How to Flash An Android Phone On Your Own Without A Phone Repairer

How to Flash an Android phone as a way to get it back to working properly has become very popular these days, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to do it. In this article, we are going to see how you can easily flash an Android phone in less than 3 minutes

If you are someone who loves to connect your android phone to people’s laptops and desktops just to download music and other stuff on your phone then chances are that you’re definitely going to be contracting some wicked virus or worm that may end up damaging your phones performance and in some cases if your luck fails to shine. Your expensive phone if not treated fast may never work again.

But what do you do in such a case of worm and virus attacks. Well the best way is to flash the phone.
Flashing in simple English could be explained as clearing or formatting the internal memory of the phone just to save it’s life on planet earth😜😜😜😜

How to Flash An Android Phone (In Two Simple Steps)

1) First of all just switch off the Android Phone, after that hold
the (volume button up ) and the (center or menu
button) and the (power button)

The power bottom is the one that you use to switch on/off your
phone .

2)Now as you are holding those buttons something amazing will happen, you will then see so many flashy stuff on the screen of the phone, do not panic at all, just enter the
flashing and your phone we be flashed

That’s it
No need for any phone repairer to charge you exorbitant fees for doing this simple task for you
Thank me later 😜😜😜

Let me know what you think
Did this work for your Android phone
Let me know

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