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0 Rating for this co, Do not invest money on this project.possible scam.

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These attorneys are scoundrels. We asked them to handle our rehabilitation in May 2011 and through the last year nothing has been done to effect our rehab, this after numerous court appearances. We decided to see another attorney in June 2012, he applied for our rehabilitation and got it the 1st TIME!. Schoonraad is a waste of time and money

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Road accident fund R8387 Last year in October I received a mail from U Venter with proof that this matter has been solve in the High Court. In March 2015 they send me a letter again stated that this matter was settled but you are waiting for payment and must work out the costs.. They advise me to phone Dorothy at the end of April 2015. Ever since that day I phone every month but get exactly the same answer every month, my file must be drawn and the case must go to mr Rontgen. It is a year and nothing happened and I do not have any answer. I hope some one in this company of you can help me to solve this matter. Thank you

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hi my name is ronelle kgohloane ID no national private college account were handed over you between 2008-2010 and i make arrangements for debit order that time. my name appears on credit bereua which is affecting my life and records to clear my name they want your letter proofing that i have paid my account. your help woul be much appreciated regards ronelle magatane kgohloane

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Webpage does not have an email address, nor does it have a cellphone number. Assistant for firm unable to take a message. Review: poor. m

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