English: Invented by the sixteenth-century poet Sir Philip Sidney, Pamela is possibly derived from the Greek words pan meaning all...

Greek Origin

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Greek: All gifted; According to mythology Pandora was the first woman endowed with gifts from the gods. Pandora´s box contained...

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English: Warrior''s village; a name used for both genders. Peyton Place was the name of a popular TV show from the 1960s.

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Latin: Archaic, ancient, she was banished; feminine variant of the Roman name Priscus

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English: A surname which was originally given to a person who played on a pipe (flute).

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Patrice is a French variation of the Latin name Patricia or Patricius. A contemporary-sounding unisex name, Patrice skews... Read more about Patrice


Pam is just another nickname as a first name. Derived from the invented name, Pamela, Pam can be toted as a given name if... Read more about Pam


English: Derived from the Latin word prudens meaning good judgement; virtue name

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Scottish: A particularly patterened, usually colorful fabric first produced in Paisely, Scotland

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What with all the press attention to Pippa Middleton, this name is dressed for success, and we're just waiting for some celeb... Read more about Pippa

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