sped up and did it harder to increase his arousal as Kate began getting louder. 

At this point, Harry’s body wanted to ejaculate so bad that his eyes watered.  Nyarai, cruelly took her hand from his prick and squeezed his ball sack to slow down his excitement.   She cooled him off to keep him on the boil.  As Tembo brought Kate close to an orgasm Nyarai got Harry close to ejaculating and then frustrated him by stopping and squeezing his balls sadistically. 

She pulled his testicles down into the sack, stretching the bag and then twisted his scrotum to trap them.  Then she squeezed them slowly. When Harry looked at her imploringly to stop, she grinned sadistically at him as if to say, ‘I’m gonna make you suffer - mzungu.’  She was controlling his arousal and wanted to make him ejaculate at just the right time.  She was driving him crazy in the bargain too.  And with his balls starting to ache like they did when he was a teenager, Harry’s body wanted to cum so badly he was ready to cry.  The cameraman caught the action cutting from Nyarai’s hand on Harry’s stiff penis to her face grinning sadistically and then to his face showing anguish.

Tensing up, Kate began what seemed like a cross between a bark and a yelp.  It got louder and louder and then she seemed to shriek.  She had a huge, squirting wet orgasm that wet Tembo’s groin.  It just went on and on. He fucked her some more and she came again.  He just kept fucking her.  Harry was amazed.  At one point, he pulled almost all the way out and grabbed one of her tits, real rough, and then slammed back into her in one violent motion.

She screamed.   Harry couldn't believe the sounds of pure lust and crazed ecstasy coming out of his wife’s mouth.   Every few strokes, Tembo forced his cock all the way in to the bottom of her vagina and made her cry out.  He fucked her hard.  In-and-out – HARD – again and again.  On each in-stroke it didn’t seem like it was going to fit inside.  Then somehow it went all the way back in.  It looked nasty too…his big coal black log reaming her hot, red hole framed by her engorged pink and purple labia. 

And everything wet and glistening with her vaginal secretions as she was juicing heavily on his horse cock.  His big balls slapped her on and a ring of nasty fuck cream built up all around the base of his dick.  Each time he pulled out, Kate’s distended labia seemed to grip his shaft.  Her voice, choked with lust, was barely understandable. 

Her womanly juices, once clear and thin, were now smeared thick and nasty all over his dick.  It was glistening – milky - streaked with a nasty ring of lather all around the base of his dick.   Tembo also teased her….pulling it out so just the head was inside to make her whimper and writhe.  Then he’d go back to fucking her with short, fast strokes.  Kate grunted like a pig when he did this.  Her cunt had squirted  juice over his balls. You could hear slurpy, wet, nasty sounds as his cock went in and out.  There was a growing river of secretions which had drooled from her vagina down onto the edge of the table and dripped to the concrete below.

Her hole was stretched tight – the labia looked like two red rubber bands – stretched tight.  It looked like a python had squeezed itself into her vagina.  On the in-stroke, his thick cock dragged her labia into the hole.  It was so thick that Kate’s clitoris was pulled and pushed when her labia were dragged in and out too.  The pressure on every part of her hot pussy had her close to cumming again.

By now she was delirious, her babbling beyond words, as he fucked her steadily.  Tembo shifted from low to high gear and kept pounding her.  Harry sat there writhing, bound to the chair, as Tembo pounded his wife and Nyarai teased him unmercifully.  Harry could see the man’s black ass.... the muscular cheeks clenching and relaxing.  He sexed her slow and deep for awhile…all the way to the bottom of her hole and Kate groaned and her vagina clutched at him convulsively, each time. Then he really pounded her for a half dozen strokes.

Kate began to scream,  “OH GOD, OH GOD.”

And then a chorus of “uhs”, “ahs”, and “ohs” got louder until she was shrieking as she had a huge uterine-vaginal orgasm of epic proportions.  Just as Kate was crying out in the throes of her orgasm, Nyarai took Harry’s penis firmly in hand and jerked him hard for a half-dozen strokes and then easy for two or three and made him ejaculate.  He came and came....  His semen burst forth to land wetly on his thighs and on Nyarai’s hand and wrist.  She milked him and crooned softly in his ear, stretching out the pleasure for him.

Tembo still pounded her and Kate....she went back to grunting and then moaning….and finally screaming as she was overwhelmed by another orgasm.  She began to have continuous multiple orgasms and babbled like a crazy woman as he fucked her silly.  Kate buried under him with her white legs up and her eyes rolling back every time she came.  As Tembo forced his arm-sized cock in and out of her vagina to make her cum again, she came again and then again.  Her orgasms seemed to run into one another.  She grunted and moaned and then screamed as she came.  Over and over again. 

The smell of sex filled the set. Tembo grunted and kept fucking her as he now wanted to cum.  He dripped sweat on Kate. As he approached his orgasm, his heavy nut sack tightened up, his back muscles knotted and finally his butt cheeks clenched.  Finally he stopped with his cock fully inside her vagina.  His kinky black pubic hair was meshed with her pubic hair. As his balls yo-yoed up and down in his sack and his butt clenched tight, his load erupted - from his big balls into Kate’s stretched hot sex hole. 

He finally pulled out and stepped back.  His cock came out with a wet “plop” sound. Harry looked at the river of pearly cum drooling out of his wife’s hot, reddened hole. So did the camera.  There was cum oozing and dripping down the crack of her ass adding to the puddle on the table and the concrete floor below. Kate just lay there whimpering as Tembo used his fingers and scooped some of it up.  He presented it to her and she licked it off his fingers.   He then smiled at Harry, who avoided his eyes.  Kate’s vagina kept quivering and spasming.  The cameraman zoomed in close to catch a glimpse as her hole looked like an invisible glass tube was keeping it open. You could see up inside.  Big globs of semen drooled from her hole. 

Her thighs and ass cheeks were sloppy with cum, her bush was matted with semen, and her swollen pussy was a mess - drooling black man’s baby batter down the crack of her ass.  Tembo got his wet dick, still half-hard, by Kate’s face. At his command, she cleaned his messy dick and balls for him.  And then he made her take his dick into her mouth after it had been in her pussy.  It was so nasty.

He smiled at Harry and said, “your wife loves big, black dick.”

Harry groaned as Nyarai had begun teasing him again.  It wasn’t hard for Harry to become erect again.  His body was on autopilot.  For the next 30 minutes Gachie and Gatura men took turns with Kate.  They got her lying on the table with her feet on the floor and her legs spread.  Her arms were above her head, bound to the table, as Gachie fucked her and then Gatura. They had so much energy and stamina, Harry was flabbergasted.  They used Kate until she was totally drained.  Harry protested, at one point, as Kate seemed exhausted.  He thought she’d reached her limit and said something to Munyambu.

But both men glared at him and Gatura said, “Give it a rest. Your wife is a slut.  She can take a herd of elephants.”

Harry watched helplessly they took her.  When Gatura ejaculated in her vagina and then Gachie, they repositioned her on her belly on the table.  Harry figured that someone was going to fuck her again, but instead, as the two men held her, Nyarai got a strap and began whipping Kate's ass hard with it.  She whipped her ass two dozen times with it before she stopped.  The cameraman concentrated on the blows landing on her plump, dimpled ass cheeks with a sound like a pistol shot.  Kate moaned and whimpered as she was being  “tortured” by the black female “mercenary”.  Harry had gotten another erection.  Later he would be swamped by guilt for being aroused as his wife was being whipped.   Finally, they were done.  They untied Harry. 

It was mid-afternoon, when the couple was allowed to dress and leave.  Harry embraced his wife, who was exhausted.  When they left the warehouse, the smell of raw sex was everywhere.  Harry had come to see a side of his wife he never knew existed; and had discovered that Munyambu would manipulated the both of them into terrible situations.  He realized that Munyambu had a terrible hold on them.  Little did he know what else was in store for them...

The next day over coffee husband and wife discussed what they should or could do.  It was obvious that that the video shot the previous day was just the start of more exploitation by Munyambu.  Kate cried at one point, contemplating her future.  The subject of disease came up and Harry calmed her fears when he shared with her what Munyambu had told him just before they left.  That all his crew were tested every month as part of the government’s campaign to combat the HIV virus. 

“He said that this was Kenya, not Zimbabwe. That making sure his people were healthy was important to him....that’s what he told me,” Harry said.

They were disposed to believe him. At least they wanted to. Kate was on birth control, using an IUD coil, as she was of childbearing age, so concerns about pregnancy were not an issue after the debaucheries of the previous day.  After this, Munyambu began giving Kate on a regular basis to members of his crew - as a reward.  Munyambu and Kamau had sessions with Kate in their own home during the day when Harry and the children were away.  She was obliged to let herself  be used in whatever way Munyambu wanted.  He warned her that any resistance would be met with punishment or worse, he would send Harry to prison.

Working Girl

One day Munyambu called Kate.   He was going to have Mosi pick her up and take her to a client to let him see the “goods”.  He was going to sell her ass.  She was now a prostitute.  It was a bit embarrassing as her kids were at home.  Kate went very red in the face especially when Munyambu told her to put on a tight skirt and blouse and, “no bra”.   The day was cooler so Kate had no plans to wear anything more than a blouse. 

Within 30 minutes a police lorry showed up with Corporal Mosi driving.  He would act as Kate’s pimp-escort.   Sergeant Kamau was also there and he produced a little box from the glove compartment.   He opened the box and inside was a metal device.  It fitted into the mouth and it was like two spring clamps joined together.

One was sprung shut and the other was open.  He told Kate that when they took a girl to meet a “client”, he liked the girl to keep quiet so the “Chatterbox”, as he called it, did just  that.  It was small and fit in the mouth discreetly.   One end gripped the tongue and the other end fit behind the teeth and was sprung open so Kate had to use some effort to keep her mouth closed.  It was very humiliating.  But he insisted and made Kate open her mouth; then he put it in.  Immediately she realized it was almost impossible to talk and if she one would understand her.  

Also, she began to salivate like mad.  She had to keep her mouth closed so she didn’t dribble.  Mosi handed Kate some tissues in case she had to say something and then they drove to the Nairobi Hilton.   On the drive over Kamau talked, telling Kate what was expected of her.  They gave the lorry to the valet and walked through the lobby.   It felt weird to Kate with the “Chatterbox” in her mouth and she kept looking around to see if people were looking at her or worse.... if someone recognized her.  They got to the Jockey Pub, decorated to look like a British club.  

They were seated in a booth and Kamau and Mosi ordered a beer on tap from the waiter.  Kate, worried about drooling, so she didn’t order anything.  She couldn’t speak anyway; and wasn’t sure she could drink it with the “Chatterbox” in her mouth.  The guy soon showed up.  He was a white and in his mid -thirties.  A contractor who did government business.  He was of medium height and average looks....a Brit like Kate. 

As they sat at a table with him and he got his beer, Kamau ordered Kate to undo her blouse.  He was giving his “pitch” telling the guy about Kate:  what she would do and how much it would cost.  He told the man, whose name was Richard,  all Kate’s personal details and told him how she'd be happy to have intercourse and of course suck his cock.  Mosi smiled and grinned and Kate felt like a piece of meat.

Then, Kamau pulled her blouse open so Rickard could see her full, fat D cup tits in all their glory.  Kate was embarrassed as it was very apparent that her nipples were hard and erect....the areolas covered with pebbly bumps and the nipples as large as pencil erasers.  Naturally the guy said he'd like her to arrange a “meeting” with Kate, after seeing that.  Discovering that she was a “hot wife”....married with children did it for him.  He found MILFs very much to his taste.  When Kate and the cops got back to the lorry, Mosi told her that he’d pick her up on Wednesday and take her to meet the guy and that possibly there was another meeting that same afternoon too. 

Kate asked, “two in one day?” 

Mosi grinned and said, “Yep..... Whore.”

Most of the sessions Kate had were over pretty quick...hotel rooms mostly but occasionally Mosi would take her to a pub or hotel parking lot where she would have to “perform” in the back seat of a car with a guy - which was pretty sordid.  But the low, grubby circumstances made her feel like a cheap whore.  It was disturbing that she came most of the time.  The most humiliating sessions was when Kate was made to dress up as if she was a slutty 14 year old girl. 

Her outfit one these occasions consisted of a short skirt, tight tube top, ankle socks, heels, lots of make-up and skimpy, sexy lingerie.  If she had to meet someone in a hotel coffee shop or bar dressed like that, she dreaded running into anyone she knew.  From her dress it was obvious that she was crazy or a prostitute.  It was simply mortifying...Harry began to feel impotent.  He was being forced into being sexual excited at what was being done to his wife and what was happening to him.  

Harry realized he was caught like a rat in a trap and had few options.  Thirty or forty years ago, a Brit like him would have fought back.  But with Kenya no longer a colony and 99% of the population black, the whites and Indians were now the minorities.  They were in no position to fight back and win.  Harry knew that if he gave Munyambu any trouble, he was in hot water.  The legal troubles would bankrupt them.  And he could go to jail.  Or the Inspector could dump the pictures of his wife on the Internet. 

And the indignities continued to multiply.  One Sunday Kamau and Zuberi came over when Harry and Kate were entertaining her parents, both in their 60s, at dinner.  They barged in and Harry was forced to introduce them.   They were soon was seated at table.  Kate’s mom and dad didn’t know what to make of the two men.  Kamau did little things to embarrass the couple including slapping Kate on the ass whenever she went around the table serving.  Becky was embarrassed and left the table.

Kate’s parents were mystified by their presence at first and then revolted.  It got worse as Kamau made it clear to Kate that he wanted her to go to their bedroom with them.  He told her to get a pot of lard from the kitchen.  Kate’s folks looked at her; she was so embarrassed.  It was so obvious that they treated her like a sex slave.  She excused herself and left the room with them. 

Presently, the sounds of Kate being pleasured began to waft down to the living room.  Harry had to sit there entertaining his in-laws with the sound of his wife in the throes of orgasm clearly heard.  His humiliation knew no bounds as there was no doubt as to what was going on. Eventually, embarrassed for their daughter and their son-in-law, Kate’s parents left.  Kate was finally sent down to the kitchen to fetch some beer for the men. 

Kamau and Zuberi had been enjoying her charms so she was naked and wet with sweat, her secretions and semen.  Harry was waiting in the living room.  She told him that the men wanted for him to come to the bedroom, so he helped her with the beer and they headed back upstairs.  In the hallway they ran into Becky who had been listening to her mother’s noisy sexing.  She looked at her mother, naked as the day she was born and then at Harry carrying beer.  She asked plaintively what was going on.  Kate was too embarrassed to say anything.  Harry told her that he would explain it all to her later.  Both husband and wife were embarrassed by having their daughter witness their shame.  Kate was acutely aware of the wetness running down her thighs as she spoke with her daughter...

Kate’s Next Movie

The experience at the warehouse had shattered Harry.  Seeing his wife sexed by other men....seeing close-up her response to being dominated and worked over had devastated him.  Husband and wife had a good marriage in many ways before all this started.  Their good relationship and communication help sustain them through this terrible period.   Both talked about how they felt.  Kate, with Harry prodding her, admitted that she had reached orgasm during the hard, rough sex. 

But there was something more.  She confessed that the humiliations were ends in themselves.  She had enjoyed being turned into a sex object.  Having someone totally in control of her was a new experience and she confessed that submitting to another person had an effect on her.  Harry was dumbfounded by this.  He didn’t know or understand this side of her at all and struggled to deal with the feelings it provoked in him.

When Munyambu called Harry and told him to bring his wife to the warehouse that next Saturday, to made a new porn tape, both husband and wife were filled with churning emotions.  At 1pm - the appointed time, Kate and Harry showed up at the cinder block building on Pate Road.  There were a dozen men outside – working, raking and arranging stones and rocks.  A man was at the door.  When the couple went to the door, the smallest smile creased his face.  When the couple went inside, they stood for a moment and then Harry got a chair for Kate to sit on.  He sat down as well and they waited. Presently, Kamau showed up with Lei Peng. 

Kamau said to Kate, “The Inspector told me to give you the drill today.  You’re a housewife who’s been captured and brought to a warehouse.  So, far it’s no it,” he laughed.  Kate and Harry didn’t respond.  “Guys grab you and then they decide to use you.   So, you’re gonna get to show a whole lot of guys some “hospitality” today,” he said smiling.  “We have some jailbirds working for us today too.  They’re the “extras”. Do you understand?”

Kate looked at him blankly.  She wasn’t sure exactly what was expected of her.  Then Kamau explained that she was going to be giving blowjobs and some of the men would jerk off on her face.  It was gross and frankly....unbelievable.  Harry was stunned.  ‘Munyambu is sick,’ he thought to himself.  It wasn’t so much sexual as just sheer degradation.

Kamau, put up his hand and said, “stay right where you are.”

He turned and whistled.  Zuberi, Gachie and Gacheru appeared from an office.

They had on black shirts with no insignia, trousers and shoes.  Peng called for his cameraman with the hand-held, Chang and gave him instructions.  Following this, he turned to Kate and said, in a formal, stilted way, “I hope you do a very fine performance.”

And then he bowed.  Kate didn’t know what to do.  Zuberi took her by the arm and steered her back to the front door.  Poor Harry....he didn’t know what to do, so he just tagged along. Peng and Chang followed with a grip holding a light.  When they got to the door, Peng went outside and began, using a meter, to measure light from different angles.  Then he said, “here,” to Zuberi.

“Missy, you walk this way,” Peng said to Kate indicating she should walk on the sidewalk past the building...past the workers. 

Kate took her mark and began strolling...and then Zuberi, Gachie and Gacheru pulled on black ski masks and came running over and grabbed Kate. She was so startled, that she screamed. They got control of her and dragged her back into the building past the workers.  All recorded by Chang on the hand-held.  Once inside, Peng supervised her being dragged down to the “set-up”.  There was a rack set up and in this lighted area, the three men stripped Kate.  They were rough with her and practically tore her clothes off. 

Then they hung her up from the rack by her wrists.  Harry stared at his wife hung like a piece of meat....ready for the whip or worse.  Gachie squirted clear hand lotion from a bottle all over her tits, belly, hips, back and ass.  Zuberi came over playing the leader and began berating her and calling her names.  He and Gacheru began grabbing and squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples.  Then Zuberi shoved his hand between her legs to roughly grab her cunt.  Chang cut close on the action going from their faces to her face and then to their hands wherever they grabbed her.

Harry watched mesmerized.  Kate, feeling a bit shocked and even all seemed so real....began to respond to what they were doing to her.  Especially as they began to touch her in more sexual ways.  When it was clear that she wasn’t going to give them what they wanted, Zuberi came up with a cattle prod.  It was the same fearsome tool with a blue plastic handle, and flexible shaft they had used on Harry at the police station.   The red plastic probe was topped with two 1 centimeter aluminum prods and when Zuberi showed this to Kate, she began pleading and crying.  They squirted more lotion on her to conduct the electricity.

Zuberi focused on her wet tits, especially her nipples, her armpits, belly, pubic mound, vulva, buttocks, and her anus.  After ten minutes of intense torture, she had screamed herself hoarse.  Her body was scored with a dozen marks about two centimeters apart.   Her tits were covered with them.  She had begun to sob and Harry was beside himself.  He was powerless to help her.  When someone asked him if he was ready to see his wife suck cock, he groaned. 

He had been blackmailed into giving up his wife.  What they were now doing to her was pure mental torment for him and terrible for her. They cut Kate down.  Then the crew took a break while they reloaded the cameras with film.  Kate was allowed to sit and Harry came over to comfort her.  Soon, Peng was ready to continue.

“Time is money,” he said.

The three black men got Kate on her knees for the degrading ordeal.  As she knelt there, she was ordered her to put her hands behind her head, and she did so. Harry got humiliated when someone told all men that he was Kate’s husband.  This exposure made him want to dry up and blow away......He could not look at any of the men after this. Deep down, stirring in Kate’s soul too, she felt a sliver of longing…some craving for this new degradation. 

Zuberi grinned evilly as he looked down at Kate kneeling there. The camera could only see his eyes and mouth, but he had projected plenty of lust and distain for the white woman kneeling in front of him.  He would go first.  He got right in front of her and stood with legs akimbo in an exaggerated stance.  Then he unzipped and pulled his cock out. Chang went from his cock back and forth to her face to get her reactions.


Kate stared at his crotch as he took hold of his uncircumcised cock.  She couldn’t help looking at it.  She could not help staring the way a bird, trying to avoid the snake, is compelled to look anyway.  His cock was almost fully engorged and hard.  He began frigging it close to her face; soon, there was a smear of pre-cum at the tip.  He grabbed her by the hair.  His hard penis reared back towards his abdomen from the kinky black hair at his groin.  He rolled the foreskin back so the glans showed polished and gleaming with pre-cum already leaking from the hole at the tip.  He grinned as he enjoyed his domination of Kate.  To humiliate her, he made her kiss his cock like a lover.  His cock was an inch or two larger and thicker than average.

He rubbed it all over Kate’s face - smearing his pre-cum in little snail trails all over her face.  Then, upping the degradation level higher, he yanked her head around by the hair and made her take it in her mouth.  He forced it in so it reached the bend to her throat and this made her gag.   Then he took it out, slapped her face with it, and rubbed the wet tip all over her mouth and cheeks. 

Gacheru and Gachie watched with an erection –both men enjoying what Kate was being forced to do.  And when she flattened her tongue so he could run the entire length of his cock over its silky surface, getting it wet and harder, Gacheru elbowed Gachie chuckling at Kate’s sluttish behavior.  Soon Zuberi had his cock all the way in her mouth and she was sucking on it like a baby….


At first she could take most of his length into her mouth.  Sucking and working it with her tongue and lips, but when his cock touched the back of her throat, she gagged.  Then, grabbing her by the hair in one hand and his cock in the other, he made her take more of it.  He took all the control away from her.  Her mouth began drooling…...getting wet and sloppy.  Soon, he was forcing his whole cock in and out – just face fucking her.  He would do that for a few moments, and then give her a chance to breathe.  He had a good-sized cock and set a fast pace. 


He barked at her, “Suck it, slut.” 


With her hot mouth on his dick, it reached its full erect size, and taking the whole thing became a challenge for Kate.  He forced it all the way to the opening of her throat - past the back of her tongue and this made her gag over again and again.

She would cough and gag and he would take it out to let her catch her breath.  With her eyes tearing, her nose beginning to run and her mouth salivating like mad, she was just a little fuck toy now. 

When she tried to pull back, he would grab her by her hair – yank her head around a little and then holding his cock in one hand like a weapon.........force it in very deep.  Chang kept the camera very close on Kate’s mouth....catching every gasp, every time she gagged and recording the saliva pooling and dripping.  It was very nasty.


When Zuberi went slowly, she could handle it and only gag a little.  But when he began fucking her faster, harder and deeper, he made her drool and gag, cough and sputter.  Kate’s throat muscles tightened involuntarily every time she felt his cock touch the back of her tongue and she struggled to control her gag reflex.  His excitement went into overdrive.  He grabbed her head in both hands and just fucked her face.  The slower, rhythmic pace was gone.  Kate felt she was going to choke to death.  Her throat tightened up, no matter how hard she tried to relax. 

Her nose ran from the gagging and tears dripped down her cheeks.  She was drooling madly.  Saliva dripped down her chin to wet her tits....She was of two minds: on one hand it was rough and unpleasant…he was raping her mouth…. and on the other hand it was arousing to have a man take control and use her for his pleasure.  Her sex button was being pushed - the more he took control of her, the more aroused she became against her will.  Soon her pussy was wet and began to drool down her thighs.  With her hands on his hips she tried to hold him back. 

She banged on him with her balled fists to make him give her a breather.  He stopped only for a moment; then he went back to reaming her mouth.  Kate tried not to gag and choke on all the saliva and pre-cum pooling in her mouth.  She couldn't swallow it all, so it just dribbled and ran from her lips and down her chin, wetting her breasts.  She became a sloppy mess. 

He made her whole body convulse embarrassingly and she farted.  This was very degrading and humiliating.  She worried she might wet herself too.  His hands were tangled in her hair.  This, too, only seemed to inflame him as he pushed his cock into her throat.  Then, something snapped in Kate and she just went limp like a doll.


Soon, with her lips wrapped around his shaft and her tongue on the underside, his cock went in all the way and Zuberi felt the sensations that told him he was going to cum.  His hips did a little jig, he began to grunt, and then he shoved his cock in deep and held it there.  Kate gagged as the first spurts hit the opening to her throat.

He kept spurting: six or seven big gushes.  Semen backed up and shot out of her mouth in a torrent.  There was so much.  She had to gulp and gulp to swallow the rest.  Gagging, she coughed and it was a sloppy, wet cough.  His cock popped out and the last spurts splashed on her lips, nose and chin. 


She moaned when he milked the last drop of semen on her face.  He used the tip of his cock to smear the cum all over her lips.  She was a mess when he was done.  Her eyes were red - saliva and semen everywhere and her lips were swollen.  He had no intention of allowing her to wipe her face.  He left the mess on her face to humiliate her further.  Then Zuberi, with a gesture, encouraged Gacheru to take a turn and face-fuck her.  He strode over.  He was average in height, dark and lean.  His penis was nearly as long as Kamau’s but not as thick.  His cock was very dark - the purple head prominent. 


Kate, in a trance now, bent to the task of sucking it - gagging and drooling as he pulled her head back and forth to fuck her mouth.  It didn’t take him long and soon his precious moment arrived.  The semen that didn’t end up in her mouth ended up on her face.  The taste and texture of his salty, sweet emission filled her.  Her face was now a real mess. Gachie swaggered over, grabbed her by the hair and positioned the wide, shiny, purple head of his dick against Kate’s closed mouth. 

She tried to resist, but it was a token response, a foolish gesture.  She struggled to turn her face away, whimpering.  He slapped her and she submitted.  He forced it in and it made her cheeks balloon; then he thrust it to the entrance to her throat and she began gagging and drooling all over again. Soon, he grabbed her head and with both hands pulled her face back and forth until he came...forcing her to swallow most of his discharge. 


Sweating, drooling and gagging, Kate was used by Gachie as a simple fuck hole.  He used her hair to pull her mouth on and off his cock until he filled her mouth with a big load of semen.  He came a lot.  She coughed and it flew out of her mouth and even her nose in a torrent.  Lesser spurts splashed over her face, her nose, mouth and chin. He pulled it out when he was still cumming and some strings landed on her nose. 

What did not land in her mouth was sprayed over her lips, nose and chin.  Kate gagged and tried to spit out what was in her mouth earning her a slap across the face from him.  He rammed it back in for her to suck again ....then took it out and holding it in one hand used the tip to smear the cum spattered all over her face. 


All the while Kate moaned and whimpered.  When he was done, she was defiled with nasty mixture of his cum and saliva - a frothy mess.  There were new men lined up.  As the workers came in from outside (the “extras”) Zuberi got them in line.  They shoved their cocks in Kate’s mouth to have her suck.  This next man was obsessed with Kate and had all he could do to not show his excitement when he had her.  It was normally impossible for someone like him to have sexual access to a woman like her.  As he advanced on her, Kate stared fearfully at him and began whimpering. 


The man smiled and encouraged by Zuberi took out his cock for her to suck.  He was a young strong nineteen year old.  He was big and raw boned.  When he pulled out his cock, Kate gasped.   He was the same size as Zuberi.  Another big, fat cock to gag her.  To encourage her to do her best, Zuberi and Gacheru began pinching, pulling and twisting her nipples.  The man behind him, an older man, took his cock out from his trousers – already nice and hard - as Kate began worshipping the young prisoner’s cock.  Slowly, sweetly and with soft, sucking kisses and wet licks up and down the shaft - to licking up the pre-cum from his leaking piss-slit – and finally sucking it, Kate gave pleasure to the young man’s phallus. 


Gachie came over to stand behind her.  The young man had his head back, with his eyes closed as Kate fellated him.  She looked over to steal a glance at Harry who was watching her.  The men’s cocks were all so different.  The next man’s was smaller, older with a hard brown shaft and a pinkish-gray knob.  His balls were in a loose sack.  He was Kikuyu and his penis was circumcised. The veins were prominent and his pubic hair was speckled with gray. 

The man after him had a cock that was fairly long and thick with a “turtleneck” foreskin and smelly, wet, purple cockhead.  His balls were contained in a tight brown sack.  He had very little pubic hair.  He shoved his cock in her face and made her lick under his foreskin very carefully.  She smelled the musky odor.  He was soon dribbling. It had a slippery, silky feel to it, and was surprisingly sweet.

As she went from one penis to the next, to Harry’s surprise, Kate began moaning, showing her excitement.  Kate had gotten hot and wet from having her mouth raped.  This was, of course, another humiliation - becoming aroused as she was degraded.  Harry watched as she took in several more inches of cock so that it was right at the opening to her throat; so much so that she began to tear up, choke and gag again.  Chang, the cameraman with the hand-held unit, stayed close to capture it all.


As her saliva mixed with the secretions from his cock it formed slippery goo that the man took delight in rubbing all over her face whenever he pulled his cock out.  She would then kiss, lick and suck on the cock after he had smeared the slimy stuff all over her face....She opened her mouth even before she was told to, far enough so that she could take in about four or five inches of cock.  They started to crowd around her two at a time.  She held cock in each hand and alternated going from one to the other.  Some men used every bit of their will power and self control to keep from cumming as she slobbered her pink tongue all around the head of their dicks and up and down the shaft, making “kissy” sounds as she pressed her lips up against their straining penises.


The men dripped sweat all over her as she worshipped their cocks.  When she did not show the proper enthusiasm, Zuberi pinched and stretched her nipples demandingly.  She was thus “encouraged” until she performed to his satisfaction.  He and his two pals chuckled at this.  They were enjoying the opportunity to torment and degrade her and her performance with the prisoners was enough to delight even the most jaded of them.  Peng was pleased with the shoot. Chang was getting a lot of very nasty footage.


Then men used her mouth like a pussy.  Face-fucking her until she gagged and coughed up their pre-cum and her saliva.  Kate struggled to take their cocks and not gag, but it was not to be.  One young man came a huge amount – his penis erupting like a fire-hose.  The torrents were so thick that Kate pulled back and they continued with such force that for a moment it looked like he was pissing semen on her instead of ejaculating.  He got it back in her mouth and forced it in deep until he was finished. Afterwards, his erection didn’t diminish.  This man had tremendous sexual power.


“Keep your mouth open, slut,” Zuberi barked at her.


Spreading his legs, he brought the head of his cock close to Kate’s face.  The muscles in his thighs and abdomen began to tense up as jerked off - until finally he began to cum.  The blast caught Kate in the face, some going in her mouth, the rest splattering her cheek and pasting strands of her hair to her face.  Gacheru came over and grabbed her by the hair, yanking it hard as he shoved his cock in her mouth again until he spurted on her face draining his balls. 

Gachie then fucked her mouth again until he jetted a second time.  Both men had been very excited.  Gachie finished by milking his prick and shaking the last few drops onto her face.  The taste of all the semen she had been given was overwhelming to her.  Each man tasted so different. 


Zuberi’s second ejaculation was smaller and clumpy.  Salty and a little sickening.  Gachie’s and Kamau’s were copious and sweeter, but still salty and runny.  All of them had been on the sexual edge and came quickly.   Her face was sticky with streamers and globs of warm semen.  Chang, the cameraman, grinned - a satisfied look on his face.  Gachie’s aim had been good; he had sprayed his seed on her cheeks, chin and lips.  He had gotten his seed on her nose, cheeks and even in her hair.  Gacheru wiped up some of the semen, made her open her mouth, and then wiped it on her tongue.  Chang and a gaffer with a boom mike caught it all.

Laughing and joking, someone could be heard on the soundtrack boasting that they would drown her.  The next man had been arrested the previous day on a wife-beating charge. They got him in front of Kate and told him he could jerk off on the white woman’s face.  He took his cock out, grunted and began masturbating in earnest. 

He soon went, “uh…uh…uh,” and began to spurt. 

Kate stared at his penis, so close to her face…she watched him jerking it…the piss slit opening and closing; the foreskin capping and uncapping the helmet.  Then she closed her eyes, defensively, as he seemed to be getting close to ejaculating.  When he began spurting, the hot, pearly stream splashed first against her closed mouth.  And then he hosed her nose, cheeks and chin.  The men standing around exploded in applause as he hosed her.  Soon, the next man, a thief, treated Kate to the same mortifying debasement, all over her nose and mouth. 

When they were done and shaking the drops off, Kate’s face was totally slimed.  A teenage erection quickly appeared inches from her face.  Zuberi stood behind her and made sure she kept her head up and her face forward.  In a moment, another hot stream hit Kate above her brow, over the bridge of her nose and on her cheek.  Kate moaned as she was coated with semen.  A smaller spurt splattered across her upper lip; drops were shaken off on her hair and forehead.  Almost immediately, from the other side another jailbird shot a big load on her.  Cum start to run down on her lips.  It began to congeal everywhere.  

The men in the work detail all had full balls...and this promised heavy loads.  Two, and sometimes even three men were allowed to jerk off on her at a time.  When more than one man ejaculated at the same time, Kate felt like she was drowning.  The semen splashed all over her face, coating her eyelids, getting in her mouth.  The excess then ran down.  Inevitably, Zuberi ordered her to open her mouth, and she swallowed lots of semen.  Some got in her nose as well making Kate choke and gasp.  Zuberi kept talking to her.

“You were to meant to have men cum on you.  Keep your face up, whore.”


“Tell me you’re a slut!”


“I...I’m a slut.”


“Say, I love a black man’s cum!”


“I a black man’s cum. I love....cum.”


There were so many men, their cocks and their hands, wrists and cocks became a blur as they jerked off and, reaching their precious moment, hosed her. Semen coated her forehead, got in her hair, on her eyelids and cheeks, her nose, lips and chin and then dripped down onto her tits and belly.  Just when Kate thought it was over, another man stepped up, jerked off and came on her.  Seconds later another blast splattered her face and ran in heavy, lumpy streams down her face. 

Kate submissively tilted her head back, licked her lips and swallowed, when Kamau told her to do so.  She looked like a slut for cum.  There were hot streamers of semen running down onto her creamy white flesh soiling her.  Zuberi told her to open her mouth repeatedly.  And soon, she took some of the men directly into her mouth and sucked on their cocks until they spurted or after they had cum. 

She had to swallow plenty.  There was so much that she felt sick...When two or more men ejaculated at the same time, Kate gagged as their slimy discharge filled her mouth too fast for her to cope.  She gagged and this reinforced her submission.  The men were lined up two or three at a time – no singles now.  Her predicament elicited much laughter and merriment.  Sergeant Zuberi made her suck many of the cocks. 


As one man with a big penis fucked her face, she began gagging and then vomited.  A big gush of smelly, foamy whitish-yellow slop cascaded from her mouth like a fountain to splash onto the floor.  When she finished throwing up, the man forced his cock back in her mouth to continue face-fucking her.  He soon came and it flew out of her mouth in a torrent....a wet, nasty cough ....thick with his pearl jam. Chang and the stationary camera operator got everything.


Kate ended up with her hair, face, neck, tits and belly bespattered and wet with semen.  When it was over, twenty-eight men had used her, leaving her feeling totally debased and degraded.  She had learned something about the depth of her masochism.  She was a mess: her eyes red and swollen from the semen which stung them.  And she experienced hot sex feelings between her legs from being humiliated and debased.  Zuberi then made her masturbate herself to orgasm in front of everyone at the end leaning back in a chair as she spread her legs.  She had to rub her wet pussy until she came.  It was a thoroughly nasty performance.


For Kate to submit and embrace her debasement was disturbing in one respect, but very enabling in another.  To submit removed guilt and responsibility.  Kate was learning to that her deepest and strongest sexual feelings were freed because she was not in charge anymore.  There was still an inner conflict that was emotionally charged, as painful as the ordeals themselves, but this inflamed her and added hot fuel to the fire in her soul. 

As a climax to the afternoon’s fun and games Zuberi asked Harry if he wanted to  stand over his wife and jerk off on her too.  Adding to the humiliation they both felt.  He said nothing and couldn’t wait to get Kate out of there.  It was a while before she was “clean” enough for them to leave.  Munyambu showed up and stopped by to talk with Zuberi and Peng.  He caught up with Harry.

“It’s more than I ever bargained for,” Harry said to him.

“It’s what you owe me...And it’s better than going to jail, isn’t it,” Munyambu asked him?

Harry shook his head.  He was in up to his neck.....


Peng had come up with a great script idea.  As part of the “white woman captured and tortured” series...he had the idea for a “brainwashing” session.  One of his “actors” was a true sadist.  He was a fat older Chinese man with a “Fu Manchu” moustache` who Peng had cast as a Captain or a Colonel in these videos.  Munyambu liked the idea because he thought it might be a way to enforce discipline with a slave.  

The Chinaman, whose name was Han Shun, had read what the North Koreans were doing with electro-stimulation, sensory deprivation and audio “suggestion” tapes.   He had assembled some equipment and armed with a rough idea how to go about it, he convinced Peng to let him try it on the next woman.  The script idea was that North Korean military had captured a white woman.  They would subject her to a session on the “brainwashing machine”....  

It involved stripping Kate and binding her to a gynecologist’s table.  Then put a set of earphones on her head.  This would be connected to a CD player.  He had come up with a hypnosis script and Peng had a woman from a radio station record it.  Basically, the tape purpose was to “indoctrinate” and featured the woman’s sexy voice drilling a message into the mind of the listener, over and over.  The message, in English: ‘I’m a whore.  I love being humiliated.  I love cock.  I need to be fucked in the ass.  I love cum.  I’m a slut.’  All of this said in the present tense and repeated endlessly.  Droning, hypnotic, trance music was added to accentuate the effects. 

While Kate was strapped to the table and couldn’t move, she would also be hooked up to an electro-stimulation machine.  The goal was to make her orgasm and ejaculate continuously. The Chinese actors would play the part of the North Korean military and Han Shun would operate the equipment.  Kate dutifully reported to the warehouse on a weekday morning.  Peng directed her in the early sequences.  The Koreans would “capture” her and bring her to a cell.  They had this set on the floor of the warehouse.  This sequence was taped fairly quickly. 

Kate didn’t need to act for any of these productions.  Her own natural reactions were perfect. The “Koreans” came to her cell and Han Shun, playing the part of the lead heavy, told her to strip.  She did so with cast and crew watching.  Then the Koreans took her to the “brainwashing room”.  Shun supervised her mounted on the table.  Shun had played the “Captain” in Kate’s first video.  Following the script, he played with her pussy and rubbed her pissflaps and clitoris.   He stopped when her clitoral hood retracted.

This made it easier for him to attach the electrode.  He rubbed the shaft of her clitoris making sure the bulb had erected fully.  A “private” handed him the wire leads. The first leads were adhesive pads that he attached to Kate’s big, reddish-brown nipples, so that they covered most of the areolas as well.  The second circuit was a thick, blunt copper rod, about 18 centimeters long.  Shun shoved this in to her vagina so that is rested at a point just behind her G-spot.  Kate squirmed as the rod filled her tight vaginal sheath.  The third circuit was connected to a stainless-steel dumbbell with a convex shaft about 12 centimeters long.

He inserted this into Kate’s rectum. The fourth lead was a flat-jawed clip and he attached this to the hood covering her clitoris.  Kate was very nervous.  She stared as he hooked her up to a transformer....a black box with several switches and dials.  Each circuit with its own “positive” and “negative”. Then Shun put on the headphones.  He threw a switch and Kate jerked as she felt the current in her clitoris. This soon made her lubricate and her private parts began to swell.  She tried to thrust her hips into the air.  It looked as if it is searching for a hard cock to fuck.  Shun increased the current flowing to the point that she writhed and then he stopped there.  He turned another dial and Kate began to feel a twitching sensation in her vagina.

He threw another switch on the transformer. This time, the current now began pulsing at half-second intervals.  He turned it up.  Kate felt it in her G-spot as the sensations went from pleasant to intense.  Juice began leaking from her urethra.  Then he activated the circuit in her shitter.  As the current flowed, it felt to Kate as if she was being fucked in the ass.  The dumbbell began going in - and - out - in - and - out.  Munyambu, standing behind Peng, chuckled as Kate’s oozing vagina showed it was working.  So far, Shun’s equipment was very effective.

Kate’s nipples jerked as the electro stimulation went into the “pulsing” mode, and it felt as if someone was pulling and twisting them.  They began to swell and look like reddish-purple berries - ready to burst. Shun now tried a couple of combinations of pulses and currents, to work her clitoris, G-spot and epicenter from inside her vagina and her rectum.  Her juice flowed more with each combination.   He then turned it up a notch sending stronger pulsing current into her asshole and vagina.   Her urethra exploded and it looked like she was pissing.

Pulse after pulse of pussy juice gushed out of her urethra as everyone watched her ejaculate. Chang stayed close with the hand-held camera.  Then Shun and his uniformed cohorts left her bound to the table and wired up.  They sat down at a nearby table to drink and play cards and occasionally looked over at her as she came over and over again.  More than once, Kate passed out.  When she did, they’d  turn off the machine but kept the tape running. 

They’d slap her awake and start over.  When she’d awaken, she found herself on an endless treadmill of arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation combined with bondage, sensory deprivation and the audio programming.  It was brain imprinting....pure mind control – simple and effective. And it was proving to be a very nasty porn tape.  Since there wasn’t much physical movement by the actors, the stationary camera picked up most of the action.  Chang, with the hand-held, focused on Kate’s face and her crotch.

She was exhausted when they took her off the machine.  They forced her to her knees and made her suck their cocks in turn.  The three actors were smiling and loving it as Kate was on her knees and kissing, licking and sucking their cocks like a trained puppet.  Chang and the stationary crew got most of it but the main camera ran out of film at one point.  They had to stop, take a break and then resume.  Kate was forced to finish what they’d made her start. She sucked off each man to completion and then swallowed.  Then Peng motioned to Shun.  He’d prepared by drinking a large bottle of water and a beer before filming had begun. So had the two other Chinamen. All had full bladders.

Shun kept Kate on her knees.  He told her to, “Keep mouth open.”  He stepped up and pulled his cock and balls from his trousers again.  He had a nice fat uncircumcised cock.  He aimed it right at Kate’s mouth an began pissing.  Kate obediently kept her mouth open, but when he filled her mouth with his yellow, smelly piss, she gagged and spit it up.  He slapped her face and one of the others held her head so he could finish.  She had to take it all and swallow.  Kate was sick and sickened by this.  Especially when the other two took up positions to urinate in her mouth in turn.  It was the most brutally debasing and degrading scene yet.  Some of the piss slopped down onto her tits to dribble down her belly and splatter onto the floor. 

After this, they tied her hand and foot to a chair and force-fed her. It was like how a goose is force-fed.  This was also a humiliating and unpleasant scene and experience for Kate.  Shun had come up with a dog’s toy which he turned into a feeding gag.  It looked like a baby dummy or pacifier.  He drilled three holes into the tip of the rubber nipple and ran a tube into it.  This way the victim couldn’t stop the flow with their tongue.  An enema bag was filled with a nauseating mixture of rice, cooking oil, cooked vegetables and raw eggs that had been run thru a blender.  He poured this mixture into the bag and when the clamp on the tube was released, gravity made it work.

He forced the bulb into Kate’s mouth and strapped it to her head.  It filled up with “meal” and as it drained into her mouth she had to swallow.  This also made her clamp down on the bulb and that squeezed more of the “meal” into her mouth.  It was an irresistible cycle.  She had to swallow and clamping down on the bulb made her swallow again and again - whether she wanted to or not.  It was very effective and very humiliating. The others held her head so that she would finish her meal.  The crew got it all on tape.

Afterwards, they hooked her back up to the machine again.  When they finally took her off the table, she was mess.  She looked like she had been through a war and stank like a gutter whore.  Her nipples and sex organs were purple and had swollen to three times their normal size.  They were gigantically engorged.  She had discharged so much pussy juice and urine from her vagina and urethra that the table was soaked.   And it had dripped down to the concrete floor beneath the table to make a puddle a meter across. 

Anal Torment

Following this, they got her bent over the table.  Shun came around with a can of white cooking grease, grinning like the prototypical Asian heavy in countless Western films.   He began smearing some on Kate’s asshole.  The other two gathered around to look at this new diversion.  He smeared it generously – not only on her anus, but worked some into her rectum as well.

Kate, all bent over, was made to spread her cheeks, showing her anal hole nicely greased. Then all three men lined up behind them.  The still photos from the shoot showed pictures with her facial expressions as she was sodomized, as well as the faces of the men ass fucking her.  The photographer captured many different expressions: some showed anguish, others expressed pain or shame and in one shot....lust.  There was no doubt about it, Munyambu and Peng would have an interesting video when it was edited.

Then, Shun got behind Kate holding a pot of hot curry paste. He scooped some of the fiery mixture and applied it to Kate’s sore asshole.  He made sure to get some of it into her rectum too.  The frantic hopping up and down afterwards and Kate’s begging and pleading for water to cool the burning sent the men into gales of laughter. This was the end of the video.  Peng smiled and Munyambu congratulated him.

Kate was sore and exhausted afterwards.  They allowed her to shower and dress.  She was so sore she could barely walk.  Kate stopped at the Hilton Hotel on Mama Ngina Street for coffee and took analgesics to ease her pains before she got home.  When she got home she slept for six hours straight.  But, she was to be more pliable and acquiescent after this session.  More like a sex toy than ever.  Harry knew that they had done something really horrible to her that day, but Kate didn’t want to talk about it.  As far as Han Shun and Lei Peng were concerned, they were happy with the results.

Peng had turned the pictures the photographer had taken into a little slide show which was an extra added bonus for the distributors.  Munyambu had them downloaded it to his cell phone as well.  He reminded Kate later that this slide show could be downloaded to the Internet and emailed to families, friends and her minister.  It was a cruel threat and extra insurance for him. He was just beginning to use Kate to the fullest......

Party Favor

Chief Inspector once every few months threw a party for key contacts as well as his crew.  He took over Peng’s warehouse and turned it into a social club for the night.  Plenty of booze, food and Kate in attendance as the “party favor”.  Munyambu made Harry come too.  The room was filled with mostly middle-aged black men.  Contractors, vendors, gangsters and others in Munyambu’s debt.  Several were cops.... young, tall and rangy.... just out of their teens. 

Three were older... perhaps in their thirties.  One was an ugly, dwarfish older man...this was Corporal Mosi.  All of them were very black. The policemen among them sported blue shirts and navy trousers but with insignia on their sleeves if they were Sergeants or below.  Only Munyambu wore insignia on his shoulders, as an Inspector.  Several carried sjamboks, the cowhide whips, dangling from loops on their belts.

When it was time for Kate to be available to extend some “hospitality”, Munyambu turned to her and said, “are you ready to show us your stuff?”

“Stand over there,” Munyambu chuckled as he pointed to a spot.

She looked at the spot he pointed to.  Kate started to stand but eager black hands at each elbow pulled her up.  Several black men escorted her.  All eyes were fastened on the sight of Kate's shapely figure barely concealed by her peach and pink cocktail dress.  The skirt barely covered her ample buttocks.  Where the fabric clung to the swaying shapes of her breasts and the twin fat loaves of her ass, all eyes were now on her.

“Strip,” Munyambu commanded her.

They took in the sight of Kate’s fulsome figure as she took off her dress and bra.  Constable Simba took her dress from her.  He was a young handsome officer from the Langata station.  Now exposed, the swinging shapes of her heavy breasts could be seen.   Each one, as big as a mango, hung down and were capped with nipples as big as shelled peanuts, reddish-brown and sitting on top of saucer-sized areolas.  Her tits were full and heavy and every move had them swaying and bobbing.  She was trembling slightly and closed her eyes as she pulled down her bikini panties.  There was a murmur from the men when they saw her hairy mound and full buttocks.

The men began whistling and clapping - and making really crude remarks now - really rough and nasty.  Munyambu had her turn this way and that to humiliate her.  Making her display herself like  a “white slave”.  Munyambu ordered her to spread her legs and then bend over and spread her buttocks to exhibit her anus.  Kate, who thought she would be brave, was soon whimpering, as her nipples had gotten erect - the areolas had puckered and were covered with pebbly bumps. Either fear or humiliation had gotten to her.  She avoided looking at Harry who had slunk to the sidelines to avoid any further embarrassment.

“Get her ready for mounting,” Munyambu said turning to Simba and Gatura.

He reached around and cupped Kate’s left breast, and then tweaked the nipple. Kate hung her head as the feelings of humiliation overwhelmed her.

“More drinks for everyone,” Munyambu sneered. “Drink up, everyone.”

The others found their glasses being re-filled.   Kate tried to ignore the hands groping her, but found herself gaping at the sight of Kamau's big hands squeezing her tits.  Her hair hung down and partly covered her face. She kept her eyes down.  A popping flash went off as someone began snapping some shots.  Whoever was taking pictures reminded Harry and Kate that her humiliation was being recorded.  Harry was not the only one who figured out the blackmail potential of those photos was enormous and gave the Chief Inspector another hold over them. 

It was mind-blowing to Harry that these cops could do such a thing to them. Yet they all seemed quite without qualms.  Munyambu was laughing, as he watched Kamau and Simba maul Kate's breasts and whisper something in her ear which made her blush again.  Kate, now completely naked, was being molested in front of everyone.

“Glasses empty again.  Fill their glasses,” Munyambu roared. “Everyone drink.”

Simba and Gatura reached out and began rubbing and touching Kate’s ass as Kamau fondled the pale, white mounds of her breasts as another flash popped.  She felt men on either side of her and behind her stroking her.  The hands on her buttocks squeezed harder.  Kate swam most days and played tennis at least twice times a week. So, although 39 years old and a mother, she still had an good figure. Medium tall, she was wide-hipped and very heavy-breasted.  Her large reddish-brown nipples and the wet curls of light brown hair visible between her legs were like a magnet for the men.

“This British slut will be a good fuck,” Harry heard someone say with glee in his voice.

Then this man came over to pat her on the butt as if she was a dog and the man, said out loud, “this cunt is gonna give me a good ride when I get the whip on her.”

The couple felt as if they were in the middle of a nightmare.  Harry saw Kate being bent over a table and held by Gacheru.  They got her bending forward over it as though she were a jockey, her lower belly on the table and her hands clutching at air as Gacheru held her wrists.  Her ass was now spread obscenely for everyone’s view.  The position insured that her full, white buttocks provided a nice cushion for those sexing her from behind and that she was “opened up” to the maximum.  

Kamau ran his fingers over the curves of her ass and then explored the folds and crevices between her thighs. When he held up his fingers they were wet and this got the others hooting and clapping.  He snapped his fingers, took a sjambok from Simba and called over the female constable, Nyarai, who giggled into her hands to cover her face but quickly got into position behind the table.  She eagerly accepted the whip Kamau offered her.

“Have more drinks,” Munyambu called out. “Drink everyone.”

The glasses were refilled as Kate began writhing and crying out in pain as the 45 year old woman constable began whipping her on her buttocks.  As Kate cried out, Kamau began fiddling with the sound system and got some tunes going.  Nyarai drew back the sjambok and lashed it down with the full strength of her arm on the dimpled white buttocks offered up to her.  Kate twitched and yelped in painful response as a hip-hop tune played.

The men laughed as the whip strokes spread red weals all over Kate’s butt cheeks.  Years of hating the rich whites and Indians were being repaid with interest.  Finally, Munyambu made Nyarai stop and began to play with Kate’s pussy.  Kate squealed as he worked her - as she had done with each stroke of the sjambok.  But this time, instead of having her eyes tightly closed, they were open wide, as the men hooted and hollered watching Munyambu work his fingers, one-by-one, into her wet sex.  The Inspector inserted two and then three of his long fingers and worked them around until Kate was juicing heavily.

She began was whimpering softly feeling humiliated and degraded.  Laughing, Munyambu offered the man who had boasted earlier a turn at feeling Kate’s girl parts.  Then, he handed this man the sjambok.  The 48 year old business man began laying the whip on with full strength, enough to make Kate's cries heard over the music.  Harry found himself being mocked by some of the men as the music and the beating of his wife continued.  He looked over at Munyambu.  It took a really sick mind to stage a gang rape of a white woman to the accompaniment of music “as though it’s a party” he thought to himself.

Over at the table, Kamau pushed everyone aside and sporting a prodigious erection, stood behind Kate.  Nyarai put her hand over her mouth and giggled as Kamau positioned himself.  He caught hold of Kate's hips in each of his large black hands and plunged his manhood deep into her body.  She yelped and arched her back as he began his task of thoroughly fucking her. Simba and Gatura got close and slapped at her buttocks with their open hands as she wiggled and was bounced about.  Kate's eyes were open wide and the sounds coming out of her mouth sounded like she was being horse-whipped.  A camera went back to flashing in the room like summer lightning.

Harry bit his knuckle as he watched Kate being fucked.  There were hands slapping her buttocks.  She was being treated about as lewdly as a woman could be treated.  She soon squealed like a rabbit caught by a pack of dogs and Kamau shouted out in triumph as he deposited a heavy load in her vagina. The music had stopped.  Kamau pulled out and stepped back..... his cock glistening with the juice from Kate’s pussy and his own semen. 

Munyambu barked out orders in Swahili as Kate panted heavily. Nyarai knelt down behind Kate, giggling as she pointed out the white woman’s reddened, drooling pussy to the others.  Munyambu gave her an order and she got a glass and held the rim up against Kate’s drooling vagina. She collected some semen mixed with the vaginal secretions and Munyambu then filled the glass almost to the brim with rum.

“A toast.... a toast,” he said as he held up the glass. Munyambu went to Kate with it.

“Here you are,” he chuckled. “Drink it all.”

Cum was floating on top of the liquor – the rest of the nasty stuff was swirled throughout.  Kate thought about trying to avoid it. She took the glass and swallowed a mouthful of the liquor, the cum glazing her upper lip.  She wanted to throw up, but Munyambu made her drink it all.  Afterward, humiliated and grossed out, she shook her head as if to say, ‘that was really nasty.’

“Well done,” Munyambu mocked her.

After this, Kate was bound on top of the table by a half-naked Simba and Gatura as another flash from a camera popped.  Simba got up on the table on his back and Gatura got Kate straddling him.  Simba’s cock was pointing up and steadying Kate with one hand he aimed his manhood at her hole. Very quickly it was inside her and she groaned as it invaded her depths.  Seeing black men sexing his wife so openly and with an audience was a shock for Harry.  And after awhile, Kate began humping up and down on her own. 

She alternated between squatting up and down on it and leaning forward to wiggle her ass and work it around.  She was like a performing animal.  Mosi and Gatura squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples.  As they pulled on her teats, they drew her breasts out from her body in the most grotesque way.  Mosi got behind her and began whipping her butt cheeks again with a sjambok.  Each hot smack was a counterpoint to the sounds of wet flesh slapping together as she rode Simba’s cock.

Gatura asked Simba, “how is she?”

“Oh yeah. This white slut is trained now.”

It was true.  The English wife was acting out her own humiliation.  She was wiggling her ass and hips and humping up and down like a trained monkey.  Her eyes closed, Kate methodically worked herself up and down on his manhood.  They kept her on the table for many “rides”.  On her back with her toes pointing at the wall, bent double.   She staggered away, about an hour later not quite sure how many men had taken her in her cunt and past caring. 

It was very late when the couple were allowed to leave.  Harry couldn’t believe how many men had fucked his wife.  When they got home, Harry pestered her for sex, aroused by her cum packed vagina.  Kate was too tired to care and let him climb on top of her.  He came in just a few strokes.  It was, in a way, the final humiliation for the day for Harry.

Harry’s Humiliation

A month late later, it was time for Munyambu and his crew to gather for entertainment with women being main source of the fun and various things that could be devised to make things interesting.  And, of course it was all captured it on tape.  The DVDs starring Kate found ready buyers in Asia.  Peng and Munyambu were pleased.  So, the couple were given orders to report to the warehouse again for Kate to take another “starring role” in one of Peng’s porn epics.   Kate got herself ready.  She wore make-up, her skirt was short and her blouse was low cut .....her best panties and bra - the works.  Harry wore a short-sleeved club shirt and a pair of khaki trousers.  He found it awful that they were dressing for what would be a terribly degrading experience.

Shortly, as Harry and Kate stepped out of their car in front of the warehouse, they saw two lorries approaching.  Once the lorries were parked, Munyambu, Senior Sergeant Kamau, Sergeant Zuberi, Corporal Mosi, and Constables Gatura, Gachie, Simba, Gacheru and Nyarai emerged.  Simba went to the back of one of the lorries and released a huge brindle colored dog from a cage.  Munyambu had confiscated fighting dogs and occasionally gone to such bouts himself.  He liked dogs and this animal had been imported from South Africa by a local gangster who failed to pay the police their monthly bribe.  So, Munyambu took his dog and Kamau and Zuberi broke his arms.

It was a Boerboel, a cross between a mastiff and a bulldog - about 64 centimeters tall and about 65 kilos in weight. The owner had bought the dog to cross with female pit bulls to create a larger, stronger strain of fighting dog.  Boerboels were reported to have killed leopards in one-on-one battles. Who knew if this was true, but it made for a good story. 

The dog’s name was Gebhuza and it was actually a lazy, easy going brute. Munyambu liked the dog.  The animal wasn’t particularly aggressive towards other dogs or people.  What Munyambu had discovered was that the dog was crazy to mate.  He also discovered that Gebhuza was attracted to the smell of human females.  And therein lies the tale.

Munyambu told Simba to tie the dog in the yard out back, get him some water and come inside.  He and the others headed for the main door and took Harry and Kate with them.  Both he and Kate were nervous.  Munyambu complimented Kate on how she looked.  He then had Gachie take them to a spare office.  There they sat down and looked at each other wondering what to expect.  Munyambu and his men repaired to his office to have a drink.  After that, he told Gacheru and Gatura to get together with Peng who was working on the set-up down at the other end of the warehouse.

Kamau rubbed his hands together.  “This is going to be amusing, boss,” he said.

The Inspector smiled.  Then both men strolled out to get the couple.  Kamau opened the door and Harry and Kate looked like they were waiting for the executioner.  Munyambu made a joke but he and Kamau were the only ones who laughed. 

Harry said, “I didn’t think you would demand the constant use of my wife. When is this going to stop?”

Munyambu guffawed at that.  “You’re in deep shit.  And... you’re worried about your wife getting a little exercise?”  Kamau laughed too.

Harry ignored this.  It was insulting to say that what they were doing now to Kate was just a “little exercise”.  It was extreme sexual and emotional humiliation and each time it seemed like it was being ratcheted higher.  Harry didn’t know how much more he could take.   He felt like he was getting close to a breaking point.

“Let’s go,” said Munyambu crooking his finger at them like they were hired help.  In a way, they were.

As they walked back into the big cavernous space of the warehouse, they could see that chairs had been set up on one side of a wooden platform.  Munyambu’s crew were all there....some standing and some sitting and smoking.  They were shocked to see some of the same business men that had been at the party.  The Inspector had brought them there to witness Harry and Kate’s humiliation.

“Stand up and go over there,” Munyambu said to Kate, pointing to a place in the center of the platform where the lights had been set up all around it. 

Harry felt sick in the pit of his stomach.

“Take off your clothes....strip,” Kamau added.

Kate looked around, and she, of course, had been naked before in front of Munyambu and his crew, but being ordered to do a strip in front of her husband as well as strangers was mortifying every single time.  For Kate now having things done to her or being made to do things in front of her husband was an emotional and sexual hydrogen bomb.   She was repelled and aroused by the idea of her being used and abused in front of others. 

Somehow...this added to the stimulation.  Each time being obliged to be naked in front of a group of black men was a fresh violation; and even more so now that others were there to witness it.  Only being forced to do these things in front of her own family would be a greater humiliation.   Harry, close to the breaking point, began protesting.

Munyambu smiled and told Gachie and Gacheru, “put him in a chair.”

The two men shoved Harry down and then stood behind him.  Then Munyambu told Kate to take off her panties and bring them to him.  She lifted her skirt, with difficulty - as it was so tight, and hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her blue nylon panties, pulled them down.  Munyambu took the garment from her and held them up to show everyone that Kate had already creamed her panties.  The cotton crotch was already damp with her excitement.

“You’re wet, slut,” he said.

Kate blushed.  Munyambu brought them over to two middle-aged gray-haired business types and held them up so each could get her scent to see how excited Kate was.  Nyarai was seen to giggle at this.  She loved to humiliate the white man.  Harry got red in the face.  He was terrified at how easily Munyambu went from smooth and affable to coarse and rough.  He had never seen a man do anything like it before.  The black man could go from being a gentleman to a sadistic monster in the blink of an eye.

Munyambu and the others sat down to watch Kate perform.  First the blouse, then the tight skirt.  Finally, standing in only her bra and her shoes. Peng’s crew began to tape it all, focusing on Kate exclusively.  Munyambu had Kamau put some tunes on a portable player and when Kamau found something funky and raunchy, Peng directed Kate to “dance”.  Kate wasn’t much of a dancer, but ordered to do so she wiggled her ass, shook her hips, took off her bra and let her tits bounce and jiggle.  By this time, she’d given all the black men erections. She had to stand, turn, and at Peng’s command, and “pose”. 

She put her hands on her hips and put her hands behind her head and turned this way and that as she was directed; then bend over and spread her legs and even pull her ass cheeks apart to expose her anus. It was then that some sitting in the chairs saw the string.   Kate was menstruating and was wearing a tampon. It was at the end of her period and she was just spotting, but didn’t say anything to Harry, who like so many of his class and breeding, would have preferred that his wife didn’t confront him with the intricacies of her female plumbing.  Munyambu, Peng and Kamau weren’t so finicky and the fact that she was menstruating fitted into the larger plans that day. 

Kamau told Kate to, “stand still.” 

Then he came over and fairly ripped the tampon out of her vagina – causing her to gasp and groan.  He motioned to Chang to not film his face.  It was only slightly stained, but at this time of the month Kate’s body was churning out female hormones and Kamau and Munyambu knew how valuable that was.  She was embarrassed somewhat by all this, but was now fairly compliant.  The Inspector called Simba over. The good looking kid was acting as the dog’s main handler that day. 

“Let Gebhuza smell this,” he said as he handed him the tampon, holding it by the string.

Simba looked at it, nodded, took it and went out to the yard.  Zuberi, Gacheru, Gatura and Gachie were going to be in today’s shoot.  They all wore non-descript clothes.  And dark glasses and hats.  Munyambu came over with Peng and told Harry to take off his clothes.  Shocked and shamed, Harry tried to beg off.  But the Chief Inspector would not be denied. He told Harry that they would strip him if he didn’t do it. 

And so, humiliated, Harry took off his clothes.  He was red faced when he was done.  His penis was hanging down limp and small underneath his paunch and he wanted use his hands to cover himself, but he knew that this would only make things worse.  It was so humiliating.  Then they put Kate on a table on her back.  Zuberi asked him if he found his wife sexually exciting.  Harry blushed. 

He then told him to, “well, go ahead and fuck her.”

Harry gulped and looked over at Kate.  Munyambu had Gachie and Gacheru put her in the “birth position” with her legs against her tits. 

He turned again to Harry and said, “look at that pussy.  Go to it, man.”

Whether it was the pressure of performing in front of an audience or that Kate was on her any event.... it was too much for him.  He could not get erection. The men lost no time in mocking him. It was awful.  Everyone berated him and Zuberi told him to sit down. Peng’s crew covered the drama as it developed.

“If you can’t fuck your wife, then just watch my men fuck her,” he said to him insultingly.

For was very mortifying, but in the end, Harry could not perform. It was a terrible moment.

“If you can’t do it, then we’ll give your slut wife what she needs,” is how Zuberi put it. 

They had another humiliation for him.  “Put the “ball cuffs” on,”  Zuberi gruffly told Gacheru and Gatura.

Gacheru showed it to Harry who blanched.  Gacheru, helped by Gatura, held Harry down and opened the cuffs to show Harry the device again.  It was made of wood, highly polished - two curved shaped pieces. The upper and lower bars of the solid wood cuff came apart in order for Harry’s testicles to be placed into the center opening. Then Gacheru secured the cuffs on Harry with two wing nuts that held the two halves together.  The cuffs clamped around the base of his scrotum, mounted in the center of the bar that passed behind the thighs at the base of his buttocks.

This forced Harry to keep his legs folded or bent, as any attempt to straighten his legs, even slightly, pulled directly on his scrotum, causing him considerable discomfort. It kept him submissively on his knees.. It also presented his balls perfectly for punishment.  Harry struggled a bit, but in the end, he was wearing the ball cuffs.  It was great fun for awhile as Harry was effectively hobbled and stumbled around helplessly.  The camera crew followed him around capturing his humiliation on tape.

Gatura came over and pushed him down to reinforce the fact that the only place for a man like him was on his knees.  His predicament produced gales of laughter around the room, especially with Nyarai.  Kate was taken off the table.  She found herself just staring at Harry’s balls trapped in the cuff.  Her heart went out to him.  It was so humiliating for him being rendered powerless by his own manhood again.  Now that it was on, Harry had been turned into a helpless eunuch.  Kate stared as her husband being degraded.  Harry looked at her with shame in his eyes.  He had been given a chance to show his manhood and failed. This was the price...

“Now, ask us to fuck your wife,” Zuberi said, laughing.

He made Harry beg him to do the deed.  This was very humbling. Harry colored visibly but in the end, he asked for the men to fuck Kate.  He had to stand aside and watch as they passed Kate around from man-to- man.   Each of them groped her in the most obscene way.  Fingers were shoved in her pussy and asshole.  Her tits got squeezed and her nipples pinched and pulled.  There were lots of nasty, crude remarks as they took turns molesting her.  They all put their fingers in her holes.  By the time she had run the gauntlet, Kate was very, very wet.  All recorded on tape....

Harry had to watch.  Following this, Zuberi got Kate on her knees.... unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.  He grabbed her by the hair, pressed her face to his crotch and got her kissing, licking and sucking his dick.  Harry suffering in the uncomfortable position the cuffs put him in...wasn’t able to do anything.  The cuffs didn’t allow any freedom of action.  This would get worse as the afternoon wore on.  He would end up being sexually aroused and then denied as part of his humiliation.

When Kate didn’t please Zuberi enough with her mouth, Gachie used a sjambok on her ass.  The whip was applied demandingly to her naked buttocks and Kate quickly became more enthusiastic.   Soon, Zuberi was raping her mouth.  He was forcing it in so deep that it reached the entrance to her throat and made her gag.  When she gagged her saliva began flowing thick and fast.  Soon, she was drooling thick strings of saliva.  Every time he pulled out an avalanche` of her saliva poured out. 

Harry, humiliatingly, got an erection watching Kate sucking the big, black dick.  Kate had gone down on Harry and was sweet about swallowing his semen, but he had never seen a man use a woman’s mouth like Kamau did.  It was like the way he used her mouth in the earlier video.  And every time she slowed down or didn’t show the proper enthusiasm, Gachie, standing behind her, whipped her on her butt cheeks with the sjambok. 

It was only a “canine” model, a dog whip, about 75 centimeters long, and made from cowhide, but it hurt.  In the old days, such a whip would have been longer, heavier and made from the tough hide of a rhino.  But still, it was a wicked tool and soon there was a network of overlapping red weals and marks on her ass.  The sound man caught the pistol shot sounds of each blow...

Finally, Kamau approached his precious moment and pulled Kate’s mouth down onto his cock so that his pubic hair tickled her nose. His cock actually entered the entrance of her throat and as he held her head Kate’s gagging went wild.  That’s when he ejaculated and filled he mouth with his seed.  When he pulled out, he told her to open up and show the load.  Her mouth was so full of saliva and semen. Chang moved in for a close-up.   Then Zuberi told her to swallow and warned her not to spill a drop.  Kate dutifully swallowed his heavy load, and then licked her lips.

He then turned the rest of the men loose on her.  They dragged her by her hair over to the her on it but lying on her belly with her feet on the floor and her hands above her head.  First Gatura, Simba, Gachie, Mosi and Gacheru each took a turn.  Kate got a heavy vaginal workout.  When her pussy became really messy Zuberi told Harry to use his mouth to clean her.  She was packed with semen.  It was sort of disgusting and Harry knew he didn’t want to do it.  He was told, at that point, to put his mouth on his wife’s cunt or else.   Harry face went pale.  He looked at his wife and then over at the others and realized everyone was going to witness his worst humiliation yet.

“If you don’t do it on your own, I’ll have her work on your balls,” he said pointing to Nyarai, costumed as they were with a hat and dark glasses.  “And then you’ll do it anyway.”

Harry had no choice.  With everyone staring at him he waddled over and, gagging, put his lips on his wife’s messy pussy.  He looked over and saw his humiliation mirrored in men’s faces.  It was awful.  They kept him at it until he had cleaned her of most of the cum and her secretions.  It was disgusting and he almost vomited.  After that, Simba and Zuberi took turns sodomizing Kate using white cooking grease as a lubricant.  Harry had never had anal sex with Kate and was shocked at how easily they used her that way and how acquiescent and pliant she was taking their dicks fully in her asshole. 

His eyes almost popped out of his head watching Simba work his long dong into her rectum.   He used some of the semen to lubricate her shit hole, as well as the grease.  Then he spit on her anus too. That was another degradation.   Kate flinched when she felt him preparing her asshole.   He spit on her anus two more time.  When he was ready, he impaled her with his cock.  The camera crew moved in closer; their equipment’s attention on the one-sided struggle between his cock and her tight asshole.  

The expressions on his face and hers were similar.  Both appeared to be in the grip of pain.  Kate by the pain and humiliation as Simba sodomized her and him by his lust.   Just as if she were giving birth, she panted like a dog as she tried to deal with the stretching pressure in her rectum.   She tried to relax her sphincter.  She couldn’t loosen it enough for it not to hurt.  He leaned on her and this forced his long, hard dick deeper into her.  His cock was deeply embedded in her asshole now.  

He brutally forced his way even deeper inside her ass, cruelly stretching her rectum.  Kate felt as if a cricket bat was being forced up her ass.     But her body began to surrender to his cock.  In her mind she began to open up to him totally.  Her shit hole had loosened a little and it took him only three or four more strokes to fully penetrate her up to his pubic hairs.   Her sphincter gripped the base of his cock tightly - squeezing his cock. 

As the others watched, he began to ride her.  He started moving relentlessly in and out of her asshole like a machine, stretching her.  Now that he was fully inside her, he knelt, his knees shoulder width apart.  He gripped her slick, sweaty shoulders to pull her pliant body back onto his hard cock, so he could plow into her asshole with hard, powerful strokes.   He slammed into her ass with all his strength, relentlessly impaling her on his cock.  Involuntarily, Kate cried out, a low, constant moan coming from her.  When he was done, Gachie and Mosi took turns with her that way...

Zuberi made Harry come over, at one point and stand at the head of the table.  He told him to hold Kate’s hands so she could grip his hands.  He wanted her to clench the muscles in her vagina to make it more fun for Gachie fucking her ass and holding Harry’s hands would help her to do this. It was also hugely shaming for Harry.  He was being used as a “sex aid”.  What was even more shaming was that they made him say what he was doing. Say it out loud - to shame him.  All recorded for the final tape....


Gebhuza, the Dog

Then they took a little break.  Some smoked; all of Munyambu’s crew drank.  And Munyambu made sure that Kate drank two brandies. Munyambu wanted her revived and strong.  Then he and Peng sent Simba out to fetch Gebhuza.  Kate shrank back when Simba came back in leading the huge dog on a leash.  This animal was ugly: a heavy-boned, brindle-colored mastiff.  The dog who had been quiet in the yard, now barked....excited.  Simba made it sit. 

It could now really smell Kate and the earlier exposure to her soiled tampon had the animal’s nose wide open!  Kate looked around and saw Munyambu smirking at her.   Everyone was murmuring.  They were ready to resume taping.  The scene started with Zuberi coming over and making Kate stand in front of the dog.  The animal smelled the semen and her secretions and the fact that she was menstruating and began to bark.  He made her spread her legs and shoved two fingers into her honey pot.

Out came nice nasty mixture of her various vaginal juices, heavy with her monthly hormonal secretions and semen.  He went over to Gebhuza and thrust his fingers in the dog’s face.  The animal went wild and its tongue began lapping and licking. When he pulled his hand back the poor dumb animal’s tongue kept lapping at air.  He went over to Kate and began to talk to her.


“Do you know what kind of dog this is,” he asked?




“It’s a Boerboel.  It’s a fighting dog.  But it doesn’t like to fight.  It loves pussy.”


Kate stared at the dog....horrified.



She looked at Zuberi wide-eyed.  She was shocked.  Grinning and enjoying her discomfort, he motioned to Simba to bring the dog closer.  Kate started to protest. But it was no good.   Simba encouraged the animal, and it quickly began sniffing and smelling her crotch.  She tried to push the animal’s muzzle from her crotch.  When she didn’t show enough eagerness, Zuberi had them put her on the “pony”.  Once again she was soon galloping on the horse that never went anywhere. 

“In the end, you’re gonna suck the dog’s cock and it’s going to fuck you,” he told her.

She rode the pony and that was an erotically thrilling scene that Peng’s crew got all in one take.  At first Kate just stood on her toes, but when she got tired, she sat on the sharp edge, but after awhile with her weight on her pussy she raised up on her toes and then when her calves gave out she sat down with the sharp edge again putting pressure on her pussy, perineum and anus.  Then the bobbing started.  It got to that point very quickly.   She got very sore between her legs and shot right back up again.  Up and down.  Up and down. 

She began to go faster and faster.  It was an amazing sight. When Kate started “bobbing” like she was riding a horse, she stared right at the camera and showed all her emotions.  The expressions on her face were priceless, but to get a close-up view of her pussy when it came in contact with the sharp edge and seeing her rise up on her toes Chang got the lens almost right on her pussy.  Harry once again discovered that some of the things they did to his wife got him hot.  Then Zuberi stood beside her and very quietly asked her if she wanted to get off. ‘Was she prepared to obey?’ 

They actually got her saying on the tape that she would give herself to the dog. They let her down and got her on her back on the floor.   Harry, when he was asked if he wanted his wife to have sex with the dog, he resisted.  The Inspector, grinning on the sidelines, was very happy that Harry was such a good “actor”.  They had Nyarai take his balls hand.  While Gachie and Zuberi held him, Nyarai took Harry’s two testicles in his flushed, stretched sack and began pressing her thumbs into each testicle.  Zuberi then asked him again if he wanted his wife to, ‘have sex with the dog.’  After only a moment Harry agreed.  He was ashamed he had given in....

Next, they held Kate down and pulled her legs open.  The dog smelled the pussy and the semen, and its big, wet tongue shot out to lap her, licking her pubic hair, her slit, her ass crack and her buttocks.  As the dog’s pink tongue lapped her, it began to arouse her, even though she did not want it.  As the dog began lapping her THERE in her pussy…. it began to ooze and leak her feminine secretions and globs of semen. 


She began to writhe, and go, “oh…oh…oh.”


When it thrust its big pink tongue right into her hole, she yelped like she had been stuck; then she began moaning.  Harry found his penis stirred to stiffness watching the spectacle.  To see his wife trying to resist what the dog was doing to her and failing was heady stuff indeed.  Munyambu stood back enjoying what he had arranged.  It was becoming a really nasty show...The sound of the dog’s tongue lapping her all over was very erotic.  The sound man moved the boom in as close as he could to get it all.


The dog went crazy and began licking her madly.  Her reddish-brown nipples got as hard as pebbles; and as the dog tongue licked her clitoris - she thought she would go mad.   The dog sniffed at her asshole and then liking what it found there, began licking her shithole too.  Slower at first…then like a demon…and as the mastiff did its thing Kate got very hot and aroused.  Its tongue was soft, but strong and wet.  With her legs held open and spread, the big mastiff put its cold nose on her clitoris and forced its muzzle between her spread pussy lips.  The dog sniffed, and then its big, wet tongue began lapping every fold and crevice of her pussy from her vagina thru her labia to her clitoris....


Between the dog’s copious saliva, the semen and her secretions, her pussy was soon a mess.  Her pubic hair became totally soaked and plastered down, and the mastiff made her jerk and twitch every time it thrust its big pink tongue into her vagina.  She was very close to cumming.  Kate felt herself being pushed over a cliff as the dog had its way with her.  With her legs held open, she was totally vulnerable. 

The dog, with its big, sloppy tongue pushed her into a world of her own.  Oh, she could hear the men joking among themselves…but the dog’s tongue totally dominated her mind and body.  She whimpered, grunted, moaned, groaned, and then began cumming and cumming and cumming.  The dog licked her labia and clitoris, making her climax and flow over and over again flooding her pussy and dripping down to the wooden platform underneath her. 


Whimpering, grunting, moaning and then groaning and screaming as its tongue feasted on her womanhood and shit-hole, Kate could not contain her herself, as the dog licked her like a machine, and drove her to one orgasm after another.  Never in her life had she felt anything like it.  Its tongue was at her anus, warm and wet.  Its tongue explored every crevice and fold of her pussy. 

To have this happening to her in front of Harry and a whole room full of men opened a floodgate in her mind.  To be made to cum by a dog was a new degradation.  The most humiliating yet.  Involuntarily, she had multiple orgasms that kept exploding like a string of firecrackers!  She had a long string of convulsive orgasms.  She kept crying out and screaming.  Then they pulled the dog off her.  It was time for her to suck the dog’s cock.  They took a break and reloaded the cameras. 

The next shot, Simba led the dog over.  They got her lying on her back and the big mastiff was led over to straddle her head.  The dog was a hulk of muscle and bone. Kate blanched when she saw what it had between its legs.  The dog’s cock had emerged from its sheath and protruded obscenely.  It was hot red and purple in color and drooling fuck-slime.  The penis was fully 21 centimeters long and thick, with a knot that when fully engorged, was as big around as a man’s fist.  The beast’s organ was covered with gross veins too.  Chang made sure to let the camera linger lovingly on the dog’s penis.  Kate had never seen a dog’s fully erected organ before.  She had no idea how much cock a dog had, but as she stared at it, the dog showed a very big tool. 

She looked at it and wanted to balk, but knew she had no choice.  The idea of sucking a dog’s cock was revolting.  Simba and Gachie kept the dog straddling her head.  This put the drooling hot red tip of its cock right in her face.  Zuberi grabbed her hand and made her hold the animal’s cock – right behind the swelling “knot” at the base.  As she held it, it seemed to grow in her hand.  She was going to be made to suck a dog’s dirty dick.  The thought shamed her. They ignored her whimpering and Zuberi told her what to do.

“Kiss and suck the tip.  Then use your tongue to tickle the tip.  Do that over and over until I tell you to stop.”


When she began doing this, at his direction, it made the dog’s cock spurt furiously.  The dog’s cock kept jetting and the semen that didn’t end up in her mouth splashed all over her face.  They made her suck and swallow, suck and swallow and then do it over and over again in exactly the same way, as the crew caught it all on tape.  They pushed Harry over so he could watch her degrade herself close-up. 

Humiliatingly, his penis had gotten fully erect seeing her take this monstrous penis into her mouth, with semen going in her mouth and all over her face too.  Nyarai came over, and knelt beside him.  She began teasing his penis just the way she had before.  She tickled his protruding ball sack, now more sensitive than ever from being stretched by the cuffs, and squeezed his penis.


Kate descended down the status ladder to lower than that of a dog.  The canine discharge filled her mouth and she had to keep swallowing.  Her face got very slimy because every time she took the tip from her mouth, it just kept squirting semen.  It would just jet and gush in little pops.  Her cheeks, chin, nose, lips, neck and breasts were soon glistening with the dog’s watery discharge.  Pre-cum jetted from the tip like a hose and it seemed, at times, like the dog was pissing on her. 

It made her gag and choke – there was so much.  Something broke and the crew had to stop.  Peng was very unhappy.  It had been going so well. He was worried because anytime you work with an animal it can take much longer to get the animal to perform.  Gebhuza was performing like a pro.....So was Kate.... They got the problem fixed and got Kate back on the dog’s cock again.


She sucked and her cheeks bulged from the copious amounts of watery cum, until she swallowed; then her cheeks would bulge again.   Soon she was totally wet ....a sloppy mess as her cheeks, nose, mouth and chin were completely coated and dripping with the beast’s fuck slime.  As she continued to suck the dog’s cock, the knot at the base got bigger.  It looked like the dog’s penis had swallowed two lemons.  She looked over, at one point, and saw the horror of her situation in Chang’s face.  And then she looked over at her husband.  She saw disgust in his face and this disturbed her.  He was watching her suck a dog’s cock......It was so humiliating.

They kept her sucking its cock until Peng decided that it was time for her to take the dog in her vagina.  The cops knew the trick was getting the knot in before it was too big.  They got Kate on her elbows and knees.  They had learned from dog breeders how to make the dog deliver a huge load.  They knew that if a dog was teased over and over again, but not allowed to mount the female right away, it would stimulate the dog’s balls to produce more semen. 

This teasing - this “false mount” technique worked like a charm to increase the amount of semen in a dog’s balls. So, when Gebhuza started to mount her, Zuberi and Simba pulled the animal off her before its cock penetrated her.  They did that three times before they let the dog enter her.  This drove poor Gebhuza really crazy.  Using this technique, the dog would ejaculate a cup of hot semen into her vagina.   Kate was going to have lots and lots of nasty orgasms.  The crew figured out that Gebhuza was going to fuck the British woman half to death when it was released. 

As Gebhuza was positioned behind her hips again, and this time let loose, it growled and jumped on her back.  Its front legs and paws wrapped around her ribcage and its hips began humping.  The beast tried hard to get its cock in her hole.  The dog’s knot, at the base of the shaft looked colossal and Harry watching wasn’t sure that Kate’s pussy could take it.  But, as soon as the dog found her hole with the tip of its cock, it shoved it in quickly. 

Gebhuza drove it in and out like a demon.  The beast used its front paws to pull her closer and drooled on her back as it fucked her.  It never stopped.  The obscene sight of a dog fucking a human female had Harry groaning and his penis leaking as Nyarai teased him.  She wanted her to torment him, so she did just enough to keep him boiling.  Kate was now dripping with sweat…it dripped from her face, neck and underarms - even her back was wet. 

She could feel the beast’s knot crowding her hole.  She looked down between her legs and saw the knot right at her vaginal opening.  The men had moved in closer on each side to watch as the knot pressed her vaginal opening.  The knot seemed gigantic now and the animal kept pushing to get it inside.  The knot began stretching the vaginal sphincter open and Kate grunted, feeling the pressure.

Simba clapped his hands and laughed, “.....AND IN IT GOES!”

Chang following the action with Peng the camera right there and

when it popped inside and Kate howled as her vagina was stretched like she was giving birth, they caught the moment perfectly.  One second the knot was outside her hairy pussy…and then, it was inside her.  Harry, who thought that her pussy wouldn’t take the knot, watched shocked and amazed.  Fully embedded now, the tip was at end of her vagina.  Kate soon began screaming as it was way past her G-spot and stretching her vagina.  

There were nerve endings in that part of her sex-hole, that when stretched, would push her towards deep uterine orgasms.  Kate soon began babbling.  Filthy words tumbled out of her mouth.  The sound guy had been down close to the dog and didn’t catch what Kate was mumbling.  He swung the boom around to record her. The knot, now fully inside, throbbed, and the tip spurted as the shaft pulsed and vibrated.  The dog had stopped humping.  It just held itself inside her and kept spurting and vibrating inside her.  Kate’s whole world had become her vagina.

Kate felt herself approaching orgasm.  As the dog’s cock vibrated and spurted, her whole pelvis seemed to throb and then contract.  Her vaginal muscles convulsed against the dog’s cock and she came HARD.  Her brain seemed to explode as she climaxed.  When she relaxed, Harry could see the knot trying to come out.  But it was too big.  Then when she squeezed her vaginal muscles, the knot was pulled further back inside.  This massaged the front wall of her vagina as well as forcing the dog’s cock deep again into her hole.

Munyambu, pointing, said to Kamau in Swahili, “she’s fucking herself silly. We’ve really got the whore trained now.”

Kamau smiled and nodded.  Kate was having one body shaking orgasm after another.  She felt the animal spurting hot cum DEEP in her hole - hosing her with hot, watery, bestial cum.  Its organ throbbed - hotter than a man’s.  It spurted inside her for a long time.  Throbbing and spurting..... it pushed her into multiple orgasms.  The dog’s cock had turned her sexhole into a volcano.  The big knot held most of the hot cum inside her; and the hot cum coated her vaginal walls.  The knot compressed and stretched the front of her vagina so that heat flowed into her urethral sponge as well.

The result was that she came convulsively over and over again.  The effect of all that hot cum right in the nerve-rich vagina drove her wild.  And unlike a man, the dog spurted continuously. The knot kept Gebhuza locked inside her. She had continuous orgasms for 15 or 20 minutes. Some were total body shakers, and she almost fainted.  Harry couldn’t believe how his wife was reacting.  It was mind-blowing.  He discovered, much to his shame, that he liked seeing his wife forced to mate with a dog....

Seeing her facial expressions, listening to her moans and uncontrollable screaming got to him.  When Nyarai took hold of his penis and jerked it hard several times, he ejaculated with a groan.  It was a very intense cum.  Chang missed it.  He was very focused on Kate, who had been thoroughly fucked, slowly coming back to her senses when she felt the animal pulling back.  This hurt as the knot was deeply embedded in her hole, just behind her pubic bone. 

Then the animal turned around so that it was still knotted with her but now the dog was facing the other way.  Chang made sure to catch this tableau.  It was priceless.   But, all good things come to an end and the knot finally shrank and popped out.  Gebhuza’s cock was still partially engorged.  The dog stood there for a moment, then bent down and licked itself.  Simba then led the animal away.

The shaft and the knot had been in Kate’s vagina, one that had given birth to three children.  Still on her elbows and knees, Kate panted like a trained animal herself.  She was wet and sloppy everywhere from her belly down to her light brown pubic hair - her thighs and her buttocks.  A sloppy mess of canine semen and her secretions mixed with a little menstrual blood oozed from her hole and ran down her thighs.  Her hole was stretched open, red and swollen.  Simba put a pan down and a cup of slimy slop drained out of her sex-hole.  The tape’s ending was Zuberi making Kate drink what was in the bowl and then lick it clean.  It took all of Sunday for Kate (and Harry) to recover.  It was the most intense taping yet for Kate. 

The Daughter

Kate had three children.  Peter was nine and Sarah six.  Rebecca, at fifteen, was the eldest.  Known as Becky..... she was a soft, sweet, semi-virginal version of her mother; a baby doll with skin like silk, the eyes of an angel and gentle as a doe.  Becky often babysat the younger children, especially Sarah. 

She had been experimenting with sex and drugs like a lot of 15 year olds everywhere.  Her parents knew that she was growing up and exposed to a lot of outside influences.  So, to be safe, Kate had taken her to her gynecologist when she was only14 for birth control.  This was after she’d discovered that Becky was “petting” to orgasm with boys.  Actually, Becky had been giving boys blow jobs for a year and had recently lost her virginity to an older white boy in her school. She was starting to have sex on a semi-regular basis.  And like most kids everywhere she learned a lot about sex on the Internet.  She and her friends were discovering things like mate swapping, homosexuality, and anal sex online and talking about it at school.

Becky and her best friend, Darlene, had even spent some time visiting websites that dealt with interracial sex.  It was all the rage at discuss such taboo topics.  In fact Darlene’s mother overheard her daughter, Becky, and another friend talking in Darlene’s bedroom one day. They were spinning a fantasy: being kidnapped by a primitive tribe somewhere in Africa.....kept nude and gangbanged regularly until they escaped.  Darlene’s mother concluded that her daughter and her friends were trying to find out what was wild or normal by verbalizing the fantasy.  There was some hip-hop playing in the background while they gabbed.

Neither Kate nor Darlene’s mother actively encouraged their daughters to have sex.  But, Darlene liked going braless/panty-less under nice, but revealing clothes and thought all the fuss over Britney Spears going braless and panty-less was silly since so many girls were starting to go braless and panty-less too.  Becky agreed with her.  Becky was a normal girl and interested in boys.

Kamau and Zuberi had visited Kate on a number of occasions in their own home.  After that night the two men had embarrassed her parents in front of her grandparents, Becky asked her mother for an explanation.  Kate explained that that had a “hold” on them and both Mother and Father had to do what they were told.  Becky was shocked and horrified.  The house was on the edge of the development and when they came to visit the men would drive to the back of the house and park behind the gated fence.  As Kamau and Zuberi were leaving one day after enjoying Kate’s “hospitality”, Becky, returning from school, ran into them. 

It was an embarrassing moment for mother and daughter.  Mom was flushed, sweaty and wearing only a short robe with nothing on underneath.  The two men were amused.  Daughter gaped at mom and Kate returned her look with one that seemed to say, ‘it’s ok’.   Kamau, in particular, frightened Becky. The two men for were impressed by the youngster.  They found her a delightful morsel and began thinking of what they could do to get their hands on her.  Kamau went to work to come up with the right way to get Becky in his clutches.

Figuring that at 15 she might be experimenting with bhang (cannabis) he checked in with the division responsible for drug investigations. Churches and schools of late had been warning about the alarming increase of drug abuse in schools.  Findings of a study undertaken by the Child Welfare Association appeared in the news that two of every ten Kenyan students were using bhang.  He cleared it with the Chief Inspector and set up a little sting operation to snare the young Braxton girl.  It wasn’t hard.  Becky enjoyed smoking with her girl friends and at parties.  To plant a stash in her school locker was easy for a corrupt Inspector and his crew.

And so, this is how Becky Braxton found herself in custody in the bowels of the Langata Police Station.  She had been arrested at school by a constable who told the school authorities that he was operating on a “tip”.  Becky was called into the principal’s office and presented with the “evidence” planted in her locker.  They drove her handcuffed to the police station and let her stew for awhile in a cell to make her nervous.  

Thoroughly frightened and cowed, she was an easy subject to manipulate. Soon, she was turned over to Senior Sergeant Kamau.  He took her to an interrogation room.  He and Zuberi would question her.  Zuberi would be the “good cop” and he would be the “bad cop”.  Since she didn’t actually have any bhang in her locker on that day, she was vulnerable to their experience in manipulating a suspect.  They soon tricked her into admitting she smoked bhang.

“I’ve only smoked a few times...... I swear,” she sniffled.

“It’s illegal to know that.  You know that’s a crime,” said Kamau, playing the “bad” guy.

“If you cooperate, little girl, you may leave here today,” Zuberi said solicitously, working to gain her trust.

“I’ll do whatever you say..... I....I swear,” Becky replied.

“You’re already involved,” Kamau said to her.

“You just wanted to fit in....right,” Zuberi asked her?

Kamau stopped her each time she denied involvement.  Every time she objected to something either man said, he made it seem like this was an admission of guilt. They both got close to her and when she hesitated, Kamau pounced on her verbally and got right in her face.  She had begun to tremble and her eyes were wet.  Kamau came up with two opposite motives as to why she had the drugs in her locker.  Becky got confused. And when he got her to talk about her drug use, she came unglued.  By the time Zuberi suggested to her that she write out a confession on paper, Becky was an emotional wreck.  She would have done anything at that point to get them to let her go.

The plan was to “soften” her up and then they would molest her.  The Chief Inspector had already had Harry picked up and brought to the station.  He intended to have him watch as his daughter was abused through a one-way glass in an adjacent room.  They brought Harry into Munyambu’s office and he told him what was going on.  Harry realized immediately that this gave the police another hold over him and his family.   The Chief Inspector told him that if he and his daughter “cooperated” he could take her home that day.  Harry, sweating, sickened and nervous, nodded when the Inspector asked him if he understood.

“Remember when I told you that your wife was going to have to work off the balance of what you owed.  Well, it looks like your daughter has added to the bill.”

Here is what Harry saw when they brought him into the dark cubicle bordering the interrogation room.  His daughter sat in a wooden chair.  Behind her was a table.  It had been pushed up against the back of the chair.  Zuberi and Kamau were on either side of her leaning up against the table.  Harry fidgeted in his chair as Becky, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, looking angelic and sweet in socks, loafers, a pale pink short-sleeved cotton blouse and a pleated skirt, squirmed as the men interrogated her.  She was holding the pad and pencil Zuberi had given her in her hand, sniffling and begging not to have to write a “confession”. 

“My parents are going to find out and everything,” she asked with a tremor in her voice?

“You’ve already admitted you’ve used bhang – it was found in your locker.  All that’s left is for you to do is write a confession.”

Becky began whimpering as she considered that choice.

“Well, there’s another way.  Just admit to me you’ve been a bad girl,” Zuberi said.  “And tell me you wanna be a good girl.”

“OH.....Y...yes, I do,” she sniffled.

“You just be a good girl - and we’ll let you go,” he said to her.

Harry, in the darkened adjacent room - watching with Munyambu right behind him, gulped as he quickly saw what was happening.  By the time he’d gotten there, she already admitted some things.  Now, knowing how corrupt these guys were, he knew they had his daughter right where they wanted her.  And there was nothing he could do except sit there as the drama played out. 

Becky looked up at Zuberi.  Fifteen years older, he projected authority.  She searched his face for a sign.  She wanted to believe him.  He smiled at her and when he did this she felt she could trust him. A sliver of a smile crossed her face.  He patted her on the shoulder and stepped back into the shadows. That’s when Kamau stepped in....and her face darkened.  She seemed to shrink in her chair whenever he pounced on her.  He got right next to her and put his hand on her face. 

Then he ran his finger over her lips in an obscene way.  Soon, he was forcing open her mouth and just raping her with his finger.  Harry watched as he soon worked two fingers into her mouth spreading open her lips. He had his fingers against her cheeks and then took hold of her tongue pulling the wet, pink organ out of her mouth.  It was obscene what he was doing to her.  It was like he was getting ready to finger-fuck her mouth.

Harry felt a twitch in his groin as Kamau molested his daughter.  This horrified him.  It was obvious to him that if she wanted to be a “good girl” she was going to have to extend them some “hospitality”.  The thought of seeing his daughter defiled in that way overwhelmed Harry with a wild avalanche` of emotions.  He wanted to protect her, but couldn’t.  He didn’t want to see her abused, but was prevented from doing anything.  He felt helpless.

On the other hand, he felt the weird tickle of excitement.... titillated by the fact that they would make her take her clothes off and do things to her in front of him.  He was sick with guilt at this, but helpless to control his own feelings of shameful curiosity and physical lust.  He looked back over at Munyambu who was grinning at him.  He was enjoying the opportunity to torment him; and loved reinforcing Harry’s feelings of helplessness and submission... almost as much as he loved defiling his women.

As Harry gawked, Kamau pried open her mouth and shoved his fingers in....Becky rolled her head this way and that, but he was relentless and kept up the invasion of her mouth.  Penetrating her with his fingers....he raped her mouth.  Finally, he turned to her breasts.  He grabbed and began mauling them.  He swung around and got up on the table behind her and pulled her back in her chair. Then, he began unbuttoning her blouse. 

She whimpered, making soft sounds in her throat as he had his way with her. He held her by her chin with one hand and with the other he rubbed, squeezed and pinched her tits.  She was wearing a pink “sports bra” and as Harry stared, he worked his hand into her bra to rub her nipples.  Harry felt his penis stir in his pants, much to his shame and hoped that Munyambu didn’t notice.  He felt himself blushing....

Then Kamau used two hands and got both of them underneath her bra.  Becky kept her eyes closed and her face turned to the side as he touched her tits all over, grasped and squeezed them in his hands. Then he reached down and took the bottom of her bra in both hands and yanked it up.....pulling the garment up towards her neck.  This exposed Becky’s tits.  Harry gasped and began breathing a little harder as he glimpsed his daughter’s tits for the first time. 

They were as big as apples, creamy white and capped with strawberry-colored areolas and nipples.  He had never seen them before, of course, and the sight took his breath away.  Becky, now that her tits were on display, began to pant, as Kamau rolled, squeezed and hefted them in his hands.  She had begun to look down at what he was doing to her and moaning softly.  It was when he began bouncing them up and down in his hands that she started sniveling and whimpering at his obscene play.

In response, Kamau pulled her closer to him and reached down to pull up her skirt and grab her thighs. He simultaneously pulled her legs up and shoved her hips

closer to the edge of the chair.  This exposed her crotch to Harry who found himself gazing at his daughter’s panty covered “camel-toe”.  She was wearing pink and white panties with a cute pattern made up of tiny roses.  He made her put her heels on the edge of the chair and ran one finger down between her legs to stroke the folds of her pussy outlined in the crotch of her panties. 

After playing with her this way for awhile, he grabbed her panties and pulled them tight in her crack, like he was giving her a frontal wedgie.  When Kamau pulled the material tighter Harry was beside himself as he saw her pubic hair for the first time.  When Kamau had it wedged tightly between her outer labia he yanked the material left and right so it rubbed her sensitive inner labia as well as her clitoris.  At the same time, he worked a finger into her mouth.

He was systematically violating her in stages.  Then with one hand on the crown of her head holding her steady, he got a finger underneath the leg band of her panties to rub her labia and explore her vagina.  Becky began moaning softly.  He took his finger out and it was wet up to the second knuckle.  He brought it to her mouth and shoved it in, making her taste her own feminine secretions. 

Following this he pounced, like a cat, and made her turn around to kneel on the chair with her elbows and upper body on the table top.  He flipped up her skirt to expose her panties.  He pushed her thighs together and then began giving her humiliating open handed slaps on her buttocks.  Like she was a “bad girl” and needed a spanking.  Becky moaned and wiggled her ass as Kamau gave her harder smacks.

Harry sat and watched feeling for all the world like a butterfly pinned to a board.  There was nothing he could do, except sit there and feel all the emotions surging through him.  He had no choice but to feel it all: anger, sadness, guilt, shameful lust and sheer mind-numbing helplessness.  He could almost feel Munyambu standing behind grinning; and he avoided looking back at him.  Harry felt like the little fly that had become entrapped in the sticky snare of a spider’s web and any struggles on his part only made it worse.  He took a deep breath and tried to stay calm...

Kamau, in the meantime, had pulled Becky’s right hand behind her and was holding it by the small of her back.  He next pulled her panties tight in her crack again, showing Harry her full buttocks.  Becky had a lovely ass, and Harry was all too aware, at this point, of the stiff prick in his shorts.  Next, Kamau pulled her panties down to her knees, exposing her butt cheeks completely.  Harry’s eyes were bugging out of his head as he watched him pull her cheeks apart to reveal her pussy and anus.  His daughter had a simply beautiful “package”. 

She had just enough pubic hair with full pink labia and a tight pinkish-brown anus nesting in a slightly darker grove.  Kamau obscenely pulled her cheeks apart - back and forth, back and forth - treating her like a doll or a puppet.  He next worked a finger into her hole and wormed it around and around.   There were microphones in the room and a big speaker mounted on the wall above the glass in the room Harry was in. 

As Kamau wiggled his finger in his daughter’s pussy, soft squelching noises could be heard.  Then he withdrew his index finger and worked his second and third fingers into her tight wet channel. With his palm down and his index and pinky splayed out over the inner surface of her butt cheeks, he rotated them, feeling around inside her buttery depths for what he was looking for: her G-spot. 

When he found it he began to rub it vigorously.  As he found a rhythm massaged it harder and harder, Becky became more vocal.  When he went into overdrive, she began a keening wail as her urethra began spurting fluid.  As Harry watched helplessly, his daughter began ejaculating like a whore.  He could not believe his eyes, but there was no mistaking it.  Kamau’s fingers, wrist, and Becky’s pussy and inner thighs all bore evidence of her orgasm.  He had made her have a very wet cum. 

And Harry was now more aware than ever that he was helpless to prevent his own body from reacting.  He had a stiff erection that was very obvious from the bulge in his trousers.  In fact, Munyambu looked over his shoulder at the lump and he and Harry locked glances for a second.  It was enough to let Harry know that he knew what he was feeling.

Kamau pulled his fingers out of Becky’s pussy and holding up his wet hand brought it over to her face.  He held it up to show her and then made her lick his fingers.  It was very humiliating.  Harry couldn’t help staring at the wet labia still prominently displayed between her plump thighs.  Becky tried to slump down into a fetal position on the chair, but the seat was too small for her to do this and Kamau had already grabbed her by the right arm and pulled her up into a sitting position.  He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her forward so that her face was right up against his crotch.

He rubbed her face all over his bulge as she whimpered.  Harry saw that unconsciously she had opened her mouth and put her lips up against what she otherwise was trying to get away from.  She squirmed on the seat, but then sat riveted as Kamau unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled everything down to flaunt his cock and balls.

She looked at his package as if it were some sort of snake.  He was twenty older and black.  And she had never had anything to do with a man like that.  He made her hold it.  And it was already very hard and sizable in length and thickness.  He took her hand and jerked it back and forth. This retracted his foreskin and Becky couldn’t stop staring at the reddish head as it was exposed.  Then he told her to put her hand on his balls.  She did so but he had to take her hand and show her what he wanted her to do: fondle his ball sack and jerk him off.  

He had to keep taking her by the hand to get her to do all that.  She kept her head down and stared right at his cock with a fearful look in her eyes.  Then taking a hold on her ponytail he pushed her face on his cock.  He pulled her this way and that, all the while telling her to keep her mouth open, so he could rub her soft lips on his cock.  Following this, he let go of her, but told her to kiss and lick him THERE.  She looked up at him fearfully, and brushing back tendrils of her hair that were obscuring her face, she looked over at Zuberi for reassurance.  His face seemed to say, ‘that’s a good girl.  Now, you do what you’re told and everything will be OK.’ 

Becky hesitated just a little and that’s when Kamau grabbed her by the ponytail again, but this time not as rough and said to her, “now get busy and use your tongue to lick it.....and then kiss it.....understand?”

Becky looked up and nodded and then went to work doing his bidding.  She began licking all around the corona with the tip of her tongue daintily.  Kamau let her do that for a moment and then got his two hands on her head and roughly rubbed her mouth all over his ball sack and cock.  Harry squirmed and fidgeted in his chair as Becky got a lesson in oral sex.  She was being too tentative and cautious and Kamau got impatient.  He yanked her head around a bit holding onto her ponytail. 

Becky’s brow furrowed when she heard what he wanted next.   He shook her head like she was a disobedient child and commanded her to open her mouth. She had no choice.   His cock had a big mushroom head.  It was reddish in color and contrasted sharply with the black shaft.  She didn’t want to suck it, but he insisted.  He let her get used to it for a moment and then using her ponytail like a lever he pulled her mouth off it and then yanked her back onto it. 

He got it in so deep that she gagged and Harry could hear the retching sounds as she struggled to keep from vomiting.  He did this several times, each time it was more of a torture for her.  She gasped and strained to keep up with the thick flow of saliva that the rape of her mouth was producing.  Her lips and chin were now very wet....Every time he pulled out, his cock was connected to her mouth with strings of her saliva.  As he went in deeper and reached the entrance to her throat, her mouth defensively produced torrents of saliva to protect her.  Her nose had started to run and her eyes were wet as he pulled and pushed her back and forth like a doll.

“Stay down on it, girl,” he barked at her.

She grimaced and labored to say something to appease him.  But he wanted to humiliate and degrade her.   When he got it in her mouth again he pushed her down on it and then using her hair jerked her back and forth.  Becky began making the nastiest sounds as she gagged and heaved at the invasion of her mouth.  When he’d gotten a good rhythm going again, he grasped her head with both hands and humped his hips forward. 

The saliva began running down the corners of her mouth in thick strands to drip onto the floor.  Then he just held her head steady and Becky’s whole body began to buck as she desperately fought the urge to throw up. She had her hands on his thighs and she was clenching and unclenching them....and then beating softly on his legs as she struggled.

“You stay down on it,” he snapped at her again.

When he let her go, she pulled back all the way to get his cock out of her mouth and gasped for breath.  A river of thick saliva spilled from her mouth and one super thick, nasty strand still connected her to him. She looked up at him with wet eyes with tears running down her right cheek.....

“I’ll be a g....good girl,” she promised.

When he put his hands back on her head she looked at his cock wearily and reluctantly opened her mouth for the next assault. She sucked up the strand of saliva - following it until she came to the reddish cock head.  Then she took him in.  This time it was easier.....she was getting used to having something big in her mouth and throat. 

Lubricated by the copious flow of saliva, Kamau began to work his cock in and and out....methodically....not too fast and not too slow.  He was using her mouth like a vagina and Becky was getting a sex lesson in how to take a big man’s cock.  Tears running down her cheeks, saliva drooling and the sound of her gulping and swallowing dominated the moment.  There was a buildup of her saliva on his testicles and as her fucked her mouth it dripped down to the floor. 

Kamau began to go faster and faster and Becky had her eyes closed, grimacing, her pretty features screwed into a scowl, with her open palms resting on his thighs.  His hips began doing a little jig.....Harry could see Kamau’s black buttocks clench as he began ejaculating in his daughter’s sweet mouth.  Semen squirted out the right side of her mouth and he could see her tongue working on the underside of the shaft as Kamau pulled his cock slowly from her warm, wet mouth.  She choked and heaved trying to decide if she should swallow the load.  It tasted warm and salty sweet to her.  When she looked up, Kamau told her to swallow.  She did....She was panting and her mouth was still drooling when she was done.  Her blouse was still open, her bra was still pulled up to her neck and her panties were still down around her ankles.

That’s when Zuberi came over and praised her.  She looked up at him imploringly as if to say, ‘I was a good girl, can I go home now’?  His answer, still smiling at her was to help Kamau take off all her clothes.  They stripped her naked and got her up on the table.  Kamau held her by her shoulder and head and stuck his finger in her mouth again.  Zuberi pushed her thighs up to her breasts and began finger fucking her.  When he got her nice and juicy, he worked his second and third fingers into her and, palm up, began searching for her G-spot.  When he found it he worked it hard until he made her spurt again wetting the table. 


That’s when Munyambu put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and said, “I want some of that too.” 

He went to the door, opened it and waltzed into the room.  When Becky saw another man enter the room, she began struggling and Kamau and Zuberi wrestled her into submission.  They changed places and Zuberi got by her face, took his hard cock out and working his fingers into her mouth to pry it open so he could get his black dick in.  Kamau stood at the left end of the table.  Zuberi got Becky set to suck his cock.  He dropped his trousers and shorts and played with his dick.  He rubbed the tip of his cock all over her face as Kamau played with her clitoris to get her worked up.  Munyambu came over and held her head so Zuberi could get a good blowjob.  Harry sitting alone in the dark now watched the three black men work his daughter over. 

Kamau instructed her to kiss and lick his friend’s dick from the pendulous ball sack to the tip....until his package was shiny with her saliva.  She was so pretty and Zuberi got very hot having this 15 year old white morsel servicing him.  He got his dick in her mouth and started to thrust in and out, alternating it with wiggling his hips.  Soon, Becky’s near virginal mouth with her sweet pink lips had swallowed his full length.  Kamau was holding her head by her ponytail and helping Zuberi fuck her mouth.  Munyambu had begun rubbing her clitoris, squeezing her breasts and pinching her rosy-pink nipples.

Harry was on fire. His shame at feeling any sexual arousal at the abuse of his daughter was diminishing as the scene played out in front of him.  He was all alone with his shameful sexual arousal as his daughter was revealed in all her female glory to him.  He had always found her to be delightful and appealing as a female, but to get an erection now was perverted.  To have darker, lewd thoughts wrenched up by what his tormentors had contrived was sheer mental torture. 

He watched Zuberi come in Becky’s mouth as Kamau held her head so that she swallowed everything.  Zuberi let out a satisfied groan and threw his head back as he emptied his balls in the white teen’s mouth.  Then, when he’d gotten his breath, he turned to the glass and smiled - right at Harry.   Following this, Kamau got her positioned so he could fuck her as Munyambu got her sucking his cock.  They bent her over with her hands on her knees.  Kamau got behind her and Munyambu took a position in front of her face. 

Harry watched the men have their fun.  They were closer to the one-way glass now and along with the sounds coming over the speaker, Harry got a front row seat as the two men enjoyed his daughter’s “hospitality” fore and aft.  Zuberi pinched her nipples to add to the sensations overwhelming her.  She began groaning and squealing and soon Munyambu hosed her mouth, filling her so that she choked and gagged.

When Kamau was ready to cum, he pulled out and got in her face.   Poor Becky was forced to take another heavy load in her mouth. She had just swallowed Munyambu’s slippery load when she had to swallow another man’s ejaculation.  Harry watched the Chief Inspector go to work and get two fingers into Becky’s open vagina.  He began finger banging her; and made her spurt one last time.  Munyambu shoved his wet fingers at her face and rubbed them all over her mouth..... eventually making her suck them clean.

Becky was exhausted by what they had done to her and sank to her knees.  Kamau and Zuberi pulled her to her feet and dumped her in the chair as the Chief Inspector adjusted his trousers and belt.  He said something to the two men, who nodded and then he strolled back into the adjacent room.  Harry was standing there, sweaty and flushed. 

“Enjoy the show, Harry,” he asked him?

Harry, stung by humiliation, didn’t say anything.  Then he asked, “can she go now?”

“Hmmmm......   As soon as she gives us the names of her friends.  I’ve got to get something for my friends downtown.  If she does that, she can go,” he said.... sounding reasonable.

Inside the little room, Kamau had gone to a cabinet on the far wall and came back with a bare metal bicycle seat.  He set it on the table.  Becky was curled up on a chair, trying to cover up her nakedness and sniffling.  She watched as Kamau went back to the cabinet.

She turned to Zuberi, whom she still regarded as the “good cop” and asked him, “can I go home now....I’ve been a good girl....right?”

“Just one more thing Becky......we need for you to tell us all the names of the kids at school who use bhang.”

“ mean “snitch” on them,” she asked with a tremor in her voice?

“Well, don’t think of it as snitching.  You know now that using bhang is wrong.  And it can get you into trouble.....right?”


“Well, we’ve got to clip this thing so it doesn’t grow.  We need the names of everyone you know who’s into bhang.  And we wanna know who sells it at school.”

“I don’t know where my friends get it....I just used it.....I really don’t know who sells it.”

“Well, let’s start by telling us who uses.  Now, sit up straight young lady.”

Becky was ashamed to sit up....after all she had just been fucked silly and was naked and wet as well as scared.  And the thought of giving up her friends was something she hadn’t even thought about doing.  But now, she was being pressured to confess.....And as she watched, Kamau came back to the table with a plastic box, some wires, leather straps, and a plastic spray bottle. 

He set the box up on the table and attached a red and black wires to it. There was a T-shaped handle on the top.   Becky wasn’t sure what the device was.  Harry had stood up, nervous now, and eager to get going since Munyambu had indicated he could take his daughter home soon. 

Zuberi, still playing the kindly good cop role, began asking her, “who do you know who uses bhang.”

Becky had pulled her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them. She hugged herself and rocked gently but kept avoiding answering his questions directly.  Finally, he pointed to the stuff on the table. 

“Know what that is, Becky,” he asked her?

She looked it over again and said, “”

“Well.... it’s an electric shock machine.  My partner, as you know, is not so nice.  And...uh...he’s under orders to hook you up to the machine.  If you don’t answer the question, he’s gonna shock you.  He’s gonna shock you until you tell him what he wants to know.....Do you understand?”

“Uh....o...oh can’t guys wouldn’t do that.  You wouldn’t do that to me...would you?  Please......I’ll do anything.  I’ll do anything you ask....I’ll suck it again if you want me to....anything....anything.... but please....please don’t hurt me,” she begged.

Harry, looking on horrified, turned to Munyambu and said, “Oh shit, they’re not going to do that...... are they?”

“Well, we’ll have to see....she may cooperate....let’s see.  We don’t call it the

“hot seat” for nothing,” he said grinning at Harry.

The Hot Seat

Harry turned back to the window and silently begged his daughter to be reasonable.  ‘Sticking up for your friends is a good thing,’ he thought, ‘but not at the expense of being tortured.  Please baby....just tell the man what he wants,’ he silently prayed.  Next, Kamau and Zuberi got Becky up on her feet and then Kamau went to work securing the bicycle seat to the seat of the chair she’d been sitting on. Becky, ashamed at being naked, kept one arm covering her tits and cupped her wet mound with her other hand.

When he finished with the seat, Kamau used two alligator clips to attach the negative black wire and the positive red wire to the rear edge of the bare metal seat. Then he plugged the gizmo, a transformer, into a wall socket.  Following this, he sprayed the bicycle seat with water and motioned for Becky to sit down.  She resisted and tried to get away.  She twisted this way and that, but Zuberi caught her and Kamau grabbed her too and they both muscled her into the chair. 

Kamau strapped her wrists and ankles to the chair’s arms and legs. The bicycle seat held Becky tight against the straps holding her.  Now that she was seated on the seat the value of its shape was revealed as it parted her buttocks nicely and placed her pussy, perineum, and anus right up against the bare, wet metal.  Harry turned to Munyambu and begged him to let her go.

“I’ll tell you jerk off.....and when you cum....... I’ll make them stop....OK,” he said.

“Oh.....’re kidding....right?”

“Asshole, do I look like I’m kidding?”

Harry realized that Munyambu was dead serious.  He looked over to his right and on the table up against the wall there was a single box of tissues.  Someone had thoughtfully provided him with something to catch his ejaculate.

“Harry.....drop your shorts and start playing with yourself.  When you cum, I’ll let her off. Get busy asshole,” he barked.

He looked around and wished he could fly away.  And in the meantime, his daughter would be “riding the lightening”.  But, Munyambu gave him no time to think.  He grabbed Harry and push-steered him into a chair. Harry wanted to help his daughter, but realized that the only way involved him degrading himself.  He gulped and hesitated.   Realizing what he had to do, Harry stroked his penis and tickled his ball sack, and as Becky begged them not to torture her any more, he masturbated.

In the meantime, Becky stared hypnotized as Kamau’s hand went to the black plastic box sitting threateningly on the table. He rested his fingers on the small T-handle on the top of the box.  Zuberi went back to asking her about her friends and when she didn’t talk, he nodded to Kamau who edged the handle forward on the transformer.  The box started to hum.  The current surged.......Becky, only tethered by her wrists and ankles, feeling the current in her wet bottom, arched her hips up in the chair, looking as if she were humping a lover.... her body rigid and then she began twitching  as the current surged thru her loins.  There was only the whine of the machine and then the sound of Becky as she began squealing. 

After a few seconds Kamau yanked the handle back and the transformer’s buzz died away.  Becky slumped down in the chair, her head flopped forward and saliva dripped from her mouth onto her sweaty breasts as she panted.  Another question and when Becky didn’t respond with the right answer, the transformer’s drone seemed louder this time...and she howled as Kamau pushed the handle even further forward. 

Over the next ten minutes, when she didn’t answer properly, he shocked her again and again.  Each time the current forced her body to go stiff and rigid.  It made her strain and arch against the straps holding her - her hips jerking and spasming like a hot poker had been shoved up her ass.  Harry, playing with his prick and finally stiff now, jerked off frantically to make himself cum. 

The sheer spectacle of his daughter being tortured sexually was perversely arousing.  But he was equally motivated by a desire to get them to stop.  It was a strange and sick combination of feelings.  Afterwards he would be overwhelmed by guilt.  But, with the pretext of helping her, he could masturbate.  It was a dilemma that only a master like Munyambu could devise...

Sitting with her wrists and ankles bound and her thighs wide apart, Becky bucked, shook, trembled and quivered as the current had its way with her.  If it weren’t for the straps restraining her it looked as if she was having an orgasm each time the current hit.  Like she was being fucked by an invisible cock.  Sweating and straining her whole body would tense up and she writhed and shook in her bonds. Harry found what they were doing to his daughter terrible and humiliating but arousing too.

The shocks made her “dance” on the chair; her breasts bobbing and jiggling each time the current hit. The drone of the machine was punctuated by her cries whenever Kamau pushed the lever forwards.  And when he pulled it back and the current stopped flowing, Becky sagged.  Her head would roll around on her neck and her chest heaved as she panted. When she regained control of herself she would sob.  The sharp shocks took such control of her that she couldn’t even say anything.  Not even to beg Kamau to stop.

When Kamau cut the current, she would gasp for breath, weep and squirm on the seat, writhing in the remembered, excruciating pain in her loins. Sweat ran in rivulets down her face and neck onto her breasts.  There were trails of saliva from her mouth down onto her breasts before dripping down to splatter her wet lap and thighs. When the current was turned off, her gasps, whimpers and wet squirming filled the air and then she would slump and sag into a state of semi-consciousness.  

Zuberi would gently slap her awake and the process would be sickeningly repeated.  The last time he shocked her she pissed herself adding to the wetness which only served to conduct more electricity into her crotch.  When she began urinating like a cow in the field, Harry ejaculated.  True to his word, Munyambu released her.  It was almost an hour before she was dressed and ready for the two men who had abused her to take her home. 

In the car, on the way home, Becky felt, at that point, that maybe she was responsible for the bhang in her locker – she wasn’t sure any more and sat in the back seat with Zuberi like a zombie.    Harry, for his part, kept his mouth shut about what he had seen.  It was too humiliating.  How could he explain what he did when they were sexually abusing and torturing her?  It was too much to tell anyone.

Daddy’s Girl

Harry was enormously distressed when Becky had been drawn into the whirlpool that he and Kate were in, but there was no stopping it now.   The chain of events went from Harry to Kate and now Rebecca.   Harry, for his part, decided not to say anything to Kate about what happened to Becky.  He had all he could do to handle his feelings about seeing his wife being sexed. 

Becky went back to her normal routine after her experience at the police station, but she was a changed girl following her experience.  She’d been thrust into a very adult situation. Just emerging into womanhood, she had been sexually traumatized.  Her emerging sexuality received a blow that would change her. 

And although Harry would have been loath to admit it, he was shamed that he had been aroused by seeing his eldest child, his sweet, delectable daughter sexed by the same men who now controlled and used his wife.  He just couldn't help himself.  He had started to masturbate thinking about his being stripped and abused in front of his wife by Nyarai.  Once, he guiltily enjoyed masturbating thinking about his daughter watching him bound and forcibly masturbated by Nyarai.  He knew this was awful and sick, but he also knew it was becoming more difficult to suppress the feelings that these experiences were having on him.

Harry’s way of dealing with Becky was to buy her some new outfits and have Kate take her to her gynecologist to get her fitted for a new cervical cap.  At one point husband and wife discussed sending Becky to the UK so she could stay with relatives there and go to school.  But somehow that idea never went anywhere.

Harry, in a perfect world, would have liked for his daughter to have a longer girlhood, but he knew the sins of the parents are often visited on the children.  And so the scene was set for Munyambu’s next ploy.

Harry got a call from the Inspector.   He wanted Harry to bring his daughter to the warehouse on a Saturday to star in a porn.  Harry knew he had no choice.  He was not surprised by the call.  He told her that the Inspector wanted her to make a movie.  Becky wondered what sort of movie.  Harry told her that they were all being “punished”.   He explained in simple terms how the Inspector had snared him and that her mother was being used too.

“So that’s what Mom was trying to tell me,” Becky said.

Harry told Becky he knew about her admission of drug use.  It was either show up or else, he told her.   Becky began trembling and there was fear in her eyes.   She asked her Dad if there was any way she could avoid this, and he told her, ‘no’. Harry broke the news to Kate, who was totally shocked.  She just sat there shaking her head. ‘Not my baby,’ she kept saying.  When Saturday morning and 8am arrived, after a breakfast of juice and toast, Harry drove Becky to the warehouse.  Becky slumped in the car seat, realizing that it was inevitable.

She was dressed that day like she was going to a athletic event at school.  She wore a warm-up suit and running shoes, a sports bra, cotton panties and very little make-up.

“What do you think they’ll do,” she asked her father anxiously?  

“’ll have to act in the movie,” he said.

“Daddy, will I have to know...have the movie?”

“....I think so...”


Harry parked.  He took Becky into the warehouse.   Kamau met them.  Becky saw him smirk at her Dad.  There were two men with Kamau she hadn’t seen before:  handsome young Simba, and the giant, Tembo.  Kamau and Gatura, she already knew and was sickened to see them again.  All of them knew her father, Becky realized.

“Well Rebecca, we meet again,” said Munyambu, who walked up to the group.

Becky gulped and looked at her dad for reassurance.

“I think you’re old enough for a drink.  Simba, get her something.  Get both of them a drink.  Do you know why you’re here,” Munyambu asked her?

“Yeah, I guess so,” she answered apprehensively.

“Well, you’ve been given a reprieve.  Do you know what that means?”

“A reprieve? Is that like I’m free?”

“Not’s not a’s more like a stay of execution,” Munyambu told her.

“You going to be a star today.  If you do a good job, you’re not going to be in trouble.  If not, your confession means you’re going to Juvenile Remand Home.  Do you know what that is?”

“Yeah,” she said sullenly.

Simba showed up with a drink for Becky and one for Harry.  Even though it was morning, both of them, being nervous, began drinking.  Becky’s drink had fruit juice and rum.  And Harry got a scotch.  Becky eyed Simba. He was young.... only 20...tall and handsome.

“You’re going to have to do things you may not like, at first, but you’re gonna be a good girl and do them,” Munyambu told her.  “Do you understand?”

“I guess so.”

“DON’T GUESS. JUST DO IT,” he barked at her.

Peng came over and said, “we are all in readiness, Inspector.  Is this actress?”

“Yes, this is Becky.  Becky, say hello to the Director, Mr. Peng.”

Becky nodded sullenly.  Peng took her by the arm and led her over to the set.  They had a prison mocked up.  Appropriate for what got Becky there in the first place.  Simba, Kamau, Gatura and Tembo were there to play the part of “jailers”.

They took her to the jail.  Munyambu, with Peng standing next to him, explained the “scene” to her.  “You’re a girl who is caught and sent to jail.  The jailers get to play with you.”

“They do,” Becky said, scared?


“Do you understand?”


“Good. You just do what they tell you and you’re on your way to freedom. OK?”


“Sit down,” Peng directed her.  When she hesitated just a little, Kamau, who was standing off to Munyambu’s left, put the fear into her and barked, “sit your ass down.” 

She did.  Then Peng got together with his two crews. First the stationary camera crew and then Chang with the hand-held and the mobile boom mike handled by the sound guy. Becky looked for her father and he was standing back a bit, but she could see him and looked his way for reassurance.  He gave her a “brave” smile.

Kamau went to his mark at the “hallway”....a few feet from the “jail.”

“Action,” called Peng. 

Kamau went to the cell and looked in on Becky.

“First, take off your clothes.”

“In front of my dad,” Becky whined?

“YES,” yelled Kamau from the rear.  Peng stopped the cameras.

“Start again,” he said.

Kamau repeated the line.  Becky began whimpering, but took off her top and then her skirt.  By the time she was down to her cute little white socks with their little pink bows and her red pumps, she was on the edge of tears.  She did not want for her father to see her naked. To have to stand there without a stitch of clothing was soul-shattering for her in front of all these men, but to have her father see her was shattering.   Following this, Kamau ordered her to “dance” for him.  When she kept an arm covering her tits and concealed her hairy mound with her other hand and hesitated, he and Simba put her on the “pony” to get her mind right for what was to come. 

Harry watched his daughter go for a ride and when she began “galloping” he thought about saying something, but decided against it.  Sweating and writhing, Becky made for a pretty sight as she went for a long uncomfortable ride.  Tendrils of her hair got pasted to her sweaty face and her pony tail bobbed appealingly as she rode.  Harry got an erection watching her suffer on the wooden horse.  He couldn’t help himself.  He cursed himself for his weakness. But seeing her cupcake tits bouncing and swaying so prettily was a compelling sight.  At first, for Becky it was only mildly uncomfortable.  But soon, it became a torment; and eventually it became unbearable...

When Kamau, his gold teeth glittering in his mouth, asked her if she was ready to do what he told her, she sniffled and said, “yes.”

“Say, Yes Sir.”

“YESSIR,” she said.

He had Simba take her off the pony.  ‘Oh, God, this is so humiliating,’ she thought to herself.  Munyambu made her turn this way and that and jog up and down to make her tits bounce.  Finally, she had to bend over and spread her legs. Then she had to “dance”.  As was made Becky to exhibit herself in front of the camera, Harry got an erection.  Harry’s darling daughter now naked with only her make-up on, wiggled her ass and her pretty titties bobbed and jiggled. She began to wiggle and gyrate; and soon did a bump and grind with her hips.

Next, she was lashed to the door of her “cell” and Kamau and Gatura use a pair of thin bamboo canes on her.  She was given thorough whipping on her buttocks.  Before long, there were weals and marks all over her butt.  She gritted her teeth and struggled to take it, but she soon squealed, whimpered and sobbed, sexily shaking under the lash as the two men, one younger and one older, used the thin canes on her.

Chang concentrated his camera on her pretty ass and face as she was punished. When she was taken down, the Kamau made her kneel so he could whip her on her tender pinkish-brown anus.  He first made the teen put her head between his legs and hold onto his calves.  He then gave Becky a “firecracker” – five strokes of the cane on her anus. 

Following this, Kamau said, “OK, I’m gonna put my big, black dick in your hot mouth.” 

He got Becky on her knees and rubbed his dick all over her face.  Becky moaned as he marked her.  Finally, he took her hand and put it on his dick.   She then began to worship it in a way that blew Chang’s mind as he got closer to cover the action.  She dutifully began kissing him – THERE.  And then licking him.  The head, the shaft and then his pendulous balls.  Then she began sucking on him in the most loving way.  Harry gaped at his daughter ....ashamed that he was aroused.   She looked over in his direction, at one point, and was totally mortified. 

She respectfully licked his balls until they were wet and shiny with her saliva.   Munyambu came over and smacked Harry on the back of his head playfully.....enjoying his suffering.  Harry couldn’t believe the blow-job Becky was giving Kamau.  And looking at Becky, he could see her nipples were already erect.  Already a little wet, Kamau and Gatura now had Becky spread her legs to show her sweet, wet pussy to the camera. 

Harry saw her pussy glistening with dew and felt overwhelmed.  He alternated with looking at her directly and then on the monitor just to his left.   The two men then got Becky on the bunk in the cell and began a teasing routine.  One rubbed her clitoris and the other fingered her hole to get her steamed up…and soon, Becky was squirming. They rubbed her wet pussy....pushing her pissflaps this way and that.  Kamau goaded her clitoris....

“See what it does to her, Harry,” Munyambu said to Harry over his shoulder.  The crew then closed in as Kamau worked his cock into her hole.  Harry, from where he was, could see the black dick pulling and tugging on his daughter’s pussy lips. It looked like her pussy was being pulled inside out.  He fucked and pounded her for a few moments and ejaculated in her vagina.  Chang got in close when he pulled out to catch the semen pouring out of her stretched hole. 

Harry was mesmerized as he watched the man sex his daughter.  When he ejaculated and Harry saw his balls yo-yo up and down on the monitor as he deposited a big load deep in Becky’s pussy.  As he finished and pulled out, he got up, and with his semen streaked and wet walked out of the scene.

“See your girl’s pussy juice on his dick. See how wet it is…your baby girl was real hot and wet today….can you smell how hot she is,” Munyambu taunted Harry?

Harry felt himself descend to hell as he was very embarrassed, as her father, to watch his daughter have sex.  Young, handsome Simba went next.   He put her ankles on his shoulders so he could plunge his long dong headlong into Becky’s wet sex.

“Oh…OWWW,” she cried out as she experienced pain at the depth of the intrusion.

When he withdrew it, it was coated with her secretions and semen.  Her labia were pulled back and forth as he pushed it into her, despite her whimpering, until her vagina enclosed him fully. Then he began to thrust it in and out.  Fucking her hard.  Becky soon had Gatura standing by her head.  He got his cock in her mouth.  She only had the crown in her mouth.  Her cheeks bulged when he forced more in.  She drooled and her saliva, thick from gagging, dripped down her chin. He pumped his cock in her mouth and made her gag when it reached the opening to her throat.  Harry saw her eyes bulge as she was violated from both ends on the bunk.

They got a rhythm going.  Simba was ramming in and out of her now smoothly. Her girly secretions and all the semen had coated it so that his ravishment of her sex was eased.  There soon was a messy ring of accumulated fuck lather at the base of his cock as he drilled her relentlessly.  She was pushed closer and closer to orgasm.   Harry was amazed to see his daughter move her hips to receive more of Simba’s cock.  Actually, Becky found Simba “yummy”.  And she sucked now with some enthusiasm... her cheeks hollowing as she worked on the invader in her mouth.  Her lips formed an obscene perfect oval around Gatura’s gnarled black manhood.  She made a huffing sound as she had to breathe through her nose.  Her time with him was close to a climax and he began to move his hips - doing a jig as his buttocks clenched.

Just then his cock erupted in gouts of ropy streams.  It filled her mouth and was forced out of the corners of her mouth to dribble down her chin.  He hosed her and Becky swallowed as his cock kept spurting.  She swallowed again and again to keep up with the flood.  When he was done, he pulled his cock out.  She gulped a big breath of air, as soon as he was clear.

Simba, with his long, curved dong in the warm, wet depths of her sex, kept fucking her with smooth, powerful strokes.   She emitted a chorus of cries...her “ahs” and “ohs” grew louder and louder and she shrieked when she came.  He kept fucking her and made her cum again.  Some of the men applauded.  Peng shushed them.  He didn’t want the shot to be ruined.  Then, Simba began to approach his orgasm. 

He tensed up ….his muscular buttocks clenched and with a roar, came deep within her stretched, hot vagina.  His testicles bobbed up and down several times; then they drew up tight in his scrotum as he shot his seed deep into her.  He finished with a flourish: he pulled out to spurt some semen on her pussy.  He stepped away.  This time, the onlookers didn’t applaud.

A stream of white semen ran like a stream out of her violated hole.  Harry heard her whimper and make soft moaning sounds.  She waggled her hips and her asshole clenched and relaxed in the afterglow of her fuck.  Daddy’s penis was still erect. His balls had started to ache too.

The Gorilla

Then Tembo got his turn with Becky.  He was there as the “monster jailer”.  He smiled from ear-to-ear.  His cock was half-hard and even then, it was enormous.  Becky, who had been fucked by 2 men at that point, and whose pussy was loose and packed with semen, looked at it, when he pulled it out and shoved it in her face.  Her eyes popped open.  Chang had his camera right on her face with part of Tembo’s dick in the shot. 

The man had a monster between his legs in a room full of big, hard dicks.  Then, Tembo pushed her legs to her milky tits and got her ankles resting on his shoulders.   His dick, as he got her ready, kept lengthening and stiffening.   His cock was semi-hard and even then, it was enormous.  Becky began to whimper and moan as she anticipated what was next...

He grabbed his dick - pulled the foreskin back and forth, getting himself fully engorged and said, “OPEN WIDE....” 

Becky moaned as she looked down contemplating how big and thick it was.  It was now just about fully erect.  It seemed as long as her forearm and as big around as her wrist. 

“Oh,’s so big,” was all she said. The sound man got that down perfectly. Peng beamed!

He rubbed her swollen, purple labia with the head of his dick.  Then, he took his time and worked it into her pussy.  In a little....then out....then back in.  Harry couldn’t believe it would ever fit in his daughter’s cunt.  Becky had accepted her fate and was relaxing her sloppy wet vagina as much as she could to allow him access to her girlish depths. He took a few minutes to work his dick in.  When it was about ¾ of the way he began to fuck her slowly.  Becky kept up a steady stream of whimpers, grunts and cries as his big cock ironed out all the wrinkles in her cunt. 

After a few minutes, when it had gotten it almost all the way in, he began to really put it to her.  He had stretched her so wide that even her labia were pushed in and out of her sex-hole as his dick went in and out.  Most the semen in her vagina was forced out to dribble from her moist folds as the thick shaft stretched her.  It was like a fat snake was squeezing itself into a small hole.   Her pussy juice and the semen from the other men wet his cock and could be seen streaking his coal black monster as he plowed her. 

He fucked her for all he was worth.  Becky began to cry out in the sexiest way when he really pounded her.  Then with a roar, he came and streams of semen were forced out of her as he pumped his cum deep into her hole.  He had been so deep and had fucked her so hard that he dislodged her cervical cap.  Chang noticed and made sure to zoom in on the cap resting on the mattress.  Harry’s balls were aching after watching Tembo fuck his daughter.  Becky covered her face with her hands.  Her daddy had just seen her cum from being fucked by a black man with an enormous penis.  She had behaved like a whore in front of her daddy!

“I think your daughter just lost her birth control,” the Inspector laughed as he pointed at the cervical cap lying between her legs.  “You better clean her if you don’t want to see her with a black baby in nine months.”

The scene over, Kamau got Harry down between Becky’s wet and splattered thighs to clean her “creampie” with a rag.   Both father and daughter were mortified by this. Munyambu laughed as Harry, trying to keep his daughter from getting pregnant, worked carefully to wipe his slut daughter’s sloppy pussy. Both father and daughter were shattered by his having to touch her THERE.  Becky was so embarrassed as she could feel the “stuff” coming out of her. 

It was so “icky” having her Dad clean her, she wanted to die.   Harry, for his part, was trying to be very gentle with her, but he had to get at the deeper deposits so he found himself shoving the rag into his daughter’s sweet vagina.  When he accidently touched her clitoris, she jerked at the touch and both were embarrassed by that.

Becky struggled not to feel anything when her Dad had accidently touched her clit. When her breathing and stiffening posture told him she was feeling something, she clamped her legs together.  She was afraid that she would let herself go and experience an orgasm as her Daddy cleaned her.  She was so hot after being sexed so well and for so long.  Even though she wasn’t a virgin, she’d never cum like that before.

When he was done, and her pussy had been cleaned of most of the semen, Harry could see that her vagina stayed open.  He could see up her hole.  As he stared, a little glob of semen drooled from her stretched cunt mouth to drip down between her ass cheeks.  As Harry went back to cleaning this, Tembo brought his softening monster over for Becky to clean.  Harry had to watch as she dutifully licked the man’s balls, shaft and cockhead clean of her secretions and his semen.  After this, Tembo sat down to drink some coffee. 

Becky groaned when she saw the Chinese crew lining up to fuck her.  They got her kneeling on her elbows and knees on the bunk and fucked her from behind, slamming their cocks into her hard and fast.  Harry, as this was happening, got erect again.  Watching Becky take cock after cock, he could not help himself and even though it was terribly embarrassing.

The men had worked hard to get the taping done and were thrilled when the Chief Inspector allowed them to enjoy Becky’s hospitality fore and aft.  They played with Becky for a half-hour and deposited loads in her mouth and in her pussy.  There was a big wet spot on the bunk when they were done.  When it was all over, Harry’s lovely fifteen year old daughter had been fucked by the whole crew, all five of them.  They had filled her pussy to overflowing again.  When Simba and Tembo did her she’d experienced several soul-shattering orgasms that surged from her pussy down her legs and up to her breastbone.  It had been quite a morning.

The taping over - Becky lolled soaked and drenched in sweaty exhaustion on the soiled table.  She whimpered softly, moving her knees together and apart, waving them gently as her cunt spasmed and drooled its pearly treasure.  Her blonde pubic hair was plastered down with sweat, her pussy juices (she had squirted more than once) and semen.  It was all over her inner thighs and had run down her ass crack.  She was a mess...

“Her pussy if so full.... kind of disgusting, don’t you think,” Munyambu taunted Harry.  He made him clean her again of course.  This time, as he wiped her down, Becky squealed when he put his fingers inside her vagina to get at the semen.  It was a degrading thing he was forced to do.  Both of them found it disturbing. Especially since they had to do it in front of an audience of grinning black men and smirking Asians. 

The Tittie Ride

Then they broke for lunch.  Munyambu and Kamau had sent out for food.  The crew ate by themselves.  The cops did too.  Harry huddled with Becky.  Neither of them knew what to say to each other, so they mostly ate in silence.  The afternoon’s taping was to be done on “location”.  Munyambu had the bright idea that taking Harry and Becky on a “tittie ride” would be a great bonus tape.  Peng agreed.  

Munyambu told Harry that, over the years, he liked to take white girls on a “tittie ride” …a topless ride all through town.  If sex is all in your head, Harry realized that men like Munyambu really like to get into white girl’s heads.  It’s all about race and getting even with whites.   Black men in Kenya, when they have a white woman, are often into humiliating and degrading her. 

Peng set the ride up for Chang with his hand-held.  Harry would drive and Chang would be stationed in the front passenger seat.  The sound man would drape himself over the console between the front seats pointing the boom towards the rear seats.  Becky got in the back seat with Gatura who wore dark glasses and a hat.  Becky was topless.  No blouse or bra. As they drove towards the “rougher” parts of residential Nairobi, Gatura played with Becky paying particular attention to her exposed C-cup beauties.  Kamau would lead in a lorry. Munyambu and Zuberi were in that car.

They would lead Harry thru some of the rougher neighborhoods and stop at corners so anyone lounging there could get a glimpse of Becky.  Men ran up to the car and peered in.  Gatura told them in Swahili that the girl was the daughter of the man driving.  Chuckling and pointing, it proved to be a very humiliating drive. 

When Becky said ‘no’ to some suggestion from Gatura at one point, he told her, “You just do what we tell you, girl....or else.”

She became submissive at once.  The windows were all down and Munyambu made Harry drive slower, so people could see her exposed tits.  She had to display her titties to pedestrians and drivers alike.  Becky had never been so humiliated in her life. Taking advantage of her nice full breasts and pinkish nipples, the men had them on display to anyone and everyone who was walking or driving that day.  Gatura put his hands up her skirt too as they drove around.  Harry, to his shame, found himself driving with an erection in his pants.

At one point, they stopped at a liquor store and Gatura took Becky into the store to buy a bottle.  He made her get out..... topless…and she had to walk, with her titties hanging out, from the car, up a sidewalk, to the front door. Her tits jiggling for everyone to see.  Almost all of the men hanging around made sexual suggestions and comments as she walked into the store. 

She felt her panties wet….and wedged in between her pussy. Gatura had been playing with her down there and the crotch of her panties was all bunched up and wet in her crack.  The crowd she drew was only controlled by the respect the Inspector’s crew enjoyed.  15 or 16 rough young men crowded close enough to her for her to smell the alcohol on their breath.  Kamau, in the lead car, was responsible for holding them in check, but the enforced display of her precious feminine assets had Becky in tears by the time she got to the counter to tell the clerk what it was she wanted. 

“Hey, man… lookit that white pussy.”

“Hey, brother…. when we gonna get some of dat shit?”

“Look at them tits, man!”

Those were some of the nicer comments Becky heard.  One older black man called her a white slut.  By the time they got to back the warehouse, Gatura in the back seat had made Becky go down on his black dick.  Harry watched in the rear view mirror as his daughter sucked his dick until it spurted and his ejaculate filled her mouth.  He made her lick up what didn’t land in her mouth.  Chang and the sound man got it all.  Peng was ecstatic.

Brainwashed by the North Koreans

When they got back to the warehouse, Munyambu had Becky strip again.  Han Shun was there and he brought out the electro-stimulation equipment.   Peng had the whole room set up for this last shoot.  He had already put Kate on this gizmo.  But Harry never got to see his wife on the machine.  Peng and Munyambu knew a tape starring Becky undergoing this degrading routine would be a big seller.  Peng explained the scene to her. 

Becky would be a captive of the “North Koreans”.  He told Becky that they had an “orgasm” machine and they’d put her on it.  Her eyes grew wide as she listened to him....Han Shun was costumed and ready to go.   He and two other young Chinese actors would play the North Koreans who put Becky on the machine. The two young Chinese actors had played those roles in the “Brainwashing” tape done with Kate.

They bound Becky to the gynecologist’s table.  Shun began by rubbing the shaft of her clitoris until the bulb swelled and erected.  One man handed him the first leads:  adhesive pads.  He attached them to her pink nipples so they covered her areolas.  Next was the thick, blunt copper rod, about 18 centimeters long.  He shoved it in to Becky’s still wet vagina to a point just behind her G-spot.  The teen whimpered as the rod filled her tight vaginal sheath.  The third circuit was the 12 centimeter stainless-steel dumbbell with a convex shaft.

He inserted this into Becky’s asshole.  Then the flat-jawed clip..... He attached this to the hood covering her clitoris.  Becky was wired up.  Remembering the torture she endured in the police station, Becky was very nervous, but they had told her that this was going to be different.  Harry watched as they hooked his daughter up to the transformer.  The black box with several switches and dials looked ominous.  He remembered how her mother had reacted....and he felt a sick twinge of arousal and excitement...

Shun threw a switch and Becky jerked as the current surged into her clitoris. This soon made her pussy swell and juice up.   She began to hump her hips up and down thrusting as if she wanted someone to fuck her again.  He increased the current to the point that she writhed and cried out.   The, he turned it down a notch.  He turned another dial and she began to get hot, itchy sensations in her vagina.

He threw another switch and current began pulsing.  He turned it up.  Becky felt her whole sex-hole light up as it was pressing on her G-spot and the epicenter.  Then as the sensations went from pleasurable to wickedly intense, juice began dribbling from the tiny slit of her urethra.  Then Shun threw the switch to turn on the circuit in her asshole.  As the current flowed, Becky began to feel as if the steel dumbbell was fucking her.  It went in - and - out - in - and – out methodically.  Becky’s vagina began throbbing in time.... showing it was working.  Then he put on the headphones and left her bound to the table and wired up.  This version of the scene had the two privates “guarding” her as she was “tortured”.

When he made the current go into the “pulsing” mode on her tits, Becky felt as if someone was pulling on her nipples and then twisting them.  They quickly began to balloon and soon looked like overripe, raspberries.   Shun now combined pulses and saw tooth wave currents to work the clitoris, G-spot and epicenter from inside her vagina and rectum.  Her juices flowed more with each combination.  He turned it up sending more pulsing current into her rectum and vagina.  Becky felt her whole crotch explode; it looked like she was pissing. 

Chang made sure to catch the shot of her ejaculating....Pussy juice gushed and spouted from her urethra.  Harry watched his baby girl cum over and over again until she passed out.  It was an incredible cycle of arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation combined with bondage, sensory deprivation and mental programming.  It was sick watching torture, but Harry had been snared and caught.  His penis stayed hard watching his daughter subjected to this repetitive, degrading indoctrination.  He found himself hypnotized and helpless to control himself.

She was exhausted and stumbled when they took her off the machine.  Her nipples, labia and clitoris were purple and had puffed up to comic proportions.  She had squirted and pissed so much that the table was soaked and dripping and the floor had a puddle a half meter across.   The three “Koreans” after a full session on the “machine”, got to work her over sexually for 30 minutes, fucking her in her mouth, vagina and her rectum.  Harry noticed that his daughter was now more “pliable”.  Shun had developed a sure-fire scene stealing gimmick.  It was also a very effective tool for working a woman’s mind and body.  Becky had been “molded” during that shoot and would become one of Munyambu’s best earners as a porn performer. The Sexual Offences Act of 2006 had stiff penalties for sex with anyone under 18, so Munyambu kept underage Becky under tight wraps and made sure that none of his crew were ever taped or photographed with her.

One of their most successful tapes Peng shot and marketed was a single camera shoot with Becky naked sitting on a couch.  They had slapped and browbeaten her first to get her into the right “frame of mind”.   The tape showed a careful and slow molestation of a white teen age girl by anonymous black men.  In the opening segment, she was sitting naked with her arms wrapped around her knees. 

Then black hands came into the frame and began to touch her everywhere.  Soon, they had her legs spread open and began masturbating her.  Then it progressed to oral and vaginal sex. Finally the tape showed her taking a big black penis in her asshole.  You never saw the men, just their hands and sex organs.  The title: She Had to Take the Dark Men.


Munyambu’s control and use of the family continued until 2010.  The Anti-Corruption Commission, looking into police corruption, uncovered some of his dealings and he was suspended from the Department until the investigation could be completed.  Becky was sent back to the UK for college and Harry agreed to a trial separation with Kate in 2010.

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By Shabbadew2002

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Police corruption in post-colonial Kenya is a fact of life.  Transparency International, a watchdog organization, ranks Kenya as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world. The average city dweller in Kenya pays 16 bribes per month.  In 2007 an Indian family was enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector. 

PART 2 - Amala & Gopal

In Kenya in 2007, Gopal Rangan and his family lived the good life in Nairobi.  He owned a dairy farm on Rhino Park Road and while they lived well, Kenya was adrift in a sea of political corruption and tribal rivalries.   But with 99% of the country black, since independence, and colonialism dead for over 40 years, blacks now dominated.  There was a history of prejudice that had always existed between black Kenyans and the Sikhs and Indians.  Blacks felt that the they had been less willing to accept the changes in Kenya since independence.  Indians had to be careful since so many of them had done well in business, and this made them unpopular.  Gopal, in private, was not above using racial slurs like, kaffir, in referring to blacks. 

But he had been born and raised in Kenya.  And, as a businessman, he knew he had to go along to get along.  So, paying bribes was part of the culture; and Gopal paid his share.  Chief Inspectors, constables and government officials at every level had to get their “cut”.  It was just part of the price of doing business.  And Gopal was not above breaking the law when it was in his best interest to do so.  If it affected his bottom line, Gopal was willing to do whatever was necessary to get by.  Most of the time this worked to his advantage.  Sometimes, he had to do something which really cut corners.  And then he was exposing himself in a way that worried him.  But most of the time, it worked.  Once, it didn’t.  The details are unimportant, but suffice to say....Gopal Rangan got himself in hot water.  And, in doing so, he had fallen afoul of Chief Inspector Munyambu Adoyo.  

Munyambu had Senior Sergeant Kamau and Sergeant Zuberi pay a call on him.  After this, he had him brought into his office.  Gopal was very anxious when the desk constable brought him in to the Chief Inspector’s office.   Kamau was there too.  Gopal shook both men’s hands and sat down in the seat that the Chief Inspector offered.  His hands were wet, both men noted...

“Ah, Chief Inspector Sir, I am here at your request.  How can I be of service, sir. What more can I tell you.  We, are, of course, not guilty of any crime....”

“Yes, of course,” Munyambu stopped him.  “I have some pictures I want you to see.  Then tell me if you know what’s in the photos.”


“Just watch this.”

With that, Munyambu spun his monitor around and clicked on a file.  They had Gopal and employees breaking the law.  Several laws.  As Gopal sat there sweating in his shirtsleeves, the poor Indian husband, who was a substantial member of the community with the ownership of a dairy, was now in the hot seat.  He took out a clean cotton handkerchief and mopped his brow.

“Oh....I am not feeling well....I am not feeling well,” he croaked. “Oh....this is a most shocking thing, sir.  A most shocking thing. I did not know.....”

“Let’s not play around, Rangan.  You knew....You know....and I know!”

Gopal mopped his brow and didn’t say anything.

“Do you know what I am going to do with these photos, Gopal?”

Gopal gulped and wiped his face.  He squirmed in his chair. He was like a fish hooked and brought up to the boat.

“No....Sir....what are you going to do, may I ask?”

“I’m going to file them.”

“Oh, I would be most grateful, Sir....Most grateful.  Yes, Sir..most grateful.”

“Of course, if I did that, there is a price.”

“Oh, yes, Sir...a price....there is always a price.  Yes, Sir,” Gopal croaked. 

He was sweating and squirming in his chair.  The evidence they had on him could send him to prison for 4 to 6 years.  The legal costs would be staggering.  ‘PRISON.... that I could never do,’ he thought to himself.  Gopal now realized that the Chief Inspector had a tremendous hold on him.  He wiped his face and waited for the inevitable request.  He worried that it would be very expensive.   But he was shocked at what Munyambu said.

“What would it cost,” he said sweating even more now.

“Ten million shillings.”

“Oh my,” was all Gopal said.  It was a staggering amount.

“Consider what the alternatives are,” Munyambu said evenly.

“It is an amount that is more than I can pay, Sir.  More than I can afford.”

They went back and forth over the amount and what Gopal could and could not afford.

“Well, I am a reasonable man.  Perhaps you have something else of value,” said the Chief Inspector.

“I don’t know what else I.....”

“I would accept your wife in payment,” said Munyambu.

“My wife, Sir....what ....what do you mean,” Gopal asked?

“You have an attractive wife.....She is 36 years old, is she not?”


“Well, I would accept the use of your wife.”

“W...What?  What are you saying, Sir.  That is a most .....most ridiculous ....a most despicable request, Sir.  If I may say so, Sir.”

“Well, you are not in a position to bargain, Rangan.  Think about it.  I will give you two days.  Then call me.”

“Well, Sir....begging your indulgence, Sir....I am able to pay five million shillings. That is a very great amount Sir.  Of course, I am to be assured that this is sufficient to take care of the problem.  Is this the case, Sir?”

Munyambu stroked his chin thoughtfully. “That’s a start,” he said smiling like a cobra.

“I assure you Sir, this is all the money I have.”

“O course it is.....”  Kamau smiled and caught Munyambu’s eye.  The Chief Inspector was getting ready to close the trap.

“This is your wife,” he said pushing his cell phone towards Gopal.  It was a photo taken of Amala as she was shopping.  Taken only a short time before.

“Y...yes,” said Gopal.  “That is my wife, Sir.”

“The five million shillings I would accept as partial payment.  Your lovely wife can work off the balance.”

“Work...Sir.....what do you mean, Sir,” said Gopal sweating now.

“I mean she’ll work for me. I need to provide “hospitality” for certain know.”

“What would my wife have to do?”

“Anything I told her to,” Munyambu grinned.  Kamau began chuckling and Gopal’s heart sank down to his shoes.

“ my....I....I...”

“Don’t worry.  She’ll learn to do an honest day’s labor.  I may even put her to act in some movies a friend of mine produces.”

Gopal was sick.  He knew that he was selling out his wife if he agreed.

He gulped and said, “Sir, I just need a day or so to get the money together....and I must talk to my wife.”

“You have two days.  I will call you and tell you where to have the money in a plain envelope. Then you’ll meet my man and give him the envelope.  Understand?”

“Yes...Sir.  What about my wife?”

“Oh, we’ll make arrangements. I’ll let you know.”

Then Munyambu softened and said, “rest assured Rangan that when you pay your bill, all your troubles will be over.”

“Uh.....oh....yes, Sir....”

With that, Gopal left the office feeling very upset.  The situation was pure blackmail. And the bribe was huge.  It would strip all the cash from his business.  He could lose everything he’d worked for.....He was in a stupor.  He drove listlessly about for an hour in his auto and then went back to the office.  He needed to get his mind off this terrible problem.  When he went home that night, he didn’t know what to say to his wife.  He went into his son, Pallav’s room.  The boy was on his computer, as usual.   They talked for awhile, then Gopal went out in the garden to think. ‘How am I going to tell Amala,’ he kept thinking.

Gopal wife’s could see he was upset, but he didn’t burden her with his problem.  Instead, he thought about it....Actually dithered about it was a better description.  He kept going over what options he had.  He told his wife where he had been and gave her just the briefest description of what he had done.  She was surprised.  She urged him to call his attorney.  Gopal told her, ‘later.’ And then he crawled into bed.  He wanted to pull the covers over his head and just disappear.  When he awoke, he knew he was still in very deep water. 

That next day, he did call his attorney, his accountant and his banker.  He wanted to know what his attorney could tell him about the charges he was facing.  He also wanted to know how much cash he could put his hands on.  His attorney, an Arab, told him that the charges were very serious if they were true.

“Are they true,” he asked Gopal?

Gopal gulped and didn’t answer.  He now knew that his only hope was to come up with enough cash to placate the Chief Inspector.  He hoped he could buy his way out of trouble.  He didn’t want to involve his wife.  Not under the terms and

conditions that Munyambu had indicated.  He put it off and then ignored the Chief Inspector’s demand to call him with his decision in two days.  Munyambu figured that he needed some additional persuasion, so he sent Senior Sergeant and Sergeant Zuberi to pick Gopal up.  They collared him as he was parking his car at the dairy and took him to the Langata station.  There, they began “processing”.  Gopal demanded to be allowed a call to his attorney.  As they were “processing” him, he became “resistive”.  Kamau, Zuberi, Gachie and Gatura took him down to the shower room. 

There, he was told to take off his clothes.  When he refused, Kamau, quick as a cobra, cocked his right arm and punched Gopal right in the pit of his stomach.  He never saw it coming and was helpless to avoid the blow that landed heavily.  He groaned as the wind went out of him...he sagged and bent over in pain.  He was holding his belly, but quick as a snake, Kamau punched him again… lower down.  The sound of his fist hitting his belly produced an audible – “THUD”. 

Gopal grabbed himself there and began to sag to the floor, but Gatura grabbed him by his arm and pulled him up.  Stood up, Kamau punched him again…and then a fourth time.  Gopal groaned and sagged, and grabbed his stomach wherever he was hit.  When he looked like he was going to fall, Gatura kept pulling him up so Kamau could punch him again. 

They made a cruel game of it; punching him in the belly wherever he left himself open.  Kamau punched him just below the solar plexus, and when Gopal put his hands there to protect himself, he exposed another part of his stomach.  That’s where Kamau punched him next.  The fatty layers there did little to help Gopal withstand the almost genital torment that erupted when the punches landed.

The sick sound of his fists hitting the belly echoed throughout the small room.  Gopal groaned and cried out as Kamau beat him methodically.  The pain exploded throughout his entire stomach.  When Gatura finally let his arm go, he collapsed and sagged in slow motion to the floor clutching his stomach.  Groaning, he rolled around like a beaten dog.  They pulled him to his feet.  He came up clutching his stomach.  The pain was a dull ache…and not wanting any more… he bowed his head in submission.

They took his glasses from him; then he took off his clothes.  They dragged him naked to the shower.  They tied his hands overhead to a pipe and gave him the “North Pole” treatment.  Gachie turned a hose on him and sadistically drenched him with cold water.  He concentrated on his chest, belly, groin (especially his

testicles) and ass.  When he turned off the water, Gopal was gasping.  The force of the water had knocked the wind out of him. The shock of the cold water had been torture.  His penis and testicles had shriveled up from fear and the cold water; they were the size of a cocktail sausage and two hazelnuts.  Gachie pointed at his diminished manhood and mocked him.   Following this, they left him hanging there for 30 minutes.  When they cut him down, the pain in his shoulder and back muscles had crippled him and left him in agony.  He sobbed like a baby when they cut him down.  He was beaten. 

Gatura and Gachie, with Kamau supervising, dragged him to a holding cell and threw him in.  There was a bucket for waste, a bare concrete bunk and nothing else.  The bars of the cell did not separate him from the others.  There were a half dozen hard case prisoners in the adjacent cells.  All younger and black.  They soon began to taunt, bait and threaten Gopal who, cowering on the bunk, shrank back against the wall in fear. 

Amala at the Station

Munyambu called his house and got his wife on the phone.  He told her that her husband had been arrested for high crimes and misdemeanors.  Getting panicky and frightened, she asked where he was.  Munyambu told her the Langata station.  She scribbled a note to her son that she had to go and get his father, and jumped in her car.  She drove fast to the station.   It took awhile.  When she got there she asked the constable on duty at the front desk about her husband.  He asked her name, then he told her to wait right there.

That’s when Munyambu and Kamau came out and introduced themselves. When she asked about her husband, the Chief Inspector told her, “all in good time.”  Then they took her to Room 17.  This was where they conducted “interrogations” and such.  Gachie, Gatura, Gacheru, and Simba....four more constables joined them.  Amala was now in a panic and demanded to see her husband. Munyambu told her that he was being “processed”.  He explained the charges and showed her the pictures of Gopal and his employees breaking the law. 

He told her that her husband had made a “deal”.  And broke it. He explained that she was part of the deal. When she asked how she was involved, he told her in the simplest, graphic terms what she had to do.  Amala was incredulous and demanded to see Gopal.  That’s when Munyambu got mean.  He told her to take her clothes off.  Shocked and indignant, she tried to leave.

“You are crazy,” she said, as she tried to brush past Kamau.

“You don’t get the point, do you,” Munyambu said to her with menace dripping from his words. “See this pen,”  he said pulling a ballpoint from his pocket.  “This is the point.  I’ll show you.  Then you’ll get the point.”

He motioned to the others. Gachie and Gatura grabbed her by her arms.  Munyambu supervised and they got her leaning back against the desk. Kamau lifted up her lehenga (long skirt).  Amala, feeling herself being exposed, began to struggle wildly, forcing Gachie and Gatura to exert their utmost to hold onto her.  The two men holding her then grabbed her thighs behind her knees to pull her legs open.  Amala began screeching like a wildcat.

“Hold her legs open,” Munyambu leered.

“OH GOD, OH MY GOD,” Amala cried over and over again as Kamau pulled her panties down exposing the hairy purse of her pussy.

They had wrestled her around to the corner of the desk. Kamau pulled her panties off.  Amala looked down to see herself horribly exposed.  Kamau used his finger and began to touch her THERE.   Amala groaned and whimpered as he explored her.  Munyambu went to the cabinet and took out a bottle of alcohol, cotton balls and lubricant.  He began wiping the pen down with an alcohol soaked ball.  Then he lubricated the pen along half its length. 

“Ah...that’s what I want,” he said satisfied.  “Hold her open,” he said.

As he advanced on her with the pen, Amala began to cry out, cursing him and yowling like an angry cat.

“Hold her open,” Munyambu repeated.  Kamau helped by spreading Amala’s fleshy labia to reveal the velvety pink inside.

“Oh, GOD....what are you going to do,” she kept saying.

“Make sure you get the point,” Munyambu said with a sadistic glint in his eye.

As Gachie and Gatura held her helpless and open and Kamau spread her pussy for him, Munyambu carefully searched out the tiny opening to her bladder.  When he found the mouth of her urethra, he put the ballpoint’s tip right there and pushed. He got it in a bit and then began working it in deeper.  The effect on Amala was instant and electric.  She stiffened, especially her legs, and began shrieking as she

felt this most unpleasant invasion.  One’s urethra is, in some ways, the most private hole of all.  Delicate and lined with nerves, it is very short in a woman:  about 5 centimeters in length before the sphincter to the bladder is reached.  Munyambu worked the relatively thick pen into Amala’s sensitive piss tube and Amala experienced a most terrible stretching violation.  She began crying and squirming violently, but Gachie and Gatura held her fast.


Munyambu worked it in until he reached resistance. Then he began twisting and turning it this way and that.  Each move brought fresh agony to Amala and she was in hell.  He redrew it only to reinsert it again, only this time a little deeper.  She was yowling and caterwauling like a strangled cat as he tortured her.  He had forced open the sphincter and urine dribbled out... wetting her.  When he finally took the pen out and motioned to the others to let her go, her skirt went down her thighs as Amala slid to the floor to land on her knees.  She put a hand between her legs....touching and cupping herself.  She still felt the pain of the horrid invasion.  She moaned and began weeping. 

“Now do you get the point,” Munyambu asked her?

She moaned and wept softly, now pressing her skirt up against her bare pussy with both hands as she tried to comfort herself. 

“ hurts......OH....”

“Maybe, now when I tell you to do something, I won’t have to resort to such harsh measures,” Munyambu grinned, looking at his men.  Gachie and Gatura, licked their lips.  They were anticipating what came next....

“NOW, take off all your clothes, slut!”

Amala just knelt there. She was in shock....

“No? OK.  Gatura, Gachie.....take her clothes off.”

These two came over.... grabbed and stripped her.  They hauled her to her feet and got her on the desk on her back.  They pulled her arms over her head by her wrists and Gachie crossed and held them.  As they pulled and pushed her into position, Amala sniveled and whined.  Gacheru and Simba grabbed her by the ankles and

pulled her legs open and back towards her tits.  Her labia were being spread further apart as her legs were pulled open and back. 

When they were done, Amala was open and helpless, held fixed with her knees pulled back so far that her hips were tilted up and her genitalia and the brown mouth of her anus were pitilessly displayed.  The position was very shaming and obscene.  It was only then that Munyambu swaggered over and grabbed a handful of her thick, black hair.  He yanked her head around like she was a disobedient child and directed her gaze so that she was staring down at her crotch.

“You think you’re something special.  I’m gonna show you what you are.... Indian pig,” he spat at her maliciously.

Then he traced along the puffy lips of her cunt, listening to her shuddering breaths as he teased the tender flesh.  He pulled on her labia and then used his fingertip to tickle and tease her large, protuberant clitoris.  As he touched the shiny, sensitive bud she squirmed at each touch.  He played with it until she writhed like a snake, even though she was tightly held.  She hated it when he stroked the puckered mouth of her anus and struggled.  He grinned as he watched the tight, dark opening, flexing and pouting in the dark grove of her ass crack.

He soon went from petting and stroking to mauling and molesting.  As he got rougher with her, Amala’s vocalizations went from whimpering to moaning that sounded sexual.   Soon, Munyambu began to work his fingers into her vagina.  He got his index finger inside and wormed it around exploring the dimensions of her sex hole.  He worked a second finger in her and turned his palm up.....rooting around for a spot inside her.  When he found it, he began frigging that spot harder and harder.  Amala soon began to scream and her urethra exploded as she began spurting gouts of clear fluid all over Munyambu’s wrist to land on the edge of the desk and drip onto the floor.

It was like a shower.  When it was done and Amala was panting and twitching like a fish caught on a hook, Munyambu took his wet fingers out and held them up to show everyone.  Kamau began clapping.   It set up a buzz around the room.  But not missing a beat, Munyambu worked the same fingers back into her vagina again and within 30 seconds had her spurting and squealing again.

And this time, after squirting clear juice for awhile, she became incontinent and urinated.  The pressure he put on the urethral “sponge” on front wall of her vagina did the trick and Amala began peeing.  She pissed until her bladder was empty.

This time when Munyambu took his hand from her pussy, he rubbed her genitals and then wiped up some of the mess.  Then he brought his hand up to rub it all over her face.  He even thrust his wet fingers into her mouth to simulate oral rape. 

“Say, I’m a dirty Indian slut,” he commanded her.

“SAY WHAT YOU ARE,” He spat at her.   “Say it....SAY IT....say ‘I’m a fat Indian Slut’,” he commanded her.

When he threatened to shove the pen back up her piss tube, she caved in and began to call herself ... ‘a fat, Indian slut’.  Amala had been given a full demonstration of what Munyambu thought about Indian women. The true fact was that he loved to degrade and humiliate them.  About this time, another black man came in the room.  This was Sergeant Zuberi.  He was a little taller than Kamau but not as heavily built and younger.  He grinned when he saw what was going on.

“I arrived at the right time,” he said, grinning to the others.... and grabbing his crotch for emphasis.

Kamau had stepped up and unzipped his trousers.  Joking with the others, he pulled out a fairly large dick and his full ball sack.  His cock was uncircumcised and the mushroom head was almost purple.  He stepped up in between Amala’s splayed thighs and barked a command in Swahili to hold her still.  He rubbed the head of his dick over her wet labia and her clitoris…watching her face for her reaction.  Amala felt sick....she had been made to feel like a whore.  She could smell her wet pussy in the small room. He worked it in slowly….stretching her vagina open a little at a time…

“Tell me slut….tell me you want my black dick…. in your pussy….tell me…tell me slut….”

“Oh…..god…..oh…oh…….oh god….….oh… god…NO..please….”

“Tell me you want it.”


Kamau thrust his hips forward as Amala groaned.

“That’s it….feel my big, black dick in your pussy….slut.”

Amala began moaning and groaning like a stuck calf as she was penetrated.  Kamau worked his big dick into her slowly…enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet hole.   He got a few centimeters in… pulled it out… and then worked it back in even deeper….He did this slowly and teasingly several times. When he had most of his big dick inside her, he began to fuck her.  After thrusting in and out for a bit,  he pulled out leaving only the head in her vagina.  Amala whimpered.  At one point, Amala said, “Oh God, stop dirty kaffir,” using a racial slur.

Kamau licked his lips and said slowly, “you call me a kaffir...huh? think you’re too good for me....huh?  Is that it?  Want it back in…slut?”


So, Kamau rammed it back in ....deeper until Amala writhing in the grip of the three men holding he protested, “oh...God, not deep like that. No more…please!” 

He wanted to hurt her now.  She felt totally stretched….it hurt….but she was also starting to feel something else too as the pressure on her vaginal walls fired off the deeper nerves.  He started to fuck her with a steady and powerful rhythm and Amala soon began to boil.  She got noisier as he had his way with her.  She felt the pressure building….. felt herself getting closer to cumming. With his big dick deeply embedded in her pussy…..thrusting deep…deeper… she felt herself getting ready to explode. When he started really heavy thrusting…just pounding her – Amala, to her shock and shame, had an orgasm.

She began a high, wailing cry that went on and on and got louder and louder as she came.   Amala moaned and squealed as the sensations washed through her loins and belly and down her thighs.  Kamau slowed and rubbed his big dick from side to side….stretching her vaginal mouth.  Then, he started pounding her again…..and Amala felt herself being pushed into another orgasm. He slammed it into her over and over…….and Amala came again….harder this time. 

By the time Kamau finally ejaculated….Amala had experienced two deep uterine-vaginal orgasms.  When he finally deposited his load - there was so much that it squirted out around his dick.  When he took it out, Amala felt empty.  He scooped up some of his semen and her fuck juices with two fingers and carrying it to her mouth... made her lick his fingers clean and swallow the “treat”.

All the men dropped their trousers and shorts and stood naked from the waist down lining up to take their turns raping the plump Indian woman.  The men all smelled

a bit and were sweaty.  They had been out in the sun all morning.  Amala looked around and groaned...realizing that they were ALL going to rape her. She felt claustrophobic, like she had been swallowed up by a huge monster.... a giant black centipede with lots of dreadful appendages.   Zuberi went next and he had a fat, up curved hard cock.  He slammed into her hard and made her cum too. Then Simba.  He had a long, slim penis, longer than either man before him and he shoved it in so far that he made her cry out.  And soon, he came filling her pussy with semen.

She was now leaking heavily and Munyambu came over and scooped up the mess drooling from her hole and smeared it over her nose and mouth to humiliate her. Eventually she began to lick her lips and swallow without being told. Gatura and Gachie followed and both men were nicely “hung” and each came quickly. They had been on the boil since they held the Indian woman steady for the rape of her piss tube.  When she was allowed to stand, her legs were shaky and she stumbled and fell into a fetal heap.

She was muscled again on top of the desk.  They put her on her back with her legs held open again.  Kamau, his cock having been revived, took her. Then Zuberi and Gatura had another turn.  Following this, they turned her over. This was the position: she was lying with her forehead resting on the desk top.  Her thighs were kicked open wide.  Then someone turned her head.  Looking up, she saw that the black truncheon in her face belonged to the Chief Inspector.  He was laughing and drinking from a bottle.

“Put me in your nasty mouth,” he roared. “Suck my dick, slut.”

Munyambu got his dick in her mouth and was slapping her to get her to suck it properly.  Gacheru had his dick embedded in her cunt - so there were two men enjoying her “hospitality”, fore and aft.   When the boss came in her mouth, Simba came over to rape her mouth too.  Amala was ordered to suck his cock until he ejaculated.  Her mouth got so full of cum, she gagged.  Quite a bit landed in her open mouth and she was instructed to swallow it of course, but being young his capacity was great and he was so excited that his semen went everywhere.  Poor Amala wound up with a “pearl necklace”, her first. 

She was soon a sloppy mess.  There was semen all around and in her vagina.  Her thighs were splattered and it had run down the crack of her ass.  Her mouth was filled with the taste of a man’s seed and there was some on her chin, cheeks and neck. Poor Amala. A high born Indian woman, she and her husband were prosperous and isolated from the riff-raff.  Or so they thought.  She was used to having poor Kikuyu and Luo women as her servants and had little contact with black Kenyan men. 

She, more than her husband, felt superior to the blacks.  And so, Amala suffered.  When they were done raping her, they paraded her out into the hallway and down to the holding cells where the riff-raff were.  Robbers, thieves, rapists and agitators....all crammed into cells.  And down at the end, huddled up against the wall of his cell was her naked husband.  He was also in shock too after what they’d done to him.

Amala, after being repeatedly raped, was in shock, but her troubles were not over.  Munyambu wanted to humiliate her further.  He had Gachie and Gatura march her up and down in front of the holding cells.  The poor black men jammed into the cells reacted like wild animals.  They yelled, screamed, reached for her through the bars.  Mocked and insulted her....Called her every name in the book.  Took their cocks out of their trousers and wagged them at her, telling her what they wanted to do to her.  For Amala, it was like being raped anew. 

Having a bandage that had been covering a wound ripped off to bleed again.  Their lewd words and feral gestures were like arrows in her flesh.  She was made to put her hands by her sides and walk up and down to show them her naked self.  She was dripping between her legs and the sight of her pussy full of cum, drooling down her thighs set the men into paroxysms of mad lust.

When Kamau and Zuberi, who both stood behind her like overseers, made her bend over to display her swollen, wet crotch, Amala wanted to die from the sheer embarrassment of it all.  The men went into overdrive with an outburst so violent that poor Gopal felt he needed to creep to the bars of his cell to see what it was.  He looked down to his right and all he could see was some black men with a naked figure in their midst. His heart went out to whoever this unfortunate was. 

He remembered what a violation it was to be marched naked past the holding cells. The cruel violent response of the men were a very recent wound.  His immediate neighbors had taunted him all night ....threatening him with rape and worse....As he stared, he realized that it was a woman they constables had in their midst.  ‘A woman,’ he thought to himself.  ‘Oh my God, what would it be like for a woman to be thrown into this hell-hole?’

After thoroughly humiliating her, Kamau and Zuberi marched her down to the end of the block.  As he saw the constables approaching, Gopal shrank back in his cell

until he was sitting in a frightened heap on his bunk.  When they got to his cell, he saw Zuberi using a key to open the door, and when Kamau stepped aside, he saw with astonished eyes, his WIFE!   He couldn’t believe it.  They shoved her into his cell, and this drove his neighbors, two hard case types crazy.  Gopal stood up and as Amala stumbled forward, she seemed like a “zombie”.  She was in shock and didn’t seem to recognize him.  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

Kamau and Zuberi laughed, turned on their heels and joined Gachie and Gatura. They barked at the men in the cells on their way out, telling them to, “quiet down...or else.”  Gopal, was stunned that his wife was there.  But her condition told him that she’d suffered worse than he did.  He talked to her trying to get her to acknowledge him.  Finally, she recognized him and, clutching at him, began sobbing. 

“Oh, Gopal....OH GOPAL,” she kept saying. 

Munyambu let them have a tearful, shaming reunion in the holding cell together before he sent Gachie, Gatura and Gacheru down with their clothes.  They found the couple huddled up against the far wall on the concrete bunk trying for all the world to screen out the terrible taunts and threats washing over them from the nearby cells. 

“Get your clothes on you two. You can leave,” Gatura spat at them.

When they dressed, they were taken down to Munyambu who told Gopal that he expected the “balance” of what he owed.  The amount he said he could pay.

“That’s all you owe....Your wife made a down payment today,” he laughed. 

Gopal holding tightly onto his wife who was still crying, said nothing.  The look in her eyes said it all.  He now realized how deep of a hole he was in and how little hope he had that either of them would ever get out....The couple had a good,  traditional marriage and this would sustain them in the Gopal hoped.

The Sadist

The Chief Inspector got his biggest kick by forcing people he’d “captured” to do disgusting and repellent things.  Like making Kate Braxton have sex with a dog in front of her husband.  He believed that most women were, by nature, born sluts, but a woman with breeding and culture would really suffer when you made her

descend to the level of an animal.  And for that he really loved using dogs.  It was mulling over these sorts of things that allowed him relief from the stress of collecting graft, Commissioners of Police who wanted to be mayor, rivals, and incompetent help. It truth it was sort of a hobby. His hobby...

Now, Amala intrigued him.  Also, there was something about her that told him that she was potentially the most fun to hurt and humiliate.  It was just buried deeper.  The complicated landscape of Amala’s psyche made Munyambu smile with the possibilities of what could be done in this world by a unscrupulous man with an understanding of history and psychology.  And, he hated Sikhs and Indians the most.  So, it would be that much more pleasurable to push her into doing degraded things.   He already knew that he enjoyed humbling her husband.  Munyambu decided that would force him into becoming, in his own words, a zan-talaq (cuckold). 

Amala saw herself as a model Indian woman.  But her experience had created huge cracks in herself image. She had behaved, in her opinion, in a way that was disgraceful and shameful by having an orgasm.  She was a powerfully sexual woman, a compulsive masturbator who nevertheless had a well-crafted public “face” she wanted to maintain.  She would have a very hard time of it in the months to come.

When husband and wife finally talked, after their experience at the police station, it was a true drama.  Amala told him that the Chief Inspector’s men had raped her.  Gopal finally admitted to her how he had gotten both of them into trouble.  She cried and so did he.  She asked him if there was any way out and he said, that all they could do was go along and hope for the best. So, the stage was set for what came next.

Two days later Gopal got the order to be at a certain place with the “envelope”.  He brought the cash and it was Corporal Mosi who met him. And stupidly, Gopal thanked him, after he handed him the money.  He was swabbing his sweaty face with a white handkerchief and was glad to get out of there.   The Chief Inspector and Kamau had a good laugh when Mosi brought the money to them.

“What a silly and sad little man. He probably went back to his office and jerked off, I bet,” said Kamau dismissively.

“Probably,” agreed the Chief Inspector.

In truth, Gopal was so sick at the thought of what might happen next, that he left early for home.  His wife was like an automaton.  She was going through the motions of being a wife and mother, but since the rape, had not been able to have sex with her husband.  She went to her doctor right afterwards, but her wounds went deeper.  So did Gopal’s....Two weeks later, Kamau came over and raped her in her own home in the daytime when her husband and son were away.  First, he called her on her cell phone.  She was shocked that he had her number.  He told her that he was going to come over and she said, ‘NO’, but when he threatened her.... she wilted. 

The Marriage Bed

So, Kamau came over for a little “hospitality”.  Amala hated it, but really had no choice.  It was 10am when he got there and Amala was fresh from her bath with her hair still damp.  She was wearing a lehenga (long skirt) and smelled of perfume.  She had on a burgundy-colored bra to match her choli (midriff hugging blouse).  And in her marriage bed.... Kamau fucked her and made her cum again.   When he was ready to fuck her again, he made her take his black dick in her ass.  He sodomized her.  He took his time and worked it in slowly to please himself.  It hurt her and she began sobbing. 

He wasn’t content until he had his dick buried deep all the way in up to his pubic hair.  He gave her a good ride and was surprised when she began going, “ah” and “oh”. And it got louder and louder until there was no mistake.  Amala had cum from being fucked in the ass.  Afterwards, he made her suck his dirty cock clean.  Then, he made her call herself, “a kali gandee.  (a “black butt-hole” - a Sudra woman who takes cocks in her rectum) Sobbing, she did it and it just devastated her. 

While raping her vaginally was a huge violation.... having to take his cock in her ass was very perverted by her standards.  And since she was among those very few women who can reach orgasm from being sodomized ....this was more shaming for her.   He had made her cum by fucking her hard and deep so that his cock pressed against her cervix and uterus through the thin membrane separating her rectum from her vagina.  Crying out.... she came. 

All of this was a terrible problem for Amala.  Since she was somewhat dark complexioned for an Indian (like Africans, Indians had a color scale) and had cum when she was ass fucked – this combination branded her, in her own eyes, as a kali gandee. Amala was very color conscious.  Her husband was very fair and her son inherited his father’s coloration but Amala was brown-skinned. Kamau knew this and made her call herself a kali gandee.  This was lower, in Indian circles, than a bhagat (whore). 

Kamau continued to come over regularly to fuck Amala during the weekdays, usually at midday.  Soon, he  began to come over on weekends.  First time he came by himself.  Their son, Pallav, was staying with friends.  The next time he came with Sergeant Zuberi and while he and his best friend had fun with Amala in the bedroom, Gopal was made to wait in the living room.  He reminded Gopal that the price he had agreed to pay was the frequent use of his wife.  Gopal felt sick.  But he remembered what they did to him at the station and was thoroughly cowed.   His son came home early that day and hearing the noise from his parent’s bedroom, asked his father what was going on.

“Dad, what’s going on,” he asked? “Can you hear that? What’s going on?”

“Some men....they are policemen....they have some questions for your mother.  Just  routine,” is how Gopal put it. “They are interviewing her.”

Pallav looked at him doubtfully; his father’s lie was as apparent as the humiliation on his face. Gopal had been shamed enormously as the sounds were becoming more raw.   Gopal didn’t know which way to look.  He was humiliated in front of his son.   Then, Pallav excused himself and ducked into own room to listen.  His bedroom was right next to his parent’s room.  He heard the bed squeaking and his mother moaning.  It would get quiet, then he heard his Mama grunting and moaning; and finally she would cry out.

He heard her yelling, “Yes...... I’m a dirty bhagat.”

Later the boy masturbated picturing his mother being forced to act like a slut in her own bedroom....her own marriage bed.  He was even more stunned at his father’s behavior.  Another time, Pallav again came home to find the bedroom door closed and more sounds coming out that said someone was enjoying his Mama’s “hospitality”.  He hid in his own room listening.  Eventually Kamau and young Simba came out with his father trailing behind. 

Gopal was hugely embarrassed.... Pallav could tell, but Kamau was grinning and joking.  His father introduced the two men to his son.  Pallav was left to wonder, ‘did my Dad take part or did he just watch?’  Pallav was blown away imagining his Mama behaving like a slut.  He began to jerk off constantly thinking about it.  It became his favorite  fantasy.  What he didn’t know was his father was forced each

time to offer his wife to the men and thank them afterwards.  Gopal had also come to a very bad place personally.  Against his own best instincts, he discovered that he had gotten aroused by his wife after she had been sexed.  He found himself vibrating with excitement and struggled to contain himself when they were alone.  

With her vagina slick and slimy with the other men’s semen, he would mount her in a frenzy and enjoy  “sloppy seconds” with her after they’d left.  He would last but a few seconds and squirt his cum in her messy pussy.  The slippery feel of her well used vagina, full of another man’s cum, was like Viagra® for him.  She was “dirty” and this got to him.  He had discovered that he was weirdly aroused after his wife had been sexed by other virile males. 

And the taboo of black males made it even spicier.  The sheer depravity of being forced to watch made him get an erection.  But the key was the idea that she was being “dirtied” by other men....this strange obsession found a home and grew roots in Gopal’s mind.  Amala was turned off by this.  It seemed wrong to her that he would get so excited by her sexual humiliation.

One Saturday night the boy was supposed to stay at a friend’s house as his parents went out to dinner.  He ducked out of the sleepover and hid in his own bedroom.  And sure enough when his parents came home, they had company with them and he heard them go directly to their bedroom and after a few minutes he heard familiar sounds coming from their room.  He quietly masturbated listening....

Another time, he and his father were watching a soccer match on television. Kamau had parked out back and come in through the kitchen.  Amala was there and shortly he had cuffed her to a chair.  He pulled up her choli and her bra and gave her little openhanded smacks across her nipples until she was willing to suck his dick right there in the kitchen a few yards from where her husband and son were watching TV.  He alternated the smacks across her nipples with pinching and pulling on them until they were so sore she couldn’t stand it anymore.  She then began sucking his cock.

He had her do the whole oral routine.  This was what he liked:  she had to kiss and lick everything first, then suck it sweetly.... and then, when he was fully erect, he took charge and just raped her mouth.  Face-fucked her royally.  When he was done and she’d swallowed his load, she was a mess.  Her face and tits were wet with her saliva and his semen.  Satisfied,  he uncuffed her and he left.  Her husband came in, saw the condition she was in....surmised what had happened and helped her get herself together before Pallav was the wiser.  

The Brainwashing Video

As part of their “payment” the Chief Inspector decided to have Amala star in one of Lei Peng’s porn videos.  The series had started to sell very well in Eastern markets and one of the most popular was the “North Korean” series.  The scenarios called for Chinese actors to portray North Korean military men who capture, torture and rape Western women.  The biggest seller was the tape that had Kate Braxton  strapped to the table and subjected to a brainwashing machine.   When Amala told Gopal she had been summoned to appear at a certain address, and that the Chief Inspector told her that he was going to put her in a “movie”, she suspected that it was a lewd video. 

He wanted to go with her.  He wanted to be there for whatever they did to her.  He called Munyambu and practically begged him.  The Chief Inspector smiled to himself and then told Gopal he could come.  When they got to the warehouse, Peng, the director,  gave the couple the basic script idea.  Amala did what she was told to and didn’t look at her husband.  This was her first time at the warehouse.   She knew instinctively that she was going to be subjected to very degrading things.  Gopal was directed to sit in a chair. Then he brought over Han Shun, the actor playing the North Korean Colonel and four Chinamen garbed as enlisted men.  When everything was ready, he yelled, “action.” Shun had his men stripped Amala and then bound her to a gynecological table. 

Shun had his assistants set up the electro-stimulation equipment and then he blindfolded Amala.  He began by playing with her pussy to get her wet and ready.  He rubbed the shaft and the bulb of her clitoris until it swelled and erected.  One of the enlisted men handed him the adhesive pad electrodes.  He attached them her brownish-black nipples.  Her saucer-sized areolas were so big that the pads couldn’t cover all of them.  Next, he worked a thick, blunt copper rod into her wet vagina until it was past her G-spot.  Amala groaned as it filled her vagina. 

Then Gopal stared as the man worked a stainless-steel dumbbell with a convex shaft into his wife.  Gopal watched wide-eyed as the fat, middle-aged Chinaman greased the thing and inserted it into his wife’s asshole until the far end of the bell and the shaft were inside her.  Only the near bell was visible.  Gopal squirmed as he watched the man hook his beloved wife up to the transformer.  The black box sat on a shelf.   With all the switches and dials on the front, it looked very scary.   Following this, Shun attached the flat-jawed clip to the shaft of her clitoris still covered by its hood.  Amala was now wired up like a test animal in a laboratory.  Nervous, she began sweating and biting her lip. 

He flipped the “on” button and Amala jerked as the current surged into her clitoris.  As she began writhing and squirming, she groaned and Gopal tried to say something.  Peng, as director, said something to Munyambu who motioned to Mosi who came over and cuffed Gopal to the chair and using Amala’s panties, gagged him.  Now he could only sit there and watch as her pussy began to leak juice, as she began to wiggle her hips and ass in a way that was very erotic.  And, when Shun ratcheted a dial up to “5”, Amala began to feel hot, itchy sensations in her vagina as current surged into the copper rod.

He flipped another switch and current began pulsing.  He turned it up.  Amala felt surges of pure pleasure flood her sex-hole as the thick shaft pressed on her G-spot and urethral sponge and the blunt tip pushed against the epicenter.  Then, when Shun turned the current up higher, the sensations went from pleasurable to wicked and intense.  Amala began to hump the air as if she had a cock inside her and she was eager to fuck.  Juice began dribbling from her urethra.  Then Shun activated the circuit connected to the dumbbell in her asshole. As current flowed, the greased little device went in - and - out - in - and – out methodically.  Amala’s vagina began throbbing in time; and Gopal couldn’t help himself.  He felt a stirring in his pants.  To his shame, he began to get an erection watching the machine fuck his wife.

As Shun started the current to her tits, Amala cried out as the avalanche` of sensations become almost too much.  When he added a “pulsing” element to the current flowing into her nipples, Amala felt as if someone was pulling them from her body and then sadistically twisting them.  They soon ballooned up and began to look like giant blackberries ready to explode.  Shun now combined pulses with saw tooth wave currents, and worked her clitoris, G-spot and epicenter from inside her pussy and asshole. 

Her juices flowed more with each combination.  Munyambu came over and told Gopal that when she began spurting she’d probably pass out.  Shun turned it up sending more hot pulsing into her tits, clit, rectum and vagina.  After a moment, Amala felt herself approaching a monster orgasm.  When she began to cry out louder and louder and then when she began ejaculating, she howled.  It looked like she was pissing. Some of the juice sprayed and wet the floor.  The cameraman, Chang, holding the mobile unit, caught it all on tape.

Juice spurted out of her urethra like it was a fountain.  Then an enlisted man put the headphones on her.  They left her bound to the table and wired up.  Gopal watched his beloved wife cum over and over again until she passed out.  It was like

being bound to a treadmill.  She was being forced into arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation, over and over again.   Combined with being bound so she couldn’t move, along with the sensory deprivation and the audio programming, Amala entered into a twilight zone.  Gopal would see her pussy gripping and squeezing the thing inside her.  The obscene dumbbell kept going in and out like some demented robot.  Her clitoris had swelled and turned purple and periodically she would arch up in her bonds like she was fucking an invisible lover.  It was a hideous parody of marital sex. 

Then when her orgasm hit, her voice went up an octave or two.  And most of the time, when she came, she ejaculated.  Great gouts of clear, sweet pussy juice gushed from her cunt and piss hole and later urine came spurting from her urethra to land on the concrete floor.  After awhile, Gopal was exhausted too.  He had an erection almost the whole time and this was torture to be aroused and not have any outlet or relief.  When they gave her a break and took her off the machine, Shun extracted the dumbbell from her asshole and Amala began groaning.  As Gopal watched goggle-eyed, she began shitting. Amala had an involuntary bowel movement into a stainless steel tray which sat on a shelf just below her spread crotch. 

When they hooked her up to the machine again Amala went deep into her own “inner space” as the machine again took over both her mind and her body.  Gopal could only watch helplessly as she was on sexual “auto pilot”.   The video was to give viewers the impression that the woman was kept on the machine for days.  And when they took her off, they would force feed the programmed victim.  Gopal found the forced-feeding strangely arousing too.  He was reminded of seeing a python fed in a zoo that same way. 

The gag used for the forced feeding Shun had rigged up himself.  It was rubber and looked like the pacifier a baby sucks, but it had actually been a squeaky dog toy.  He had drilled three holes into the thick rubber nipple and fitted it with a tube.  This way the “victim” couldn’t stop the flow with her tongue.  The crew filled an enema bag with a mixture of rice, cooking oil, cooked vegetables and raw eggs that had been run thru a blender.  Decanted into the bag, when Shun released the clamp on the tube, gravity did the rest.

The bulb, when forced into Amala’s mouth and strapped to her head, filled up with the liquid meal.  This began draining and it forced her to swallow which made her clamp down on the bulb and that squeezed more meal out.  This created an irresistible cycle.  She had to swallow and this made her squeeze the bulb which

made her swallow again and again -  whether she wanted to or not.  It was humiliating and unpleasant.   One of the enlisted men massaged her throat as she was forced to swallow.  Then the began the whole, cruel routine all over again.  They put her back on the table and wired her up.  For another thirty minutes she writhed, wiggled, arched up, moaned and groaned as she was driven into one orgasm after another.  Gopal was compelled to watch.  He had a raging erection.  He turned to Mosi, and with head and face gestures, indicated that he wanted to say something.  

“Whaddya want,” Mosi asked him grinning?

“You wanna jerk off,” he asked mocking him?

Gopal felt his face flush.

“Say please,” Mosi taunted him, knowing he couldn’t say anything with the gag in his mouth.

Gopal whined, looking pathetic and feeling very low indeed.  Gopal, with his troll’s face and cruel streak a mile wide, came over and smacked Gopal on the head playfully.  The Indian’s erection was visible in his pants; and he felt his face flush.  It was very humiliating.  It was shaping up to be a severe, crushing  experience.  Gopal had been driven to the edge watching his wife turned into a sex puppet.  Her humping, thrusting, wiggling and cumming had inflamed him to no end.  His balls were aching as he stared at his wife’s pitilessly exposed crotch.  She was twitching from the current, her pussy was drooling like mad and as he gaped, her piss hole seemed to wink.  Gopal groaned as she was getting close to another orgasm.  When his wife began cumming and piss began jetted from her pee hole, Gopal’s penis, now stiff as a board, began to twitch and throb and he was afraid that he would cum in his pants. 

It was very humiliating for Gopal.   He had been reduced to begging to jerk off as his wife was sexually abused in front of him.  For Gopal this was a new low.  They, of course, kept Amala on the machine until Peng, Chang, with his hand-held,  and the stationary camera crew caught the whole scene.  The sound man made sure he caught every moan and cry as Amala was forced into orgasm.  By then,  she was a demented puppet.  Her nipples had turned dark, dark brown, almost black and had swollen hugely.  Her labia and clitoris were dark purple and had ballooned up to comic proportions.  She had squirted and pissed so much that the floor had a huge puddle under the table.  They made Gopal mop it up.  

After the shoot had wrapped but before husband and wife were allowed to leave, Kamau, Zuberi, Gachie, Gatura, Gacheru and Simba.....all of them face-fucked Amala in front of Gopal.  Amala behaved like a proper sex slave to Munyambu’s great joy and sucked them all to completion.  Gopal found, much to his shame, that he had been aroused to new heights by what they did to his wife.

The “Cuckold Bench” Video

Not long after her marathon session on the machine, Munyambu ordered the couple to report for another Saturday afternoon of “movie magic” as he called it, at the warehouse.  Gopal would have to watch his wife take on 14 enlisted men from the Langata barracks. Taped, of course, by Peng and his crew.  These men had tested negative for the HIV virus and had been selected for their virility and aggressiveness.  In this video, both husband and wife would “star”.  It was supposed to take place in Africa. 

As an Indian couple were driving and ended up in a restricted area.  Soldiers captured them and they were “questioned”.  The wife ended up as a plaything for the soldiers and the husband was made to watch.  They taped the outdoor sequences outside the warehouse.  Two enlisted men played the commanders who supervise the capture of the Indian couple.  Gopal and Amala were pulled from their own car, tied and foot and hustled into the “compound”, as cameraman Chang got it all.

Director Peng introduced a new device in this tape.  He called it the “Cuckold Bench”.  It was a double bench like two rectangular coffee tables staggered one above the other.  Peng’s crew put Gopal and Amala on it.  Gopal was made to strip down to his jockey shorts, in front of the soldiers and then he was strapped on the lower bench.  Then Amala had to strip.  When she was naked and flushed with embarrassment, they put her on the top bench but facing the opposite direction.  This put her crotch about 20 centimeters above Gopal’s face.  

Peng then yelled, “action” and the stage manager, a Chinese woman, pushed the first soldier forward to get between her legs so the man’s cock and balls were right over Gopal’s face. 

He could see, right in front of his eyes, the man’s dick poking around and then entering his wife’s vagina.  He was a lean, tough sergeant, with a long, spear.  The man didn’t insert himself right away so his dick kept prodding Amala until it found its own way in.  Gopal saw the man’s black dick pushing its way into his wife and

her sex lips opening around it.  He was worried, at that point, that when the man pulled out that he would have to deal with semen dripping from his wife’s vagina.

So Gopal was forced to watch the action close-up.  When the Sergeant came inside her and pulled out everything dripped and splattered on him afterwards.  Gopal had a “birds-eye” view of Amala being penetrated and filled with semen.  Humiliatingly, he got an erection.  Later, the soldiers made him clean his wife’s messy pussy with a rag.  She was so packed that the globs of cum just oozed and drooled from her distended hole.  In front of his everyone, Gopal was forced down the dominance ladder to occupy the lowest rung. 

Kamau made Gopal offer his wife to each soldier who was about to fuck her and afterwards he had to thank the man for sexing his wife.  He became erect and soon his testicles began to ache.   Having to watch his wife take a young private’s substantial cock in her rectum, and seeing her writhe mounted on the table, drove Gopal nearly crazy.  They made him pull down his shorts to display his arousal to everyone and put a set of ball cuffs on him.  In Europe and North America they were called, “husband humblers” because they forced a man to a submissive position on his hands and knees.

Made of lacquered wood and shaped to fit behind his legs and under his buttocks, there was an opening in the center.  They got Gopal bent over, and grabbed his testicles in his scrotum trapping them.  Then they fitted the two pieces together around Gopal’s stretched scrotum and locked them shut. He got another erection and soon his balls were screaming for release.  To humiliate him, they made him masturbate, with the uncomfortable cuffs on, as the private fucked Amala in the ass.  

The young private, only 19, who had simply dropped his trousers and shorts down to his ankles, sweating, straining and sodomizing Amala for all he was worth, soon had his cock rubbing the hot spots in her vagina through the thin membrane separating her rectum from her sexhole.  Peng had been made aware of Amala’s disgust at being sodomized and was also informed that Amala hated being called a kali gandee - a black butt hole whore.  This always hurt Amala deeply and her shame was devastating to her.  For her to have to said this in front of Gopal made it worse.

The young private eventually made her cum sodomizing her.  It was soon very shaming for Gopal too, because after this they made him wipe his wife’s asshole with the same dirty rag he’d cleaned her pussy.... with everyone watching and

Chang moving in close with the hand-held camera.  It was an exquisite way to humble him.  Later when Amala was kneeling on the floor and taking cock after cock in her mouth, drooling and gagging with cum and her face slimed too, Peng made Gopal massage his wife’s throat so encourage her to swallow.  Peng and Munyambu had another terrifically nasty video in the can when it was done.

Amala and Pallav

One day, Munyambu finally decided to present Amala with a no-win situation. It would be a true Cornelian dilemma in that either choice was dreadful.  He and Kamau came over one afternoon.  They all repaired to her bedroom.  They were sitting around talking.   He told her that she had to choose between having her IUD removed (and face pregnancy) or she would have to do a strip in front of her beloved son.  When he explained all this to her.... Amala’s eyes went wide.

“I WOULD GET PREGNANT!  Oh - NO.  That would ruin my family.”

“OK.....then let’s call Pallav in here when he comes home from school,” Munyambu said looking at his watch.

“What would I have.....what would I have to do,” she asked stuttering?

“Oh.... strip in front of him.  Show him a little know,” Munyambu said grinning at her.

“Oh, no.....PLEASE ...NO...........I can’t do that.  You can’t do that to him. He’s my son.  That would destroy us.  It would destroy our relationship.”

“It’s your choice.  My doctor takes out your IUD or you show your son what you’ve got.”

Amala looked at him, realizing how deep his dark and perverted nature really was.....

“Oh.....God.....that’s so sick.”

“Your choice,” he repeated to her. 

She looked at his face and saw that he’d made up his mind.  She tried to get him to reconsider, but it was no use.  Then, the three of them heard someone at the door.  It was Pallav with his key.  He came in and went to the kitchen for a snack.

“You’d better decide right now....before he heads for his bedroom.  Probably to jerk off. You know how.....”

She interrupted, “don’t say that.”

“What....the kid doesn’t jerk off?....Yeah.....right......I’ll be he’s been jerking off a lot lately listening to what goes on here.”


“You’re really in denial,  aren’t you?”

“Leave my baby boy alone....p...please,” she bawled....her eyes tearing up.

Munyambu got up off the bed and went out.  He headed down to the kitchen where he struck up a conversation with Pallav.  Amala stuck her head out the bedroom door and listened with Kamau smirking at her.  She realized that Munyambu was talking to Pallav in the kitchen.  Her eyes went wide and she got very nervous.

The policeman had drawn the boy out about what had been going on.  And the boy, bright and more composed than many, said he suspected that his mother was having an affair.  Munyambu allowed that this was so. Then the boy asked if his father knew. And Munyambu told him that some older men “go along” with their wives’ desires in these things.

“They can’t keep up with their wives if she’s you understand, Pallav,” Munyambu asked him solicitously?

“Uh...huh,” the boy mumbled.

“And your Mama is very hot-blooded,” Munyambu added.

“Hmm,” is all the boy said.  He was processing the whole conversation.

“And my Dad....he’s OK with that,” he suddenly asked - sounding very vulnerable?

“Your father is an irshyeka,” he told the boy. 

This was a term he thought the boy would know.  In Indian culture an irshyeka was semi-impotent man whose passions were aroused through the jealousy and envy he felt by seeing others sexing his mate.

“He knows, son....  he knows.”

Pallav didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go and see your mother,” Munyambu suggested.

The Chief Inspector had prepped the boy well and now he was prepared to “hook” Amala like a fish.  When they started walking down the hall together, as they approached the master bedroom, the door flew open. Amala heard them coming and she opened the door just as they got there.  She looked at Pallav, searching his face for distress....and finding none, she looked at Munyambu with hatred in her eyes.

“What did you say to him?”

Munyambu said nothing.

“What did he say to you, Pallav,” she asked her son?

“We just had a talk’s ok....everything’s OK....I understand.”


Pallav looked at her and reached out to put a hand on her arm to calm her.

“What did you say to my son,” she demanded of Munyambu?

“Before you go off the deep end,” Munyambu said....

With that he leaned over and told her he would talk to her in private.  He waited until she told Pallav to excuse them - and then they went into the bedroom together and closed the door.  Pallav went to his bedroom and got by the wall separating the

bedroom to see what he could hear.  He was trying to get his mind around what Munyambu had told him.  In the bedroom Munyambu, with Kamau nodding, told what he would do her unless she shut her mouth.  He told her that he would bring her to the warehouse and shove a corkscrew up his piss hole.  Amala gasped remembering what he had done to her with the pen.  After that, she calmed down. 

He again presented her with the choice of having her IUD removed or being degraded in front of Pallav.  Amala was on the horns of a terrible dilemma.  But in the end, after having learned to live with herself with exposing her darkest sides to her husband, what Munyambu would do to her in front of the boy was the lesser of two evils.  She knew that having a black baby would stigmatize her with everyone she knew.

“If you want it to stop, all you have to do is say, “IUD,” Munyambu told her.

She made eye contact with him as she rubbed her nose.  She felt terrible.  But in the end, she went to Pallav’s room and asked him to come back with her to her room.  When they got there she told him to sit on the loveseat.

“Your Mama agreed that she didn’t want to have any secrets from you,” Munyambu said.

Amala kept her eyes down and didn’t look at her son.  She couldn’t.  And what was worse, was that Munyambu had in effect seduced her son.  He sat there more than willing to see his mother unveiled....

Munyambu told her, “stand over there.”

He made her stand in the middle of the room.  Pallav was sitting so he was facing her.  Amala stood there nervous, waiting...... wringing her hands.  Munyambu told her in a soft voice to take off her clothes. The Indian mother gulped.... looked at him and then began.  She knew she had no choice. It was either do his bidding or find herself pregnant with a black baby.  Her fingers were trembling as she took off her top, a yellow cotton choli.  Unbuttoning her lehenga, she let it slip down her to her ankles.

When it was around her ankles, she kicked the garment away. She was blushing now like mad.  There were sweaty tendrils of her thick, dark brown hair pasted to her flushed cheeks and neck.  Amala stood there trembling in her bra, panties and sandals.  She had never felt more vulnerable in her life.  She felt as though it were

she was watching herself in a movie.  She crossed her arms over her bosom.  She began to shiver.  Munyambu looked her over with a dirty smirk on his face.....

“Walk over there,” he told her. 

She was very conscious of her breasts and put her hands over the bra cups.  Munyambu made her drop them; and made her walk back and forth.  Amala looked over at Pallav and then looked away – blushing.  She was in shock being made to display herself.  She wanted to die.  She felt hot tears in her eyes.  She did not know what to do with her hands.  She kept opening and closing them, balling them into fists.  He had her stand in front of the boy and turn around slowly – making her exhibit herself like a slave.

Amala had begun to sweat.  It seemed to paste her thin cotton undergarments to her.  Pallav  was now getting a glimpse of everything she had.  Amala covered her face with her hands - sick with shame.  Munyambu then made her turn around again.  Amala was so conscious of her nipples and her hairy mound showing thru her thin panties, she wanted to shrivel up and die.  Then, he made her BEND OVER. 

Pallav’s eyes went wide involuntarily as Munyambu pushed Amala’s head down so that her big ass was right in front of his face.  Now, he could see her dark, hairy crack and the pulpy purse of her pussy outlined in the gauzy material of her crotch.  Pallav gulped and felt enormously embarrassed as he stared, but it was so compelling.... an awe-inspiring sight.  There were a few wispy tendrils of her pubic hair poking out of the leg bands of her panties.  Her labia were so plump and full that her “camel-toe” was clearly visible in the crotch of her panties. 

Pallav felt a stirring in his pants.  It made him feel guilty and excited at the same time.  What Mama didn’t know was that he was an hardcore Internet porn surfer.  And his favorite sites featured desi (Sanskrit word for all things Indian) stories, photos and videos of Indian Aunties and mothers who committed incest with sons and nephews etc.  Munyambu didn’t have to go too far to seduce the boy....

“Wiggle your ass,” Munyambu ordered her.

When Amala hesitated, Kamau took off his leather belt.  He bounded over, like a big cat, and grabbed her by her hair and yanked her around like she was a bad little girl.  Then, rearing back he brought the doubled over belt down on her panty covered buttocks.  It landed with a loud, hot, wet sound – “smack!”

“Wiggle your ass when I tell you to,” he told her.

Pallav’s eyes were bugging out of his head.  Here was his mother with her buttocks on display, and now she was getting a whipping.   Kamau gave her several hot, hard ones on her panty covered cheeks.  The sheer cotton did not protect her.  Pallav felt powerful feelings stirring in his teenaged loins as Kamau kept her bent over and hit her methodically.  Each one sounded like a pistol shot as it landed with a satisfying sound on her fat ass cheeks.  Mama began sobbing like a little girl with each blow.  Amala hung her head, moaning and sobbing softly as he beat her.  Pallav got an erection.  It was a sexy sight....Amala cried out, as her ass jiggled with each blow.

“If you don’t want more of a beating, wiggle your ass, slut,” Munyambu said to her..

Amala had no choice. She began rocking and rolling her hips, like a whore encouraging a customer to fuck her.  And the more she did it, the harder her son’s penis got.  Kamau applied the belt demandingly to her fat cheeks to insure she performed to his satisfaction.  He could see it was making the boy hot.  His Mama was an attractive matron with big breasts and full buttocks.  All three males now sported erections.  And Amala, feeling the strain, had started to sweat more, under not only her arms, but also her neck, breasts and back. The room was warm and the stress was getting to her.  Munyambu made her stand and face the boy again.

Then he told her, “take off your bra.”

Amala’s face went white.  She was overwhelmed and began sniffling, trying hard to stop from crying.  She did not want to lose control of her emotions for her son’s sake, but she really wasn’t ready to expose her breasts.  The hot feelings of shame were so strong that she could not stop sniffling.  She now realized he was going to make her strip completely naked.   Little did she realize that he was going to make her expose not only her body, but her soul too.  Munyambu was a master at this sort of psychological torture.  What he was doing now was breaking her defenses down with verbal abuse and the humiliation of exposure in front of her son. 

It would soon escalate.....Amala knew she had no choice, so she unsnapped her bra, crossed her arms and let it fall. He took it from her, and made her stand there with her arms at her sides.  He examined her bra and made a crude remark about

the size of her tits.  Amala looked at Pallav, now staring at her tits.  She did not want him to, but there was no way he could not gape at the sight before his eyes. 

Her breasts were as big as large oranges.  She kept her hands at her sides and closed her eyes.  Pallav, try as he might, could not stop his body responding to the exposure of his Mama’s breasts.  He had, like all teenage boys, been curious about his mother’s titties.  He had even masturbated fantasizing about her, like all teenage boys have done at least once.  But never in his wildest imaginings had he pictured a scene like what was now before him.

His Mama was being forced into doing a striptease in front of him.  At first, a lingering sense of propriety kept him sitting rigid; making sure he didn’t show any emotion.  But now, the overwhelming sight of his near naked mother dominated his mind and he felt a rush of surging, hormone fueled emotions NOW.  He couldn’t keep his body from responding.  The hormones of a teenage boy are volatile and intense.  He was getting a real eyeful and he felt like he was going to explode.  And, little did he know how much more there was to come.

For Amala, having to strip in front of her son was the worst thing.  To be humiliated in front of family was a terrible thing.  She felt sick as her tits bobbed and jiggled with every move she made.  Munyambu continued to work her over psychologically.  He and Kamau made lewd remarks - they said that women with breasts like hers were only good for sex.  Kamau told her she had a fat ass.  Amala was horrified, but what she could do? 

Munyambu told her, “TAKE OFF THE PANTIES.”

Amala bit her lip and steeled herself for what was to come.  Pallav was now of two minds: he wanted it to continue, of course.  He was very curious to see what Mama looked like without her panties, but he was embarrassed for her.  And actually, he would have loved to go to his room now and masturbate.

‘Oh God, please let me be strong, please let me be strong for my son’, Amala prayed silently to herself, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down.  Munyambu made her stand close to Pallav as she slid them down and kicked them off.  Kamau took them from her. Then he held them up and sniffed the crotch.  He made a comment that the crotch was soiled.  Then he smelled them again. After this, he handed them to Pallav.

He told the boy his mother had a hot pussy.  Amala wanted to die.  She knew that her panties would have her sexual odor on them.  Never in her whole life would she have dreamed of such an outrage.  Pallav sniffed them without thinking about it and when he looked over and saw his mother’s disapproving look, he still couldn’t stop his arousal from ballooning.  He had sniffed his Mama’s panties on a number of occasions and used them as a masturbatory aid, so this wasn’t a first for him.  And even in this situation, he was aroused by her smell.  Kamau pushed her around so that she was facing away from the boy. Then the Chief Inspector ordered her to BEND OVER again.

He told her to put her hands on her knees and, “spread your legs nice and wide.  Show your son all your charms.”

Amala was a modest, proper Indian woman and mother.  Her son had never seen her naked, of course.  What Munyambu was making her do was above and beyond what she had expected.  A person cannot imagine the shame she felt.  Pallav got an eyeful of the hairy purse of her pussy and dark grove between her cheeks and her, hairy, dark brown anus as she spread her legs.  Everything was visible when Munyambu told her to, “spread your cheeks.”

Kamau taunted her by saying to Pallav, “Look at your Mama’s pussy and asshole.”

The boy stared at the brown hole.  He had never imagined it, but he was drawn to it as if by magic.  The most personal and private of his mother’s was so unbelievable.  The only problem: it was costing his mother her pride.  And this caused the boy pain....He loved her and knew this was a torment for her.  So, he felt almost as much guilt as she did.

Both men made her stand up again and put her hands behind her head.  Then Kamau grabbed her tits and squeezed them.  Following this, he teased her nipples until they erected and then pulled and pinched them roughly.  He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and then gave her little openhanded smacks on her nipples, as Pallav stared intently.  Kamau then turned his attention to her butt. 

He put his hands all over them examining her like she was a slave girl.  He bounced her cheeks up and down lewdly in the palms of his hands, each fat cheek occupying one of his big hands.  Her dimpled hinds jiggled as he shook them.  It made her sick with shame as this was done not two feet from Pallav.  Kamau was treating her like a slave girl in a bazaar.

At this point, Amala felt herself slowly spinning out of control.  In addition to all the other emotions sweeping her, she began to feel familiar sensations in her loins and breasts, as Kamau felt her up.  She knew these feelings and this made her more afraid.  More worrisome than anything was the fear that her body would betray her.  She would never be able to look her son in the face again if that happened.  She did not even want to think how she would feel if he made got her wet and excited in front of her son. And what if she came?

‘Oh God.....Oh God....        PLEASE NO,’ she prayed to herself.

Poor Pallav.  He alternated between struggling with his lust, his guilt and his shrinking sense of family propriety.  He watched Kamau, who had obviously sexed her, playing with her breasts and it was obvious that Mama’s body was reacting.  He saw her nipples get pebbly and puckered.  The dark areolas and the nipples were fully erect now and she even whimpered.  In its own way that was sexy. 

When Kamau grabbed her pussy from behind and said, “she wet,” Pallav felt that his penis had begun to throb.  He turned to Pallav, grinned and said, “yup....she’s wet.” 

Pallav wondered what else they were going to do to his Mama.  Kamau did not seem threatening, just crude.  Like Mama was a sex toy and he was just playing with her.   And so it was to Amala’s horror that her nipples stayed erect and she got wet in spite of her desire to control her body’s reactions.  Munyambu pointed this out.  This was very humbling.  By calling attention to her arousal, Kamau and Munyambu were rubbing salt in the wounds they had already inflicted on her.

“Hands behind your back.  Show Pallav your nipples.  See how big they are, Pallav?  And how they stick out.  Look at them.  They’re hard.  Your Mama has the nipples of a bhagat,” he laughed and winked at Pallav.

Amala silently cursed her body for betraying her, as Munyambu again called her names and Kamau rubbed her wet piss flaps.  He did it until he got the 36 year old Indian mother so wet that Pallav could hear the wet, squishy “pussy farts” as he fingered her.  Then Kamau held up his wet fingers and thrust them under the boy’s nose.  Amala groaned.  She could not bear to see the look on her son’s face as Kamau gave him more of her sex scent. 

“Only a slut gets wet like this.  Can you believe your Mama?  She’s got a real hot pussy,” he confided to the boy.

Then, to give her a deeper emotional shock, he and the Chief Inspector put Amala in a very obscene position on her back on the bed. They made her lie down with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. 

“Oh.....please not any’t do this.....PLEASE..NO MORE,” she begged.

Munyambu made sure that Pallav was seated right where he could have a clear view.  Then grinning, Kamau slid his fingers obscenely up the insides of her plump thighs and said to her, “I’m gonna give you an exam.”

“ PLEASE don’t....Oh....please don’t do that. Not in front of my son.....PLEASE.......PLEASE,” she pleaded.

Ignoring her, he pushed her thighs to her chest and made her hold them there.  In this position, her genitals and anus were completely exposed. This is the position the doctor puts a woman into for a pelvic exam. 

Munyambu asked Amala if she was embarrassed: “Did you notice the bulge in your son’s pants? You’re exciting him.....making him hot.  If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say, “IUD.”

With the thought of becoming pregnant with a black child as the alternative....Amala  felt she had no choice.  She bit her lip, looked over at her son and then at the lump in his thin cotton pants and closed her eyes.  Kamau, grinning at Pallav, began to slowly and methodically give her a complete pelvic in front of her son.

The boy kept looking at what the policeman was doing.  In this position, Mama was exposing EVERYTHING to him.  It became even more humiliating as Kamau pointed out all the parts of her pussy to him.  In effect, he was giving the boy a sex education class with his mother as the live exhibit.   As he toyed with Amala’s large clitoris, he told the boy that you could tell from the size of it and how it protruded from the prepuce that his Mama was a bhagat.   He had teased it expertly out from under the hood.  Her pussy was drooling at that point and her juices had begun to run down the crack of her ass.

He went on, “see her juicy pussy?  When a pussy gets this wet – the woman is a slut.  See her pussy lips and how big her clit is? You see? See how hairy she is - all around her pussy - and her asshole too.  See?  Look at how wet your Mama’s pussy is.  You can always tell a bhagat by how wet her pussy gets.  Can you smell her?  Her smell is strong, isn’t it?  Look at her asshole.  She has a sensitive shit-hole. Here, I’ll show you....”

He toyed with her anus and pushed his finger inside, making her groan.  Amala felt terribly violated.  His words were worse than the penetration.  It was like he was using sandpaper on her soul to scrape her raw.  She hated him for what he was doing to her.  She hated him more for what this was doing to her boy.  ‘This will scar him for life’, she worried.  Kamau kept up a running commentary, pointing out her reactions.  Especially how wet she was.  He made her groan out loud when he put his second and third fingers inside her vagina at the 1 o’clock position and began rubbing and stroking the front wall of her pussy.

He turned his hand so that his palm was down and then probed all around to find the “sweet spot”.  He found what he was looking for: a bumpy spot about two inches inside on the front wall of her vagina.  He began rubbing and pressing the spot until he had Amala wiggling her ass like a whore and humping her hips against his hand.

Pallav couldn’t believe his eyes.  His Mama was behaving like one of the girls on the desi Internet porn sites. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen or imagined!  It seemed as if the black man was using her like a doll or a toy.  With his fingers buried deep inside her he was making her writhe, squirm and wiggle like she was a hand puppet!  And Amala felt herself losing control.  He had found her G-spot and working it relentlessly, he pushed her closer to an orgasm.  Her whole body and soul was screaming for her to be able to control herself.  She wanted to avoid, at any cost, cumming in front of her son. 

But no matter what she did - despite her best efforts to control herself, it was no use.  Her hips, rocking and rolling, showed the boy how far gone she was and soon, as he began a frantic frigging of her pussy, she began spraying.  As the full impact of the orgasm overwhelmed her, she squirted her pussy juice to wet the bed covers. The more he rubbed that spot, the more fluid spurted and spewed from her urethra.  Pallav had his hand in his pocket and had begun to squeeze his penis - inflamed by the spectacle he was witnessing.

Amala grunted and groaned as the waves of pleasure surged through her body. When the storm rolling through her body had subsided, she was so ashamed.  She turned her face to hide behind her right bicep.  She knew that Pallav had seen the whole nasty spectacle.  Her juice had splashed all over the bed - she had ejaculated so much.  Kamau shoved his wet fingers at Pallav again to give him his mother’s scent. 

Amala had come up to a sitting position with her legs together and her arms crossed over her big breasts.  She was desperate to try and regain some dignity in front of her son....

“Only a bhagat squirts pussy juice like that, Pallav,” Munyambu said to the boy.

Amala, hearing that, wanted to cry.  She was bleeding in her soul; the mental pain was so overwhelming.  To have her son see her cum was mental torture of the worst kind.  She felt so ashamed she wanted to die. And it got worse when Munyambu made her say what she was....

“Say I’m a dirty bhagat.”

“Please don’t make me say that.....PLEASE....NO....PLEASE.”


“I...I’m a....dirty bhagat.

Pallav had also been swept up by the scene.  His penis was throbbing and his balls had started to ache.  It was driving him crazy.  The whole thing was unbelievable and completely extreme.  Here he was in his own house and a strange man, her mother’s  lover apparently, had masturbated her right in front of him.  He was overwhelmed - completely in the grip of what Munyambu had created in the room.  Munyambu, for his part, was only beginning to put the Indian mother in distress.  He went over to her lingerie drawer, rummaged around and found her vibrator.  He held it up and Amala’s face went white when she saw it. 

The Black Mamba

Now here in her bedroom, she was confronted by the sex toy she used in private.  She bought it online.  Its name was the “Black Mamba”.  Now Munyambu was waving it around.  It was all of 23 centimeters long and 18 centimeters in circumference....... a surreal copy of a black man’s cock and balls.  She looked over at Pallav to see the shocked reaction on his face.  She wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say! Kamau spoke for her.

“You know what that is, Pallav? It’s Mama’s sex toy.  She uses it to fuck herself.  She likes big, black dick so much that she needs this all the time.”

Pallav gulped hard and his eyes went from the device to his mother and then back again.  Her reaction showed him that his Mama had incredibly strange and secret desires.  He was astonished with the revelation that his Mama had needs and cravings that he did not think a mother could or should have.  ‘What does my father think of this,’ he wondered?

“Are you surprised to see this, Amala? Isn’t this what you use to fuck your slutty pussy?  Well, I don’t want you to miss your daily session with your fuck toy,” Munyambu said.

“Oh, Pallav....forgive me...please forgive me,” Amala mumbled - glancing at the boy quickly and then looking down at her hands folded in her lap.

“Give him a demonstration,” Munyambu said.

She looked up at him and, with her eyes showing desperation, began imploring him to let her avoid this new indignity.  After listening to her whine and plead, Munyambu gave her a look that melted her resistance and she took the toy from him.  He made lie on her back and masturbate in front of her son with her own vibrator.  He ordered her to do it the way she did it when no one was looking.  Humiliated, she had no choice and began to run it slowly from the vaginal opening – sluicing it thru her wet labia to run the tip all over her labia and finally around her clit. 

She vibrated her clitoris for awhile and that made her moan.  She soon came by concentrating on her clitoris.  And then, with Munyambu directing her, she worked it into her vagina.   Finally, she’d forced the whole thing into her pussy and began working it in and and out.  Soon, she tensed up and her legs went stiff and as the waves of pleasure surged thru her body, she let go of the vibe.   The clenching of her vaginal muscles as she writhed in the throes of orgasm squirted the vibrator out of her pussy.

“LOOK – look at how your Mama cums,” Munyambu said to the boy as the vibrator went sailing.

He picked it up and showed the boy the nasty ring of “lather” around the base of  the shaft.  Amala covered her face with her hands, moaning softly and just lay

there.  Munyambu went to the bathroom and came back holding a tube of jelly.  He lubed the vibrator.

“Let’s show him how much you like being fucked in your shit-hole,” he announced.

“,” she groaned.  “Not that....PLEASE,” she begged and grabbed his wrist.

She didn’t want Pallav to see that.  He’d seen enough.  That would show her son that she was a kali gandee, a dark woman who liked to be fucked in the ass.  There was nothing lower among high-born Indians.  Amala knew if her son saw that side of herself he would never look at her same way again.  Her shame had grown with each violation, but if Munyambu sodomized her with her own vibrator and she came, that would be too much.   She looked over at Pallav and saw he still had an erection tenting his shorts.  Munyambu greased the toy well with some lube; and then indicated with a motion of his hand that he wanted Amala on her belly.  Groaning and reluctant, she rolled over and waited submissively.

Munyambu said to Pallav, “wait till you see this.”

He spread open her cheeks to expose her anus and then spit on it.  Then he took his time and forced about 14 centimeters of the tool into her rectum.  He used her moaning and whimpers to let him pace the intrusion.  Working it in and out, he had her wiggling and crying out at the invasion of her most personal hole.  But soon he forced it past both sphincters and got it deep in her rectum.   He began to rub her clitoris too and while Amala kept her eyes closed and tried to will her body not to react, not to shame herself anymore in front of her son, he found a rhythm and sodomizing her with her own vibrator, made her cum.  She cried out and there was no doubt that she’d had an orgasm. After this, Munyambu wanted her to admit what she was to the boy.....

“Say.... I’m a kali gandee....SAY IT.”

This was the worst name Amala could ever imagine.....but she had been so shamed by her own performance, that Munyambu only had to bully her a little and she said it....tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I....I’m a kali gandee.  Forgive me Pallav....OH GOD, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.”

Munyambu told the boy, “Your Mama’s a shit-hole slut.  That’s the lowest kind of bhagat.....a kali gandee!”

Amala covered her face with her hands in disgrace.  She knew her son would never see her same way again.  Deep down, she was devastated her son had seen her darkest side; and he himself had gotten aroused.  This was real torture.  This was as bad as anything Munyambu and his goons had ever done to her.  It was extreme sexual humiliation for her and a violation of her son’s innocence.  It was mental abuse...... terrible mental abuse - easy for Munyambu to employ as he seemed to be a expert in such mental torture. 

Pallav, of course, had been perversely aroused.  He had some dark thoughts of his own seeing what Munyambu had done to his Mama.  She was his own mother, after all.  And to be aroused by your Mama was wrong, he knew.   But, perhaps because it was his own mother that he found it so compelling.  He rocked back and forth on the seat, trying to relieve the unbearable tension he was feeling.  His penis was as hard as could be and drooling with excitement.  His balls ached and he didn’t know what to do.

“Please don’t do anything else to her,” he finally said to Munyambu. 

The Chief Inspector looked over a bit surprised, but then grinned at the boy’s defense of his Mama.  This was the first protest from him.  He hadn’t said anything before this.  Perhaps he was ashamed he had an erection.  He was so aroused that the front of his pants was wet with pre-cum. 

“Don’t be a baby,” Munyambu said to him evenly. “I’m giving you the opportunity every nice Indian boy wants.  What boy like you hasn’t masturbated thinking about his Mama or his Auntie?  You should thank me.  Look,” he said pointing to the tent in his pants.  “You like it. Your prick doesn’t lie.”

Hearing that, Pallav’s courage abandoned him and he hung his head.  He felt ashamed.  His raging erection spoke volumes. In fact, his balls ached and he needed to cum.  What would Mama think if she knew he was going to masturbate after this, thinking of her?  And yet, he just had to.  It was driving him crazy.   Munyambu anticipated this.  And what he was going to do to Amala next would shame her down to her toes.  He had Kamau grab her by her thick black hair and forced her down to her knees. With Pallav’s eyes growing wider by the second, the black man took out his big cock out for the boy to see.

Turning back to Amala, Kamau said, “let’s show him how much you love the real thing.” 

He held her by her hair, but it wasn’t necessary.  Any resolve she felt earlier had crumbled and she was like putty in his hands.  As Pallav watched, transfixed, she lapped at his big balls, ran her tongue lovingly up and down the shaft and gave his manhood, every part of it, wet sucking kisses.  Kamau was very hard and just stood there with his hands on his hips enjoying her oral worship. 

Soon she had it in her mouth and wetly sucked on him.  The corners of her mouth glistened with her saliva and when she took it out of her mouth there was so much pre-cum and her spit that it just dribbled from her mouth.  She used the fingers of her other hand to cup and fondle his ball sack and ran her nails over the crinkled, hairy bag at the same time.  Pallav was on fire.  He felt very self-conscious but wanted to touch himself so badly.  All he could do was watch his mother perform a totally scandalous act, one he had only enjoyed watching Indian Aunties perform on desi porn sites.  The Chief Inspector stepped up and unzipped.  He took his cock out too and stood next to Amala.  Soon, she was sucking both men....

That’s when Munyambu turned to Pallav and said, “take it out boy and jerk off.  It’s OK...It’s time you got some relief.”

Amala’s eyes flew open and she began to beg Munyambu to send the boy from the room. 

“OH PLEASE, don’t let him do that,” she whined.

“You see your son....his balls are ready to burst.  He’s been suffering watching you perform like a slut.  He needs some relief, woman.”

Amala looked over at Pallav and then back at Munyambu – she was paralyzed.  The Chief Inspector had decided and when he made a motion for the boy to drop his pants, Pallav didn’t resist.  He was ready to explode and began untying the drawstring on his loose cotton pants.  Amala looked at what her son was doing and realized that it was inevitable.  Munyambu would get his way.  And her son, being a teenager, was probably ready to explode with the show she had been forced to give.  It was twisted and wrong, but at that point, she was a marionette being manipulated by a man who was a master at such things.

Still kneeling, she watched as Pallav pulled down his white jockey shorts.  His uncircumcised penis sprang up as if on a string.  He was of normal size and now that his penis was on display Amala could see he had a lalloo, a Hindu term for a penis with a pinkish-brown shaft and a hot red cock head.   This was considered an upper-class coloration for a Hindu male.  Loving him so and now seeing his vulnerable organ, she felt a rush of affectionate feelings which tempered the guilt and shame she had been feeling. The boy began stroking his penis as he watched his Mama. 

Kamau and Munyambu went back to making Amala suck their cocks.  Amala still kneeling, had Kamau’s dick in her mouth and used her right hand to rub and touch his right buttock or his ball sack.  She then held Munyambu’s cock and sucked on it.  Soon Pallav had spread the wetness drooling from his penis all over the shaft and was stroking himself very carefully.  He was trying to stretch out and enjoy his masturbation, but he was so excited that he knew he would cum very quickly if he really took his penis in hand and jerked it hard.

Kamau, meanwhile, forced Amala to take more of his dick and made her gag.  Her retching sounds only added to the mind-blowing excitement Pallav felt.  His mother was behaving like a bhagasya - a woman whose mouth was being used like a vagina.  As the black man approached his precious moment, Mama looked over at Pallav who avoided her eyes.  He grunted three times and began hosing Amala’s mouth with his bountiful ejaculation.  She was so ashamed that her son was watching her service a black man with her mouth.

“Oh it cums....take it slut.....take it ALL,” Kamau groaned as his penis twitched and gushed his load. 

Pallav, tickling his ball sack and stroking himself slow and then fast....slow and then fast, erupted like a fountain too.  His semen flew two feet to land on the carpet.  He milked his prick and he kept spurting.  Finally, he just squeezed it to make the last drop fall as he watched his Mama try and handle the load being deposited in her mouth.  When he had relieved himself of his precious semen and looked at his Mama, her eyes were on his.  She had seen him cumming from the corner of her eye.  She hated that he had reached a climax watching her.  It was a supreme humiliation.

When it was just a trickle Kamau pulled out and made Pallav see what Mama had in her mouth before she was allowed to swallow his precious “gift”.  Pallav saw her gulp and swallow the man’s semen.  Then Amala had to lick up the droplet on

the tip of the urethral opening.  Finally Munyambu had her lick and kiss him from his nut sack to the crown of his dick.  Pallav was lightheaded as he watched his mother worship the older man’s dick with her full lips and pink tongue.  When Munyambu came in her mouth, she looked over and locked eyes again with Pallav.  For mother and son it was another hotly charged emotion packed moment.  Feelings of tenderness, lust, shame and guilt were swirled together in a potent cocktail that was intoxicating and disturbing to both.  Pallav, humiliated, pulled up his shorts and pants and fled the room, leaving his mother with the two men.

“Well that’s enough for today. You’ve shown your boy what you are,” Munyambu said, leaning back on the divan.

Amala was emotionally exhausted.  Munyambu crooked his finger and made her come over to him and kneel at this feet.  He took her face in his hands and began talking to her.

“I can’t take anymore,” she said. “I can’t. It’s emotionally the worst thing I could ever have imagined.”

“Call me Daddy,” Munyambu said...correcting her.

“Yes....yes Daddy, I.....I .....can’t do it anymore....Please Daddy,” she whined.

“Yes, you know why?  You know why,” he said?


“Because you’re Daddy’s dirty slut.....aren’t you?”

“ Please don’t make me say that.”

“Say I’m Daddy’s dirty slut,” he crooned to her.

Soon, tears welling up in her eyes.... she said what he wanted her to say, “I’m Daddy’s dirty slut.”

Amala put her face in her hands and sobbed.  She was so ashamed......How much lower could she be forced to go? Little did she know....

Marital Shame

“Oh....God.....he’s here,” Amala said turning to her husband.  “He just buzzed...He’s at the front gate.  I had to let him in.....stall him...stall him!”

“Chief Inspector Adoyo.........oh, shit,” said Gopal - going to the window to look. Their house was on a sizeable piece of land in the suburb of Hurlingham with a long driveway that went from the front gate to the house. The Rangan family were well-to-do and because of Nairobi’s history of violence, had a watch guard and burglar grills on their house.  As Gopal stared, he saw the lorry coming up the driveway, past the little kiosk that housed the guard.

“Stall him.....I promised him that the next time he saw me I’d be shaven. I’ve got to go the bathroom ......quick,” she said.

“Don’t worry dear.....I’ll stall him..... I’ll get him a go....go,” he said.

“Play for time.....please,” she begged.

Amala ran to the bathroom and rummaged around in the cabinet for the shaving cream her husband used on weekends when he didn’t use his electric razor.  The Chief Inspector had ordered her to shave her pussy.  She was hairy, including around her she was nervous getting everything together that she needed.  She knew that if she wasn’t bare down there, Munyambu had promised her that he would hang her by her wrists from the big tree in her garden and use a pair of pliers to pull her pubic hairs out slowly one-by-one.  Then he told her that he would use a sjambok on her buttocks.

The thought of that sort of torture in her own home was more than she was willing to bear.  She sat on the sink and used Gopal’s shaving mirror.  First she used a scissors and then lavished a huge handful of shaving cream all over her crotch.  She had to be careful not to nick herself, and it was tedious going. Shaving herself as carefully as possible, she was soon nice and smooth.  Then she did her underarms too.  She even made use of the electric razor she used on her legs afterwards to apply the finishing touches.  The hardest part was shaving around her anus, but she did it.  She rinsed herself off, brushed her hair, refreshed her lipstick, applied a dab of perfume behind her ears and stripped off her clothes. She put on a short silk lounging robe and changed into a pair of black heels.  Then she headed down the hallway. 

Gopal had admitted the Chief Inspector, Kamau, Simba, Mosi and Zuberi.  They were seated in the living room, and Gopal had busied himself with fetching them

drinks.  Before she entered the room, Amala checked her pubic area one more time.  Munyambu had instructed her that the next time he came over she was to be “shaven” on his arrival.  She walked in and Gopal’s heart was in his mouth.  His wife looked beautiful.  She showed no emotions on her face but when she caught her husband’s eye, a glimmer of shame was there.

The Chief Inspector looked her over and smiled. She was a fulsome, well-built, brown skinned woman.  Then he told Gopal to fetch her a drink.  Neither of them drank alcoholic drinks, but Gopal kept a bottle of scotch and a bottle of brandy for guests. Munyambu told them he wanted both of them to have a drink. 

Gopal gulped, nodded and trotted over to the credenza.  He came back with a scotch and soda for himself and one for Amala.  She tried to beg off, but Munyambu said something and she took the drink and sat on the couch next to him.   He had patted the seat indicating he wanted her to sit next to him.  As Gopal watched, Munyambu pulled her close.  Presently, he grabbed her tits and gave them affectionate little squeezes.

“By the way, is your son home,” he asked her?

“He’s with my parents this weekend,” she admitted.

“He’s working on a school project,” Gopal added.

For Gopal his fear was that he would be compelled to show his son that he was a irshyeka, a man who got pleasure from watching his wife sexed by other men.  He worried about the boy seeing him in this light.  And for Amala, it was enough that Pallav had seen her naked and that she had to masturbate in front of him and came in his presence.  The awful experience of seeing her son aroused by what she had been forced to do filled her with shame.  The humiliation she felt only added to the sulfurous mix of emotions which swirled like a maelstrom through her.  Seeing the men in her living room and imagining what she would be doing very soon filled her with dismay.  Gopal was secretly very pleased that the boy was not home.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Munyambu suggested.

Gopal looked at his wife, and gulped. There was nothing to do, but obey.  The five men and the couple padded down the hallway to the couple’s bedroom. Twenty minutes later, the familiar sounds of Amala being pleasured wafted through the house.  Anyone who looked in on the couple would have seen Kamau and Zuberi

naked from the waist down.  They had just finished fucking Amala.  She was on her back and lying there in a post-orgasmic fog.  Gopal was sitting on the small divan.  He made sure not to look any of the men in the eye.  Amala moved her thighs open and closed, just a little, feeling the residual spasms pulsing through her loins.  Mosi had brought the Kikuyu maid with him on his way back from the kitchen to get something for them to drink. 

“Mchumba, the mistress of the house has something to show you,” Munyambu said, grinning and pointing at Amala.   This made Kamau laugh out loud.  Mchumba was in her early twenties, a young pretty thing.  Very black and slim with a lovely smile.  She came into the bedroom very warily.  When she saw Amala lying on the bed, naked, she was very surprised.  And the sight of Kamau, Simba and Zuberi naked from the waist down made her cover her mouth with her hand.  She was Kikuyu and then men from her tribe were all circumcised when they became teens.  Munyambu and his men were all Luo, who didn’t practice circumcision.  She giggled as she caught glimpses of their cocks.

It was a terribly cruel thing for Munyambu to say that, ‘Amala had something to show her.’  As he said it, he motioned to Simba who went over and took hold of Amala’s ankles and hauled her legs up.....until her knees were pointing at the wall behind her.  This exposed the purse of her pussy and now, newly shaven, her prominent labia could be clearly seen.  As he pulled her thighs wide open...then wider.... the young maid could see everything! 

Amala’s crotch was so bare that everything she had, not only her womanhood, but her brown hole was on obscene display.   Amala’s pussy, with its black-tipped inner labia in all its glory, was completely revealed.  Her sex lips gaped open.  Amala tried to resist having her legs pulled open.  She tried to fight Simba a little as he spread her, but it was no use.  Her pussy was full of cum and that could be seen too.  Mchumba looked at her mistress in a new light.  To see her lying there like a whore for the men was an unbelievable sight.  She would never see her mistress in the same light again.

“Gopal, get her vibrator....the big, black one she keeps in her drawer....the drawer with her underwear,” said Munyambu.

Gopal looked like he didn’t know what Munyambu was saying.

“You know what I mean.  It’s in her drawer.  GO GET IT....NOW.”

Mchumba watched as Gopal dutifully got up to do the boss man’s bidding. She would never see Gopal as the big-shot master of the house either.  What attracted the girl’s eyes like a magnet, however, was  the sight of Amala’s open pussy.  Shaven and spread open she could see everything.  Her fat outer so open....her purple-nearly-black-at-the-edges inner labia, like a butterfly’s wings preparing for flight....her large clitoris, now well out of its hood and swelling hot pink; and the vaginal opening drooling a pearly river of cum.  And there was a juicy gathering at the bottom of her slit with her vaginal secretions and semen ....All yawning open to reveal its mysteries now.  ‘What a come down for the Indian woman,’ Mchumba thought to herself.  ‘She’s not so high and mighty now!’

Gopal came over, flushed, carrying his wife’s vibrator.  Zuberi began chuckling at the sight of it.

“So that’s what she uses when we’re not around,” he laughed. 

Mchumba chuckled at this too.   ‘So, my mistress uses a fake cock to make herself happy,’ she thought. ‘Her husband must not be much of a man for her to need that,’ she thought.   The girl looked around and realized that all these men had probably had her mistress too.    She was also very curious as to what they would do to Amala – while she was in the room!  The Chief Inspector took the vibrator from Gopal and brandishing it... brought it over to Amala. 

“Do you want me to use this on you,” he asked her?


“Or, do you want me to use the sjambok on you,” he asked?

“We have one in the lorry....all I gotta do is say the word and he’ll get it,” he said yanking a thumb in Mosi’s direction.

“Oh....NO....NO....PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME DO IT....”

“Do what?”

“Use it....use it,” she moaned.

“Do you want me to shove this in your wife’s cunt,” Munyambu asked, turning to Gopal?

The husband looked at the maid quickly, and then at the Munyambu and said, “not with her present....please Sir.”

Mchumba realized that her boss was down low on the pecking order in this room.....She turned to look at the Chief Inspector with wonder in her eyes.  She was secretly pleased that a black man, even if he was Luo, was lording it over her Indian boss.  She was not very fond of Amala, but had even less regard for Gopal.  Only Pallav in the house had her respect.  The boy had always treated her well.

Munyambu turned to Mosi and said quietly, “strip him put the cuffs on his balls.”


As Mchumba watched, shocked, the gnomish older man, who was still fully dressed, grabbed Gopal, manhandled him and then stripped him.  Gopal put up only token resistance.  He seemed paralyzed as if the Chief Inspector’s dominance, his own shame and Mosi’s sheer ugly presence had hamstrung him.  The Corporal pulled off his shirt, khaki shorts and his jockey shorts.   Mchumba found herself staring at her boss’s exposed, uncircumcised lalloo.  She giggled as he was somewhat small in size. 

The girl found it mind-blowing to see her boss taken over and controlled.  Almost as out-of-place as seeing her mistress with her legs held open for inspection.  And she could see that Gopal was very embarrassed to be naked in front of her.  She stared at his penis.  He was very nervous, so it was somewhat fear shrunken.  And his testicles had been drawn up into his body.  He looked very feminine from the waist down to Mchumba.

But what really blew Mchumba’s mind was the contraption that Mosi took out of a canvas bag he’d brought.  The “ball cuffs”.  Gopal had worn cuffs at the warehouse during the Cuckold Bench video shoot and he felt sick when he saw them.  He was horrified that Mchumba was going to witness this degradation too.  Made of lacquered wood and shaped to fit behind his legs and under his buttocks, there was an opening in the center.  Mosi, sweating with the exertion, got Gopal bent over, and had trouble getting Gopal’s testicles to descend so he could trap them in his scrotum .  Finally he got them down far enough to fit the two pieces together around his nuts and lock the cuffs. 

Now clad only in his socks and sandals, with the device trapping his balls, Gopal tried to walk but could only stumble around.   He looked comical.  They had turned him into a “court jester”.  He only took a step or two before he was forced to squat.

And then he fell forward on his hands and knees.  Mchumba watched as Gopal was reduced to a crawling thing.  Looking around the room, she saw glee on the faces of her fellow blacks.  She didn’t want to show her employers how she felt, so she put her hand over her mouth to conceal her smile.  It was quite a sight she was witnessing and she had all she could do to not laugh out loud.

Munyambu and his crew’s smug pleasure was so apparent, as they forced Gopal down the dominance ladder.  Mchumba stared at the sight of Gopal reduced to a puppet.  Amala looked over too with sadness and sympathy in her eyes as her husband was cruelly dominated.  Mosi, grinning like a mad black leprechaun, pushed Gopal this way and that, having sport with him.  The poor man crawled around a bit and then, resigned, he just cowered on his hands and knees. 

Gopal’s balls, trapped in the cuffs, looked obscene.  Like two skinned baby animals that had gotten caught in a trap.   It was so humiliating for him to be rendered so powerless.  The very things that gave him power as a man now held him helpless in front of his wife and their maid.

“Are you ready for us to fuck your wife,” Munyambu asked him?

Gopal, for his part, was emotionally defeated.  With Mchumba watching him struggling to get up, only to be forced down on all fours to relieve the tension on his scrotum, his humbled position exposing the weakness in his body and soul, he didn’t have much fight in him.  Trying again to find a way to move with the cuffs on, he just ended up rolling over and grunting in pain.  The awfulness of it all registered most on Amala’s face. 

Since he hadn’t answered the question, Kamau, came over, with his wet cock dangling, pulled Gopal up so that he was on his hands and knees again.  He got behind him and squeezed his nuts and Gopal, after wincing and then crying out in pain, became as submissive as a lamb.  His balls were in another man’s hand and that man  slowly and sadistically compressed them!  Gopal, sweating like a pig and groaning in pain, found whatever shred of resistance he had left, had evaporated.

Munyambu, meanwhile, had made Amala say she wanted the vibrator.  So, he began rubbing her pussy with it.  Working the tip all over her labia and all around her clitoris, he got her moaning.  When he held it alongside her clitoris at the 1 o’clock position, Amala began writhing like a trapped eel on a hook. 

“Ask us real nice to fuck your wife,” Kamau barked at Gopal.

Kamau still had Gopal’s nuts.  The Indian husband’s spirit was broken now. 

“Yes, Sir,” he said so quietly that almost no one heard. “Please... fuck my wife.”

Kamau didn’t feel he was enthusiastic enough and squeezed his balls again.

Gopal cried out and then screamed, “PLEASE FUCK MY WIFE SIR.” 

Mchumba realized that her employers were just hand puppets now.  They were trapped by men who took what they wanted and would use violence whenever it suited them.  And it was obvious that they just loved to humiliate the couple. Kamau pointed to a place next to the bed.  Gopal crawled over.  He hated to let his wife and the maid see him crawling like a toad. But, beaten now, he struggled over to take his place beside his wife.  He had to  do a humiliating “duck-walk” to get to where she was.  

He looked at Mchumba and grimaced.  Mosi, Simba and Zuberi began mocking him as he shuffled over.  Gopal avoided looking at Mchumba standing at right angles to him.   Kamau made him “stand guard”.  As he watched Munyambu playing expertly with his wife, he got an erection.  Amala was wiggling her ass like a coochie dancer as Munyambu worked her pussy with the vibrator.  And then, Mchumba, trying to digest what she was seeing, stared Munyambu, who when he saw her looking at him, grinned at her as if to say, ‘well, young you see who’s really in charge.’ 

Kamau, seeing his erection, said to Gopal dismissively, “play with yourself now.”

Mchumba felt sorry for Gopal at that moment.  He was being humiliated in the cruelest of ways.  Mosi and Simba began taking off their trousers and shorts.   Munyambu played with Amala some more.  He was fully dressed still.   But when Simba’s dick was seen it was fully erect; and Gopal felt like sinking into the floor.  He realized that this man’s long dick was going to be inside his wife too.  Mosi had the go-ahead to enjoy her oral attentions.  He made her kiss, lick and suck his dick and then came in her mouth.  He pulled out prematurely so that he finished ejaculating partly on her face. 

Gopal gasped, seeing his wife so degraded.  He had begun to quietly touch himself.  He had gotten the pre-cum all over the head of his prick and was moving his hand slowly up and down the shaft of his penis.  He was sitting on his calves and had his left hand tickling his stretched nut sack as he played with his penis. At one point,

he locked eyes with the maid and Gopal looked for sympathy in the maid’s face.  She turned away. 

Gopal, humiliated, stopped playing with himself.  He began to masturbate again when Simba stepped up and began fucking his wife.  Very quickly, Amala was moaning, writhing, grunting, groaning and crying out.  When Simba got his long, black dick in Amala and began to give her a memorable ride, Gopal began stroking himself harder.  As his dick bottomed out in her shaven, wet vaginal sheath and began thumping her “epicenter”....she began squirting and screaming as a deep vaginal-uterine orgasm hit her like an express train.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as wave after wave of pleasure surged up thru her belly to her breastbone and down her thighs.

What was particularly hurtful and devastating to Gopal was listening to his wife as she was fucked by another man.  He knew the sounds she made when they made love.  She would cry out, “ah, Ah, oh, Oh.”  But as young Simba, only 19,  gave her a royal shafting....her cries went on longer, to be sure.  But it was how loud her “AH’s” and “OH’s” became.  Her voice went up another octave and when she came she was shrieking. 

Gopal had never heard her make sounds like that when he made love to her.....It was heart-rending....Simba fucked her royally with Mchumba seeing everything and made her cum easily.   He got so worked up that he came within moments watching Simba fuck Amala senseless.  The maid had slunk back against the wall watching the depravities orchestrated by the Chief Inspector.  It was like an orgy.  She was just a nice country girl and had never seen anything like it.

Then Simba, who still hadn’t cum, got some lotion from the bathroom and working with Kamau ....they began to double team Amala.  Kamau got on the bed on his back.  Simba got Amala straddling Kamau who worked his cock into her sexhole.   Simba greased her anus and worked some of it into her rectum.  Then kneeling behind her, he called to Gopal and told him to put his cock into his wife.  Gopal muttered, “Oh, shit,” and shuffled over.  It was hard for him to get up on the bed without the ball cuffs hurting him, but he did it.

It was very humiliating.  He had to take hold of Simba’s spear and put it right on her anus.  Touching another man’s penis and putting the head of that cock right up against her wife’s asshole.  The young black man soon had her shit hole loosened up and it took him just a moment to fully work it in and penetrate her.  With a cock in her rectum, Amala began to squeal and groan.   Her sphincter soon gripped the

base of his cock  - squeezing it.  Gopal had to slink off the bed and wound up squatting next to the bed....watching Simba fuck his wife in the ass.  He looked over to see Mchumba with the fingers of her left hand splayed over her face, watching the action, but obviously embarrassed by it all.

As everyone watched, Simba began to ride Amala like she was a stolen car.  He started off slow, but soon he humped relentlessly in and out of her asshole like a piston, slickly penetrating her bowels.  Now that he was fully inside her, he gripped her sweaty hips, so he could plow into her asshole with hard, powerful strokes.  Before long, he was slamming into her with all his power to skewer her bowels.  Involuntarily, Amala cried out. 

This along with a low constant, keening moan came from her lips.  Her hands pawed helplessly at Kamau’s shoulders and biceps each time Simba really jammed it into her.  Next, incoherent animal-like sounds and a long moan came from her mouth, the volume rising and falling in time with Simba’s humping.  Kamau just lay there, content to let her writhe and wiggle, impaled as she was on his cock, as Simba made her squirm like an eel on a hook.

Mosi and Munyambu clapped their hands in time with his thrusts into her open ass hole.  It seemed to Gopal as if it would go on forever.  Simba stayed hard stroke after stroke,  battering her body.  Only when he felt her submit totally and cum, did he ejaculate in her rectum.   He came cursing her and cried out triumphantly as he filled her asshole with his hot cum.   Mosi and Munyambu applauded as he got off her.

“You’re a kali gandee,” Munyambu said to her.

He made her say it too.  Kamau began humping her and Munyambu got behind her and taking off his belt, began to whip her fat buttocks to encourage her to fuck Kamau.  As Mchumba watched bug-eyed, Amala began to perform like a slut, or in her parlance, a dirty bhagat.  She wiggled her ass up and down on Kamau’s glistening, slippery dick like a female dog in heat.  Sweat flew off her and her tits bobbed and swayed crazily as she rode the cock in her cunt.

She kept shaking her ass, as well as going up and down, mounted on Kamau’s substantial cock.  Her cries got louder and louder as she approached her cum. When she climaxed, she squealed like a pig and then slumped on Kamau’s chest like she was going to pass out.  Kamau soon pushed her off him and got up.  Then, pulling her over to the side of the bed, and making her sprawl with her legs open, he stood over her and jerked off on her, aiming at her pussy. 

When he came, he made his ejaculation land on her shaved crotch to add to the fuck slime drooling out of her ravaged sex hole.  Then, Munyambu called to Gopal and crooked his finger at him.  He wanted him to get between his wife thighs.  He pointed to Amala’s sloppy crotch and Gopal shuffled humiliatingly over to it.  He frowned.  He knew that when he would be made to lick his wife’s messy genitals, he would be a fuddi-chus (cunt licker). 

“You know what you have to do...right,” Munyambu asked him?

“Uh....OH GOD.  Do I have to? OH...please don’t make me do that.......oh....uhhh....ooohh.”

Munyambu pointed again to Amala’s wet pussy. Gopal leaned forward, and with Kamau pushing on the back of his head, began working on his wife’s wet sex.  He was made to kiss, lick and suck it. Of course it was packed with semen and he was in effect “cleaning” her. Since Kamau had deposited sperm in her vagina and Simba had filled her rectum, along with her copious secretions, she was a mess.   A very degrading task.  They kept him at it until Amala came.   Gopal kissed and licked his wife’s pussy and even thrust his tongue into her vagina to lap up the fuck slime.  And he got to make his wife cum with an audience watching.  

“Well, I’m gonna have her sit on your face,” Munyambu said. “So, you get to clean her dirty asshole too,” he said grinning.

As Mchumba watched, totally blown away, they took the cuffs off Gopal and he was made to lie on his back on the bed.  They got Amala straddling his head - and then sit down on her husband’s face, facing his feet.  This put her anus right on his nose.  She rested her hands on his hips and Kamau actually pulled her ass cheeks apart to make sure that Gopal had his nose and mouth right where it would do the most good.  Munyambu directed Amala to rock back and forth over her husband’s face.  She had to wiggle her hips and ass to rub her pussy all over her husband’s nose, mouth and chin.  He had to keep his mouth open and use his lips and tongue on his wife’s wet vagina and her clitoris. 

Gopal found it disgusting since her dirty shit hole was pressing right up against his nose,  but he to concentrate and lick her labia and clitoris when they were presented.  When Amala moved vigorously back and forth, his face was being

roughly used, allowing her to masturbate and whether he wanted to or not.  He had to endure it....smothered by her open pussy and her anus.  Munyambu kept the couple doing this until Amala came and this caused whatever semen remained in her vagina to gush.  Lastly, Gopal was made to stick his tongue inside her shit hole to clean her there.  The  maid watched wide-eyed as they performed like trained animals.  Both of them had really stepped down....all the way down!  Poor Gopal had truly become a irshyeka (cuckold).

After this, Munyambu sent Mchumba to the kitchen for beer and curry.  She soon returned toting six bottles of beer and a pot of curry.  The Chief Inspector opened the beer and soon all were drinking and relaxing.  Gopal was sitting on the floor hugging his knees.  Mchumba was allowed to leave.  Amala was sprawled on the bed, in a fetal position and rubbing her nose.  She seemed like she was in another world. And in truth, after all her orgasms she was floating in a fog.  It was time for the Chief Inspector to have some fun with her. 

Forced to Drink

“You must be thirsty, Amala,” he said addressing her.

“Uh...oh....ummm...yeah...a little,” she said.

“Good, Mosi, give her a beer,” he said holding up his bottle for emphasis.

She shook her head, ‘no’.

“I want you to drink.....”

Amala finally seemed like she woke up. She stared at the bottle.  Gopal felt butterflies in his stomach at the prospect of seeing her forced.  Since she didn’t want to do it, Munyambu had them haul her up and plop her into a chair that Kamau brought over from her make-up table.   They pulled her arms back and Kamau held her head and using her thick hair as a lever he pulled her head back.  When she wouldn’t open her mouth to take a drink, Mosi took hold of her right nipple and squeezed it.  Then he did the same to her other nipple. 

When she still wouldn’t do what he wanted, he pulled the nipple out as far as it would go and then gave it a sickening little twist, making her howl.  She soon opened her mouth.  Mosi poured it in and Munyambu had Gopal come over and rub her throat to encourage her to swallow.  This was the routine.  When she

gagged and balked, the gnomish Mosi tortured her nipples again.  As he rubbed his wife’s throat, Gopal developed a very stiff penis again.

It was erotic watching his wife being forced to swallow and struggle to obey what Munyambu wanted her to do.  Gopal, sickened, got aroused anyway by the sight of his wife being forced to swallow against her will.  First one bottle....and then a second.  She whined, whimpered and protested the whole way.  The Indian husband found himself weirdly excited as he watched them force her.  Mosi opened up another beer for her and they made her drink that too. 

Finally, she had drained the dregs and complained to Munyambu that she felt she was going to throw up.  He warned her that if she did he would make her lap up the vomit.  She blanched at that and clamped her mouth hard with one hand.   And then they forced a fourth beer on her.  This one got her close to vomiting and her belly was becoming distended, but Munyambu was not finished with her.

By this time, Munyambu was ready for his blow job and Amala was drunk. She slurred her words and had all she could do not to fall down.  Munyambu made Amala kneel.  He dropped his trousers and shorts  and took his time.  He wanted it soft and sweet.  He made the inebriated woman give him a slow, wet blow job with her full lips and tongue loving his 60 year old black cock.  Gopal jerked off watching her take his load of hot cum.  Afterwards, Gopal was ashamed.  But, he got very aroused when the Chief Inspector made drunken Amala say things like, “I’m a dirty slut. I’m a whore.....I’m a cum slut.  I’m a dirty bhagat.”

After she’d freely confessed her sins and admitted that she was “dirty”, Munyambu made her bend over in front of everyone and taking the pot of curry paste, he got some on two fingers. 

“Spread your cheeks, dirty girl,” he told her laughing a little.

When she’d pulled her butt cheeks open wide for him he rubbed some of the hot paste into her pussy and then all around her clitoris before he went back to the pot and got more so he could anoint her anus and work some into her rectum.  When it began to burn, Amala began hopping up and down and doing a jig.  This cracked the men up.  Holding her butt cheeks, she begged for relief.  She wanted to go to the bathroom or the sink to get some water on her inflamed girl parts.  Munyambu wouldn’t let her.

Gopal was treated to the sight of Amala turned into a sexually abused, drunken clown... teased and tormented into babbling idiocy for everyone’s amusement.  He made her exercise....She had to do “squats”.   She had to go up and down, up and down, with her arms stretched out in front her with her inflamed crotch screaming for relief.  Still drunk, she fell over.  Finally, just sobbing and rolling around on the floor, he took pity on her and had Mosi fill a pot with water. 

Gopal watched her sit her fat butt on the small pot and splash water onto her reddened genitals and anus.  It was a humiliating climax for the day’s fun and games.  Later that night, with Amala snoring next to him, Gopal masturbated twice, furiously  reliving the day’s event.  There was nothing on the Internet to rival what he’d seen and experienced.

Spying on Mama

For several months thereafter,  Amala didn’t know what to say to her son.  And in the intervening months both mother and son felt they were in middle of an emotional tsunami.  Pallav had a new fantasy woman to replace, at least temporarily, the hot desi women he found on the Internet. He had begun to fantasize about his mother a lot.  And Amala, her world had cracked in two.  She had always presented herself to the world as a proper wife and mother. This was her essential self-image.  She now had this new self to contend with...

The realization that she was a highly-sexed woman who got sexually aroused when she was humiliated was slow in coming.  She alternated with being in denial to accepting herself and masturbating.  She would re-live some of her experiences and embroider some of them to accentuate the feelings they aroused.   The myths about the black man and his potent penis were not mythological when it came  to her experiences of rape and sodomy.  She used their memory constantly as stimulation for her masturbation.

Gopal was depressed with what had happened to them.  His world had collapsed.  The most extreme and degraded fantasies had been brought to life, in his own home; and he had been forced to participate.  He worried that he and his family could be exposed.  Munyambu could turn up his blackmail demands.  He now knew that the Chief Inspector was a cruel sick man who had trapped them all like a cat captures a mouse and then plays with it.

Amala was also very concerned for Pallav.  She was her only child and she doted on him.  She loved him and was conflicted by what had happened, but she was of several minds.  On one hand, she was ashamed by what she’d been forced to do in

front of him. And she worried about what sort of impact all of this had on him.  After all he was just a teen with the raging hormones of youth and not really psychologically equipped to deal with such heavy fare.

She had deeply affectionate feelings for him....feelings that were traditional and normal but tinged as they are in so many adults when it comes to their own children.  After all, she could appreciate her son as a male too, on some level.  And when all of this was shaken up by recent events, it was inevitable that she became mixed up.  This perhaps explains what happened next.

When Pallav would come home from school, he would dash to his room to play video games if he wasn’t hanging out with his friends.  Or surf for porn... Then there was homework and education was very important in their family, as it was in so many of their background.  Her husband wouldn’t come home from the dairy, which was 44 kilometers from their house, before 6 or 7 o’clock.  So mother and son were often together in the house with just the maid for three or four hours.  Before the Chief Inspector had entered their lives, this made for normal interaction between them.  Lately, he had been avoiding her.  They had barely talked since that first incident and none at all after several visits from Kamau and Zuberi. 

So, Amala began to come to Pallav’s room and try and engage him in conversation.  She would ask about school and things like that.  She gently tried to steer the conversation around to what had happened and how he felt about it.   She tried to draw him out by telling him her feelings.  The first two times she tried to do that, she could see that he didn’t want to talk about “that”. 

But the next time she brought it up, he blurted out, “I can’t talk about that ... I’m having a hard time with it.”

“Well what do you feel?”

“.....well.... you you behaved.....”

“How I behaved? Are you disappointed in me, Pallav,” she asked him?

“I’s hard to see your mother in know....that way....”

“But you know I’m human....and anybody can be forced to experience things if they’re made to do bad things....right?”

“Well....yeah....but not feelings like that,” he said raising his eyebrows for effect. 

What he meant, of course, is that not every mother cums from rough sex with strange men with her husband watching.  Amala knew perfectly well what he meant, and reached over to tousle his hair affectionately....

“I know it’s hard to understand.  This has been very hard for me too.  This has forced me to deal with things I didn’t know about myself.  But, you can try and understand that....can’t you?”

“I’m trying Mama....I’m trying,” he said, softening a bit. 

A few days later she was at the market and when she came back she looked for Pallav.  Finding his door closed she knocked and when she was admitted, he acted very nervous.  What he had been doing was masturbating.   He had gone to the laundry room and fetched a pair of her soiled panties from the dirty clothes hamper.   He had gotten himself back together when his mother walked in his room, but in his haste the panties were still sitting on the nightstand.  Amala looked over and noticed them.  She walked over and picked them up. She held them up with a questioning look.  He blushed noticeably.  He didn’t know what to say. 

There they were accusing him.......a pair of beige silk panties with lace along the leg openings and the waistband.  He had gone looking for them.  When he found what he was looking for, he turned them inside out to get a better look at a crusty patch in the crotch.  He brought them up to his nose and sniffed.  The odor of her womanhood was intoxicating.  He felt lightheaded; and took them to his room.  He had gotten an erection.   He pulled down his pants and shorts and sniffing them.... began to play with himself.  A few moments later his mother showed up.  He had been caught red-handed.

Amala wisely chose not to scold him.  After all, what boy in his shoes could not be expected to do such a thing, even if it was wrong.  But Amala used the situation as an opportunity to get him to talk to her.  And it became the first real conversation they both needed that enabled them to deal with their feelings.  At one point, Mama gently asked him how many times a week he masturbated.  He stammered and tried to avoid the question.  

She pointed out to him that it was normal for a boy to masturbate, but that he should not do it to excess.  And as soon as she said it she realized that her moral high ground as his mother in regards to this issue had been severely compromised.

The expression on his face when she said it told the whole tale.  His look said, ‘how can you tell me how much is enough....when you apparently cum all the time.’  This stopped the conversation cold. 

But then Amala, who was still holding her panties, said, “but you think about me sometimes when you.......”

And this stopped Pallav cold.  It was obvious that’s why the panties were there and not where they were supposed to be.

“It’s OK, sweetie....It’’s OK,” said and stood up.  She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

“I know you’ve seen me doing bad things....very bad things.  I just want you to love me.  I don’t want you to turn away from me.”

There were tears in her eyes when she left.  She went to her room and closed the door, sat down at her make-up table, rubbed her eyes and stared at herself in the mirror.  She was feeling that avalanche’ of emotions again. Suddenly..... on impulse..... she got up,  pulled her hair to the front leaving her back bare.   She was wearing a dark brown lehenga (long skirt) and a beige-colored bra to match her pale yellow choli (midriff hugging blouse). 

She reached down and pulled off her choli, then  pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties.  She lay down on the bed and began playing with herself.  She pulled her bra up exposing her tits.  She was soon  masturbating.  Pallav came to the master bedroom.  The door was slightly ajar.   He peeked in.

Standing there, he could see her breasts out of her bra, the dark nipples and areolas visible.   The sight gave him a nuuz - a hard and hot erection.  She had one of her tits cradled in her left hand.  She had begun to perspire and there was a flush on her upper chest.  The quick glimpse gave the boy a throbbing erection.  He stared at her reflected in the bedroom mirror.  He realized how attractive she was with her round face, very full dark lips and small nose.  Her hair was black, thick and full.  Her hips were wide and her skin was the color of coffee with cream and her tits were big and full.

His eyes went wide as her breasts bobbed and swayed on her chest and her nipples stood out - looking as big as cashew nuts. The areolas were dark brown, almost black and Pallav could see the raised pebbly surface.  She had her right hand in her

crotch and she was rubbing herself feverishly.  Pallav reached down to grab the nala (trouser cord) on his workout pants.  He pulled on the knot and got it open....then let them drop and his prick, fully erect, showed in his white jockey shorts.  Pallav’s blood was rushing into his brain and penis so fast he felt dizzy, as the bulge in his shorts showed his state of arousal. 

He pulled his shorts down and pulled his penis free.  He spread the seeping wetness, his pre-cum, all over the cock-head.  Pallav’s mind and hormones couldn't keep up.  He began masturbating himself slowly and teasingly.  Watching his Mama made him leak so much, that when he finally jerked him off and came, Pallav thought his soul had come thru his penis.  He spurted everywhere.  He had to clean it up quickly; and then he dashed back to his room.  It was just after 4pm and his father wouldn’t be home for two or three more hours.  Plenty of time for him to get busy with something else to get his mind off his mother.   Amala, after she’d cum, got herself together and went to oversee Mchumba, in getting the dinner ready. 


Two months  later, Munyambu was in the neighborhood and came by unannounced just after lunch.  Actually, he was just looking for a diversion and a drink.  He didn’t even force Amala to have sex with him.  He had her pour him something to drink and they talked, just sitting there in the kitchen.  Pallav meanwhile, came home from school an hour early.  He locked his bedroom door and lay down on the bed. He hadn’t even said “hello” to his mother who he knew would have been home at that time.  But the boy saw the black lorry parked in front of the house and knew it was either the Chief Inspector, Kamau, Zuberi or all three.

Somehow, that day, he wanted to avoid them.  In truth, they frightened him.  At one point, Munyambu jerked his head toward the hallway and said, “the boy’s home, isn’t he?”

“Probably. I think I heard him come in the front way.”

“Come with me,” he said to her abruptly.

When they got to the boy’s room, he opened the door and surprised Pallav, who was working on his computer.  He was surfing the net for porn.  He was shocked, angered and embarrassed as the older black man barged in.... trailing his Mother..... coming into his room un-announced and un-invited.

“What do you want,” he asked brusquely?

“Whoa, easy, squire....I just wanted to see how you’re doing,” Munyambu said somewhat hypocritically.

“Yeah, right,”

“Look, I’m on your side, boy.”

Pallav looked at him...sullen.

“I’ll prove it to you.  Amala, take everything off but your panties....”

“Oh....not again.....please, not today,” she begged.

Munyambu answered that by making a little impatient motion with his hand that said, ‘get busy or else.’

Pallav, since he was feeling anger, wanted to tell the older man to fuck off, but when Munyambu told his mother to strip, the boy ....wanting on a deeper level to see his Mama naked again, just sat there.  He waited and wondered, ‘what Munyambu was going to make her do this time?’  He was curious and felt his penis stir in his shorts.  Amala, meanwhile, was forced to take off her clothes again in front of her son.  This was a violation each time. 

By the time she was down to her panties, she was sweating, nervous and embarrassed.  Pallav watched, trying to act nonchalant, but inside, he was seething.  She looked very sexy that day.  (In truth, she was ovulating and at a sexual peak.)  It was just a quiet Tuesday and Pallav was trying to find some porn on the Net to use for his afternoon masturbation, when the Chief Inspector showed up with his mother.  And here she was naked again for his appreciation.

And her nakedness was turning him on. There was just no way he couldn’t be aroused.   He was inflamed every time he saw her beautiful breasts. They were so big and heavy....and the nipples were so scandalously obscene...that he couldn’t help himself from getting turned-on.  Munyambu made her turn around and display herself to the boy.  Holding up her tits, squeezing the nipples, bending over to parade her thick-lipped sex and enticing dark, brown anus pressing up against the thin material of her panties.  Her pubic hair had grown back and could be seen through the thin gauzy crotch.

By the time that Munyambu got her on her back on the  bed to play with her pussy through her panties, Pallav was on fire.  His penis was straining against his white jockey shorts.  He had Amala masturbate, with her panties on, until she reached an orgasm.  Wetting the crotch when she came, she covered her eyes with one hand when it was done.  Pallav wanted both of them to leave so he could jerk off.  But the Chief Inspector had a “treat” for the boy that day.  And, in his mind, it was another cruel degradation for his Indian slave.

“Pallav....come here,” said Munyambu.

The boy got up as if he were in a trance.   His mother’s breasts looked so soft and warm.  Pallav wanted, at that point, to put his hands and then his mouth on her tits.  He saw himself feeling her tits .....touching and squeezing them.  He pictured his mouth on them - kissing and sucking them.  Munyambu saw that he had the boy right where he wanted him.  He lifted Amala’s right arm to expose her hairy armpit and guided the boy down to put his nose and mouth in her armpit.  Pallav groaned.  He got his nose right THERE.  Pallav responded to her body odors.  When he smelled her scent, he got hot and began moaning in her armpit. 

“Lie on your back,” Munyambu finally told the boy... patting the bed for emphasis.

He got the boy on the bed lying on his back with his prick hard as a rock in his shorts.  He made Amala pull down the boy’s sweat pants and shorts.  Now, the teen’s prick pointed up at the ceiling.  Then Munyambu instructed Amala to climb up on the bed and straddle her son with her crotch pressing against his groin.  Looking into his eyes, she sat on his erection and wiggled until the tip of his glans nestled between the folds of her pussy through the fabric.  Pallav felt like he was having an “out-of-body” experience.   His prick throbbed and twitched and he felt like he was going to cum.  He could feel her chut (pussy) even with the panties between them.  The wet crotch made the material feel even thinner.

Munyambu made her adjust her position so that his penis was in just the right spot.  Then, he ordered her to begin rubbing herself against him.  He had gotten them lined up so that the boy’s penis hit her clitoris each time she went up and down.  His prick was between her labia as much was possible with her panties still on.  Pallav’s face was flushed and he was now perspiring like mad, feeling his penis between the folds of his Mama’s pussy as she humped him slow and nasty, like a bhagat.   Munyambu stood close by and gave directions.  Pallav was in total body nirvana as his Mama, without being told to, began kissing his face and holding onto him as she dry humped him sexily.  

She whispered to him, “it’s ok, baby.  I love you.  I’m so sorry.  It’s ok sweetheart.”

She wiggled and rubbed up against him.  Her tits were right in his face and he couldn’t stop himself from reaching up and putting his hands on them.  Mama groaned when he did this, but he didn’t stop.  He squeezed them.  He touched her nipples and soon he put his mouth on them.  As Mama humped him and nursed on her teats, there was no way he could have kept himself from ejaculating at that point.  And, it happened spontaneously.... his hot lava jetted from his penis, like a fire hose to wet her panties and squirt all over their bellies. 

Amala groaned as she wet the hot wetness of his ejaculation all over her stomach.   It was so intense that as he came, he became lightheaded.   He groaned out loud over and over again as he spurted...  Less and less with each spasm but he groaned each time his penis jetted.  Mama wiggled involuntarily against him – giving him another thrill.  It was a very intense.  His Mama had behaved, against her will, like the dirtiest of bhagats indeed. 

“Oh, Mama, Oh Mama,”  Pallav kept saying feverishly.  It was very dirty and wrong, but Munyambu had orchestrated it beautifully. He had made Pallav, a mader-chod (motherfucker). 

Munyambu let them both enjoy the moment. He knew it would be brief before one or both of them recoiled.  It was Amala who did.  She got off Pallav abruptly, looking down at the shameful wetness on her belly and tits.  Her son was still in post coital bliss following his glorious orgasm.  The smell and feel of her tits lingered....and the deliciously wonderful feel of her plump “camel-toe” rubbing up against his penis had not completely evaporated for him.  But Munyambu had a finale in mind. 

He turned to Pallav and said, “well, you came, but how about your Mama?”

“What do you mean,” Pallav asked hesitantly?

“You came, but Mama didn’t.  Now, what you should do about that,” Munyambu asked slyly?

Pallav didn’t know what to say.  But, Amala began backing away.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Munyambu said to her.

“Pallav, stay right where you are.  Amala, straddle his head,” he said to her.

“ that....that’s too gross.  Don’t make me do that,” she averred.

She continued to balk, but Munyambu took a pen from his pocket and held it up.

“Do you want to get the point again,” he asked her?

Amala groaned, remembering what he’d done to her once.  In the end, she threw her leg over Pallav’s face and instructed by Munyambu sat down on her son’s face.  He told the boy to lick her pussy and told her to “ride” him.  She had no choice.  Pallav entered sensory heaven.  What he had only purloined and sniffed in the past was now thrust on him in all its gustatory and olfactory glory.  His Mama sat on his face smothering him with her stinky pussy and asshole - RIGHT ON HIS FACE. 

Facing his feet, her anus was pressed against his nose. And with her legs straddling his head, her open vaginal mouth was right there for his mouth to kiss. He used his tongue to lick and lap her juicy pussy.  Munyambu made her use his nose, mouth and chin to masturbate herself.  Goaded by the Chief Inspector, she “rode” Pallav’s face, back and forth, back and forth, alternated with wiggling her ass until she came. 

And her “faucet” ran like it was broken.  She flooded her boy, making him gag and struggle to lap up her copious feminine secretions.  He was overwhelmed by her orgasm.  It was as if he was “inside” her body when she came.  Her smell, the taste of her and the warm, wet feel of her most precious, personal private parts were his to enjoy.  He mainlined her femininity, inoculated by Munyambu against responsibility or guilt.  And as Mama worked herself into a cum, Pallav jerked off at the same time.  After she came, he did too. 

Subsequently, Pallav enjoyed masturbating  and fantasizing about his mother all the time.  For years afterward, she was a sexual imago for him.  He would imagine himself forcing a woman to have sex or punishing her.  Occasionally, the “overseer” was a shadowy black or Asian who forced him and the woman to have sex.  He would eventually marry an Indian girl when he was thirty who was Mama’s spitting image.  The Chief Inspector’s sick handiwork left a deep imprint.

The Dog Trolley

“Get ready,” Munyambu ordered Amala. “I’ll have Gachie there in 15 minutes.”

He had told her to get herself ready for “movie duty”.  He and Peng had decided on a new video.  And it had all come together that afternoon.

“Right now,” she whined? 

“Get your ass ready....Right now. Gachie will be over in 15 minutes to pick you up,” Munyambu snapped at her.

It was a weekday afternoon and things were slow.  The Chief Inspector and Kamau had a long lunch with some businessmen who they had been shaking down and after lunch and many drinks, Kamau was feeling like he was ready for some “fun”. Munyambu was bored too.   When they left, he and Munyambu came up with an idea.  Mosi had been put in charge of making some improvements to the warehouse on Pate Road in the industrial area just north of Lunga Lunga Road.  And there was a crew of men from the jail on “furlough” to the Chief Inspector, and a couple of workmen who had been hired to do some painting.

“Simba’s got Gebhuza at the yard today.  Let’s bring Amala over and put her on that crazy trolley thing he built,” Kamau suggested. “Let’s try that out.”

“Hmmm....yeah.  Let’s call Peng and have him get his crew ready.  This will make a great video,” chorused Munyambu.  

Gachie picked them up....right on time.  Amala had checked her make-up and brushed her hair.  She told Pallav that she had to go.  He didn’t say anything.  He just went back to the program he was working on his computer.  Gachie wasn’t very communicative and the drive over to the warehouse was quiet.  As soon as it was clear where they were going, when they turned north onto Likoni Road from Mombasa, Amala began to get butterflies in her stomach.  They pulled up and saw several men painting the window frames. 

The men eyed her sullenly when she got out of the lorry.  Gachie escorted her into the building.  There had been some improvements.  The place looked cleaner, for one.  Peng and Chang were there with the crew setting up lights.   Presently, Munyambu and Kamau came out of the big office on the far right.  Gatura and old Mosi wandered over too.  Mosi was carrying a rolled up building diagram. 

Munyambu began, “Mosi, you can let those jailbirds and the painters in.  Gatura, take our star into the empty office for now.”

Gatura steered Amala and when she got in the office, he sat her down.  There were only two chairs in the small room but lots of file cabinets.  Amala looked around and wondered what they were going to do to her.  Gachie came in about 10 minutes later and told her to follow him.  When she stepped out of the office, she saw the crowd.  All the inmates from the jail there on a work detail....a dozen men were standing around.  And the three painters were there too. 

Gachie led Amala to the platform and made her get up on it.  Munyambu came out of his office and addressed the crowd.  He told them that Amala was their “star” and that he had a special treat for them.  Because they were all doing a good job, he was going to let them watch a porn movie being taped.  Amala gulped and tried to be brave. 

Peng came over and pointing to the stationary camera, told the operator to move it several feet.  Chang, the mobile cameraman, was right behind his boss with his equipment and the sound man had the boom mike all wired up and ready to go.  Han Shun was there also.  He was again dressed as a North Korean Colonel.....  flanked by three uniformed enlisted men.  All grinning as they looked on.....

Peng explained what they were going to tape that day.  He told her that she was again captured by the North Koreans and that they were going to be, “giving you attention.  So, just go with flow, Missy.”

Peng, turning to Shun said, “action.”

Amala licked her lips nervously.  She didn’t know what to do with her hands.  Shun came over and without a word, smacked her.  He slapped her face and began to yell at her in English. (This would be subtitled in Chinese on the tape.)

He yelled that she had better, “cooperate or else.” 

He ordered her to, “strip”.  Amala pulled off her choli and when she thought about simply dropping it, one of the enlisted men took her clothes.  It was very humiliating to be made to take off her clothes in front of so many strange men.  Amala could see the 15 or so black men beyond the lights looking at her.  Next, came her lehenga.  She pulled her slip down and stepped out of it next. 

Then she took off her bra and her panties.  The men stared at her as if she was a piece of meat.  It only grew more intense, especially when she was totally naked.  Standing there in only her shoes, she put her hands in front of her shaved crotch. It was still a huge violation to be naked.

Shun directed her to turn this way and that and hold up her tits.  Then spread her legs and pull open her pussy lips.  Then he had her bend over and pull her ass cheeks apart to show her anus.  He read off her height and weight, that she was married, with one child, her measurements, what type of birth control she was on, when she had her last period....everything!  It was like the video would expose everything about her to the viewers.  It made Amala flush.... hot and embarrassed. 

Then one of the privates brought over a stool and they made her sit down and spread her legs.

“Play with pussy,” she was told.

She had to use her fingers and rub her pussy.  Then she was told to play with her clit. 

Finally he said, “stick fingers into cunt.”

She knew she’d get wet.  The more she could feel the stares of the black men out beyond the lights....the more she played with her pussy....the more humiliated she felt and the more her “faucet”, as she herself called it, started to run.  Wet, squishy noises and “pussy farts” were soon heard.  There was a low murmur from the crowd and Kamau held up his hand to quiet them down.  Amala’s performance was having its effect.

“Cum,” she was commanded.

She began.  She ran a fingertip along the crease between her labia and legs and the creases between her buttocks and legs, inching closer towards her pussy.  The men got very quiet and watched mesmerized now.  She gave herself light caresses, delicate touches with her nails, then firmer, gliding finger-tip strokes.  She worked her clitoris...using the pads of her index and middle finger to rub it.  Then she went to using her middle and third finger together in an up-and-down and side-to-side, circular motion. 

She started slower then went faster - cycling slow-fast-slow-fast, with her fingers pressing down hard.  Sweating now, she ground her hips against her fingers and stuck two fingers on her left hand in her cunt hole.  Frigging herself harder and harder...she came.  She was moaning and then as she got closer to cumming - she

cried out.  Not every man had seen a woman masturbate, so this was a treat for the workmen.   A thousand Asian men who would purchase this video would be titillated by her routine too.

Afterwards, she was embarrassed and kept her eyes down. Shun told her to stand and two of the privates dashed off to get something.  Turning to someone in the crew, Peng, the director, asked if all was in readiness, and when he was told that there was to be a slight delay, he stopped production and Mosi escorted Amala back to the office.  The crowd groaned and booed.  Munyambu didn’t care about this.  He knew he had a real eye opener for them.  If Peng’s crew would just get their act together.  For instance, the still photographer had not captured Amala’s stripping and her masturbation at all.

“Kang,” Peng yelled....

“Coming boss,” the man replied.  He was a small young Chinese teenager....and he was pulling a little device.  It was a small wheeled bench..... a trolley. 

“Sorry, boss, we were just making sure the wheels could lock,” he said to Peng in Chinese, by way of explanation.

“OK....let’s get the show on the road,” Peng said impatiently. 

He conferred with Munyambu telling him that the crowd noise was a problem.

“You have to control them,” he said to the Chief Inspector.

“OK....don’t worry about that...You just do your job,” Munyambu said.

One of the Chinamen, playing a private, came in holding a plastic bag carefully in one hand.  The Chief Inspector turned toward the door that opened to the yard.

“Where’s Simba,” he asked no one in particular?

Someone quickly answered him, “He’s bringing the dog. He’ll be right here.”

Munyambu said to Gachie and said, “go get the slut.”

He trotted off and came back leading Amala.  She had a awkward rest in the office.  It was an uncomfortable interlude, with her standing there naked and self

conscious after having pleasured herself in front of 15 strange black men....and on camera!  The crowd, who had begun to drink from a couple of smuggled-in bottles had also begun to smoke.  When Amala re-appeared, they began to stomp, hoot and holler.  Munyambu raised his hands to quiet them down.

“I promised you a special show.  And now you’re going to get it.  First we’ll put our star on the “trolley”.  You’ll see why in a moment. When the camera is taping – KEEP QUIET.”

Peng, cued his crew and when he was sure they were ready, he yelled, “action.”

Shun and his men then took Amala by the elbows and got her up on the platform.  They made her bend over the trolley and lie down.  There was a hump on one end and when they got her lying down her tits were hanging down on either side of the narrow end of the hump and her hips and ass were elevated.  They bound her wrists and ankles to the sides of the “trolley” so it looked like she was riding it.  Kang made sure to lock the wheels, so the trolley wouldn’t move.  Amala started to sweat again. 

Shun knew that he would get some grease onto Amala’s pussy first.  Then he would cue Mingyu to wipe Amala’s pussy with the sponge he had in the plastic bag.  It was saturated with the juice from the vagina of a female bitch in heat.  Mingyu would be responsible for getting the juice all over Amala’s pussy.  Shun opened a can of white cooking grease and scooped out a dollop with two fingers. 

Shun advanced on Amala giving it his best Asian villain routine.  He rubbed the grease all over her pussy. And then stepped aside for Mingyu who had put on a rubber glove and took the sponge soaked with the bitch’s vaginal secretions.  Signaled by Peng, Mingyu anointed Amala’s pussy with the pungent discharge. Then the door to the yard opened and framed in the bright sunlight was a man wearing camouflage fatigues and a black ski mask, leading Gebhuza. 

It was Simba, made up to look like a mercenary.  The dog looked massive...and as soon as the men saw the animal they began standing and cheering.  Amala mounted on the “trolley” could not see behind her.  She was facing the wrong way.  The men watched Simba lead the dog over and they knew.  They were going to see a dog fuck an Indian woman. 

Amala swiveled her head from side-to-side, trying to see.  As Simba got closer and the dog smelled the bitch’s slime on her pussy, it began barking.  This was the first indication as to what she was facing.  Very quickly, Simba paraded the dog around the platform.  It was not an easy task.  The dog smelled “bitch-in-estrus” and that meant a hot mating.  Simba had to keep pulling the dog by the choke collar.  As he led the dog around the platform, it barked and pulled against the leash.  Amala stared at the dog in sheer terror and shock.....

Kamau raised his arms and got the men in the audience to sit down.  The mob, excited by the prospect of what was to come, slowly got back into their chairs.  Amala began pleading, but no one was listening to her.  After having gone all the way around the raised platform, Simba brought the dog to a spot about two meters behind the trolley.  Shun told Amala the dog was going to fuck her.  She stared horrified and then began screaming and crying. 

No acting on her part.  She was in shock.  Simba let the dog get closer to Amala to smell her; and the dog went wild.  He had to use the choke collar to control the animal.  He did this several times.  The idea was to “tease” the dog and this made its balls produce even more semen.  If it was not allowed to mount her right away, it’s testicles would load up.

So, when Gebhuza lunged forward to try and mount Amala, Simba pulled the animal off her before its cock penetrated her.  The dog’s cock had dropped and some of the men in the audience pointed, and talked excitedly among themselves.    Simba let the dog get close three times before he let it stick its nose in her crack to sniff her.  This got Gebhuza really crazy.  It got its big, black, wet nose right THERE and Amala gasped.  Then, its big, pink, paintbrush of a tongue began lapping at her smelly, wet cunt.  And to her shame – it felt GOOD!  They got some of this on camera and the still photographer got some great shots too.  Simba pulled the beast back the final time.

It’s cock was now fully erect. It had emerged from its sheath and protruded obscenely.  It was bright red and mottled purple with veins bulging and already drooling slime.  21 centimeters long and thick, with a knot that was as big as two figs.  Chang got in real close with the hand-held to grab close-ups of the dog’s monstrous cock.   Amala kept swiveling her head around to look.   One part of her wanted to blot it all out...and another part wanted to see the monstrous penis. 

She caught a glimpse of the cock spurting little geysers of pre-cum and gasped.  She had nothing in her experience that could have ever prepared her for this...She began to beg and plead for this ordeal to be spared her, but it was hopeless. Mingyu was in the shot.... on the far side of the trolley.   He had a birds-eye view.  He was excited as a young monkey.  Kamau stood with Munyambu enjoying what they had put together.  All in a day’s work, as the Chief Inspector would say. 

Finally they let the dog mount her.  As Gebhuza was positioned behind her hips again, and then released, it jumped on Amala’s back.  Its front paws awkwardly grasped at her ribcage and then slid back to hug her hips.  Then it began to hump its hips trying to get its cock in her hole.  The dog’s knot, at the base of the shaft looked big and some men wondered aloud if she could take it.  But, as soon as the dog found her hole with the tip of its cock, it drove it in.  Amala cried out as the dog’s cock entered her. And then the dog drove in and out of her like a demon. 

The dog convulsively hugged her close to itself and slobbered.... it’s drool splattered her back.  The animal never stopped its spastic, raging thrusting in and out.  It was an obscene parody of human sex.  Poor Amala was now dripping with sweat.... from her face, neck and underarms - even her back got wet as the dog fucked her mercilessly.  It fucked her like a demented machine.  Chang stayed in close catching the dog’s cock like a high speed piston in a cartoon....going in and out like crazy..... and her pussy being pounded.... and then he cut to her face for her reactions.

The beast’s knot grew bigger.  It had been bumping up against her pussy.... crowding her hole.  The actors edged in closer to look at the knot as it was right at her vaginal opening.  Simba had moved in closer on the far side to see it close up too.  It looked gigantic now and as the animal, following its instincts, kept struggling to get the knot into her vagina, the  stretching pressure on the sphincter made Amala grunt and groan like an animal herself.  The knot now looked as big as two large lemons at the base of the ugly shaft.  

Finally, it popped inside; and Amala howled.  The mouth of her vagina had been stretched like she was giving birth.  One minute the big knot was outside her shaved pussy and then, it was inside.  Those who thought that her vagina wouldn’t take the knot watched in awe. Money changed hands; some men had bet she wouldn’t be able to take it.  Fully inside her now, Amala soon began crying out louder and louder as it pressed on her G-spot and urethral sponge in the most insistent, demanding way. 

It was all the way inside her sheath stretching the pocket with the tip pressed right up against the epicenter.    She was soon crying out like a mad woman.   The knot, now fully inside, filled her, and the tip spurted hot cum incessantly.  It’s cum hotter than a man’s.  The shaft pulsed and vibrated since the dog had stopped humping.

Gebhuza just stood still as its cock spurted and throbbed inside her.   Amala felt the hot tickle of an approaching orgasm.  As the dog’s cock vibrated and jetted hot cum, her whole pelvis seemed to convulse and contract.  Her vaginal muscles involuntarily squeezed the dog’s cock and she came so hard she almost passed out.  Her cries went up two octaves when she came.   The scene, while sickening, was too hot for words...

The knot, at times, almost seemed like it was trying to come out.  But it was in too deep and it was too big.  Then when she squeezed her vagina, the knot was pulled in a little deeper.  This put a lot of pressure and friction on front wall of her vagina and she kept having one orgasm after another.  The animal’s cock kept spurting HOT, WATERY, BESTIAL CUM deep in her hole .  Its organ and its semen were much hotter than a man’s.  Throbbing and squirting..... it was the maximum fuck tool to keep a human female having multiple orgasms. 

Her sexhole had become a volcano.  The knot held the hot cum inside her and pressed devilishly on the front wall of her vagina. And unlike a man, the dog sprayed and jetted hot cum continuously. The knot kept them locked and she kept cumming  - over and over again.  She had continuous orgasms for 10 minutes.  The men sat there drinking and smoking and enjoying the show while she was mounted and had her orgasms.   And all captured on tape.  Her body shook and writhed on the trolley providing clear evidence that she was “fuck happy”.  It was so intense, she almost fainted. 

Seeing her facial expressions, listening to her uncontrollable shrieking was great for the tape. Amala had been degraded to the level of “dog fucker”.  No lower debasement could be imagined.   When Amala stopped cumming, she felt the dog pull back.  This hurt as the knot was well embedded in her hole, just behind her pubic bone.  Then, to the men’s surprise and pleasure, with the animal “tied” to her, the dog quickly spun around so that it was now facing away from her but still joined.  The men reacted to this and Kamau had to raise his arms again to quiet them down. 

Kang came forward and released the brakes on the trolley’s wheels.  The dog began moving which pulled Amala along mounted on the trolley.  It was an obscene spectacle....Gebhuza lurched this way and that....pulling Amala along by its cock and knot embedded in her pussy.   Some of the men in the audience called the dog trying to get it to move even more.  The horror of a woman being pulled along like that tied to a dog by its cock around the platform with men cheering..... Chang got the whole thing on tape.  Simba got in front of the dog and called to it,

encouraging and leading the animal all around the platform.  Amala moaned like a sick cow as she was towed. I t was a thoroughly indecent exhibition.  Eventually, the knot shrank, the dog’s dick came out and the show was basically over. 

Gebhuza’s cock was still impressively engorged.  Now the colossal, hideous thing which had been inside Amala could be seen.  The whole grotesque, ugly thing had been in Amala’s vagina.  Men marveled at its size and shape.  Chang moved in close to catch a final shot. The dog stood there for a moment, then bent down and licked itself.  Simba snapped a lead onto the dog’s collar and lead the animal away.

Still  bound to the trolley ...Amala panted like a dog herself. 

She was wet, sticky and sloppy everywhere from her lower belly down her thighs and all between her ass cheeks.  Semen and her secretions oozed from her hole and ran down her thighs or dripped to the platform.  Her hole, now that Gebhuza’s cock was gone, was open, red and swollen.  Shun put a bowl down to catch the  slop as it drained out of her sex-hole.

Kang and Mingyu supervised her release from the trolley and then Shun made her kneel with her hands behind her head.  She was shaky and trembling but he got her to open her mouth.  He made her drink what was in the bowl....a half cup of clotted slime,  as an extra added attraction.  The scene came to an end.  Munyambu then made an announcement.  Anyone who wanted a blow job from the “star” could have one for cash.  He held up ten fingers indicating 1000 Kenyan shillings.  Eleven men shuffled forward holding fistfuls of paper.

Kamau kept Amala on her knees and she obediently sucked off each man in turn. Chang shot the whole scene as a bonus tape.  Mingyu came over to watch the Indian mother as she kissed, licked and sucked each man’s straining black erection.  She did it dutifully.  Some she just sucked and others face fucked her.  But each man got to ejaculate in her mouth.  She had to swallow it all, of course. 

It was only then that she was permitted to dress so Gachie could take her home.  The afternoon’s fun and games had only taken 3 ½ hours.  Gopal at dinner later that night would wonder why she was so tired.  She excused herself and went to bed early.  Pallav kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything.  He had already jerked off once that day thinking about what they might have done to his mother and would masturbate two more times before he fell asleep later that night....After all what boy’s mama performs like a kutti (A woman who behaves like a female dog in heat.) in porn videos?

Dr. Omondi

Chief Inspector Munyambu made a decision about a year after he’d first snared Amala.  She  had begun to bore him.  She was earning  money for him, but he had grown restless.  His plan was to have his crew impregnate her.  He was motivated mostly by a desire to impose a final humiliation on Gopal. The humiliation they would both suffer when their families and friends discovered that Amala had given birth to a black baby would be priceless. She would be totally devastated. 

Amala was a fairly dark-skinned Indian woman and had striven to marry “light”.  She was very color conscious and had always dated men lighter than she.  Gopal she selected as a mate because he was such a light-skinned Brahmin.  She was pleased when Pallav turned out so light and bright. For her to bear a black child would be the most severe humiliation.  The social ostracism and personal shame she’d suffer would be enormous. 

Munyambu broke the news to Amala in her home.  He told her what he had decided, what he expected of her and how it would all go down.  He told her he would schedule an appointment for her to go to “his doctor” to remove her IUD.  Then she would have her ovulation cycle charted and when she was at a peak to become pregnant, she would make herself available for a “breeding party”.  Then and there, his crew would fuck her silly.  Gopal would have to be available too to act as her “second”.  She would have to carry the baby to term knowing all through the pregnancy that she was carrying a black child.  She would be expected to deliver a healthy baby.  He also expected the couple to raise the child as they raised Pallav.  

Munyambu knew he’d be able to sell her ass when she was pregnant to everyone he was selling her too now anyway.  Whether it was a soldier at the base, cops or wealthy foreigners, a pregnant Indian woman would actually command a premium.  This meant he wouldn’t lose any revenue.  The more he thought about it, the more he realized that when she was lactating would prove to be a bounty too.  A nursing mother would fetch plenty of cash from Middle Eastern and European customers in particular.  So, he told her what she had to do.  He explained that he wanted her to report to Dr. Omondi at a certain clinic.  When Amala got the news and digested it.... she began sobbing.

“Oh God, you can’t be serious,” she said.  A BABY.....I’d have a black baby...”

The look of horror on her face brought a warm feeling to the Chief Inspector. 

“Yes, you will.  A second child will be good for you.  You’re healthy and one more before you’re forty is good.”

“But, it’ll be,” she stuttered. “I can’t.....I CAN’T!”

“Yes,  it will and you will,” he said, suppressing a smile.

His casual indifference actually masked his enormous pleasure at forcing this on her.  Amala shuddered and sobbed some more.  Gopal was so stunned that he called the Chief Inspector.  He started to beg, but Munyambu cut him short.

“This is the final payment on your debt,” he said.

Gopal asked if this were really the truth.

“Yes,” answered Munyambu. 

Gopal could only hope and pray that the Chief Inspector was letting him go finally.  But what a price to pay!  Amala would have to go and see the doctor who ran a clinic.  She cried for days, but in the end, she went.  She was grateful that Corporal Mosi picked her up and took her to there.  When they went inside, it was busy and crowded.  Poor black women, squalling babies and kids were everywhere.  Mosi smiled and told her to sit down.  There was nowhere to sit.  Amala dressed as Munyambu had specifically told her to:  Western clothes.... the shortest skirt and the tightest most revealing blouse.  She clutched at her exposed throat unconsciously. She felt very vulnerable.

Mosi came back with a medium tall, skinny man wearing glasses.  He was middle-aged and wore a rumpled, soiled white coat.  He was smoking a cigarette and had a stethoscope hanging around his neck.  He had one crooked eye and was a most disturbing sight to Amala because he looked like a baggage handler at the airport....

“Ah....yes....from Chief Inspector Munyambu,” he leered at her, smiling as he realized who and what she was.....  “Well, go to room 5....down the hallway,” he said pointing, “and get undressed.  I’ll be in soon.”

Mosi stayed put and grinning at her plight.... pointed down the hallway to Amala.  She gulped and started walking.  The door was closed and she grabbed the handle, turned it and went inside.  There was a gynecologist table with stirrups and an overhead light.  A tray sat on a metal pedestal next to the table.  There was a cabinet on the wall to her right and a small sink on the opposite wall.  A series of hooks on the wall told her where she would be able to hang her clothing.  Amala was filled with anxiety and embarrassment.  She was afraid that the examination would be unpleasant and humiliating. The whole experience felt that point and the exam hadn’t even begun.  There was no chair.  She wanted to sit down and wait for the doctor, but with no chair she just stood there stupidly.  She kept shifting from one foot to another.  Finally, the door opened and Dr. Omondi came in.  There was no nurse with him.  Amala had always been used to her own doctor, a man, being accompanied by a nurse.  

“I’m going to have to do a thorough exam.  It’ll be ‘invasive’.  You understand, don’t you,” he asked her peremptorily?  “It will be a little painful at times....but, that’s how it is,” he said unsympathetically.

Amala didn’t even nod.  She felt sick.  He was still smoking a cigarette, which as she watched, he dropped to the floor and crushed with the toe of his shoe. She noticed that his shoes were scuffed and worn.

“Take off all your clothes,” he said to her brusquely.

Amala felt like a bug getting ready to be pinned to a board and examined.  There was no screen so she had to disrobe in front of him.  He had left the door partially open and when she asked about that, he brushed off her concern.  She began to take off her clothing.  He stared at her, like no medical professional had ever done.  He made a comment that she was dressed, “a little slutty, like a ‘whore’.” Amala felt like she was going to cry.

Munyambu made her wear what she had on.... He took her clothes as she stripped and hung them on the wall hooks.  Amala was wearing no stockings but when she got down to her shoes, he told her to take those off too.  As she stood there with her arms by her sides, she had to stifle the urge to cover herself.  She felt so naked.  He looked her up and down as if she were a piece of meat. 

“You have big tits,” he said to her.  “And you’re hairy,” he said chuckling.

Amala felt very violated.  He instructed her to get up on the table.  Amala did so feeling very awkward.  When she was lying down, he made a little motion with his hand that she should get her legs up in the stirrups.  Amala inwardly groaned because as soon as she did, her whole genital/anal area was exposed to him.

He then went around the table and began strapping her down.  Amala looked up at him alarmed.  She tried to protest, but he silenced her by telling her that it was “regulations” prevent a patient from “falling off”.  Amala was not reassured.  She was suffering.  Once she was secured (he had buckled leather straps around her wrists, ankles, above her knees and her waist) she was dismayed when he opened the door. 

It had been open just a crack, but now he threw it open all the way.   Her privacy, her dignity as a woman was of no meaning to him and by this gesture, he was showing her how he felt.  The foot of the table faced the doorway and there was a steady stream of traffic going by.  Without even coming into the room, anyone who passed by could see Amala’s vagina and anus.

“You’ll excuse me....I’ve got to make an important phone call,” he said and then quickly left. 

Amala groaned as she was now naked on the table with the door open.  Actually Doctor Omondi had mentioned to the cleaning men, the porters and the clinic’s handyman that he would be examining an Indian woman in room 5 about 2pm that day.  Soon, a steady stream of black men came trooping by.  Some just walked by slowly.  Others stopped and gaped.  Some made comments which Amala heard.  Amala felt like she was being raped.  Two older men actually came in and stared at her pussy, so vulnerably displayed.  Amala closed her eyes.  She knew it was pointless to say anything.....

The Doctor returned and went immediately to the cabinet.  He began pulling out a variety of stainless steel instruments. He brought them over to the tray next to where Amala lay.  As he stacked them there, she was filled with dread.  There were needles, speculums, probes, alligator clips, clamps and sounds of every size and description.  She wondered which of these he would use on her and she shuddered visibly.  Her sex organs lay open and defenseless between her thighs. 

It was then she notice the transformer perched on a shelf just below the tray to her right. He examined her breasts and made a comment about their size.  And then he took his time examining her nipples.  It was only after they had become erect that he concluded his examination of her mammary glands.  She was very embarrassed that they had gotten erect and he had made a comment about that too.

Next, he said something about the odor of her genitals and Amala experienced a moment of doubt and shame.  Every woman worries about that, but she had scrupulously showered that morning.  Then, he went to the cabinet and brought out a camera.  He began taking photos of her pussy and asshole.  When she asked him what he was doing, he said, “it’s confidential.”   Amala was left to wonder, ‘are they for his personal use?’ That thought sickened her....

Then he went over to the cabinet and got a small metal bowl and went to the sink and filled it with cold water.  He placed it on the tray.  Then he pulled on a pair of latex gloves and went down between her legs. He began to touch her there. He examined her external labia and then separated and pulled on her small sex lips.  He checked her urethra and her clitoris.  He inserted a finger into her vagina.

“You have  big one!  I’d say it’s been stretched some,” he said, rooting around and humiliating her even more.

Then he got up and retrieved the speculum.  It was one of the four-bladed kind and actually a size too big for Amala.  Her vagina was tight...partly due to fear and shame.  And after having been immersed in cold water for a bit, when he tried to insert it into her hole, it was hard going.  He sounded exasperated as he shoved it in.  Finally, Amala’s vaginal sphincter gave way and it sank in.  He kept pushing until he had it fully inserted.  Amala found herself groaning.  Then he opened it.

And that’s when Amala began yelping.  He ignored her cries and screwed it open as far as it would go.  He dilated her vagina completely.  It was far more open than was natural for her.  In fact, it would have been impossible for him to have opened her birth canal anymore without tearing her vaginal sheath.  He could have put his whole hand inside her....she was that open.  She panted like a dog too long in the sun.  And interspersed with the panting were her groans of utter, excruciating agony.

Finally her groans subsided into moans and whimpers.  Then he began rooting around looking at her cervix.  He hemmed and hawed as he worked.  He checked for the string ends of the IUD and couldn’t find them because they had been cut too short. (No use irritating a penis her gynecologist had decided, but with Amala’s encouragement too.)

Dr. Omondi could have removed the IUD without dilating her cervix, if the strings had not retracted into her uterus.  He would have been able to seize the strings and pull the IUD out at an angle.  But, he was as sadistic as Munyambu (which is partly why the Chief Inspector utilized his services).  Having to go inside her cervical canal would hurt her more.   He grunted to himself in satisfaction as he sterilized a sound to confirm the IUD was still inside.  Ignoring her cries, he dilated her with a probe and worked a pair of tweezers like clamps into her cervical canal.  Without anesthesia, Amala felt sharp pains and cramps that made her belly muscles ripple in agony.  Locating the IUD, he pulled it out.

“OK,” he said when it was done.

“OH GOD....OH  GOD....OH....THANK GOD,” Amala muttered ....feeling that this was worse than a root canal without Novocain.

Painful Procedures

“I have some more checking to do,” he said, worrying her anew.

He sterilized another sound and worked it into her urethra.  Amala squirmed in discomfort with the violation.  But he was not done.  He kept picking up thicker sounds and working them into her delicate piss tube.  Each time making her writhe in her bonds and cry out at the uncomfortable invasion. 

“We may have a problem here,” was all he said by way of explanation.

When Amala began begging him for more information, he just ignored her.  She looked up to see that a man, a workman of some sort, had wandered into the room and was standing just inside the door watching her being worked on.  She tried to protest, but as she began to say something, the man left.  The doctor finally picked up a corkscrew shaped device and as he held it up, Amala could see it.  It looked like a torture device more than one to be used in a medical procedure.  He bent over and began to work the tip into her stretched and sore urethra.  He twisted it, grunting with the exertion, until he had gotten it all the way in.....all the way to the entrance to her bladder. 

Feeling resistance there, he gave it another half turn and it popped thru the sphincter and went inside.  Amala groaned in pain.  Instantly her bladder began emptying.  The device was hollow and the doctor held up a small metal pan to catch her urine as it began to flow.  He pulled out a shelf on the front of the table and set the pan on it.  With the corkscrew shaped catheter in place, Amala continued to urinate involuntarily.  One of her bodily functions had been taken from her. Then, Dr. Omondi began to focus on her clitoris. 

“I see a big problem here,” he said as he pushed back the thick prepuce covering Amala’s large nubbin.

“What...what is it,” she asked nervously?

“’s a problem, and if I don’t treat it today, it will become one.  It’ll be painful,” he said, not helpfully....

“Can I have some anesthesia,” Amala begged?

“Oh....there’s no one like that on duty here,” he said quickly.

He began to have some fun with her then.  He pulled back the clitoral hood with a pair of haemostatic forceps and then began scraping the shiny, sensitive surface of her clitoris with a probe.  Amala began squirming and writhing.  He went in under the hood, pushing and slipping the thin edge of the probe as if he was trying to release any adhesions he found there.  Soon, she was in agony. 

It was sheer misery as the thin membrane, which didn’t respond well to a lot of direct contact with a finger tip, was being chafed thoroughly.  He took his time and irritated the whole surface with the probe until it was RAW.   Following this, he dipped a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and daubed and mopped the abraded bud, making her howl in anguish. 

“It’ll sting a bit, but you won’t have any infection,” he said, solicitously.

Amala couldn’t hear him.  Bound as she was to the table, she was humping her hips up and down and wiggling like a hooked fish.  Yelling and then making unintelligible sounds in her throat.  When the venomous sting had subsided somewhat, he removed the forceps allowing the hood to partially cover her sore clitoris.  But then, he used the forceps to clamp the clitoral shaft.  The forceps compressed her clitoris and Amala’s hips came up off the table again like she was trying to fuck.  She moaned in anguish.

“Last thing,” he said to her.  “Some electro therapy and you’ll be as good as new,” he said smiling at her.

Without another word, he attached an alligator clip to the forceps on her clitoris (it was the “positive” terminal) and another clip to one to her left labia (the “negative” terminal).  He went to the transformer on the shelf under the tray and powered the unit up.  When it was humming, and making Amala so nervous that she was afraid she would have a bowel movement, he twisted a dial to send current to her

genitals.  The shock was steady and became more excruciating in its intensity when he ratcheted it up to “6” on the dial.  It could be set at “10”.

When Amala’s crying became too loud, he got her panties and shoved them in her mouth as a gag.  He turned the knobs down and then added a pulsing effect to the current.  Amala twitched, drooled, throbbed and humped up and down like a madwoman.  Snot ran from her nose.  She jerked, shuddered, went into spasms and started convulsing when he turned it up to “8”. 

He electrocuted her for another minute and then cut the current.  He removed the catheter, pulled off the forceps and the clip on her labia.  Then he unbuckled the straps holding her on the table.  Amala, however, could not get up unaided.   She was “out-of-it”....and had to be helped.  In fact, he had to call in two nurses to hold her up and help her dress.  It was an extremely painful, humiliating and distressing experience. 

Breeding Session

Munyambu decided that Amala would be bred at the warehouse.   He had Mosi keeping track of her menstrual cycles with her peak ovulation times charted.  The plan was to have her be available when she was ovulating and Munyambu would have Kamau, Zuberi, Tembo (a black baggage handler who worked at the Nairobi airport.  He had an enormous dick and appeared in Peng’s videos.) Simba, Gatura, Gachie, Gacheru and Mosi, in that order, fuck her all throughout a two-day period.  The men would fuck her as many times as their sexual stamina permitted to try and inseminate her.  If she didn’t conceive, the session would be repeated when she was ovulating again. 

The Chief Inspector thought it would be amusing to get her pregnant with her husband in attendance.  He would be there as her “coach” and “towel boy”.  Wiping her down, helping her to close her legs after each copulation to trap the precious semen in her vagina so she could become pregnant.  ‘Amusing and humiliating,’ he thought to himself.  Having to explain the pregnancy to her son, her mother and father and her in-laws....the possibilities for humiliation were almost endless.

When she was ovulating, she had to report.  She had begged and so had Gopal.  But since he was unable or unwilling to part with any more cash, his wife would pay the ultimate price.   Mosi had put up an improvised sign that said, “The Bridal Suite”.  This he mounted over the door to the office that they’d set up for the

breeding session.  The little room contained a single steel spring bed, with a mattress....sheets, two pillows and a single, thin white cotton blanket. 

When Gopal arrived with Amala they were shown into one of the offices made up as the “waiting room”.  Gopal was sick.  He had never thought it would come to this, but Munyambu decided that this couple was extremely fun to humiliate.  He hated Sikhs and Indians and degrading the couple over the past two years had given him lots of pleasure.  The fact that Amala was so color conscious was perfect.  She came to the session like a calf to slaughter.  She had finally grown somewhat accepting of her role as a “slut”.   Frequent sexing by the Chief Inspector’s crew had callused her.

Gopal had been destroyed by what had happened to them.  His image of himself as a man, a husband and a father had been systemically obliterated.  In pieces and stages he had been turned into a cuckold and puppet.  Used for the amusement of a group of sick, corrupt men.  He would never be the same.  And Pallav had been imprinted, like a baby chick is imprinted by the first thing it sees after it emerges from the shell.  He would always be fascinated by the crueler forms of sex.

And attracted to women who bore a striking resemblance to his mother.  Munyambu had told Amala to present herself as if she was going to her “wedding”.  She did no such thing of course, but she did wear her best, sexiest lingerie and her hair and make-up were near perfect.  She even wore perfume.  When they sat there in the “waiting room” Corporal Mosi came by and even served them drinks. It was all very festive.  Then Munyambu showed up.

“Well, my’s time,” is all he said.  He took her by the hand and escorted her to the “Bridal Suite”.  Kamau was there .....grinning as usual.  He toasted her from a glass he was drinking from.  Amala kept her eyes down.  Gopal hung back, unsure of his role other than what the Chief Inspector had told him over the phone.

And then it began.  No videotaping, just a bed and a line-up of virile black men all eager to have their sperm be the seed that filled her belly.  Kamau went first and stripped her in front of her husband.  She looked sexy and fuckable as ovulation had put a gleam in her eyes and sheen in her hair. 

The big Sergeant got her naked on the bed and Amala defensively reached out to pull the sheet to cover her nakedness.  Kamau stripped and got into bed next to her.  He pulled the sheet from her and began fondling and even kissing her.  Gopal was as shocked at this as anything he had seen Kamau do to her.  Squeezing her tits, pinching and then kissing and sucking on her nipples, Kamau went about sexing

her as if they were a honeymoon couple.  He played with her until his dick was rampant and ready. 

And Amala was soon ready too.  Her “faucet”, as she called it, had begun running and she was soon wet....very wet.  Kamau presently was mounted.  He got inside her to the hilt and fucked her long and well.  He put it to her so that she could feel it in the deeper recesses of her vagina.  Soon, she began to grunt, moan and then cry out.  To Gopal as he watched Kamau sexing her, it was obvious that she was getting ready to cum.

It always broke his heart to hear and see her reach that wondrous place at the hands and cock of another man.  When her cries got louder and it was clear that she’d cum, Gopal closed his eyes and silently cursed Munyambu.  Soon, was obvious that Kamau was getting ready to cum too.  His black muscular buttocks clenched and tightened and he ejaculated with a loud groan, sending his seed deep into Amala’s vagina.

When he got off her, Gopal was “encouraged” to help his wife close her legs and pull them to her chest to trap the semen in her vagina.  He had to stay with her that way until the Chief Inspector told him that it was “OK” to let her relax.  Then was Zuberi’s turn.  He skipped the kissing part and when he was erect got his dick into her fucking her hard to push out Kamau’s ample deposit. 

He pushed her legs back and then got her ankles on his shoulder.  He pounded her relentlessly and when he came, he pulled out and Gopal was told to help the mother-to-be hold onto the precious cargo in her vagina.  It was very humiliating for husband and wife.  Amala took sip of tea and then was readied for the next man.

Tembo came into the room.  Gopal had not seen him before.  He blanched when the big man strode in and began taking off his clothes.  He was a big, blue-black man with a shaved head.  200 centimeters tall and 106 kilos.  But it was his dick that gave both husband and wife pause.  Tembo, a nickname, meant elephant in Swahili.  He truly had the equipment of a pachyderm. 

His dick was as thick as a beer bottle and it grew longer as he looked at Amala sprawled on the bed with a cunt full of semen.  It grew and grew until it was a full 24 centimeters long.  Amala groaned when he grabbed it and held it up to display it to her.  Before he mounted her he wanted her to see what he was going to use to push everyone’s else’s semen out and leave his deposit in her so that his baby would fill her womb.

He got her on her elbows and knees on the bed and got behind her.  Gopal grimaced as he watched the man work his mammoth cock into his wife’s vagina.  Tembo, at that point, pulled his dick all the way out and this made Amala whimper.  One minute she was stuffed like a goose and the next, her vagina was empty.  Holding it like a sword, he rubbed it up and down her open pussy. Then he worked it in again and began to fuck her…easy at first…then harder, holding her brown thighs in his big hands and thrusting in and out.  Gopal got embarrassed.  He got an erection but he couldn’t take his eyes away from what he was seeing.  He eyeballed the big dick going  in and out of his wife’s sex. 

Amala cried out, “OH GOD....OH GOD.....IT’S STRETCHING MY HOLE.”

When Tembo went particularly deep on one thrust, Amala’s voice, like an opera singer, went an octave higher.  She began to pant and hyperventilate.  His big balls, which hung down pendulous like a bull’s, swung back and forth like a metronome.  She groaned like he was killing her.   Gopal couldn't believe the sounds of pure lust and ecstasy coming out of his wife’s mouth.   Every few strokes, Tembo forced it all the way to bottom of her vagina and made her cry out. 

In-and-out – HARD – again and again.  It didn’t seem like it was going to fit inside.  Then somehow it went all the way back in.  Soon, everything....his dick, her pussy and her thighs and ass crack were wet and glistening with her vaginal secretions as she was juicing heavily on his elephant dick.  A ring of sloppy cream formed around the base of his dick.  Each time he pulled out, her labia seemed to grip the shaft.  Choked with lust, she was barely understandable. 

Her juices were smeared thick and nasty all over his dick.  It glistened in the fluorescent overhead lights.  Tembo pulled it out so just the head was inside. Then he fucked her with short quick strokes.  She grunted came and ejaculated.... squirting her juice to wet his balls.  Her husband could hear slurpy, wet sounds as the black man fucked her.  There was a growing puddle which had drooled from her vagina down onto the sheet.

Gopal could see her hole was stretched tight like a purple rubber band around his thick black dick.  On the in-stroke, his cock dragged her labia into the hole.  By now Amala was “fuck happy”.  Tembo kept pounding her.  The Indian husband could see the man’s black ass.... the big muscular cheeks clenching and relaxing.

He sexed her slow and deep for awhile…all the way to the bottom of her hole and her vagina clutched at him convulsively, each time.  Then he really pounded her for awhile.

She began to cry out:  a chorus of “uhs”, “ahs”, and “ohs” that got louder and louder until she was shrieking as she had a huge uterine-vaginal orgasm of epic proportions.  He soon came with a roar just after this...filling her sexhole with a really large load.  His balls went tight in their sack and his kinky pubic hair was mashed against her pussy.  He pulled out and made sure to push her thighs together to trap his seed.  Then Munyambu supervised getting her on her back to pull her legs up to her breasts and keep her thighs closed.   Gopal was given the job to help her.  He wiped her brow.  It had been a very powerful fucking.....

Simba was next and he wanted her on her back again.  His long dong, after Tembo’s, didn’t stretch her as much but fucking her skillfully, he made her cum.  Then Gatura, Gachie, Gacheru and Mosi.  The line of men were becoming a blur.  And after each man had taken his turn, they began again.  Breaks were taken to let Amala pee and take some nourishment, but Munyambu basically kept her on the bed with her legs spread. 

The men fucked her steadily for several hours, then fatigue and boredom set in and they would take a break for dinner, a smoke, a drink and even some cards.  Then one of them would get a notion and head back to the “Bridal Suite” to take another turn with her.  This went on for two days.  When it was over, Amala was exhausted.  She had been fucked more than forty times.  Filled to overflowing and beyond. 

And at one point, when Zuberi was fucking her and tender thoughts of impregnation permeated her foggy, fuck happy mind, Amala cried out, to no one in particular, but with words that would cut her husband to the quick, “OH GOD FUCK ME...FUCK ME....FUCK ME....FILL ME UP...STRETCH MY PUSSY.”

To Gopal it sounded like a woman whose raw female instincts had taken over.  A female animal craving the male seed to impregnate her and fill her belly.  It was one heart-breaking moment among many.  When Amala went home she slept for 14 hours.  She went to her doctor for a check-up afterwards.  And then she missed her period.  When Munyambu found out, he ordered her to go to Dr. Omondi - who confirmed Amala was very pregnant. 

The next few months were the easiest emotionally.  Oh, Amala grew sick in the third month in the mornings, but that was nothing compared to when she started to “show”.  Everyone, in-laws, her parents, her sister, her friends and her husband’s associates lavished her with congratulations and good wishes.  But Amala and her husband knew that in six months she would be faced with a terrible situation.  How black would the child be?  And if it were as black as Tembo, how would they explain it? 

Amala’s breasts grew as her pregnancy advanced.  She developed a dark “pregnancy line” down her tummy and her D cup tits grew to mammoth size.  She had to buy bras that were a size 38E.  And Kamau and Zuberi came over to fuck her as her belly grew.  Munyambu liked to come over and have her give him a blow job.  He even prostituted her during this time. There was a group of German businessmen, flower buyers, who came to town regularly to purchase Kenya’s top export, orchids. They were willing and able to pay  for a woman’s “hospitality”.  Munyambu brought Amala to the warehouse for a paying sex party one night. 

Gopal was also required to be in attendance for this grand performance.  The night was a wild affair.  He had Amala strip and then she was paraded (she was seven months pregnant at this point and her belly was very big) and displayed for the Germans in a kind of auction.  He announced her name, gave her measurements and had her sit down on a stool and spread her legs to show the Germans her velvety pink goods. 

Deeply shamed to be exhibited with her huge belly showing and feeling awkward and ugly, she balked and became resistive.  Following this, she was put on the “pony” to get her mind right and entertain the men.  After this she had to “dance” for them and as a grand finale.... masturbate for them. Then he let each of them fuck her on a gynecologist’s table.  Plenty of liquor flowed (the Germans were paying for it all) and Bruno, Frederich, Hans, Dolph and Gerhard had fun taking turns with her. 

Gopal, stripped to his jockey shorts, had to do duty as a bartender, waiter and towel boy.  The Germans were beside themselves as they watched Gopal humiliated at the Chief Inspector’s whim.  To see him treated like a cuckold was a show in itself.  When Gopal displeased Munyambu....some minor thing....he had him stripped and ball cuffs were put on him.  Then, they made him “duck walk”.  Following this, Gopal had to “clean” Amala’s pussy with his mouth.  He had to lap up all the cum the Germans had deposited.  

The debaucheries of the evening reached a high point when Bruno, the oldest, wanted to know if it were true that black men had huge cocks.  Munyambu pointed to Tembo.   Hans then asked if they could see his mammoth organ.  Tembo wasn’t shy about demonstrating his “superiority” to a white man.  When he whipped it out, the five Germans began clapping and yelling.  Well, it didn’t take long for them to implore Munyambu to let Tembo fuck the pregnant Indian woman while they watched and took pictures with their cameras.  Munyambu, feeling good about how the evening had gone, told Tembo to fuck her first in her vagina and then in her asshole.  It was very humiliating when she came twice in front of her husband.

The Cow

As her pregnancy came to a close, Amala was resigned to her fate.  She hoped for a healthy baby and the process of carrying the child for nine months bonded her to the fetus growing in her womb.  She delivered a healthy 3.8 kilo baby boy at Dr. Omondi’s clinic.  The nurses had fun with her.  On the gurney, there was a curtain draped over her just below her breasts so that she could not see her baby as it was born.  When the baby’s head crowned and the baby emerged the nurses could see the child’s color and began laughing. 

They came over to her side of the curtain and teased her unmercifully.  When they presented the baby to her, she saw how black it was, but her maternal instincts dominated and she took the baby lovingly in her arms.  Mother and child soon bonded.  Amala immediately began nursing the baby, whom she and Gopal had named Chand.  She wanted to name the baby Arjuna, the name of a son of Indra, but that name means “white” in Hindi and Gopal, being wiser and saner, prevailed.  And so they chose Chand.

When the baby was introduced to their respective families, everyone was so shocked that almost nothing was said, but tongues wagged and eyebrows went up.  Everyone wondered privately what had happened.  Both Gopal and Amala had made a pact to keep the actual facts of Chand’s birth a secret.  Pallav accepted it.  He was as shocked as anyone, but found the idea of having a brother appealing.  He also discovered that he loved the infant.  Munyambu was pleased too.  He loved the powerful feelings he got making the Indian couple suffer; and lost no time in devising new humiliations for them.

He found that selling Amala’s sexual services to his contacts in the police and military was now easier than ever.  A lactating female was a prize.  He brought her to the warehouse and put her on the auction block.  Forced to strip naked, Kamau

or Zuberi stood behind her as her measurements were being read off, and took her tits in hand. They squeezed them to make her milk spray.  The men went wild.  Amala was always stressed in particular in these situations as Munyambu would always order her to not feed Chand.  She would be expected to show up with her tits full of milk. 

Whatever the drill, by the time she went home her breasts were completely drained.  One time he made her bend over and Mosi “milked” her into a bucket.  If she produced a half liter of milk she would not be whipped with a tawse.  Constable Nyarai knelt behind her and played with her pussy to make her cum and every time she did, her tits sprayed their precious milk.  Amala wanted to keep her milk for Chand and these sessions were a torment.  She was turned into a “milk cow”.  When she was exhibited, they would milk her or make her spread her legs to show the velvety pink insides.  The men would clap, stomp their feet, yell and the bidding would reach astronomical numbers that brought a smile to Munyambu’s face. 

He and Peng put her, lactating, into a video.  The script idea was that she had been captured by the North Koreans.  The government was operating a restaurant in the capital of Pyongyang.  The gimmick was that the restaurant featured dishes made from “mother’s milk”.  Foreign visitors from China were paying handsomely for this exotic cuisine.  To ensure that the restaurant had sufficient supplies of raw, fresh milk, the military had conscripted nursing mothers for the task.  They had constructed a set in the warehouse to look like a “nursing stable”.   Basically it was a lighted enclosure with a bunk, a toilet, a basin and a stand where the “milk cow”....the nursing mother would be bound six to eight times a day to have her milk extracted.

They brought Amala to the warehouse.  She had been instructed not to nurse the baby all day.  She hated the idea of allowing these men to take her milk.  But her body betrayed her.  Her breasts were hugely engorged when she arrived since they hadn't been expressed for 12 hours.  She desperately wanted - indeed needed - someone or something to relieve the pressure and pain caused by the excess of  milk in her breasts.  She couldn’t have it both ways, and resigned herself to giving up her milk.

Peng had everything ready.  Shun was playing the “Colonel” again.  He and his men treated Amala as if it were her first day as a “cow”.  They made her strip.  Then they played with her sexually.  Because the brain plays such a large role in the release of hormones that produce milk, it’s normal for let-downs to occur in

other situations as well. When Shun began playing with Amala’s pussy - sexually stimulating her....she got very wet and her tits started spraying milk. The harness cradled her in a semi-bent over position with her tits hanging down. The crew played a recording of a baby crying  and this also caused a huge “let down” of her milk.  They put an electric breast pump on her engorged tits.  The machine was placed on a small table in front of her; and it had multiple pump speeds. Soon the milk bottles began to fill.

Amala had gone so long without expressing her milk that she could be kept on the pump for awhile.  Peng had the stationary camera mounted in front of her so that the sight of her tits being milked into the bottles was clearly visible. Here’s how her body responded to the machine:  The suckling stimulated the nerve endings in her nipples and areolas, which signaled the pituitary gland in her brain to release two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin.  The “happy hormones”!

Amala soon felt waves of warm pleasure as she was milked.  Peng had Chang, with the hand-held camera, moving around to film the machine pulling the milk from her titties, as well as her reactions.  The emotions that played on Amala’s expressive face, with her big, brown eyes and full lips, were worth catching.  She showed sexual pleasure, humiliation, anger, hurt, frustration and shame at her dripping, wet cunt, as she was treated like an animal and used as a sex slave. 

Shun kept coming in and out of the scene.  He played with her pussy, stroking her labia and rubbing her clitoris as this had two effects.  It made Amala squirm and writhe and the amount of milk that flowed from her teats seemed to dramatically increase.  The idea was that the “cow” was kept on the machine for many daily sessions to produce a required amount of milk. If she fell below “quota”, she would be “punished”.   Subjected to lots of hurtful, coercive things.  The tape would be a big seller in the Far East, where Peng had distribution connections.  Lots of men in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan would find masturbatory delight watching a “milk cow”  being used and abused. 

In the first “session”, with her breasts so full, Amala produced a prodigious amount of milk – a half liter.  Shun praised and petted her like a prized animal.  Then he and his assistants made her suck their uncircumcised cocks filling her mouth and making sure she swallowed the semen....  her reward for a job well done.  Shun laughingly made a comment that lots of cum made for rich  milk.   The assistants all got a good laugh.  Following this, he masturbated her, first by rubbing her pissflaps and her clitoris, then by finger banging her G-Spot to make her cum.  This was also done to reward her for making “quota”. 

The still photographer got some great shots too.  Including some stop motion shots of milk spraying from Amala’s humongous tits.  Chang let the camera linger lovingly on her huge, dark brown, almost black areolas topped with nipples of an even darker shade....and the size of cashews.  Then Peng let the crew break for lunch.  Amala was taken to an office, given something to eat and lots to drink; then allowed to rest.  Two hours later they marched her back to the set for another session as a “cow”.  She was put into the harness again and this time milked manually by the four privates taking turns.  Two of them at a time... one on each tit; milking her into plastic buckets. 


They had been coached beforehand.  They used their thumbs, index and middle fingers to form a “C” around Amala’s areolas.  The pushed her breast towards her chest and then squeezed their fingers and thumbs together to roll the milk out. The script called for them, as teenaged soldiers, to have some fun with her and sneak some milk by nursing on her tits.  Amala found herself embarrassed as they bent down and began suckling on her.  Being raped was a terrible violation; but having her milk taken from her was abuse too. 

Being videotaped made it worse.  As the boys suckled on her breasts, they were stealing from her what was her baby’s.  It was the ultimate defilement of her motherhood.  And it was done with the idea of making her less than human - that she was a “cow”.  The suckling had stimulated a “let-down” response and Amala’s tits produced milk, but since her teats had been emptied only a short time before,  she didn’t meet “quota”.   Shun held up the buckets and began yelling at her. 

“You no make quota,” he said to her.

So, now it was time for “punishment”.  Peng and Shun had a one-page script outline that called for Shun to force things into her asshole, whip her buttocks and cane her feet.   Amala was taken off the harness.  The got her on the bunk on her hands and knees and Shun forced a thick rubber truncheon into her rectum.  He oiled it first and then dipped it in ground, hot red pepper.  Amala grunted and groaned as it was forced through both anal sphincters and then deep into her rectum.  He redrew it, oiled it again, coated it with more hot pepper and re-inserted it. 

He did this several times, admonishing her each time for failing to make “quota”.  Very quickly, the pepper started to burn and was soon replaced by a virulent itching.  After this, they tied her legs together and bent her over a barrel.  Shun beat her with a thick prison strap on her buttocks.  She was beaten until her

buttocks were two raw slabs.  Then they bound her ankles to a wooden pole and he beat the soles of her feet with a thin bamboo cane.  This was the dreaded Falaka.  She sobbed and screamed as this was real torture. She couldn’t walk when it was over. They spent the rest of the afternoon getting it all on tape, before the production finally wrapped.


At one point, Munyambu made a present of the North Korean Brainwashing, Dog Trolley and Milk Cow videos to Pallav.  He knew the boy would want to see his mother in action.  He made sure to let Amala know about the gift too.  The Chief Inspector’s control over the family lasted until 2010 when he himself was finally indicted for corruption by the Anti-Corruption Commission.  Pallav was sent to the UK for college and his parents retreated into near seclusion following Chand’s birth.

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By Shabbadew2002

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Police corruption in post-colonial Kenya is a fact of life.  Transparency International, a watchdog organization, ranks Kenya as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world. The average city dweller in Kenya pays 16 bribes per month.  In 2007 a Jewish family was enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector. 

PART 3 - Elaine & Jacob

Elaine met Jacob at the Sir John Cass Business School in London.  He was a professor and she was his student.  He was the smartest man she’d ever met.  He was also 20 years older and had been married before.  After Jacob and Elaine married, he brought her back with him to Nairobi.  He really considered Kenya his home.  They had a son, Aaron, in 2004.  Jacob was Jewish, a small dark-haired man with a high sex drive.   Elaine was slim, dark, very pretty and also had a strong libido.  Early on, she realized he had some peculiar ideas.  He had the quirky belief that history showed Jews were destined to be a slaves, and most Jews were really submissive by nature and yielded to physical power.

Yet he was a tireless, combative fighter by nature.  A natural contradiction.  His first wife was very traditional.  His second marriage to Elaine allowed him to be a little more unconventional.  Elaine, for instance, was curious about bondage and domination fantasies and games early in the marriage.  Although they had some fun tying each other both  realized something was missing.  No matter how much they played or fantasized they realized that neither of them was dominant so it was never going to be completely satisfying.

Then one of Jacob’s friends, a Dutchman named Erik, who often visited, one time after an evening together, grabbed Elaine’s butt and kissed her goodnight in front of Jacob.  Elaine didn’t really think much about it but it did have an impact on Jacob.  The friend did make more advances and then one evening he had sex with Elaine and Jacob sat in the living room and watched while Erik fucked his wife. 

Erik grasped right away what was motivating Elaine and began to humiliate Jacob in little ways.  He would tell Elaine’s to take her panties off with Jacob watching.  Erik even made Jacob thank him for fucking his wife.  One visit, Erik told Jacob to wait in the living room.  He brought Elaine down from their bedroom an hour later.  They had been in the couple’s marriage bed and poor Jacob had been listening to Erik pleasuring his wife.  Erik told Jacob he had a present.  He made Elaine spread her legs show hubby her cum filled pussy.  Another time he made Jacob watch while he punished Elaine.  First he spanked her and then hurt her nipples with his fingers.  He pinched, pulled and twisted them cruelly.  He told Jacob that Elaine was his slut and if Jacob didn't like it, he would, ‘teach him a lesson.’  Jacob couldn’t help himself from becoming aroused;  and accepted the humiliation.  When Erik ended up in a relationship the fun and games ended. 

Jacob, as a professor at Strathmore University, was not a rich man and struggling to live in Kenya propelled him to come up with an idea to make a score.  Basically it involved putting one over on the government.  He had developed a scheme to sell sub-par land to a government agency for use as municipal cemeteries.   On paper it looked like a potential gold mine that would leave them wealthy for life.  He had to rely on others though.   And, at some point, the right bribe didn’t get paid to the right people and the deal attracted police attention. He had a brilliant mind, but he was an unsophisticated criminal.   When the file came to Chief Inspector Munyambu Adoyo’s desk he pounced on it. 

First Jacob was grilled and then threatened.  Then a “bribe” was suggested as a way to get out of trouble.  Jacob didn’t have much money, so the Chief Inspector decided, when he discovered how pretty Jacob’s wife was, that she would do just fine.  He had Jacob brought in and explained the deal to him.  Jacob hated what he was offered.  The basic injustice of it all rankled him.  He took an immediate dislike to Munyambu.  The older man had an oily, sleazy quality to him and Jacob violently detested the idea of letting this thug push him around.

So, it wasn’t long before Munyambu sent Kamau and Zuberi to lean on the Jew.   They approached Jacob in the darkened garage under the office where he worked.  Jacob had just unlocked his car and was getting inside.  Kamau told Jacob the Chief Inspector wanted payment, ‘or else’. Something snapped in Jacob.  The situation degenerated into shouting match and then little Jacob pushed Kamau.  The big man spun him around and punched him in the kidneys. 

When Jacob cursed him, Kamau opened the door of Jacob’s car and with Zuberi holding him, slammed the door on Jacob’s left hand, breaking two of his fingers.  

Jacob was soon whimpering and telling Kamau he’d be cooperative.  They were under orders to bring him in and so took him to the Langata station.  There he was stripped and thrown naked into a holding cell.  The cellblock was filled with black

men arrested for robbery, thievery, rape and mayhem.  Jacob shivered and hid in the corner of the cell, frightened out of his wits.

In the meantime, Munyambu sent Kamau and Zuberi to pick up Elaine.  They were instructed to bring her to a warehouse on Pate Road.  The Chief Inspector had an office there.  He was in business with Lei Peng, a Chinese businessman who ran a TV production studio out of the warehouse.  He had been doing fairly well producing porn for the Far Eastern market when Munyambu shook him down.  Now they were in business together.  Peng had benefited because before Munyambu had stepped in his productions only featured black “actors”.  Since then, the Chief Inspector had provided some fresh white meat.  A big-titted Englishwoman, her young, nubile daughter and a plump Indian woman had all become “stars” in porn videos Peng was now producing.

The big sellers were a “North Korean” and an “African” BDSM series.  The concept: bad guys in the North Korean Army or the military in an African country capture, torture and rape captives.  The “victims” were originally black but now with Munyambu on board, the victims were white and Asian too.  Hot variations included husbands and wives tortured with the wife gang raped and the husband forced to watch.  The titles in Chinese and Malay didn’t translate well into English though.  An example: A Terrible Tragedy Can Befall a Couple.

In the meantime, Munyambu had decided that the Jew’s wife deserved some of his men’s “undivided attention” since her husband would be cooling his heels in jail for a couple of days.  When they got her to the warehouse, they took her to the small office they occupied.  There was only a desk and a few chairs and a metal frame bed leaning on its side up against one wall.  The rest was file cabinets.   Elaine was scared.  Munyambu introduced himself, and told her that her husband had gotten himself into a lot of trouble.  He, the Chief Inspector, had offered to help and make her husband’s troubles go away.  But her husband had not cooperated.  He told her that she must pay.

“What do you want from me,” she asked?

“What do you think,” he answered?

“What did my husband say?”

“He took off for a few days. Leaving you to pay his bills,” Munyambu leered.

Elaine didn’t know what to say....

“Take her outside and tie her to a post. Give her a beating so she sees we mean business.”

Elaine began reacting, but Kamau and Zuberi were too strong and just muscled her out to the yard.  There they were joined by Gachie and Gatura who pulled off her clothes.  They got her tits exposed and yanked her panties down unceremoniously around her ankles.  The two men groped her freely now.  Elaine had very dark brown hair, very white skin, pointy B-cup breasts, fairly full buttocks and a tummy that stuck out a bit with dark brown pubic hair between her legs. 

Zuberi and Gachie began pinching and squeezing Elaine’s teats making her nipples erect.  Stripped naked her breasts seemed smaller.  But they were capped with very big nipples, medium sized areola, and her Venus mount was covered with a thick mat of dark, brown pubic hair.  The Jewess was very pretty and the men’s eyes glowed with lust as they put their hands all over her tits, ass and crotch.  They got her legs spread to display her pussy.  The exposure of her hairy, brown anus made her blush from her breasts to her cheeks.

They tied her by her wrists to a post.  Then they stepped back to make room for Zuberi who displayed a traditional African whip, a sjambok to her.   This one was 90 centimeters long and braided.  He made her shiver with fear before he began to whip her.  He trailed the tip all over her cheeks teasing her with it.  The first few blows on her butt, she was able to handle fairly well.  But she screamed when the big Sergeant got the tip of the sjambok right on the sulcus, the crease between her butt cheeks and her thighs.  The blow was so intense that her ass cheeks began twitching and quivering.  He whipped her slowly, methodically.....making her hump the pole every time a blow landed.  She hated herself for reacting, but soon she was squealing and humping the pole like a cat in heat.  Soon, the pain and her humiliation was so intense that she began weeping.

“Please don’t beat me anymore,” she begged after he had beaten her cruelly more than her thirty times with the long, thin whip.

Munyambu finally came over.

“Are you ready to spread your legs,” he asked her?

His eyes held hers like he was the snake and she was a bird.

“Y...y...yes, Sir,” she mumbled.  She was virtually hypnotized.  There was no choice in her mind, at this point, but to answer submissively.


They cut her down and dragged her back into the warehouse.  By this time, all of the Chief Inspector’s “boys” had shown up.  Kamau and Zuberi, Gachie, Gacheru, and Gatura....old Mosi and young Simba.  Even the “giant” Tembo, who had become a star in Peng’s porn videos, was on hand.  Elaine, naked, sweaty and scared was made to stand in the middle of a circle as the crew crowded around.  They began pushing her from man-to-man.  Each man took an opportunity to molest her in whatever way amused him.  Some grabbed her nice full ass cheeks.  Some insinuated a finger in between her legs or her ass cheeks.  Mosi and Gatura squeezed her lemon-sized tits.  Tembo played with her big, brown nipples.  Munyambu grabbed her by the hair, slapped her face and verbally abused her.

Eventually she ended up on her knees, weeping with humiliation.  Zuberi took her by the hair and showed her the sjambok he’d used on her buttocks.  He tickled her nipples with the tip to remind her that she was just a sex slave as this point, and if she didn’t comply she’d face another whipping. 

Kamau,  then took hold of her by her hair, pulled her face up to show her his up-curved black cock....the veins bulging.  He soon had it nudging  her lips.  She began kissing, licking and sucking it without being told.  They mobbed her and took out their cocks.  She was surrounded by a forest of black dicks.  She looked at all of them and whimpered.   Munyambu got her licking his old black dick as though she were slurping an ice cream cone.

Without any further fuss, Elaine was prepared. The took her to the office and got the metal bed set up.  They threw Elaine on the bare mattress.  Zuberi and Tembo pushed her down until she was flat on her back with her hands above her head. Then they took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs backwards over her head. They pulled her legs so far over her head that her toes pointed to the wall behind her.

With her legs back over her head she was totally open, exposed and vulnerable. Elaine felt like she was in a trance.  Hands were all over her.  Some held her legs holding her wide open and exploring her vagina.  Elaine writhed as they teased and molested her.  She was intoxicated by the musky, sexual odor of the black men crowding around her.  She got aroused beyond belief as fingers stroked her inflamed, swelling clitoris.  A second later, Elaine's cunt was opened by a cock that seemed unnaturally thick and of an unbelievable length.  It was Tembo.  His nickname was Swahili for “elephant”.  His cock was as long and thick as a beer bottle.  He was a big gorilla of a man...big and heavy boned.

She wanted it, she realized. To be fucked like a whore, without any candlelight or romance. As she was fucked by Tembo, someone stuck his finger in her mouth, simulating oral rape.   Elaine soon got the pounding she expected and orgasmed before Tembo came, and again, and then a third time, groaning and crying out. She began screaming in an uncontrollable fit of passion as Tembo, with his very large penis, gave her a lesson in deep vaginal penetration.  He  finally pulled out.  But it was only a changing of the guard, for Kamau, with a fairly big cock, buried his spear in her steamy sheath.

This went on and on as Sergeant Zuberi, Corporal Mosi, and Constables Gachie, Gacheru and Gatura each took turns.  Yet Elaine had “broken” and was now very submissive.  For in the depths of her own degradation she had found a release beyond any she had known and discovered something about herself that would compel her very strongly in the months to come.  She had discovered that while she was disgusted...there was something undeniable in the humiliation she felt, to be sure, but Elaine felt a combination of revulsion, confusion and submission - the feeling of being a victim.  And she responded to it.  Sacrificed and made into a receptacle for black male lust.

When they were finished, her vagina was a sloppy mess.  Elaine blinked up at the black faces looking down on her.   She noticed the flashes of white teeth as the men mocked her.  An act of humiliation they reinforced by turning Elaine's head to one side to take the Chief Inspector’s cock.  She took as much as she could in her mouth and sucked on it as though it were a nipple.

After she'd had her mouth filled with Munyambu’s runny sperm, they had a new humiliation in store for her.  They had been using her panties to wipe her drooling vagina after each man finished with her.  At this point, Mosi shoved the soiled, disgusting garment in her mouth.  Elaine was finally pulled to her feet, and allowed to take her messy garment from her mouth. 

Nasty Games

Munyambu had set up a new kind of a game with her.  Kamau sat in a chair and enjoyed the pleasure of having her kiss, lick and suck his cock.  She was soon kneeling and bobbing her head up and down in the his lap and licking his pendulous ball sack.  Soon he was dribbling his pre-cum into her saliva filled mouth.  Kneeling in front of the muscular cop sitting like a king in the chair, he held her hair in one hand as he did his best to suffocate her by pulling her mouth up and down on his curved, veined cock - again and again.

Elaine was snorting and snuffling through her nose and feverishly stroking and patting his thighs with her fingers in a mute plea for mercy, until she was suddenly released to sit back on her haunches, dribbles and strings of semen and saliva running down her chin.  She was ordered not to swallow the load.  She was told to spit the semen into her hand and then lick it up.   It was a nasty, degrading, humiliating act.

Kamau made her say that she was a, “cum loving slut”.  Then Gachie took his place in the chair.  Elaine was pushed towards him and quickly provided him with the same “hospitality” that she had provided Kamau.  She was made to suck him to completion and lick his nut sack - getting it shiny with her saliva.  She wondered how much time had passed already but had no clear idea when she had arrived at the warehouse.

At one point they got her on the mattress again.  Simba got on his back and Gachie and Gacheru lifted her up (she weighed only 51 kilos) and then plopped her down straddling Simba. He got his long dong into her wet pussy and the other two slapped her ass to get her moving.  Soon, she was humping up and down on Simba’s glistening shaft like a shuttle on a loom.  Sweat flew off Elaine as she worked herself on his cock, and her pointy breasts bobbed up and down prettily. Constable Nyarai, a female police officer, one of Munyambu’s crew, showed up and the others encouraged her to take part in using Elaine.

The Kikuyu woman was second oldest on the squad after Corporal Mosi.  She had, incongruously, been involved with the boy and girl scouts before her appointment to the department.  But she was as mean and tough as any of the men.  She was 45, of medium height and heavy-set.  She had big tits, a fat stomach and a big ass.  Her hair was cropped short and she had two gold teeth.  She was laughing as the men sexed Elaine.  And then Elaine cried out as someone began whipping her ass.  Turning around, she saw that it was Nyarai.  The woman's teeth were clenched in a savage grimace as she taken her belt off her trousers and was bringing it down again and again on Elaine’s upturned ass cheeks,  showing no signs of hesitation or mercy at all.  The pain was considerable and Elaine begged for her to stop, every trace of dignity being beaten out of her. 

Mosi came over to enjoy Elaine's torment.  Nyarai stepped back, happy as she had been able to get Elaine humping like a madwoman.   Simba, now very close to cumming, grabbed her hips and held her tightly against him as his passion exploded and he ejaculated inside her.  After he'd finished, Elaine was pulled off him. 

“Ride her face Nyarai,” Gatura said to the woman constable... laughing.

Nyarai grabbed Elaine by her hair and slapped her face.  This got her attention.  She got very close to her and began talking to her in a low voice.  The others didn’t hear what she said to Elaine, but right after that, she pushed the Jewess down and began to unbutton her navy blue pants.  She  pulled her panties down and fending some joking comments by Gachie and Mosi, she got on the bed and worked two, three, and then four thick fingers into Elaine’s stretched and slippery hole. She then tucked her thumb under her fingers and worked her entire fist into the Jewish woman. 

Elaine  felt her entire lower body spread with fire.   She was totally opened and stretched as the older woman spread her vaginal walls far apart.  Elaine’ pussy throbbed rhythmically on the fist and as Nyarai worked it in and out, she began moaning and crying out.  Nyarai wanted to make her cum to establish her hold over her, as the men had done.  She forced her fist in deep to press against the epicenter directly.  This made Elaine groan and moan.  Then Nyarai twisted her fist slowly in Elaine’s birth channel.  Taking her time, Elaine’s voice got louder and louder.  Several of the men crowded around to watch the older black woman take the measure of the younger white woman. 

“Watch how it’s done,” Nyarai said to the men as she began to pump her fist in and out with short strokes.  Elaine began to go, “AH”... “UH”....and “OHHHHH”.  This soon became a spiraling cadence and Nyarai made Elaine cum in bursts of sweet wet release as she fisted her expertly.   One woman knows another woman’s pussy.  Now that she’d established her hold, Nyarai was ready to dominate Elaine completely.  And that meant a total face-sitting, smothering experience.  Elaine had never had sex with another woman before.  She straddled Elaine’s head facing the Jewess’s feet. 

Then she sat down, smothering Elaine who beat her small fists against the bigger woman’s black thighs.   Nyarai put her hairy pussy right over her face; and then put Elaine’s arms under her thighs so that she had her pinned and helpless.  Her hairy cunt was scratching Elaine’s face and she couldn't breathe.  Nyarai made her

a “smother slave”.   Elaine, however, became extremely aroused.  After the fist fucking and now the face sitting and smothering by the woman’s hugely hairy cunt, Elaine became submissive to Nyarai now as she had with the men.  The older woman ordered her to work her lips and tongue around her twat, inside her hole.  All of this forced mouthfuls of coarse pubic hair into Elaine’s mouth.  As Nyarai ground into her, Elaine smelled her sexual aromas - all her dark musky smells.  The extent of her own obedience and submission surprised Elaine.

“Stick your tongue up my cootchie.  Taste my juice?  GOOD.  Lick it up.  Lick my clit, lick my clit - you stupid cunt.  Now stop.  Stick your tongue out, you're just toilet paper, I'm going to wipe myself on your white face, slut.”

Nyarai moved back and forth, rubbing herself into Elaine’s face from her clit to her asshole.   Elaine’s nose, mouth and chin were being used hard as Nyarai humped her face.  She came wetly all over Elaine’s face smearing her with a stream of smelly juice.

“Alright, mzungu,(white person) lick my clit again, yes, ahh.....lick it.  That’s a good pussy licker. You were born to eat my black cunt.  I am so close. Now I’m gonna get off.”

Nyarai lifted herself from Elaine’s sticky face and moved forward a little. The whole time she had been rubbing her clit and labia against the Jewess’s mouth and chin.   She wanted to come again, so she sat down again with no warning, grabbed Elaine’s head and pulled up.

“Put your nose in my cunt mzungu, smell it.  Now, get your nose and mouth on my asshole.   Lick my asshole.  Wipe your tongue on my asshole.   Find my asshole, white girl and lick it! Ah fuck yeah, you found it.  LICK IT, now lick it!  Stick your tongue inside, yes, like that, ahhhh you slutty asshole licker. Yeah, I'm gonna cum all over your face... OH YEAH!”

Nyarai was moaning, writhing, and humping Elaine’s face hard.  She was smothering her.  It was torture.  She rubbed herself over Elaine’s nose, mouth and chin repeatedly making her use her tongue when it got to her vagina and asshole.  Whenever Elaine’s licking became too lackadaisical, Nyarai punished her by leaning forward and slapping her face and yanking her hair.  She smothered Elaine again and again; forward face sitting, reverse face sitting and side saddle face sitting.  She loved the feeling of the Jewess struggling to breathe under her ass. 

She ground and slid her pussy and ass back and forth on her face moaning louder and louder with each passing moment and working herself into an orgasmic frenzy.  She came for what seemed like two minutes and Elaine could barely breathe.  She gasped and struggled trying to breathe the air around the hairy, smelly pussy that covered her face.   Finally Nyarai lifted up and sat on Elaine’s chest, panting from the orgasm she had.  Mosi and Gatura clapped at Nyarai’s performance.

“You certainly know how to work a slut,” Mosi acknowledged with a wave of his hand.  Nyarai smiled, showing the gold teeth in her mouth.

Elaine looked up through red-rimmed eyes to see Mosi laughing at her with a bottle in his hand.  He dribbled some of the liquor into her mouth.  Then he poured some liquor over her thick patch of pubic hair, until the rum was running down her crack like a river. 

“Drink up slut, you’re not done yet,” he said to her.

Elaine looked over at Zuberi, now completely naked as she was.  He was smoking and drinking.  He sported another prodigious erection and was looking at her.

“OH GOD, you’re not gonna fuck me again, are you? I'm so sore.”

He laughed – not at all apologetic.

“You’ve got such a big one,” she said, unable to keep herself from looking at his erect black cock.

He fucked her again.  So did Kamau and Tembo.  When they were done with Elaine, she could barely stand. She had cum so many times her legs were shaky and she felt lightheaded.  Gachie drove her home and made her give him another blow job in the driveway to her home.  The next day they released Jacob.  Husband and wife had a tearful reunion.  And when they compared notes they realized that there was a new “Sheriff” in town and his name was Munyambu.  Elaine wondered when there would be next time, a thought which was incredibly stupid.  Munyambu could make her and Jacob do anything he wanted, anything at all.  Not only did he hold her husband’s fate in his hands, he now “owned” her too.


Munyambu called the couple and told them that he was going to put Elaine into a porn video.  They were told to be ready.  Someone would pick them up.  They had no choice.  Jacob was on pins and needles.  Every time he thought about what was coming ...he thought about resisting.  Then he would touch the cast on his left hand and wince.  Then he would imagine both of them forced into outrageous and degrading acts.  And that would excite him.  Elaine, who had already been to the warehouse, was more settled about what was coming.  Jacob had pestered her with endless questions. ‘Now, he’ll see for himself,’ Elaine thought to herself.

That afternoon, Gacheru came by in a black car and picked them up.  As they drove to Pate Road, Elaine’s pulse began to quicken and Jacob found himself sweating in the backseat of the sedan too....excited and worried about what was to come.  When they pulled up, Elaine bent over and gave Jacob a kiss as if to say, ‘it’ll be OK.’  Inside, Kamau came up and smirked when he saw the cast on Jacob’s hand.  Mosi joined him and then Munyambu came out of an office.

“You’re in for a treat, Jew,” Munyambu said to Jacob.  “Director Peng is taping a great, new porn video today. Your wife’ gonna be the “star”.  The idea is that she’s captured by the North Koreans.  They put her on a special training machine.  I decided to let you.... “observe”.  You just behave yourself and you’ll have no problems,” he said looking first at Jacob’s hand and then locking eyes with him.

Jacob winced.  He felt himself falling down a deep well.  Whatever he had embraced in the past when it came to his sex life with Elaine, now he knew they were about to enter a new and scary phase.  And it began when Kamau took Elaine by the elbow and steered her towards the lighted set, right in the middle of the warehouse.  Jacob followed.  Front and center was a gynecologist’s table and some other paraphernalia.  Jacob, sweating and nervous, found his pulse racing when his eyes fell on the table. 

Then several Chinese men approached.  The one with the clipboard was Lei Peng, the owner of the production company and the director.  The second man was a heavyset older man with a “Fu Manchu” moustache`.  This was Han Shun.  He had assembled the equipment to be used in this video and he was there to play the “heavy”.  He wore a faux “North Korean” uniform with a Colonel’s rank on his shoulders.  He was a quiet, but a cruel sexual sadist.   He and Munyambu had a lot in common, except that Shun was 10 years younger.

Introductions were made and Peng explained the “script” such as it was.  Actually, for a porn production like this, there was a two-page synopsis and not much more.  The Chinese actors portraying Koreans were given a few lines and fed these lines on cue cards most of the time.  Peng relied on the woman, playing the “victim” to provide realistic reactions.  And, given the things that they made a woman do, this was not difficult.  The opening scene had Elaine seated in a chair under a single light bulb....the dreaded “third degree”.  Shun and three Chinamen garbed similarly surrounded her; and Shun played at grilling her for information.  (This would appear as Chinese sub-titles on the tape) This was a very short scene.  Shun motioned to the “privates” and they grabbed Elaine.

“Strip her,” he told them in Chinese.

As her husband watched from a chair, the men took off all her clothes. When she was naked, they hung her from a hook by her wrists.  Then Shun squirted her from her shoulders to her thighs with clear lotion from a bottle.  He rubbed this all over her back, belly, tits, ass, especially her crack, her crotch and her thighs.  When she was glistening in the lights, he produced a cattle prod.  It had a blue plastic handle, a 30 centimeter flexible shaft ending in a red plastic probe topped with two 1 centimeter aluminum prods.  She was wetted and this would help the electricity flow.  He handled it with a flourish like he was going to conduct an orchestra. 

Shun began to apply the cruel tips to her buttocks first.  Then her belly and finally he had one of the privates spread her ass cheeks so he could shock her on her anus.  Chang, the mobile-camera operator, got close-ups of the prod being applied to Elaine’s big, brown nipples.   And, of course, they were excellent targets for them to torture. With her tits wet and exposed she shuddered at what she suspected was coming next. 

He began treating her tits to little shocks starting at the top of each mammary gland and working around the nipples.  He gave them little teasing touches or, more cruelly, he pressed it deep into her flesh.  By the time he got to her big brown areolas, she was sweating, crying out and her resolve was weakening.  He took a long time to work her big areolas over.  Then he turned his attention to her nipples. 

She began screaming, “not my nipples....not my nipples,” when he moved to shock her already sore tits.

In the end, he worked on the nipples slowly and sadistically - just a touch, and then a longer one: one second.... two seconds.  She passed out and had to be revived so he could continue the torture.  He held the tip against each nipple, and then he pushed the tips against them...indenting the flesh.  When finally Shun turned his attention to her clitoris, Elaine, who had been howling, began shrieking at the top of her lungs.  Chang’s camera went from her crotch to her face capturing her anguish.  Each time he shocked her clit, Elaine screamed.  When he stroked the tips against the area between her cunthole and her clitoris and shocked her pisshole, Elaine lost control of her bladder and a golden stream of piss splattered on the concrete floor.  This ended the scene.

The next scene found poor Elaine tied hand and foot to a narrow bench.  Shun asked her some questions which she was unable to answer of course.  Then he covered her face with a thin, cheap man’s undershirt.  He wrapped this tightly around her head.  Then one private held her head while Shun poured a thin stream of water - almost a thread of water - on her nose and mouth.  This suffocated her. It made her feel like she was drowning. Elaine gagged, sputtered, coughed and sobbed as this was “water boarding” pure and simple.  Shun continued the scene.  As a climax, Shun had one of the privates urinate on her covered face adding to Elaine’s suffering.   Peng, as director, finally called a halt.  They had plenty of footage in the can. When they released Elaine, she was so disoriented that she seemed more an “automaton” than a human being. 

As the two camera operators caught the action, Jacob squirmed uneasily in his seat.

The script called for the North Koreans to sexually abuse their victim.  And for the next hour, Shun and the three privates slapped and then raped Elaine in her mouth and vagina.  They pulled and pushed her around like a doll and fucked her in every position you could imagine.  Every ejaculation was caught on tape by Peng’s crew. Every sloppy invasion of her two holes....captured on video. 

One memorable moment: Shun was balls deep in her mouth and reaching the entrance to her throat.  One of the privates had his cock buried in the kneeling woman’s vagina.  Another man was massaging her throat as Shun penetrated her to his fullest extent.  Then they switched.  Shun dashing to get behind her and the private scurrying to get his cock in her mouth.  They did this like a game, taking turns with her fore and aft until they climaxed.  Then Shun, who finally came in her vagina, withdrew and came over to stand next to the private as he came in her mouth.  The scene ended with Elaine alternately cleaning Shun’s cock and the private wiping her semen streaked penis all over her face.  The camera lingered on Elaine’s face as she completed the task.

Jacob was shocked at what they were did to his wife in the video.  He and Elaine, over the years, had talked about and even played with some extreme fantasies, but this was very real and very extreme.  Jacob figured that they wouldn’t do anything to her that would permanently damage her.  She was too valuable.  But he worried about the emotional wear and tear on her.  He was of two minds.  He found the severe abuse of his wife extremely arousing.  And he felt a tremendously guilty that he was aroused.  Later he and Elaine talked about what happened to her and how he reacted.  She caught sight of him with an erection as she was tortured and raped.  She was surprisingly forgiving.  Ever since their experiences with their neighbor Erik, both husband and wife had an “understanding”.  In many ways, it was much easier for them as a couple than it was for the Braxtons or the Rangans.

...And Brainwashed

The next porn video, two months later, called for Elaine to be “brainwashed”.  When they brought the couple in for this shoot, Shun supervised the boys strapping Elaine down to a gynecological table.  She was propped up so that by looking at a mirror suspended over her crotch she could see what was going on between her legs.   When Peng yelled, ‘action,’ Shun masturbated her until she was wet and squirming.  Jacob sat watching again with an erection. 

Elaine had smallish areolas and her tits were only lemon-sized, but they were crowned with very big nipples.... the size of shelled peanuts.  Shun  attached adhesive pad electrodes to her nipples.  Following this, he shoved a blunt copper rod into her wet sexhole.  Finally, he greased a 12 centimeter stainless-steel dumbbell with a convex shaft and worked into her shit hole.  Last, he clamped her clitoris, using a type of alligator clip.  A black box, with its switches and dials, sat on a tray off to her left.  

He put headphones on her and powered the machine up. Then he sent electricity into her tits.  It felt to Elaine as if someone was pulling on them and then shoving needles into them.  They became super erect and soon began to swell up.  Eventually, her nipples, when the session was over, were blown-up grotesquely.  Grinning, he flipped a switch and Elaine began jerking and twitching as the current surged into her clitoris.  She began to get very juicy.  Shun took hold of another dial, made a slight adjustment and Elaine began to whimper as the rod in her pussy came alive with hot, prickling sensations.

He threw another switch and the current started “pulsing”.  Elaine could feel it pressing on her G-spot and then because of its length, felt it deep in her epicenter.  Shun fiddled with the dials and the sensations became very intense.  Juice began seeping from her vagina.  Then Shun powered up the circuit in her asshole.   Elaine moaned as the dumbbell  began fucking her.  It went in - and - out - in - and - out methodically.  Elaine’s vagina began throbbing rhythmically in concert with the current flowing into her asshole and her clitoris.  Jacob was beside himself as he watched the machine take hold of Elaine and stimulate her like she was a doll or a puppet.  Shun now combined pulses and with other patterns, to work her G-spot and the epicenter from inside.  Her juicy pussy drooled more with each combination. 

He turned it up sending more amperes into her rectum and vagina.  Elaine now alternated between staring at her pussy displayed in the mirror. (A cool shot that Chang made sure to get) to closing her eyes and moaning.  She began to feel that she had just become.... her sex organs!  She couldn’t focus her mind on anything else.  When she felt herself getting ready to cum, she tried to resist, but it was hopeless.  When the orgasm hit, she seemed to explode. 

Her sexhole clamped down on the thick copper rod.....the dumbbell continued going in and out her asshole, making her sphincters clench and unclench as if they had a mind of their own.  All this made hot juice burst from her urethra like she was pissing.  And the sound of her shrieking filled the room.  The sound man kept the boom over her head to catch the grunts, groans and screams coming from her lips.  She soon babbled like an idiot between orgasms. It was mind-blowing to hear.

She came over and over again until she eventually passed out.  Shun had assembled a system that used a woman’s body against her.  Elaine went through an endless cycle of arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation while she was bound, deprived of other sensory input and ruthlessly programmed by the seductive tape which droned on and on in her ears. 

Pussy juice just kept spurting and jetting whenever she ejaculated.  Shun stayed in the scene rubbing his hands in the best Asian villain tradition.  Jacob soon didn’t know what to do.  He was so turned on watching his wife, that he had a raging erection.  Over time this became a problem as soon his balls began to ache.   They left him there to watch his wife. Every once in awhile, they would turn her face to show her the bulge in her husband’s trousers to hurt her and shame him.  They kept her on the machine for about 30 minutes so both crews got enough footage.  When Peng motioned to Shun to take her off the machine, Munyambu intervened and said, “leave the slut on.”

They kept her on the device for almost two hours while the crew took a break and had lunch.  In that time, she came countless times and passed out again.  Jacob excused himself and went to the restroom to jerk off.  When they took her off the machine, Munyambu  put her to work with her mouth.  First Kamau, then Mosi, the Munyambu himself....after that Gacheru.  Jacob had to watch as Elaine kissed, licked and sucked each man to completion.  And then swallowed.  Munyambu took pity on him and asked him if he wanted his wife to suck his prick too?  Jacob, gulped and said, “yes.” 

So, out came his circumcised prick and Elaine, tired in mind, body and mouth, but wanting to be obedient to the Chief Inspector and loving her husband, dutifully sucked his prick and made him cum.   Then they put Elaine back on the machine for another “cycle”.  Jacob got erect once more watching the machine fuck her.  Eventually, they took her off.  She was totally exhausted by this point.   She collapsed when they took her off the machine.  Her nipples, labia and clitoris were so swollen that to touch them elicited cries from her.  They were cartoonish in their size and shape.  Over engorged with blood, her nipples were brownish-black and her clitoris and labia were purple.  They looked almost hideous.  She stank and was a sweaty mess.  She asked for water. 

She had been turned, in a way, into a “zombie”.  They had hypnotized her with hours of “programming”.  When a woman was taken off the machine each one reacted differently, but they often lost control of their bowels at that point.  Elaine, on shaky legs, after she was standing, ran to the toilet, clutching her butt cheeks so she didn’t have an accident.  The toilet was on the other side of the warehouse, so as she stumbled forward, some of the crew and the cops began laughing at her.  When she got back the cops let Jacob take her to Munyambu’s office so he could look after her.

The final scene was even more bizarre.  Peng came over and said to his crew, “let’s shoot the forced feeding scene.”

When Gachie came and told Jacob that Elaine was needed one more time, for the “forced-feeding” scene, Jacob wondered, ‘what the heck is that?’  Peng found the degrading forced-feeding that Han Shun had devised one that looked good on camera.  When they did it to Elaine, Jacob had images of geese in France being fed in such a cruel way.  The feeding gag started life as a pacifier shaped squeaky toy for dogs.  Shun had drilled three holes in the tip and fitted it with a tube (so the wearer could not block all the holes with her tongue). An enema bag was filled with a mixture of water, rice, oil, cooked vegetables and raw eggs.  This was blended with a mixer, poured into the bag and gravity did the rest.

The privates forced the gag into Elaine’s mouth and secured it there with a length of surgical rubber tubing tied around her head.  When Shun unlocked the clamp on the tube, the gag filled up with the “meal” and began draining.   She couldn’t stop the flow and had to swallow.  This made her clamp down on the gag which squeezed more of liquid meal into her mouth. This created an irresistible cycle which forced her to gulp and swallow...gulp and swallow... in fairly rapid order – whether she wanted to or not.  It was very humiliating and a torture in its own right.  Jacob found himself with another erection watching this done to Elaine.  Especially as her belly seemed to swell the longer they left her on the feeding tube.

Chang’s last shot was of Elaine’s naked belly distended with the contents of her meal.  Elaine told Jacob, the next day, she was surprised to see how aroused he got as they force-fed her.

The Club

“Head over there,” Kamau said.

It was a private club.  A black club and they were the only white people there.  Munyambu had set it up for Peng to tape a porn video in the club.  He would bring a white couple  - The Weingartens.  There were black women as well as black men there.   There was a long bar on one side and several tables near a small stage on both sides of the room.  In the back there were three booths, side-by-side.  Kamau steered the couple to the booth on the far left, closest to the restrooms.  The all sat down.  The Chief Inspector ordered drinks.  Elaine, who didn’t have a great tolerance for alcohol,  got a little tipsy right away.  Her breasts, with her very prominent nipples, were showing since she was not wearing a bra.  She had been ordered to wear sexy clothes: a low-cut silk blouse, a short tight black skirt, black high-heels and a thong panty completed her outfit.

There was a sound system and a disc jockey was playing tunes.  After a little while, the Master of Ceremonies, a smarmy lean older man,  got up, spoke to the DJ and then went up on stage.  Peng’s crew had set up the lights there and a stationary camera was mounted to cover the stage from the front.   The MC spoke for a moment or two and then pointed to the booth where Jacob and Elaine sat, now alone.  He had the couple stand up and introduced them to everyone.  He then told Elaine to come up.  She did and immediately people shouted for her to take off her clothes.

Jacob groaned inwardly.  They had been briefed, but now he could really see what this video was going to be about.  With the MC’s help Elaine was naked right away and he made her perform like a model turning around and walking about....obliging her to strut her stuff. Then he made her spread her legs and masturbated her in front of everyone.  It blew Jacob’s mind how quickly she came.  Jacob was

especially aroused seeing her displayed naked in front of all these strangers....and made to cum.

The MC then brought her back to the table and she sat down.  It was weird for Jacob with her sitting there naked.  After allowing her to sip from her drink, the MC took her around to all the tables to personally introduce her.  Men and women felt her up and tried to see how much they could do to her.  To see how wet they could make her.  Lots of fingers were shoved into her pussy and asshole.  After they’d made the rounds, the MC made her lie on her back on a bed frame that Peng’s crew had set up on the stage.  Men gathered around her and then the fun really started. 

The MC announced that she was available for a certain amount of money.  Men stepped up holding out a wad of bills and Elaine’s legs were spread open and 14 men took turns fucking her wearing condoms.  Elaine was forced to suck out the cum from each of the condoms and swallow the contents after each man had ejaculated.  Jacob had to sit there and watch his wife “perform”.   It was demeaning and degrading, but Jacob found himself with an erection the whole time.  His humiliation at having to sit there just a feet from where Elaine was being fucked fore and aft was palpable to everyone.  The MC, trying to be a funny guy, made him hold Elaine’s hands at one point as a big, black man was fucking the shit out of her.  Everyone black person in the room knew he was her husband.  Being reduced to a spectator at a sex show starring his wife had reduced Jacob to a mere cuckold.  Peng and his crew had a fine “gang-bang” video in the can.

Humiliated Everywhere

Munyambu had made a deal with a friend of his, Colonel John Ojuang, from the Langata Army barracks, which was just across the road from the station.  Munyambu brought Jacob and Elaine over to the base on a Saturday afternoon.  He had sold Elaine’s services to the Colonel.  Sixteen men paid to get a blowjob from her.  Jacob had to watch as Elaine took one man after another into her mouth.  Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked.  He saw her tongue and lips slide forward along the undersides of  cock after cock.  The organs rode in and out of her mouth like pistons.  Her saliva, dripped, drooled and got thicker as each man face fucked her.  The Colonel let it be known that Jacob was her husband, so his humiliation was huge.  Young soldiers smirked and laughed at him while his wife was used as a cum dump.

Jacob grew more submissive with each indignity.  Munyambu and his crew took her several times to the warehouse for her “hospitality” fore and aft.  They humiliated and degraded Jacob in as many small ways as they could.  Munyambu hated him almost as much as he despised Gopal Rangan.  The Jew and the Indian came in for the worst of the Chief Inspector’s wrath.  Harry Braxton, being English, drew his grudging admiration.  The English had, for so many years, dominated Kenya.  The Indians ....well...every Kikuyu and Luo man and boy devalued them.  And as for Jews, well....there were so few of them that they got lumped in with the whites.  Munyambu knew about them mostly from surfing the Internet. 

When it came to the Weingartens,  the best way to enjoy them was fresh....right at home.  Kamau, big and strong and loving white women.....came to really enjoy his time with Elaine.  He started early to come over and fuck her in their home....right in their marriage bed.  Having Jacob to humiliate was a bonus.  Even more than Harry, Jacob elicited sadistic impulses in Kamau.  “Putting his foot in a white man’s ass” came dramatically alive for Kamau when Jacob was the white man.   

He would get Elaine naked on their bed their bedroom....then have Jacob strip ...and then he would laugh at Jacob’s penis and tell him it was too small to satisfy his wife.  Then, he would challenge him to have sex with her before he did, but Jacob would usually fail.  Then, grinning at his discomfort, Kamau would tell him how he was going to use her.  After he (and anyone else he brought with him) was finished, Jacob would be so aroused, after having watched her cum and filled with semen, that he would humiliatingly climb on for “sloppy seconds”.  Excited by the slippery feel of her well-used, cum filled pussy, he would cum in seconds, as Kamau and the others would mock and heckle him. 

Elaine, for her part, sometimes chose to defy Munyambu.  He became her black “Daddy” and she would rebel....demanding from him that he punish her for her defiance and disobedience.  He would then punish her cruelly.....almost always in front of Jacob.  More than any of her friends, she became sexually aroused when she was punished.  She came to like having her tits cruelly squeezed or whipped with a belt or strap.   She came, more than once, when she was caned on her ass; and he had her do tricks for his and the men’s entertainment, such as masturbate with kitchen items and vegetables.

One man was actually a neighbor of the Weingartens.  This man, an Englishman, brought his fourteen year old son to pop his cherry.  The kid was as hard as a rock and Jacob was ashamed that the kid was going to have sex with Elaine and tomorrow he would ring the bell with an excuse to borrow a tool or something and while he waited would smile at Jacob because he had “done” his wife in their bed.

He even got to spank her.   The boy laughingly commented that he was bigger in the manhood department than Jacob.

When he left, he told Jacob that he was, “no better than a pussy.” 

Several paying customers the Chief Inspector brought over to their home were allowed to tie Jacob up and then dominate Elaine.  She became addicted to being humiliated and learned to crave the endorphins triggered by pain.  This was probably a good thing as Munyambu regularly whipped, caned, paddled or strapped her full butt.  The Chief Inspector and Kamau sold her over and over again to men who wanted to sex her up and hurt her.  Elaine was their “pain slut”.


Munyambu brought the Weingartens to a house on the edge of Kibera, a shantytown on the outskirts of Nairobi.  It was owned by Subira, a Kikuyu woman, who was politically powerful.  She had once been Munyambu’s enemy.  Now she was an ally.  Wanting to curry favor, he tantalized her with the prospect that he had a white couple, (mzungus) who were his “slaves” and that he might bring them over to her.  The woman’s eyes lit up.  The Chief Inspector brought Jacob and Elaine to her.  Subira was 55, a big hairy woman with very large, floppy breasts.  She wore a native print dress and no shoes or sandals.  Her hair was disheveled but some attempt at braids was in evidence.  She sat like a Queen on her porch. 

“Ah,  Chief Inspector Adoyo...always a pleasure to see you.” 

She eyed the white couple in tow.  Jacob and Elaine hung behind.....watching.  Munyambu brought them forward and introduced them to Subira.  She looked them over like they were “meat”. 

“AH, WELCOME,” she boomed.

Jacob was immediately intimidated.  She was the type of “shanty-town” Queen that he would read about on the news or in the papers.  Jacob could see that she was some sort of gangster. 

He turned to Elaine and whispered, “this woman is evil.”

“They’re yours for the day, Subira.  Make sure they work hard,” Munyambu said. “Behave yourselves,” he said to the couple.

The older woman then snapped her fingers and a young pretty black girl came out of the house.  This was Bahati, her 16 year old granddaughter.  She was sullen, tall like her grandmother, long-legged and pretty.  Subira made a big deal out of giving Elaine to Bahati.  The girl came over and grabbed Elaine by the ear, treating her like a child and took her out the gate to a open field next to the house. 

“Come here little man,” Subira said to Jacob.   She tied his wrists behind his back.  Then she made him bend over her porch, tied him to the rail and pulled his pants down.  She slapped his nut sack and spread his ass cheeks.  Her neighbor, a younger married woman named Malaika, showed up as she was humiliating Jacob.  Malaika began laughing and clapping her hands.  Jacob looked back to see a pretty younger woman enjoying his predicament.

“What shall we do with him,” Subira asked Malaika?

“Let’s whip the mzungu’s ass,” Malaika said gleefully.  Subira went into the house and fetched a strap and gave Malaika a switch.  It was very humiliating as kids from the neighborhood wandered in and Jacob had to deal with the shame of being publicly displayed.  They stood on either side of him and gave him a thorough whipping.  Malaika giggled whenever Jacob groaned or cried out.  Together they reduced him to begging.  Subira tied his nut sack with a cord.... released him from the porch rail....  tied his wrists to his ankles then made him duck walk back and forth in front of the porch to humiliate him further.

They even greased a stick and shoved it up his ass so he would be completely degraded.  A procession of small children followed him, taunting and mocking him.  Some hit him with their hands or sticks.  Subira put a rope around his neck hauled him over to a tree and tied him to the trunk, like an animal.  After he had been an object of derision and abuse by the horde of kids for nearly an hour while Subira and Malaika sipped drinks on the porch, Subira brought him inside the house and took him to her room.  There she let Malaika “ride” his face.

She squatted over him, then knelt so that she was “sitting” on his face covering his nose and mouth with her wet, stinky pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth ....alternating this with little side-to-side motions. She soon wet his face thoroughly, lubricating her masturbation and making it easier for her to “ride” him.  Jacob was totally overwhelmed.  His wrists were tied so he couldn’t defend himself.  She was soon flowing so heavily he thought he’d drown. Her fleshy thighs and buttocks were so thick and full that he felt trapped and imprisoned. 

If he did what she wanted: to stick out his tongue and lap at her proffered sex lips and hole, she allowed him to breathe by holding herself up a little.  If his enthusiasm lagged, she sat down on his face with her whole weight and poor Jacob began screaming in sheer terror as this cut off his breath.  Top and bottom, they began to work together and soon, she reached a satisfying cum.  But, this only added to Jacob’s discomfort for she gushed when she came and his mouth and nose filled up with her stinky pussy slime.... so much so that he began gagging and coughing.

She’d let him catch his breath a bit and then went back to riding him.  She was a woman with lots of testosterone and one orgasm was not going to be enough for her.  She stayed on his face until she came four times.  By the end, Jacob was a mess.  His face had been rubbed raw by her wiry pubic hair. (It was thick all over her pussy lips and all around her asshole.  The full mat covered her Venus mount and a thin line of hair went from her pubic area to her navel.)  He had been nearly suffocated more than once.  She oozed, drooled and spurted so much that he had no choice but to swallow nearly a full cup of her slippery, smelly pussy juice.

She even made him lick her butt hole. This was after his nose had been humiliatingly pressed up against her stinky anus during the time she rode him.  Seeing his prick erect, she masturbated him while he cleaned her shit hole.  He came on himself, which she wiped up with her fingers and presented for him to swallow. When he resisted, she dug her thumb into his testicles to “encourage” him. 

Following this, Malaika pissed in his mouth. When she was done, Subira squatted over him and used his face to masturbate herself.  Rubbing her pussy over his nose, mouth and chin she wiggled and slid back and forth until she came.  Her pussy and asshole were very hairy, with thick pulpy sex lips and a huge clitoris.  Her vaginal secretions wet his face and she had a very strong sex odor too.  Both women left him tied on the floor and went to get something to drink. 

Jacob lay there like a piece of meat.  She used a camera phone and took pictures of him tied to show her friends.  Both women really got off on hurting white men.  He felt very “violated”.    Later, Malaika asked Subira if she could take Jacob to her house next door.   She brought him over to display him like a trophy to her husband and two daughters.   The girls were very young and her family all laughed when she pulled down his pants and displayed his circumcised penis.  After this, she spanked him.   The couple allowed the girls to hit Jacob and pull on his penis.  The husband, after slapping Jacob in the face and calling him names, then left for work.   Malaika made Jacob dance naked if front of the girls.  Then she took him to her room.  She sat back in a chair and made Jacob kneel and eat her pussy one more time.  Finally, she sent Jacob back to Subira just the way he was...... with his pants around his ankles.

The Kikuyu Girls

In the meantime, Bahati, Subira’s 16 year old granddaughter, hooked up with four of her friends.  Bahati got Elaine kneeling in the dirt just outside their compound.  The girls crowded around Elaine and began verbally abusing her, calling her names.  Then one of the girls spat on Elaine’s face.  The others, excited,  joined in and each of them spit on her repeatedly.

“You’re a piece of shit,” chuckled one girl.  You’re a toilet monkey,” laughed another.

It was disgusting as the girls, spitting on her face, soon had saliva dribbling down from her cheeks, nose,  lips, and her chin.  The strangest thing was that Elaine became aroused at what they were doing to her.  Unconsciously, with her tongue she tasted some of the spittle.  She felt a surge of excitement building in her crotch.  The feelings overwhelmed her and she moaned.   Bahati, seeing that,  grabbed her by the nose and made her hold open her mouth.  The girls then all took turns spitting into her open mouth.

They made her swallow and as she felt their saliva sliding down her throat, she found herself wanting to touch herself between her legs.   She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her this way.  Bahati produced a rag and wiped herself under her arms.  She said something in her native language to the others and passed the rag.  One-by-one, they all used the rag to wipe their sweaty underarms. The last two girls used the rag to clean in-between their toes as well.  So, they got their pheromones on the rag.   When the last girl was done, she gingerly handed it with a joke back to Bahati, who said something that made them all laugh.  Elaine, still kneeling, was wiping the spittle from her face.

Two girls then held her.  Bahati, telling Elaine she was going to clean her up, then used the rag to wipe her face.  Elaine whimpered as Bahati rubbed the stinky rag all over her face.  It had a familiar scent, a funky odor.   Repulsive at it was, Elaine felt herself submissively responding as the teen rubbed her face like a mother would clean her child. 

“You like the rag, don’t you,” Bahati asked her, grinning?

It smelled like the insides of stinky leather shoes and ripe cheese.  The odor was irresistible in its own way, even though it was very offensive.  Bahati concentrated mostly on her nose and mouth.  Some of the other girls crowded around now.  They could see that Bahati was getting a reaction from the older woman and it was fun to watch.

“I think she likes it,” said one girl. “She’s a pig,” said another, laughing at Elaine being shamed. “She likes our stink,” said a third.

Elaine was soon on the ground on her back, looking up at her tormentors.

“It’s time for a ride,” Bahati announced to the others.

Without another word, they all removed their shorts and panties.  Elaine, dazed, just lay there.  She looked at them as they got ready and felt helpless.  Bahati was the first to go and she squatted down to take a nice long ride on Elaine’s face.  When Elaine didn’t do a good job licking and sucking, someone pinched, pulled or twisted her nipples - HARD.   Soon, she was lapping at Bahati’s pussy suffocating her.  Then the next girl rode her nose, mouth and chin.... soaking her with her juice, smothering her with her orgasm.  Elaine used her lips and tongue to lap up the flavors.  As two girls knelt down and played with her pussy, an orgasm washed over her like a wave.  Her face got very wet, as the next girl and the next and finally the last girl rode her hard and left her wet.

One girl picked up the rag and wiped between her legs.  She handed it to the next girl who did the same until they had all wiped their wet crotches.  Then Bahati used the rag to wipe Elaine’s face again.  Now the rag had their bodily secretions from their feet, underarms and pussies.  Bahati finally stuffed it into Elaine’s mouth.  The Jewess stared ahead, in a fog, as the girls talked about her; the flavor and odor of their bodily secretions loaded with their pheromones imprinting her mind and body. The  girls continued gabbing excitedly in their native dialect.  Finally, it was decided.  Elaine went into trance again as all five of them squatted down over her and let go with their streams.  Laughing, they pissed on her from her groin to her face ratcheting the humiliation level up another notch.

Jacob and the Girls

Bahati and her friends brought Elaine back to her grandmother and excitedly told her what they had been doing to the white woman.   Subira made Elaine kneel at her feet on one side.  She had Jacob kneeling at her feet, on the other side, like a dog.  Husband and wife looked at each other; and in that moment realized that this

was the nightmare version of all their domination fantasies.   It was so much more cruel and nasty then either of them could ever have imagined. 

Bahati now eyeballed Jacob.  She had plenty of cruelty left in her and asked Subira if she and her girlfriends could “play” with him.  Just before the girls showed up with Elaine, Subira  had been making him clean her feet with his mouth, a very humiliating task.  He had been thoroughly cowed by what she and Malaika had done to him.  He was clad in only his jockey shorts and had his hands still tied behind his back.

Subira laughed and said, “sure, baby. Just don’t break him.  And play with him here...... on the porch, where I can watch.”

Bahati came over, grabbed Jacob by the hair and dragged him to the rail.  She reached down and pulled his shorts to his knees.  Then she patted and slapped his penis which was limp.  Her youngest friend, a bright, small girl named Akinyi, was eager to get into the action.  She took hold of Jacob’s penis and began playing with it.  She did that until he began to get erect.  Then Bahati got a switch and got Jacob up on his toes.  She told him, “stay up on your toes.”

Akinyi and the others began crowding around like excited birds. Akinyi said, “make him spread his legs too.”

As he did so, the 14 year old Akinyi took his scrotum in her hand.  It became very difficult to concentrate staying up on his toes as he worried about what she was going to do to his testicles but Jacob did as he was told.  Then, she squeezed his balls.  Poor Jacob had to really strain to hold his position as she gripped his nuts, saying to him, “stay up...stay up.”

He struggled as she kept compressing his testicles, making him moan.  Elaine watched mesmerized as the girls, who had so thoroughly dominated her took control of Jacob.  Bahati took over from Akinyi.   She grabbed his nuts and pressed on each ball with her thumb. Then, she gave the word and they all made him bend over the porch rail and secured his hands to the other side so they could continue with the torment of his testicles.   At one point another girl placed an elastic cord around his scrotum in which she had tied a loop.  Laughing, she put her foot

through the loop and pressed down with her foot to stretch his ball sack.  Then, all the girls took turns kicking him in the scrotum with their bare feet or flicking at his nut sack with their fingers. 

After all that, they got him on his back on the porch and took turns teasing his penis until her got an erection.   Then, they bound his testicles with that elastic cord really tight.  Finally, they took turns masturbating him.  The effect of the elastic was to stop him from cumming and in the end it got very painful for Jacob.  Subira came over and clucking at what they were doing,  undid the elastic,  rubbed his prick hard and fast until he spurted like a teenager.  Then she let the girls go back to teasing him until he was semi-erect again.   They bound his balls sack again and jerked him off until he was crying; and then took pity on him, taking off the elastic and jerking his prick until he ejaculated.  It was really a form of rape.   Elaine, watching her husband being physically and sexually abused, realized how submissive Jacob really was.  He struggled and seemed to try and hold onto his dignity, but she saw how he was responding.  Both of them, as a couple, had come full circle since his friend Erik had dominated them.

The Chicken Rack

Subira sat on the porch rocking in her chair.  When her granddaughter and her friends were finished with Jacob, he joined Elaine, with a rope around her neck, sitting at Subira’s feet like a slave.  Flies buzzed and an army of small kids played around the house.  Suddenly, there was a commotion in the yard as Jumaane, Subira’s 15 year old grandson, showed up with a gang of his friends.  He came over to pay respects to his grandmother.  Noticing Elaine, he asked his grandmother about the older white woman.  Subira told him that she was hers to use for the day, courtesy of Chief Inspector Adoyo.    Jumaane, who was tall and strong, eyed Elaine.  She was wearing only her panties.  His friends had come over to say hello too.  They all gawked at Elaine.

“Who’s he,” asked Jumaane, looking at Jacob crouching at his grandmother’s feet.

“Oh, this dog is her husband.”

“Really?  ....Hmmm....can I play with her, Grandmother,” Jumaane asked her in his native tongue?

“Oh.....maybe. Do all you boys want to have some fun,” she asked the group coyly?

They began jumping and hopping around, slapping hands and hollering.  They wanted to have some fun....YES.  Here’s what Subira did:  She told Jumaane to get a wooden rack that was sitting at the side of the house.  He and his friends dashed off and came back with a rectangular pallet mounted on a central pole.  It had two vertical poles mounted to the opposite corners on one end.  Subira supervised and

had the boys set it up.  There was a slot on the porch rail and they set the rack on the porch rail by guiding the central pole into the slot.

The rack was a very humiliating thing Subira once used to punish a girl who worked for her.  She called it the Chicken Rack.  You mounted a “chicken” on the rack and then let the boys use her for their pleasure.   First, Subira made Elaine take off her panties.  Then she told the boys what to do.  At her direction, they tied Elaine by her wrists and knees to the rack with her legs wide apart and her knees up to her breasts.  Her pussy was crudely displayed.  The rack, mounted on the post, was capable of revolving.   While bound on the rack waiting for the boys to take their turn Elaine was lying there with everything wide open so everyone had a good look at her feminine parts as well as her asshole.    The boys could stand on the porch and fuck Elaine and then the rack could be spun around over the rail.  Subira told the boys they could take turns with her.  But first she masturbated Elaine to get her wet for their onslaught.  And to embarrass her in front of her husband.

To humiliate him, Subira pushed poor Jacob over to kneel right next to the rack.  He could see Jumaane as he got into position to fuck his wife.  The youngster  didn’t guide himself in but just kept his young cock pushing away trying to find the target.  Jacob couldn’t avert his eyes.  Then, when he got to fucking Elaine hard the rack made a squeaking noise as he fucked her.  Jacob was  forced to witness Elaine’s  sexual humiliation close-up.  Subira even made Jacob “invite” Jumaane to fuck Elaine.  Afterwards, Jacob had to ask him if he’d enjoyed himself.  

Subira made Jacob clean her cunt when Jumaane was done.   When he was done, Elaine was spun around on the rack so her pussy was facing the other direction. Subira stationed Jacob in the dirt underneath the porch rail.  She told him to clean Elaine’s crotch with his mouth - so she’d be ready for the next boy.  Her pussy was packed and dripping with cum.  After Jumaane had cum in her was so messy that to have to put his mouth on it made Jacob gag.  But he did it.  Then he had to watch as she was taken again.   Subira kept Elaine on the  rack for 30 minutes, and in that time she took all five boys in her cunt.  The spectacle attracted quite a crowd.  Kids and adults from the neighboring shanties came over to watch, clap, hoot, holler and taunt the couple. 

After each boy had done his business, someone would spin the rack around over the rail and Subira sent Jacob to stand in the dirt so he could clean Elaine’s vagina again.  Then he had to spin her back around ready for the next boy.  That teen would fuck her ....ejaculate and then step back.  Jacob was also made to hold Elaine’s hands so she could grip his.  Subira wanted Elaine to clench the muscles in her pussy to make it more fun for her grandson and this helped her do this.  It was a very humiliating day for the couple.

The Stepson

David, Jacob’s son from a previous marriage, was 18.  He lived with his mother Ruth in Nairobi.  He saw his father frequently; and liked his step mother, Elaine.  As a step parent, he found her attractive, non-threatening and nice.  As Munyambu took more control of both Elaine and Jacob, he discovered her sensitivity about two things: David and her mother, Sarah.  She respected, resented and even feared her conservative mother.  She had ambivalent feelings there to be sure.  And where David was concerned, she felt protective and motherly.  This despite the fact there was only nine years difference in their ages.  David loved his mother who was two years older than his father.  So, having Elaine in his life provided him with an attractive, young stepmother. (Elaine was 20 years younger than his mother).   And he inherited a “grandmother” in Sarah.  

As soon as Munyambu figured out the algebra of Elaine’s life, he began to use it to amuse himself.  He knew that forcing people to fuck or masturbate was one thing, but messing with their minds was way better.  And he derived great pleasure in forcing mzungus to do things in front of those whom they respected and loved most.  This had certainly been the case with Amala Rangan.  This was all very sadistic, on his part, to be sure.  The other discovery he made when it came to Elaine was that she was a pain slut. 

She seemed to bring out a cruel streak in him.  She would resist ....forcing him to use more draconian methods to make her “perform”.  The end result was that he discovered he needed to use torture on her.  She seemed to require it.  This usually meant bringing her to the interrogation rooms at the station.  Or, even better  bringing her to the warehouse.  There he could let the whole drama play out.  He would order her...she would refuse...he would torture her...she would then give in.  Most times, he made Jacob come along to watch.  It was apparent that he, as much as she, was aroused by being abused.  And Peng ended up with several good videos starring Elaine.

When it came to whoring Elaine out, the Chief Inspector had decided that she was his “gang-bang slut”.  This was the case when he brought her to the nightclub or to the barracks.  She seemed to respond well to being treated like a cum dump by a dozen black men, as opposed to being humiliated by just two or three.  Munyambu liked the idea of capturing Elaine’s torture on tape and he often had her at the warehouse on Pate Road.  Peng had devised several script ideas for more BDSM torture videos.  One idea he had was that “Africans” had captured a white woman and her son.  She would be “interrogated” in front of the boy.  He could stop them from torturing her by masturbating.  The professor was horrified about having David in such a video.  His reaction was stronger than Gopal Rangan’s was when it came having his son witness his mother’s use and abuse. 

“You can’t use my son.  Leave him out of this,” Jacob said angrily to the Chief Inspector.

But, it was no use.  Munyambu had made up his mind, and when this Scorpio had set a course, there was little anyone could do to get him to alter it.  So, the Chief Inspector told Jacob that he wanted him to explain the whole situation to the boy.  How he had gotten into trouble and the price he had agreed to pay to avoid going to jail.  And then he’d bring David and Elaine to the warehouse. So, poor Jacob was forced into sharing his shameful situation with David.  And in due time, a date was set for the video.  When the three of them arrived at the warehouse, Peng explained the set-up.  Munyambu’s crew were costumed as “African” soldiers. And wearing dark glasses, or course.  Presumably they were from a country... other than Kenya.

Elaine refused to strip in front of her stepson.   David, nervous at being caught in the trap his father had explained to him, but totally mind-blown by the actual circumstances he was in, stood by not knowing what to say or do. The center of the warehouse had been set up to look like a military interrogation room.

“Take off your clothes,” Munyambu said to her.

“No,” Elaine insisted. 

And this is what happened next. The cameras began rolling and out of one of the office two men rushed into the frame. They grabbed David.  One of them was young Simba.  The other was Zuberi.  They both looked menacing dressed in black camouflage fatigues, black “paratrooper” boots and ski masks.   Over Elaine’s protests, the two handcuffed David to a chair. When she protested, Munyambu motioned to Zuberi.  He grabbed her, sat her down and pulled her arms back thru the slats of the chair.  As he cranked her arms up and twisted her wrists, Elaine screamed.  This frightened David who began pleading with Munyambu to let them both go.  Bound and helpless, he had been in a state of shock ever since they cuffed him. 

“Just relax, boy. Do what you’re told...and you’ll be fine,” Zuberi said to him.

First Simba and Zuberi stripped her naked, and hung by her wrists from a hook on a post.  Zuberi hauled out a heavy leather paddle.  It was made from the leather used for shoe soles - a centimeter thick and the size of a sheet of paper folded in half. There were holes drilled all over the surface. 

He brought the paddle down on her buttocks.  It landed with a loud, hot, wet sound.

“Wiggle your ass when I tell you to,” he commanded her.

David’s eyes were bugging out of his head. Here was his stepmother, naked, with her buttocks fully on display, and now she was getting an ass whipping.  Zuberi gave her several hot, hard ones on her cheeks.  David felt powerful feelings stirring in his teenaged loins as Zuberi kept hitting her methodically and hard.  Each one sounding like a pistol shot as it landed on her full ass cheeks.  Elaine began sobbing.  The paddle was deceptively cruel. The holes lessened resistance so it could be swung harder and faster to provide more cutting edges.  Elaine hid her face behind her right bicep moaning and crying as he beat her. 

“If you don’t want more of a beating, wiggle your ass, slut,” he said to her sadistically.

Elaine had no choice. She began wiggling her hips like a whore.  It looked like she was encouraging everyone to fuck her.  And the more she did it, the harder her stepson’s penis got.  Zuberi applied the paddle demandingly to her full cheeks to insure she performed.  The Chief Inspector and Kamau could see it was making the boy hot.  Of course, it aroused everyone, especially Jacob.  When Zuberi had beaten her until her cheeks were raw and looked like chopped meat, he asked her if she was ready to obey him. 

She sobbed, “y....y...yes.” 

They let her down and she sagged to the floor.  As much from the shame as the pain.

“Get up and stand over here,” he barked at her.

He had her stand so she was in the middle of the shot.  Simba yanked the chair David was sitting in around so he was facing her.  Elaine stood there nervous, waiting...... wringing her hands.  Zuberi told her to walk back and forth.  Elaine looked over at David and then looked away – blushing.  She hated being made to display herself.  She felt the hot tears in her eyes.  She did not know what to do with her hands.  She kept opening and closing them, balling them into fists.  He had her stand in front of the boy and turn around slowly – making her exhibit herself.  He then made her turn around again.  Elaine was so conscious of her nipples and her hairy mound, she wanted to shrivel up and die.  Then, he made her bend over. 

David’s eyes went wide involuntarily as Zuberi roughly pushed Elaine’s head down so that her big ass was right in front of his face.  Now, he could see her dark, hairy crack and the pulpy peach of his stepmother’s pussy.  David gulped and tried not to stare, but it was a commanding sight.  The big mat of her pubic hair almost covered her plump labia - almost but not quite.  David felt a stirring in his pants.  It made him feel guilty to look at her hairy sex....and he worked to push the thoughts out of his mind.

“Wiggle your ass more,” Zuberi ordered her.

She had started to sweat, under not only her arms, but also her neck, breast and back.  The warehouse had a tin roof and there was no air-conditioning.  It was hot  and the stress was getting to her.  Munyambu called this type of psychological torture, “family time”.   What he was producing was a breaking down of her defenses with verbal abuse and the humiliation of exposure in front of her stepson and husband. 

Elaine’s pointy tits stuck out like ripe pears.  She closed her eyes.  David could not stop himself responding.  At first, his horror at their situation and especially the verbal abuse frightened him.  But now, the overwhelming sight of his naked stepmother crowded out other thoughts.  And, to his humiliation, he had gotten an erection.  Her tits bobbed and jiggled every time she moved as Zuberi continued to work her over psychologically.  He made her stand with her arms behind her head and close to David; then instructed her to turn around and put her hands on her knees.

“Bend over,” he told her.  Spread your legs.  Show him what you got.”

David’s arousal ballooned.  Next, they pulled over a stool and hauled her up to make her stand on it.  Simba tied her wrists together and they strung her up, hands over head, to a hook overhead.  They left enough slack in the rope so she’d be able to move.

“Shake your ass.   Make your tits jiggle.  Hump your hips like you want a cock.  Wiggle your ass like you’re inviting us to fuck you in the ass,” Zuberi told her.

Cigarette Burns

The two men made her perform like a trained seal; and she did it all.   Then they took her down.  They got her on her knees and told her to shuffle over and give David a blow job.  Elaine, trembling, shook her head ‘no’.  They dragged her to a chair and cuffed her hands behind her back.  Zuberi lit a cigarette.  He puffed on it nonchalantly. 

Cigarette burns, as a torture device, are almost as severe as a cattle prod.  The tall black 30 year old took his time and began to give Elaine 1st degree burns all over her breasts, starting with the undersides.  He touched the glowing tip to the underside of her right breast, then on the outside, then the top... Circles and spirals, closer and closer to her nipples.  He went slowly, very slowly...  He touched the cigarette to a spot and then dragged it in a line toward her nipples. He applied some light teasing burns, followed by open-handed slaps, followed by more burns, more slapping...

Then he went to work on the areolas. It took a long time to cover them with burns.  Finally, he got to her nipples.  He just grazed them. A light touch, then a longer touch... When he held the cigarette in place longer, the sensations of pain got even more powerful.  When he put the glowing tip right on Elaine’s nipple, and held it there, it broke her will.  She began screaming and screaming and finally begging for him to stop.  She would do anything now. They got her on her knees again.

She was emotionally spent.  Jacob was doubly ashamed.  He had gotten an erection and by doing so, he had shown his son his most shameful side....

Simba pushed the chair the boy was bound to over to her.  He pulled down David’s pants and shorts and embarrassingly, his penis was fully erect.  He had been on the boil so long...... Elaine stared at his penis, so close to her face.  They pushed her to closer.  She was face to face with the helmet head. She saw a droplet of pre-cum there.  David  looked at his stepmom. He was in shock not only by what he was seeing, but by the fact that this was all happening within a few feet of his father. Elaine, at this point, was sweaty and teary eyed.  Zuberi grabbed her head and made her open her mouth to take the boy’s prick.  Peng supervised his crew to get the whole scene where he pushed and pulled her head back and forth on David’s prick. This was a victory for Munyambu and his “family time” methods.  Making her commit an incestuous act was a victory.  She was in a trance now anyway.   Zuberi held Elaine by the chin and her head and pushed her so that she took her stepson’s penis all the way into her mouth – making her gag.  And then he pulled her head back like she was a puppet.

His penis popped out and she coughed – allowing a torrent of thick saliva pour from her mouth.  She barely took a breath before he forced her mouth back onto the boy’s prick all the way to the root.  She gagged and convulsed and as she swallowed and sucked his penis.   And then he began ejaculating.  She sucked his prick until the last salty-sweet drop slid down her throat.  When he was done cumming, Zuberi let go of her.  David’s prick was still hard.  She was  gasping and whimpering.  She tried to wipe up the semen from her lips and chin.....

Zuberi made her run the “gauntlet”.  The others in Munyambu’s crew, wearing military fatigues and ski masks , formed two lines.  She had to go from man-to-man so they could feel her up.  David’s penis stayed erect as he watched.  Mosi made her put her hands behind her head, grabbed her breasts and squeezed them.  Simba teased her nipples until they erected and then pulled and pinched them.  Gatura gave her little openhanded smacks across her nipples, and this make her tits flop this way and that.  Gacheru began feeling her butt, bouncing her dimpled hinds up and down in the palms of his hands.  Her plump ass cheeks jiggled as he shook them.  At this point, Elaine was spinning out of control.  In addition to all the other emotions, she felt familiar sensations in her loins and breasts, as they felt her up.  Gachie, from behind, grabbed her pussy. 

He grinned at the others and said, “Wet again.”  Then he laughed. 

By calling attention to her arousal, he was rubbing salt in her wounds.  They pushed the table over so that it was right in front of David.  They threw Elaine on top.  Simba and Mosi pushed her thighs to her chest.  Gacheru held her wrists over her head.  Her thighs were spread and her genitals and anus were completely exposed.  Zuberi, as the leader, wormed a long finger into her pussy and then a second one. 

He turned his hand so that his palm was up.  He probed all around.  He found the raised bump about two inches inside on the front of her vagina.  He began rubbing and pressing it until Elaine began humping her hips against his hand.  He had

found her G-spot and worked it until he pushed her into a wet cum.  He frigged her some more and she began spraying just a little.  When a second orgasm overwhelmed her, she spurted a lot of juice from her pisshole which splashed on the table.  David’s penis was throbbing; his balls were starting to ache.  He was so worked up he wanted to cum again.  Peng had a finale in the script. 

Zuberi turned to Simba and said, “make him jerk off.”

Simba released the boy and said, “if you don’t want to see her tortured anymore,  jerk off.”

David, his pants still around his knees, began jerking off and after some initial nervousness, was able to bring himself off.  He told himself he was helping his stepmother.  And when he ejaculated, some of his cum splashed on her.  Elaine groaned with shame....This was the end of the first scene.  Jacob hid his face in his hands. He was completely overwhelmed....


Water Torture

In the next scene, Simba set out eight liter-sized bottles of water and Elaine was ordered to begin drinking.  She drank one bottle.  She began to drink a second bottle when ordered, but stopped after half was consumed.  When she refused to drink more,  Zuberi picked up a cigarette and sat in a chair crossways from Elaine. When she was ordered again to drink and refused, he lit and began puffing on the cigarette and held it up...showing it to Elaine.  Her breasts showed a dozen 1st degree burn marks from his earlier use of a cigarette. The meaning was clear: either drink or he would use a cigarette on her again.  Elaine reluctantly drained the bottle.

But she had to drink all eight bottles and it was hard going.  He had to repeatedly threaten her with a lit cigarette to get her to drink.  Each mouthful became a torture.  In effect, she was being made to torture herself.  Her belly began to show signs of distention as she finished the 5th bottle.  She groaned after each swallow.  Zuberi threw a tape measure around her tummy at the beginning before she was made to drink.  It measured 72 centimeters.  Chang had zoomed in with the hand-held to get that shot.  By the time she had consumed 8 bottles, she was in agony and on the edge of vomiting.  She was warned not to throw up.  It was then that Zuberi measured her waist again.  It measured a staggering 86 centimeters.  She looked pregnant!  Chang caught the tape measurement with his camera and then pulled back to reveal her huge, distended stomach.

It was then that three of the men, at Zuberi’s command, hoisted her up onto a board set on two sawhorses.  They strapped her to the board by her ankles and wrists.  Then they tilted it so that her head was pointing at a 45 degree angle towards the floor.  Zuberi came over with a length of rubber hose and showed it to her.  He tapped her on her stomach with it.  Her tummy was all stretched and swollen, like she was in the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy.

“You’re tight as a drum,” he said laughing.  “I’m gonna give you a beating now.”

Then he began to beat her with the hose on her distended, swollen belly like she was a drum.  With her head down, and nearly two gallons of water in her stomach, this put tremendous pressure on her diaphragm, lungs and heart. The agony soon became overwhelming.   She passed out and had to be revived.  Zuberi told David that if he jerked off and came on her face, he would stop beating her.  The boy jerked off frantically and humiliatingly it did land all on Elaine’s face.   Peng’s crew got it all, including the “facial”.... Jacob was in agony.  He had been emotionally devastated by his son being forced into “acting” in the video. His arousal at what they did to Elaine with no relief for him was pure torture.


Elaine had been terribly traumatized by what Munyambu and his crew had done to her in front of her stepson,  David.  But what they made her do with him caused her to ran away and hide.  She badgered and convinced Jacob to take her to Mombasa to stay with friends there.  Munyambu became furious when he called and discovered her that she’d fled Nairobi.  Unsuccessful at finding he tracked her mother down.  Sarah Gerstman was a widow.  At 46, she was a slightly taller, heavier (by 15 kilos), older version of her daughter.   She had much larger breasts (38DD vs. 36B) than her daughter but it was the emotional differences that were the real contrast.  Sarah was much more conventional and conservative.  Elaine suffered because she always sought her mother’s approval.  Sarah had set high standards for Elaine from the time she was a girl. 

Widowed when Elaine was 12, she had inherited her husband’s modest estate and devoted herself to being a community activist among the 500 or so Jews living in Nairobi at that time.  Organizing picnics, fund raisers and ministering to the sick were typical activities for her.  The Chief Inspector discovered where Sarah lived in the suburb of Highridge.  He then had Kamau and Zuberi pay her a call.  She had been told by Elaine that she was going out of town and she didn’t want anyone to know where she was.  That was all she had told her mother.  When the two men showed up, she proved stubborn and uncooperative.  She refused to tell them where Elaine was and became indignant.  In fact, she  told them to, ‘get out.’  They left but the next day returned and kidnapped her.  They took her to the warehouse.

There they stripped her and hung her by her wrists from a pole.  They used a sjambok on her ample buttocks and when this didn’t loosen her tongue, Kamau produced a pair of pliers and went to work on her nipples and clitoris.  Within 15 minutes, after an excruciating session where he slowly worked on her most sensitive female bits, she was blubbering and broken.  She told Kamau where they could find Elaine. 

Then they cut her down and made her kneel.  Following this, they threatened her with more torture to make her suck their cocks.  Sarah had never done that with her husband, or any man, for that matter.  It was a huge emotional shock added to the physical torture she’d endured.  Zuberi held her head, Kamau slapped her face and forced himself into her mouth and face fucked her.  It was an oral rape and she gagged, coughed and eventually vomited. 

Then Zuberi took a turn while Kamau took pictures with his camera phone.  When they brought the widow home, she was a traumatized wreck.  When Munyambu heard from Kamau that he’d been successful in getting the info on Elaine’s whereabouts, he asked what Sarah looked like naked and was it fun “squeezing”  her for information.   Kamau, with a glint in his eye, said, “she’s a big, fat pig.”

“So, she was a lot of fun,” Munyambu asked, laughing? 

“Oh, yeah.”

The he asked Kamau if the Jewess might be worth turning into a “working girl”.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kamau said scratching his chin thoughtfully. “She’s got big titties like a cow.  Those Kikuyu scum over at the Langata barracks....they’ll pay good money to fuck a fat cow like that.”

“Make another appointment for her at the warehouse,” said Munyambu.

And so, Sarah was targeted.   Kamau went to her house.  Sarah trembled when she saw who was at the door.  She had to admit him.  He told her she had to come with him.

“Where are you taking me,” she asked, her voice quavering.

“For some more training,” he said sadistically.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she blubbered.

She begged, but it was no good.  She began to weep steadily in the car when he drove her to the warehouse.  She shuddered remembering what they had done to her there.  Kamau hustled her inside. What these men would do to her over the next three days would change her life forever.  And Elaine didn’t know her mother was now in the Chief Inspector’s clutches.

On the Machine

The Chief Inspector introduced himself and told her that she was now on his “payroll”.  When Sarah asked what that meant, he explained to her that she was his property.  He showed her the pictures Zuberi had taken of her.

“You’ll do what your told from now on,” he informed her.

Sarah gasped and began weeping again...

“Why are you doing this to me,” she asked tearfully?

“Because I can,” he told her.

He turned to Kamau and said, “OK!”

Kamau grinning, turned to Mosi to ask, “is everything ready?”

Mosi acknowledged that it was and the two men escorted Sarah to the small cubicle where Han Shun’s “brain-washing” equipment was stored.  Sarah stared at the gynecological table and the transformer on a tray next to the table.  She trembled as she contemplated what was next. They made her strip.  She begged them not to make her do that.  It was a tremendous violation for her to be naked in front of them.  Kamau barked at her.... and reluctantly... she began.  First her blouse, then her skirt and finally her slip, panty hose, bra and panties.

Munyambu looked her over liking what he saw.  She had huge tits.  Her breasts were very large....filling a DD cup bra.  She was heavy in the thighs and buttocks with fairly wide hips.  They got her to lie down on the table  and Mosi switched on a bright examining light.  She stared at the men hustling around the foot of the table and tried to control her breathing.  Her wrists were strapped.  The

transformer, a big black box sat on a tray off to her right.  She gawked at the switches and dials.  Then they secured her head so she could look down, but not left or right.  They placed a mirror above her crotch, she would be able to see what they were going to do “down there”.  

“What are you going to do to me,” she asked them with a tremor in her voice?

Mosi answered, “this is a training session. Just relax, most of it is fun.”

Her legs were forced apart, shamefully exposing her womanhood and her feet were put in the metal stirrups and her ankles were secured with straps.  Kamau had studied how Han Shun employed the equipment.  He felt he was ready to use it.  Mosi began by fondling her labia, massaging the plump lips until her pussy started to lubricate.  He then rubbed the shaft of her clitoris until the bulb swelled and erected.  He thought to himself, ‘it’s amazing women’s pussies get erections like this.  It’s almost like their clits say “yes” even though their mind says “no”.’

He attached adhesive pad electrodes to her big, brown nipples.  Her areolas were so big that the pads didn’t cover them completely.  He shoved a blunt tipped rod, made of copper pipe and fairly thick, about 18 centimeters long,  just behind her G-spot. Sarah fidgeted with  discomfort and embarrassment as the pipe filled her vagina. It was sexually humiliating to have this inserted.  Next, came the dumbbell-shaped stainless steel rod with a convex shaft -  about 13 centimeters long.  He lubed and inserted it into her rectum.  This caused her more emotional than physical pain as Sarah was very self-conscious about this part of her body.

After that, he opened the jaws of an alligator clip and attached it to the prepuce of her clitoris.  She looked at her vagina, clitoris and asshole wired up in the mirror. and while she couldn’t move her head, her eyes followed the lead back to the transformer.  ‘OH GOD,’  she thought to herself.  Munyambu leaned against the wall watching.  Kamau turned on the current to her nipples first.  When he flipped a switch Sarah jerked in her bonds.   She felt as if someone was pulling and twisting her nipples.  They began to swell.  After awhile, they looked like ripe brown berries ready to burst. Next, he turned on the current to her clitoris and she began to wiggle and writhe against the straps. 

And her pussy started to get juicy. The sensitive membranes began to swell.  She looked down at the mirror and could see her cunt responding.  She groaned as there was nothing she could do to stop her body from reacting.  She felt helpless.  Then, almost as if they had a mind of its own, involuntarily, her hips began wiggling.  And then humping up and down, just a little.  It looked as if she was getting ready to fuck someone.  Kamau turned a dial to turn the juice up.  When Sarah groaned in pain, and then began yelling he turned it down.  He was still getting used to the equipment.  He was not as smooth as Han Shun.  He cranked another dial and her vagina....the sphincter began to spasm a little.  When Sarah looked in the mirror it seemed as if the mouth of her pussy was opening and closing.   It was awful for her to see....

Kamau flipped another switch to make the current pulse.  Sarah felt it in her G-spot as the sensations became very powerful.  Her urethra soon began to dribble juice.   Subsequently, Kamau turned on the “asshole” circuit.  As the current flowed into her rectum, it felt to Sarah like someone was pushing and pulling the thing in and out - in and out.  Her pussy was really drooling now and when Sarah looked in the mirror, it was running down the crack of her ass.  As the electro stimulation continued, she went, “Oh....OHH...OHHH” and shuddered experiencing her first G-spot orgasm.  She was shocked.  She didn’t have a lot of experience with sex. 

Then Kamau put on the headphones on.  After that he turned up the current on all four circuits.  Sarah soon felt herself approaching the point of no return again. All of a sudden, a stream of juice erupted from her urethra.  She found herself in the grip of sheer, ecstatic pleasure and pain.  Pulse after pulse of pussy juice now gushed as Munyambu smiled seeing the machine make her ejaculate.  Later, when she stopped spurting juice from her piss hole, she began urinating.  They kept her on the machine for four hours.  FOUR HOURS!

Actually, they kept the juice flowing for 45 minutes or until she passed out and then they turned it off for 15 minutes. Then back on again for another 45 minutes.  This repeated this four times.   When they took Sarah off, they fed her and let her sleep for a few hours.  Then, they put her back on the machine again.  While she rested, the headphones were secured so that she had to listen to the repetitive, droning tape over and over.  They forced fed her too.  Sarah found this very invasive and unpleasant.  The feeding gag was shoved into her mouth and strapped to her head.  This way she couldn’t stop the flow with her tongue.  An enema bag was filled with a sickening mixture of pureed carbohydrates.  Once in the bag gravity did the rest.

The bulb, when forced into her mouth, filled up.  This began draining and she had to swallow and that squeezed more out.  So, she had to swallow again and this made her squeeze the bulb which made her swallow again.  It was an irresistible, humiliating, unpleasant loss of bodily control.  They kept Sarah on the “brainwashing machine”  for almost two days straight.  When they took her off, she was, in so many ways, a changed woman. 

Ordered to kneel and suck, she took Kamau’s substantial dick in her mouth and sucked on it like she was his lover or a nursing baby.  When he face-fucked her, she gagged, but submissively did everything she was told to do, no matter how uncomfortable or degrading.  Kamau was pleased.  Munyambu clapped his number two man on the shoulder as if to say, ‘not bad’.

They let her sleep and then on the morning of the third day, Kamau and Mosi began playing with her.  First, they made her exercise.  In the nude of course.  Jumping jacks, running in place, squats, bend and thrusts...all done in time like she was a military recruit.  When she didn’t show enough enthusiasm, they whipped her ass with a sjambok.  Her huge tits flopped around.   But after being “softened up” on the machine she was a little more acquiescent, but still disgusted and deeply ashamed by what they made her do.  In short, she was still resistive.  So, she was punished for it repeatedly.  At one point she asked Kamau if they would tell Elaine what they were doing to her.  She was desperate to keep it from her daughter and ashamed at how she was handling herself.

Every time she hesitated, she earned herself more punishment and degradation.  Over the next two weeks, the “crew” had access to her sexually.  When she didn’t show the proper enthusiasm, Munyambu supervised physical coercion that included lots of face and tit slapping, ass whipping with belts, straps and paddles.  Also punching in the stomach and kicking her in the ass and cunt while she crawled.   She was raped repeatedly in all her holes: mouth, cunt and asshole.

Jacob Gets Punished

In the meantime, with his contacts, the Chief Inspector set out to find and bring Elaine back.  Friends in a Mombasa police station located her and in due time Jacob and Elaine were brought back.  First he had Jacob brought to him at the station.  The professor was very apologetic and full of excuses, but Munyambu dismissed his posturing and explanations.  Jacob may have agreed to do his wife’s bidding, but her services belonged to the Chief Inspector and by taking her to Mombasa, he had violated his deal.  He had to be punished.  He was taken to room 17 and given to Constable Nyarai and Corporal Mosi.

Munyambu looked at his watch and said to Nyarai, “he’s yours for the next four hours.”

In that time, Jacob was sent to hell and heaven.  He would never forget what the both of them did to him.  They cuffed him with his hands behind his back. Mosi wrapped a rope around his neck and used a stick to twist it and choke him.  Following this, they threw a rope over a beam and hauled him up on his toes in a classic position of the strappado.  This had been used extensively by the Inquisition in the middle ages.  It put tremendous pressure on a victim’s shoulders.

Nyarai took out a thick truncheon - a favorite tool of hers. It was a thick steel spring encased in rubber.  She used it to beat the thicker muscled areas of his body.  She worked him over on his buttocks, thighs and the pectoral area, deeply bruising them.  No outward marks or torn skin, but the next day he was covered in purple bruises.  Moaning in agony, Jacob hung his head and waited, hoping this was the extent of his punishment.  It wasn’t.  Next they mounted him on a “pony”.  A special one with a metal edge and a place for a lit candle below. 

When Jacob was seated for his “ride” they adjusted it so his ball sack was just above the metal edge.  As he began to sweat his scrotum “relaxed” and very soon it was touching the hot metal. He had to stand on his toes to avoid being burned.  When his calves tired, he had to sit down and as soon as he did his nuts were on fire, so he bounced up.  But when his calf muscles gave out, he was down on the edge again and feeling the heat.  It was a very cruel torment. He began begging to be taken off.  Nyarai asked him what he would be willing to do? 

“Anything,” he cried.

They took him off and forced him to kneel.  Nyarai wrapped the rope around his neck again and inserted the stick between the rope and his neck.  Mosi came over and stood in front of him grinning.  As Jacob cowered,  he began to unzip his trousers.  The horror of the situation dawned on the Jew.  He began sputtering and begging, but every time he tried to say something, Nyarai twisted the stick choking him.   Mosi took out his “package”.  He had an ugly cock and pendulous balls.  He began playing with himself. 

“Suck his cock,” Nyarai commanded.

Jacob didn’t want to.  He tried to resist, but with Nyarai choking him and threatening to put him back on the “pony” Jacob had to put his mouth on Mosi’s repulsive black dick .  Being forced to perform a homosexual act was devastating to him.  Nyarai kept him at it.  Mosi, with Jacob licking and sucking his cock, began to get erect and they kept the Jew at it until Mosi came. They made him swallow the lumpy load.  Jacob was glad that Elaine wasn’t there to witness his shame. And then they uncuffed him only to suspend him from his wrists with his arms held over his head.  They spread his legs and tied him by his ankles to hooks embedded in the wood floor.  Then Nyarai greased up the truncheon and worked it into Jacob’s tight anus.  The feeling of penetration was terrible and he was in pain as the woman, shoved it in as deep as it would go.

She worked it in and out, simulating fucking him.  Despite the pain, the pressure this put on his prostate created other feelings and this was tormenting.  She saw that he was reacting to what he was doing.  His prick was starting to stiffen.  She nodded at Mosi, who grinned and came over to stand right next to Jacob.

“If you cum, I’m gonna take this out of your ass and coat it with hot pepper and then shove it back up your ass.  You understand,” she threatened him?

“OH GOD, NO MORE....PLEASE,” Jacob begged.

“And if you cum, I’m gonna squeeze your balls until you pass out,” Mosi promised him.

Jacob groaned, but then began whimpering and whining as Mosi took his penis in hand and began playing with his penis.  As Nyarai sodomized him and Mosi masturbated him, Jacob’s erection grew.  Mosi jerked him slowly and Jacob, knowing that if he came, it would get much worse, tried with all his might to resist feeling any pleasure.  But, the tip of the truncheon kept bumping and rubbing against his prostate and as Mosi stroked his penis, the tip began to get wet and Jacob began making noises like he was going to cum.  In just a few moments, he began grunting then moaning as his prick started spurting and spurting.  Mosi milked him until he finished.  He was panting like a dog.  He knew he was going to get it and began pleading with Nyarai, who looked at him with pitiless eyes.

“I told you what I was gonna do,” she said, evenly.

She grease the truncheon again and rolled it in a pan of ground, hot red pepper to coat it.  Then she rammed this up his shit hole, making him scream with the sudden hot, violent penetration.  When she had it fully seated in his rectum she began shoving it in and out.  The pepper soon turned his shithole into a fire tube.  She gave him, “a fire in the hole”.   He writhed and squirmed hanging from the rope.  Mosi had to come over and hold him as he began to struggle like a madman.

She left the thick club up his ass.  They sat down to share a smoke, but when they were done, Mosi got up and took Jacob’s balls in hand.  He pulled his testicles down low in his sack and then twisted his ball sack to trap them.  “I told you what I was gonna do,” he said sadistically.

He squeezed and then squeezed harder.  The effect on Jacob was electric. He began screaming like a lunatic.  Mosi had to jam his white jockey shorts in his mouth to gag him and then tie a rope to secure them.  He went back to torturing him.  He pressed his thumb into one testicle so hard that Jacob felt it would rupture.  He passed out. They revived him so she could continue. 

When he asked him what he was willing to do for him to stop, he said, “anything...anything.”

They cut him down and got him on the floor on his back.  Nyarai pulled down her trousers and panties, exposing her fat ass and hairy pussy.  She sat on his face, “queening” him.  She rode his face until she came. Grinding her hairy purse of a pussy and her asshole over his nose, mouth and chin mercilessly.  Jacob felt he was going to pass out. She was smothering him, but she didn’t stop rocking back and forth, and wiggling from side-to-side until she’d cum more than once, wetting him so completely that Jacob thought he would drown.  Her stinky, wet cunt was a torment as she treated his face like a sex toy.

Finally, with Mosi holding his crossed wrists and sitting on his legs, she masturbated him again, telling him that if he came again she was going to shove the handle of a toothbrush, which she displayed to him, up his penis.  She played with him so skillfully that there was no way he couldn’t avoid cumming.  His penis betrayed him and he spurted a load almost as big as his first cum.  She wiped it up, made him lick it from her fingers and swallow his own discharge.

Then she oiled up the toothbrush handle and shoved it all the way up his penis – until only the brush was visible.  The urethra, for a man, is the most private hole of all.  Forcibly shoving something oval and thick like the toothbrush handle felt worse to Jacob than if she had rammed an ice-pick in his stomach.  He cried like a baby and when she slowly twisted it to hurt him more, he howled like a dog.  She re-drew it and then re-inserted it several times. 

She finally coated it with the hot pepper and worked it in one final time.  Then she left it there.  She and Mosi both stood up and watched poor Jacob rolling around on the floor writhing in pain.  When he realized that his hands were free and no one was stopping him, he gingerly reached down to pull the toothbrush from his penis.  Then he cupped his prick and balls with two hands and curled up into a fetal position moaning and whimpering.  So ended his punishment for spiriting Elaine out of town.

Elaine’s Punishment

Now it was Elaine’s turn. The next day, Munyambu had  Elaine brought to the warehouse. 

He greeted her, “well, my little runaway.  Nice to have you back.  You know how I feel about disobedience.  Well........... I’ve got some special treats for you.”

They bound her to a post with her hands behind her back and tit slapped her until her teats were so sore, that any touch made her cry out.  Then they used a pliers on her nipples before turning to her clitoris.  When she screamed too loud they gagged her with a rag soaked in urine.  Then they strung her up, hung by her wrists and used the pliers to slowly pull out her pubic hair a few at a time.  Mosi and Gacheru performed this painful procedure.  It took over and hour, but by then, Elaine’s pubis was bald.  By the end, Elaine was begging and pleading, even though the disgusting gag made it impossible for anyone to understand her.

Munyambu asked her if she was ready to do anything to get in his good graces again.  She nodded, ‘yes.’  They cut her down, removed the gag and Munyambu got her lying on her back with her legs spread.  He sat in a chair facing her and took off his right shoe and sock.  He then began masturbating her with his foot.  And then he had her hump his leg like a puppy dog.  He forced her to cum on his leg, like a dog.  She turned, after she’d cum, and saw the scruffy crew from the jail had been brought in and were setting up chairs facing a wooden platform.  She’d been masturbating, like a dog,  in front of an audience.  And even worse, standing just off to the left was her husband and her step son.  Elaine hung her head in shame. Munyambu snapped his fingers and Gatura dashed off.  He came back leading Sarah.   She was naked and wearing just a pair of high heels.  She looked like a whore. 

“Someone else is here,” Munyambu said, paused dramatically for effect.  He continued, “we’ve had her here for a couple of days.  She’s not perfect, but we’re getting her broken in right.”

He pointed and Elaine saw her mother.  She went, “OH, GOD....NO...please ....NOT MY”

Munyambu chuckled at this outburst.  When Sarah saw her daughter, she broke down too.   Both women began sobbing and babbling incoherently.  Munyambu let them embrace....

“OH, my baby,” bawled Sarah.

“OH, MAMA,” cried Elaine. 

The men from the jail....a motley bunch of thieves and robbers swiveled their heads back and forth looking at the two women.  They had begun to clap when Sarah was led in naked, but now this mother and daughter reunion held some drama and most of them watched intently.  Some had already begun to mock the two women.  Verbally assaulting a white woman was a treat for these shanty-town dwellers.  They were a poor and violent lot.  Kamau got the women separated and positioned Elaine kneeling at the edge of the platform. The Chief Investigator wanted his runaway to have a bird’s eye view.  Gachie led Jacob and David over to sit in chairs right in the front row. 

“Sarah, get up on the platform,” Kamau told the older woman.

She hesitated.  Then reluctantly obeyed.  It was still a huge violation to be compelled to be naked in front of men, especially jail scum from the shanty-towns.  But now having to stand there in all her naked glory in front of her daughter, her son-in-law and a boy she regarded as her grandson, was a terrible torment.

Kamau made her parade around the platform to display herself.  The cruel taunts and mocking from the men stuck in her like sharp little arrows.  They made her put her hands behind her head, exposing her hairy armpits, spread her legs to display her hairy pussy, handle her huge tits, pinch and pull on her nipples, turn around and bend over, then pull her cheeks apart to exhibit her hairy asshole.  Jacob and David watched goggle-eyed!

Then, they made her “dance”.  She had to wiggle her ass, shake her hips, do “bumps” and “grinds” and make her tits bounce, jiggle, bob and sway.  She was so embarrassed, and tried desperately to hold onto her dignity, but it was, of course, impossible. Then Mosi came over with a stool and he and Kamau made her sit down and spread her legs to reveal her pussy in all its glory.  She had to show “pink”.  She wanted to die.... Elaine kneeling right there, had been sobbing and as her mother was forced to degrade herself, fell apart emotionally.

Then Kamau told Sarah to masturbate.  She gulped, hesitated and finally blurted, “I .....I....I...can’t!”

Munyambu ordered Gatura and Gacheru to bring over a “pony”.  Soon they got her seated and bound.  And in five minutes, she was sweating like a pig, and “riding” it like she was in a steeplechase.  Jacob and David couldn’t help themselves, but they were aroused.  The edge of this pony was very sharp and Jacob unconsciously leaned forward to get a better view of his mother-in-law’s vulva spread open as she took her painful ride.  He had been on a “pony” and knew it’s power to persuade.

Sarah started whimpering right away, but soon she was moaning and then groaning as the ride became more and more unbearable.  She had strong calves, but her weight worked against her and soon she could only stay up on her calves for a moment.  She’d sit down and the pain in her crotch became acute very quickly and she bounced up again.  Up and down...up and down like a puppet.  The men in the audience found it very exciting and Jacob and David had gotten erections, but were both emotionally very upset.  Kamau came over and slapped her tits to add to her suffering.

There was nothing any the two Jewish men could do.....It was sickening and disturbing to be put into a situation like that and become physically excited.  Elaine was in even a worse state.  She had to watch her mother tortured and just kneel there with a dozen hardened criminals behind her enjoying her mother’s discomfort.  When Kamau asked Sarah if she wanted to get off and what would she do in return, she told him she would masturbate now.

He and Mosi took her off the pony....and dragging her by the hair, he got her on the stool again.  This time, the older woman began playing and rubbing her pussy enthusiastically.  She didn’t cum, but she got very wet and moaned a lot.  Kamau had her stick her fingers in her vagina and then her asshole.  The crowd loved it.  Elaine felt like she was going to pass out.  Her mother was the center of her emotional life.  To see her forced to degrade herself was pure torture for her.  When Gachie came over with a big green squash, Kamau took the vegetable and handed it to Sarah.  Then he told her to, “hide it, slut.”

Sarah didn’t understand at first; then it hit her and she groaned.  She took it and rubbing her pussy to get herself wetter, she began to work the thick tuber into her hole.  It was hard going, but she managed to get almost all of it in her vagina.  After that, Kamau made her get up and stand with her legs open, turn around and

bend over to show everyone how much of it she had been able to take.  The thing was pretty big.

Mosi came dashing back to the edge of the platform holding a pole.  He showed it to Kamau who grinned and clapped him on the back.  Sarah would give a pole dance performance.  Mosi fastened the pole, about 4 centimetres in diameter, to the platform . Its upper end was rounded so that it looked like a penis.  He had a rope hanging from a pulley attached to the ceiling above the pole.  Kamau brought Sarah over, tied her wrists to the rope and then he and Gatura hoisted the poor woman into the air. Then she was lowered, and with Mosi aiming the pole, it entered her cunt. 

The pole was adjusted so that it was just inside her when she was on tiptoes and deep inside her when she was flat-footed. There was enough slack in the rope so that she could even squat down.  Kamau played the  “dance instructor”.   He told her to wiggle her ass and fuck the pole.  She had to go up and down, up and down... as well as wiggle and swivel her hips.  Gatura handed him a leather sjambok and he applied to her butt cheeks, belly, nipples and breasts to “encourage” her.  He kept her at it for 10 minutes. 

The crowd loved it and went wild, especially when she squatted down all the way, forcing the pole deep into her hole.  Elaine sat there horrified as her mother was into one degrading act after another.  To see her beloved mother fucking herself silly on the pole...well, that was sheer mental torture.  She could see her mother trying to fight to preserve a shred of dignity, but being made to endure the worst sexual humiliations was too much for her.  And for Elaine...


It would only get worse.  There was something in the older woman, as well as Elaine, that brought out the most sadistic tendencies in the Chief Investigator.  Whites from that era had been responsible for all the injustice and indignities that blacks like Munyambu had suffered.  Sarah’s prim and proper manner incited Munyambu to new heights.

He pulled Kamau aside and told him to have Sarah suck Jacob and David’s pricks.  When Kamau ordered her to do that, Elaine gasped, stood up and began protesting.  This made the men in the crowd sitting behind her laugh.  They then began yelling to Kamau to make her do it.  Sarah began weeping and put her hand on Kamau’s arm, quietly begging him to be allowed to let this cup pass from her.  Kamau gruffly pushed her hand away and forced her to her knees. 

He called Jacob and David up, but Elaine called out to Jacob ....trying to discourage him from betraying her and her mother.  Before he sent Gatura and Gacheru over to get the two men, Munyambu had a better idea.  He motioned to Kamau and Mosi.  The two came over and since Sarah refused to do it willingly, he wanted Mosi to get a new torture device he constructed and use it on her.  He was the one who had discovered it online.  He called it the Lemon Squeezer. It was Indian in origin.  The original name was the Kittee.  Basically it was two boards connected by two long bolts with knobs mounted on the inner surface.   The bolts were capped with wing nuts so the boards could be squeezed together to compress whatever was between them. 

They surrounded Sarah and sat her down on a stool.  Gacheru took her wrists and pulled her arms behind her.  Mosi opened the device all the way so he could get Sarah’s two grapefruit-sized tits in between. And then Kama cranked on the right wing nut and began screwing it down.  The knobs were mounted in an irregular line top and bottom and when the boards began compressing her tits, Sarah groaned.  It was the knobs that would cause the most agony.  As they pressed into the milk glands inside her breasts they caused pain.  The glands are well supplied with nerves and the pressure of the knobs added to the compression of her tits.  Kamau moved to the left side and tightened the wing nut.  Kamau laughed and said that in Sarah’s case they should call the device the, ‘Grapefruit Squeezer’.

It soon became excruciating.  Gacheru tied her wrists with a cord and they left her like that to squirm and moan on the stool.  Elaine had to be restrained by Gachie and Simba. She was overwrought at this point.  She turned to Munyambu and begged him to do it to her and let her mother go.  Periodically, Kamau came over and loosened one bolt on the Kittee and tightened the other one.  The agony it caused was evident on Sarah’s face.  She was grimacing and groaning...sweating and crying out.  Soon she was begging for Kamau to take the horrid device off her mammaries.  He came over and sadistically screwed the right one down another half turn, eliciting groans and cries from her. 

“Are you ready to suck your son-in-law’s cock,” he asked her?

Sobbing and unable to take any more pain, sniffling....she said, “yes.”

When they took the device off her tits, the rush of blood back into the cruelly compressed tissues caused her to groan out loud.  Munyambu looked on, very satisfied with the gizmo Mosi had built.  ‘Smart son-of-a-bitch,’ he said to himself.

Jacob was made to stand and Sarah was made to kneel.  Jacob was embarrassed to have to drop his trousers and shorts in front of the mob.  He felt pressure from Elaine, who sat restrained by Gachie, and who clearly didn’t want him to stick his prick in her mother’s mouth.  But Jacob knew that he had no choice.  The Chief Investigator held all the cards.  He had him by the balls in more ways than one.  Jacob unzipped his pants and took out his prick.  Sarah, thoroughly cowed at this point, leaned forward and gave the tip of his circumcised penis a little kiss. 

Soon, she was kissing and licking it....and then she put it in her mouth and began sucking him.  At first, his prick stayed fairly limp, but as his mother-in-law serviced him, Jacob got a full erection.  And soon, he was moaning as he approached his precious moment.  When he got close to cumming, he instinctively and impulsively grabbed Sarah by the head and pulled her closer.  She opened her mouth fully and took him in until he was almost touching the opening to her throat.

When she pulled back on it slowly with her tongue pressing against the underside....he moaned very loud.   When her tongue caressed his frenulum, that most sensitive patch underneath the head, and then she began sucking hard.... he erupted into her mouth.  He was so hot by this point that is was a full load and he spurted with force.  Elaine watching, even though she didn’t want to, saw her mother sucking and then swallowing her husband’s seed in almost a loving way.  It was very hard for her to watch.  Following this, David had his prick sucked by his grandmother.  If anything Sarah was more sensual and loving with him.  She gave him a blowjob that made some of the men, who had been taunting and mocking her, begin applauding her performance.

Sarah’s Gang Bang

Following this, they mounted Sarah on the gynecological table with her pussy and anus nicely presented, greased her asshole and Munyambu announced to the men, “whoever wants to fuck the white slut, in her cunt or her ass... step up....the price is only 2000 shillings.”

Most of them came up and paid.  They formed a line and Kamau handed out condoms.  They started in on her and by the second man, Sarah had experienced her first vaginal orgasm.  If anything, the brainwashing that Kamau had done had more effect in training Sarah’s cunt than in breaking her will.  She still resisted being debased and humiliated, but she had been introduced to sex pleasure.  Munyambu declared a bonus and men were allowed to the other end of table and they turned her head to stick their dicks in her mouth.  Men were encouraged after they’d cum in her pussy to take their condom, full of semen and pour the contents on her face or in her mouth.  Jacob and David had to perform as “fluffers”.  In between each mounting, they had to play with her pussy to keep her hot.  It was deeply embarrassing for all three....

Then a man chose to fuck her in the ass.  It was very painful and mortifying for her to have to accept sodomy, but this young man, a thief, had a long up curved cock and he put it to her hard.  She cried out making Elaine begin sobbing anew.  He too was allowed to make Sarah consume the contents of his full bag.  When a dozen men had finished with her, Munyambu had Gacheru and Gatura hustle them back to work. 

Then Kamau stepped up, without a condom, and fucked her.  Following him, Zuberi, Simba, Gachie, Gatura, Gacheru and Mosi all took turns.  Sarah was totally violated.  She couldn’t get the image out of her mind that she had been turned into an object....not a person....just a thing.  Something for black men to cum into....a receptacle.  The notion horrified her...When it was done, she was a mess.  Her pussy and asshole dripped cum.  There was semen splattered all over her crotch.  That’s when Munyambu ordered Elaine to get between her mother’s messy thighs.

“Get down on your knees, slut and clean your mother’s dirty cunt with your mouth,” he ordered her.

Knowing that he might take any disobedience on her part out on her mother, Elaine tearfully got down and put her mouth on her mother’s sloppy crotch.  It was a demeaning task.  But she had earned punishment by running away and knew she had no choice.  Munyambu stood by and supervised.  He made sure that she lapped up everything.  Her own fuck slime and all the loads of cum insured that it was a disgusting job.  Elaine had to stick her tongue into her mother’s vagina to get at the deeper deposits there.  When, at Munyambu’s direction, she began to lick and suck on Mama’s clitoris, Sarah’s vagina spasmed and more semen came pouring out.  Elaine was kept busy until Mama was clean.  But she was not allowed to stop until she’d made her mother cum too.


Finally, mother and daughter were put into a humiliating and degrading competition with each other for the amusement and entertainment of the workmen and the crew.  They were compelled (with a cattle prod) into cat fighting with each other.  They were tied together with their own bras, ankle to ankle, and forced to grapple bound together with one hand tied behind their backs.  It was a humiliating and awkward position, and therefore very amusing to watch the two of them struggle with/against each other. They were instructed to pin their “opponent” and  rub her pussy to make her cum.  The  “loser” was the one who came first. When Sarah refused to fight, Kamau applied the tip of the prod repeatedly to her anus.  Then she became very cooperative.  They grabbed each other’s hair and Elaine slapped her mother’s big tits, shocking Sarah who then yanked on Elaine’s mop to subdue her. 

When they ended up on the ground in a heap, crying and begging each other for forgiveness, Munyambu got Kamau and Zuberi to use the prods on their anuses to get them fighting again.  It was maddening.  They were sweating heavily now and their ass cracks were wet, so when the tips of the prod touched their crinkled brown holes and the men pushed the buttons sending a charge into them, both women were goaded like animals into resuming the bout.  There was nothing they could do....nothing else, but do what was forced on them. 

Sarah actually won the bout.   She was able to rub her daughter’s pussy and Elaine, aroused by the pain and the humiliation, was close to cumming.  When Mama rubbed her pissflaps and clitoris harder, Elaine came in a hot wet gush.   As punishment for losing, Elaine was stood up.  They kicked her legs apart.  Then Kamau worked the prod into her vagina and with the crowd yelling and clapping for him to shock her, he zapped her good.  Elaine shrieked like a banshee, twitching and shaking, and promptly passed out.  Jacob sat there astonished at what they were doing to his wife.  He and David comforted each other with words, but both men were in hell.

Munyambu’s men worked the pair hard over the next hour....treating them as complete humiliation and degradation sluts.  Munyambu made sure they felt shame and disgust with themselves and each other.  Elaine was appalled by what they were able to make she and her mother do.  She felt she was falling further and further down in her mother’s eyes.  She knew she would never get over the embarrassment and shame of it all, yet she was hopelessly and helplessly aroused by their mutual humiliation and degradation.  They were forced to have a “tit war”  with each other, slapping their tits against each others’ while their hands were tied behind them.  Poor Elaine stood no chance against her mother’s huge gourds.  

For a climax to the “show” Munyambu had Gachie and Gatura force a liter of warm water down each of their gullets. When their bladders were full, they tied in a “69” position and left with instructions that the “winner” was the one who pissed on her partner.  The “loser” would have something shoved up her piss hole catheterize it.  Sarah sacrificed herself.  She had to go so badly.  She wanted to pee, but she held it in and let Elaine piss on her face.  It was brutally debasing thing, but she didn’t want to see Elaine tortured anymore.  Munyambu called Nyarai forward and knowing her expertise with urethral rape, let her work the greased handle of a plastic toothbrush into Sarah’s delicate piss tube.  Nyarai, had first rolled it carefully in a pan sprinkled with hot, red pepper.  She inserted it far enough into the tube so that it penetrated her bladder making Sarah scream like a lunatic who had been stabbed with a knife.  She began leaking urine immediately.  The acidic urine added to her suffering, as her urethra was already on fire from the pepper. 

They tied her wrists behind her.  She made a comic sight when those holding her, let her go.  She hopped around like a demented puppet squeezing her legs together and when that hurt she stood with her legs as far apart as possible.  All the time moaning and groaning...The crowd loved it.  They applauded and clapped, hooted and whistled.  Some offered her some of what they had in a bottle for her to “cool” her inflamed parts.  Jacob and David watched her sink to the platform to her knees, sobbing.  Elaine, lying in a fetal heap from the effects of the prod in her vagina, when she saw her mother’s suffering, got up on her knees and, sobbing...reached out with her arms to her mother calling out her name.  They were both in hell. 

When it was over, Munyambu directed Mosi to write on both women with a marker pen.  He wrote in English and Swahili, things like, “slut”, and “whore” on their asses, thighs and bellies....with arrows showing a crudely drawn penis pointing to their vaginas and assholes with the message, “cum here”.  It was the day’s final humiliation, as the two were made to stand up and parade around the platform displaying themselves to everyone.  Sarah was a fairly submissive puppet by then.  She had to walk with her legs open as her urethra was still on fire.  Elaine never stopped sobbing....

Working Girls

Chief Inspector Munyambu profited by keeping Elaine working and soon put Sarah to “work” too.  He knew that successful Kikuyu and Luo males in Nairobi would pay well for an afternoon session with the older Jewish woman.  He sent her at least once a week to hotel rooms, in nice hotels like the Hilton, the Laic Regency and the Fairmont, with Gachie, Gatura or Gacheru as her driver and bodyguard.  There she had to spread her legs for whomever paid for her.  Kamau took her to meetings in hotel bars to show her off and usually she was instructed not to wear a bra so her big “grapefruits” could be displayed to entice buyers. She had not been on any birth control because she hadn’t been sexually active up to that point in her life; and so had not taken any precautions.  While not menopausal, she didn’t think she’d get pregnant at her age and miraculously didn’t. 

Munyambu also liked to have her come to his office and give him a blowjob during lunch hours.  His favorite thing was to have her suck his cock and cum on her face. When she gagged he would tell her, “stay down on it” and push her head down.  Then after he’d given her a “facial”, he would make her say that she was, “a dirty Jew whore” and make her leave with semen still on her face to humiliate her.  The walk back to her car were some of the hardest steps she ever had to take.  But she was now his property in body, mind and spirit....

For the next two years,  Munyambu prostituted Elaine to fellow police officers and soldiers at the base.   Every week she had at least on “appointment”.  He sometimes took her down to the holding cells at the station.  There he forced her to strip down to her panties. He had her pull her panties up into her crotch and hump them while he pulled her along by her nipples in front of the cells, inciting the men and goading her along, until she made herself cum.  Then he made her kneel and give blowjobs to some of the prisoners through the bars of their cells.  He also took her to the Langata barracks and made perform this same degrading routine.  Lots of Colonel Ojuang’s men bought her services and she gave countless blowjobs.  Some, wearing condoms, fucked her and then were allowed to pour the contents onto her face. 

The Germans

The foreigners were always the best customers.  They had money to burn and when they came to Africa, they wanted to experience the dark continent in their own personal way. A group of German businessmen had become regular customers.  They made two or three trips a year to Kenya buying orchids and other flowers for the European market.   Munyambu brought them, every time they came to town, to the warehouse and sold them “entertainment”.  They liked to fuck young black girls and Munyambu ran a string of girls under legal age. 

But, in 2009, the Chief Inspector sold them some white meat.  He brought Elaine and her mother to the warehouse for a special show for fat Bruno, handsome Hans, tall Gerhard, crude Frederich and the quiet one, Dolph.  First, he had Gachie torture Elaine on her lemon-sized breasts and nipples.  He tit slapped her then used a pliers to pinch, pull and twist her big, brown nipples for the Germans’ amusement.  They were fascinated and intrigued that she was Jewish. 

Then Gachie, Gatura and Gacheru bent mother and daughter over a bar.  They were tied and two candles were lit under their breasts.  The women had to swing their breasts from side-to-side to keep them out of the heat.  It was amusing to see them swing their tits to avoid painful 1st degree burns on their tender nipples.  The

sight of four milk pots swaying and jiggling had the Germans laughing and clapping.   Then they had a contest where the two women had to race each other across the length of the warehouse. 

Each woman wore a belt and her wrists were secured to its sides.  The entertainment was seeing the women run with their breasts bouncing, bobbing and swaying.  Each German had a Luo boy with a switch to encourage the women during the race.  The winner got to go free.  The loser got a thick truncheon shoved up her asshole, which made it very difficult to walk, let alone run.  After this, she would be made to run the “gauntlet”. 

The black boys formed two parallel lines armed with switches.  Sarah lost and, crying, stumbled forward, pushed by Kamau.  The boys beat her unmercifully.  She fell and had to be helped up to continue her torturous march down the line.  She had to walk with her legs held open as her anus, stretched open wide by the thick truncheon, made it difficult to do otherwise.  The Germans then each had a turn with the women in one two of the offices rigged up like a bordello bedroom.  Bruno and Frederich both had large cocks and after taking on all five men, both women were exhausted.  Afterwards, the women went to the restroom to pee and get cleaned up. The debaucheries reached a high point with when Bruno, the oldest, wanted to know, ‘is there anything else?’

“You are a great fellow,” Bruno kept saying in his heavily accented English to the Chief Inspector as they went to the improvised bar set up at one end of the building to get another drink.

But the Chief Inspector had planned for a climax he thought they would pay extra for.  Over a drink he explained what was available, as an “extra added attraction”.  For an extra charge of course...

“You can do such a thing? AMAZING. Yes. We want to see this, YES,” Bruno said enthusiastically when their little conference over. “We will pay, YES!”

The Donkey

Bruno took out a wad of bills and counted out six of them into Munyambu’s hand, who smiled.  Then Bruno went over and shared what he had learned with his pals.

Munyambu motioned to Simba and Mosi.  After speaking with them they went over to far end of the building.  A few moments later the two threw off the canvas covering a strange device.  It was a sort of padded double bench.   The top was round and leather covered.  The bench on the bottom was flat, padded and covered in leather too.  Both benches were mounted the round one on top above the flat one on the bottom.  The device rested on four heavy legs and was bolted to the concrete floor.  Simba went over to a junction box and threw a switch which turned on two spotlights.  The bench was flooded with illumination and was now “center stage” to speak.  The Germans, led by Kamau and Munyambu, headed down to that end of the building.  Bringing up the rear were Elaine, Sarah and Jacob.

Then Mosi went out to the yard.  He came back leading a donkey with a dark gray coat.  (Kenya is an agricultural country.  It depends mostly on farming and livestock.   Donkeys are the main beast of burden.  The donkey and cart are a mainstay in Kenya; one that can cope with the rugged terrain.)  When the Germans saw the donkey, they began hooting and hollering. The women, their faces clean and wearing a fresh coat of make-up, naked, of course, and wearing only their high heels, stared at the animal.  Both felt fear.  Elaine, when she saw the donkey, covered her mouth with her hand.  Sarah looked at her with fear that something new and terrible was coming.  Munyambu stood center stage and addressed everyone. 

“We’ve had dog shows here,” he said. “They’re a lot of fun, I can assure you,” he said.  The Chief Inspector went on, “well, tonight we’ve got something to top that.  We’re gonna have a donkey show,” he said pointing to the beast Mosi was holding.

“And I’ve decided that the donkey is going to fuck Elaine!”

Elaine began saying, “OH NO – no –  NO – NO – NO – NO.”

This really got the Germans going.  They had paid for something special and now they were going to see it.  They wanted to see her resist.  Be the nice Jewish girl who is forced to take a bestial cock to the hilt.  This was just what they wanted.  Mosi brought the donkey forward.  The beast’s cock had dropped down a little.  The hideous organ was black and hung down until it seemed like it would touch the ground.  Both the women’s eyes went wide as they stared.  Nothing in their imagination could have prepared them for this...

“We need a slut with a pussy that’ll be stretched by a big cock,” Munyambu said, egging the Germans on.

Mosi got the donkey turned.  Munyambu and Kamau go Elaine lying down on the bench on her belly with her feet flat on the floor.  This position exposed her pussy nicely.  The whole setup allowed the crowd to see the curve of her butt.  Elaine

turned her face away.  Everyone would be watching her - enjoying her degradation and humiliation.  She felt overwhelmed and wanted to hide.  But, she knew she would be punished terribly if she tried to refuse this ordeal.  The smell of donkey filled the place.  Munyambu laughed and joked with the Germans who were very excited; and now that the show was soon to begin, they got ready.  Jostling each other, they pulled up chairs so they could see the donkey mount and fuck her.

Elaine lay there realizing that she was going to be fucked by an animal.  Nothing in all her 26 years had prepared her for what Munyambu was going to put her through.  She had become the ultimate female receptacle - fucked by a donkey. This was the ultimate rape.   She lay there submissively, but sickened. 

Elaine glanced at the faces that surrounded her.  She saw looks of lust. The Germans who had fucked all the them looked particularly gross.   She looked in Munyambu’s direction and then at her husband and mother who both looked like they had been struck on the head with a hammer.  The Chief Inspector had a look of pure evil on his face.  Then she looked back over her shoulder to see Mosi getting the donkey into position and that the beast’s cock was now fairly hard and long.  The sound of its hooves on the concrete floor gave evidence of the beast’s size and power. It weighed at least 200 kilos.

Mosi used both hands on the animal’s cock to get the beast ready.  Drops of slippery juice trickled from the hole at the tip.  Mosi got his fingers into a can of white cooking grease, came up with a big glob and smeared it all over Elaine’s pussy lips and into her hole.  She moaned as he worked it in.  What she didn’t know was that the grease contained the urine of an ovulating donkey mare.   This guaranteed that the donkey would fuck the shit out of her.  The animal edged closer to her ass.  It bent its head down so it could sniff her cunt– so temptingly presented.  It put its nose against her wet pussy and got the scent of the mare mixed in with Elaine’s hot smell.  The beast reared its head high and, with its lip curled, let out a loud braying sound.  

The Germans began applauding.  The scent excited the animal, and it began to snort and toss its head.  The three Germans encouraged the donkey...cheering and clapping to urge the beast on.  The animal smelled “mare”.  This meant “mating”.  When it caught the pheromones from the mare’s urine, the beast’s primitive smell brain began racing. The animal’s cock seemed like it was made of rubber and waving around before it got the scent.  When it got a whiff, its cock stiffened and INSTANTLY, it was fully erect, rigid as a pole and slapping its belly.  Munyambu grabbed Elaine by her hair and made her look at it.  She saw the animal’s cock as it

slapped up and down against its belly.  Sarah stood by with a look of horror on her face.  She would have gladly traded places with her daughter, to spare her, and let the beast impale her.

Now fully erect, the donkey’s cock was as big around as a man’s wrist and as long as a woman’s forearm from fist to elbow.   This was going to be shoved into her cunt, and for the first time Elaine felt afraid.  This emotion added to the excitement as well as the shame she felt and propelled her to new depths of masochism.

“OH….oh….oh….uh….oh…..Ohhhhhhhhh,”  she kept mumbling as, wide-eyed, she eyeballed the animal’s huge cock. 

Now that everything was ready, they got the donkey ready to mount her.  Munyambu told her to hold on to the bench with both hands and slapped her ass to get her up on her toes, with her back arched.  This made her pussy gape open nicely.  Mosi used a prod and the donkey rose up on its hind legs and came over onto the top bench with its forelegs on either side.   It took a little doing to get the donkey to rear up and get its chest and forelegs straddling the top bench, but in the end, it was done. 

The donkey’s rear hooves were way behind Elaine’s feet, so with its front legs straddling the bench, it was ready to thrust its cock into a warm, wet hole.  Its cock had stopped slapping against its belly as the donkey hunched forward trying to find the hole.  Elaine felt the cock head touch her pussy and slide along her crack.  The donkey kept trying to find her hole… humping ….trying to penetrate.

“OH… NO– OH…OH,” she moaned.

The donkey continued to thrust forward.  It got its cock at the opening finally -  then the animal’s powerful hind quarters thrust forward and drove the cock IN. Elaine groaned like someone had shoved a sword into her belly.  Inside the hole now, the animal began humping, pushing her forward.  And while her sex-hole had been opened, it had to stretch a lot to take the lemon-sized head.

“OH GOD,” was all she said, when the big cock opened her.

As it dilated her and the head slid inside her warm, greasy hole, Elaine began groaning louder and louder.  The parting of her vaginal sphincter and the opening of her hole was overwhelming....  The big glans punched in deeper - touched her

cervix and then plowed past.  Then it went way in… stretching her hole to the max.  It was an eye-watering combination of pain and pleasure.

She tried to scoot forward again when she felt the donkey trying to force more inside her, but there was nowhere else for her to go.  There was so much cock and as its thick organ reached bottom of her hole, she cried out loud.  The penetration was so deep that she began crying like she was being stabbed.  The Germans, wildly excited now, began clapping and hooting.   Then the donkey pulled it half way out – only to ram it back in again.  A hard thrust forward – it just slammed it in her.  It was hard to believe a woman could find room for a cock that big.  It was like having an arm, from the fist to the elbow, shoved into her hole.  It felt like it was about to come out of her mouth.  Everyone crowded closer to see how much of the huge cock was inside her.

The donkey had erected to its full length and girth.  All but about 10 centimeters was inside her.  Elaine had taken most of it.   She braced herself as the donkey began to whinny and snort,  then pulled it’s cock out some and thrust it back in again.  It went in easier as her greased, reddened hole was really opened up now.  It went way in again…past her cervix and deep....all the way to the bottom of her cunt – stretching the epicenter pocket to the max!

Elaine groaned again like someone had punched her in the stomach.  Everyone was awed and mesmerized by what they were seeing.  The depth and girth of the penetration was totally beyond everyone’s imagination.  Her whole pelvis had been INVADED.   The lemon-sized cock head, now fully ballooned and flared, filled the deepest recesses of her sexhole.  The donkey, neighing, now began to fuck her, like a machine, for all it was worth.  Her husband stood close by with his mouth open watching the spectacle.  Every time the beast humped her, she groaned like she was being beaten.

Elaine cried out louder and louder each time the animal’s haunches thrust forward…forcing the embedded cock deep into her.  But then the beast would stop…pull back and its cock would slip out.  The cycle, starting with its big dick waving around would resume.  The donkey would hump trying to find her hole - penetrate her again - and then fuck the shit out of her.  The donkey brayed and whinnied, getting louder each time as it got closer to ejaculating.

She groaned loud and her eyes kept rolling back in her head.  Her nipples, wet with her sweat and erect, rubbed against the table with each powerful thrust.  As the donkey drove in and out of her pussy, Munyambu knew that it wasn’t going to be too much longer before it would cum.   He could see the animal’s big testicles swaying back and forth in its hairy ball sack.  Elaine’s orgasm was building also since the donkey had started to fuck her.  There was no part of her hole the animal’s cock had not touched or stretched.

Munyambu was impressed.  He was very happy at seeing the young mother take the donkey’s dick.  It was proving to be a great climax to the evening’s fun and games.  And personally, he found it a real pleasure to do this to the Jewish MILF.  It was perfect to have her husband and mother there watching her being sexually humiliated.  Everyone was smiling, grinning, joking and drinking.

The Germans got their money’s worth.  The Germans could see that Elaine was a strong woman – something very special.  Sweat poured off her.  As the donkey pounded her, she had an orgasm and screamed like a madwoman.  Like a sword had been shoved in her belly and pierced her womb.  Everyone looked on in wonder; it was a most unbelievable spectacle.

Her response to her bestial rape when it went in all the way was more than anyone could have hoped for.   She grunted like a man had punched her hard in the stomach, every time the cock went in deep.  To a man, the Germans felt that this was a fitting thing to do to a woman, especially a Jewess.  ‘Women are whores,’ went the thinking.  ‘They all want a big dick. What better way to punish a Jewish whore than with a monstrous donkey dick?’  An animal cock provided the maximum degradation you could inflict on a woman.  All the Germans had gotten erections.  Every man was hard...

The beast kept slamming its haunches in and out – in and out in a cruel, parody of human sex.  It was easy to see how hard the donkey fucked her - it rear hooves scooted forward, making a scraping noise on the concrete floor with the force of its powerful thrusts.  Elaine’s cries left no doubt that the big cock hurt when the animal slammed it into her.  Her husband and mother stood by in shocked silence watching her take the animal’s cock.  Sarah was struck dumb by what she was seeing.  Her black master was making her daughter do the worst sexual thing a woman could be compelled to do....

The donkey got closer to cumming, and by instinct, the animal shoved its cock in as deep as it could.  It instinctively wanted to push the head all the way in, so the glans could flare and  seal off her hole.  The piss slit in the donkey’s cock head pressed right up against the epicenter now.  The donkey was huffing and puffing and kept clomping his rear hooves noisily on the concrete floor to gain purchase, braying, whinnying and shoving its cock into her fast and hard. With its arm-sized member buried deep, the donkey filled her totally.   Its tail flicked up and down in a random pattern.  Elaine was drooling like an animal too, and not knowing or caring about it.  In truth, she was out of her mind. 

Everyone watched – hypnotized.  Elaine wagged her head from side to side; sometimes she rested her face on the bench; other times she held her head up and stared into space.   Her brown hair was all over her face in sweaty strands as the donkey shoved its cock into her with 200 kilos of muscle, gristle and bone behind it.  Hans, downing a drink, wondered aloud how she took it all.

The beast finally ejaculated, braying.  When it came, it was like a fountain of white slop had overflowed her hole.  It shot out around the rubbery black shaft, pumping like a heartbeat.  Each time the beast shoved in - hosing her more -  the pressure would squirt cum out.  Elaine felt very full with the huge load of hot cum inside her.  The donkey’s ejaculation was so strong that cum sprayed out and splattered all over its balls.  Cum dripped from its nuts as well drooling and dripping down the insides of her legs to the floor.  The beast paused, her sex hole stretched tight around its cock-shaft.  The penile contractions slowed and finally stopped as the last droplet of cum dribbled into her stretched hole.

Then at some point, she felt like the cockhead was rotating inside her pussy.  Since the huge cock was tightly fitted into her vagina without any air gap, it produced suction that pulled on her cervix and uterus.  This in-and-out pulling made her cum again.  It created a powerful suction and she felt her womb was being pulled inside out.  This was both unpleasant and pleasurable at the same time.  The result was that she had a huge orgasm that went on and on.  The animal was almost done.

After this, Elaine and the donkey were both breathing heavily.  The donkey tried to pull back and Elaine grunted as the cock didn’t want to come out -  her pussy was gripping it so hard.  The animal pulled again and it popped out.  The donkey whinnied and shuddered – its cock shrinking as cum ran from her distended hole.  Mosi got close to her as her hole was so open now…and mimed putting his hand in her stretched vagina.

The animal’s phallus hung down - dripping cum from the tip.  A huge gush of semen ran from her pussy and splattered on the floor as more ran down the inside of her legs.  The Germans began applauding.   The donkey got down off the bench.  But the beast was not done.  It still had lots of cum in its balls; so the show wasn’t over yet.   The donkey remounted her two more times.  Each time just fucking the shit out of her.

Finally its cock slipped out and the animal dismounted.  Elaine was exhausted and simply collapsed on the bench.  She was sloppy from her pussy to her knees.  Donkey cum dripped in a steady stream from her hole…she was messy everywhere  - her mound - her ass – her thick hairy mat pubic hair was plastered down.... wet and sticky.  Donkey semen had dribbled all down her thighs.  Munyambu ordered Mosi and Simba to get Sarah on her knees and Mosi handed her a bowl to catch the cum that poured from her daughter’s raw hole.  They made Elaine drink it, and then lick the bowl clean. It was a sickening task and having to be a part of it daughter was shattering to Sarah. 

Bruno turned to Hans and said, “Ein was für schmutziger Jude (What a dirty Jew).”

Following this, Munyambu ordered Mosi to get the donkey re-mounted on Elaine again.  She groaned and begged to be spared.  She begged for a reprieve.  Then he asked her slyly, “should we let the donkey fuck your mother?”

It was sad to say but Elaine betrayed her mother.  She told the Chief Inspector to “do it” to Mama.  Mosi came up with more grease and the urine of an ovulating donkey mare and smeared it over Sarah’s pussy and into her hole.   Her pussy had been nicely stretched earlier.  So when they put the older woman on the bench and let the little stallion mount her, she was able to take its cock in her hole.  The animal fucked her silly.  Her sweat dripping DD sized tits swung, jiggled and bobbed as the donkey slammed it arm-sized cock into her over and over again.   The donkey flooded her pussy with cum and then remounted her three times.   On the final remount, Sarah came like a whore. 

Its big cock pushed her into a loud orgasm; she sounded demented when she climaxed.  Finally, the donkey was done and Mosi and Simba led the animal outside.   Elaine was slapped awake and made to lap up the donkey semen which poured from her mother’s cunt into the bowl and lick it clean. The Germans were beside themselves.  Seeing the Jew and her mother degraded was the highlight of their trip.


The Chief Inspector continued to exploit the Braxton, the Rangan and the Weingarten families until he was suspended as a police officer in early 2010 following an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission.  The Commission uncovered some of his dealings, and he was suspended from the Department until the investigation could be completed.  Ultimately, he was jailed awaiting trial.  Unfortunately for him, it was a facility which housed one of his enemies.  This man, also awaiting trial, ambushed Munyambu, stabbing and seriously wounded him.  It seems that the Chief Inspector had been using this man’s wife and daughter like whores.

As for the Braxton’s, Kate and Harry’s daughter Becky was sent back to the UK for college.  She had been so traumatized, that she had suffered a nervous breakdown.  Even after her recovery, she considered herself a slut and a whore.  She had discovered that she really liked big, black cocks.  Consequently, the word quickly spread amongst the blacks at her college that the white girl from Africa was a black cock slut, and she became the campus whore.

Harry and Kate had also been completely traumatized.  Kate more than Harry, as she was the one being used and abused, while Harry suffered mostly humiliation. By 2010, all this had started to affect their marriage.  Harry agreed to a trial separation, but unfortunately it ended in a divorce, as Kate had lost too much respect for him.  And having been repeatedly fucked by men who were more virile and had bigger cocks, she  developed a taste for rough sex, mostly interracial.  Harry, after the divorce, wasn't left with much, and ended up getting his sexual kicks by surfing porn sites, where black men like Tembo fucked girls like his daughter Becky in their cunts, assholes and mouths.

Actually, he liked the ones best where the girls were young and tight, and the dicks violating them were as large as Tembo's, so the nubile girls would scream and moan while they were being raped.  Or they had to take on two cocks, one in their cunt and another in the ass, again obviously experiencing lots of pain.  Of course, he had been given copies of all of Kate's and Becky's movies, which he used for masturbating.

The Rangans, Gopal, Amala and Pallav, were also devastated by their ordeals at Munyambu’s hands.  Pallav went away to college, but returned in 2010 to finish his education in Kenya.  He and his mother began a hot, incestuous BDSM relationship.  It would have been difficult to figure out who seduced whom.  Their games included him teasing her nipples and pussy with his hands and fingers and then using the “Black Mamba” on her.  It soon progressed into more elaborate rituals where Pallav made her suck his cock.  Each time they did it Pallav got more aggressive and rough and soon he was face-fucking his Mama....just raping her mouth.  Amala needed to be punished and no one seemed more disposed to treat her like a slut than her own son.  Whipping and caning games soon followed.  Gopal eventually joined the fun.  He liked being tied to a chair and made to watch.  The routine included Pallav mocking him for becoming aroused as he watched his son humiliate and sexually abuse his wife. 

Elaine and her mother, Sarah, moved to the UK after Munyambu was arrested; while Jacob stayed behind as a professor at Strathmore University.  His son, David, was admitted to the Sir John Cass Business School in London after the Chief Inspector’s trial.  Jacob ended up becoming Subira’s slave.  She made him report for duty on weekends and used him like a servant and sexual slave; and loved subjecting him to outrageous torments.  In some respects, Jacob was as happy as he’d ever been, but he did miss his wife. 

Elaine, living in London, found a Jamaican man on a British BDSM website and became his slave.  Sarah threw herself into community work and didn’t spend a lot of time with her daughter.  Munyambu underwent several surgeries following his attack, but succumbed to his wounds and died before he could be tried for his crimes.

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