How To Download Facebook Videos On Your Computer

Ever since Facebook allowed to post videos, we see a lot of videos in our news feed on daily basis. We always find good videos which we want to share with our friends on other services like WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Sometimes we also want to save it offline to watch it later on.

There are many third party tools and apps which can help you to download Facebook videos to your computer. However, there are ways to download Facebook videos without any software also. We will check them out both in this post. So lets check it out.

How to download Facebook videos on computer with software?



Tampermonkey is a Chrome extension which you get in the Chrome Web Store. This particular extension is a must have extension on any Chrome browser. It not just allows you to download any videos but also allows to download any photos that you see on Facebook.

Further to mention that not just Facebook but it supports many other popular websites which has videos and photos on them. You will have to install scripts from in order to get the options to download.

You will always get a download icon besides videos and photos that you see on these popular websites. The standard settings allows you to download any Facebook video in both mp4 HD and SD that means one with original version and other with the compressed one.

The one good thing about this particular extension is that you can download both public videos and the videos that your friends share. Also you don’t have to worry about exporting URL to somewhere else. Isn’t this cool? Try it.

Video Downloader:

Video Downloader is a Chrome App which is available in the Chrome Web Store. Once you add this app to your Chrome browser, on clicking the app, it takes you to heroku website where the app is located. You will have to grab URL of any public video on Facebook and paste it in the field provided there. Now just click download now button and it will provide all the options to download it to computer.
Like Tampermonkey, it also gives both mp4 HD and SD options. However, you can only download public videos and not the one which are shared with only friends. This app also allows you to save video to your Google Drive. Grab the URL of any of the two versions that you want to save and click on the link shown in the image below.
On the next page, you will have to authorize the app to connect to your Google Drive. On successful connection to Google Drive, you can save any public Facebook video to Google Drive.
There are many such web services where you can simply add the URL of the video and download it. The drawback here is that you can only download public Facebook videos. If you are looking to download any of your friend’s video which he has shared with his friends then Tampermonkey extension is the best solution. If not the extension then the further guide is the best for you. i.e. download Facebook videos on computer without any software. So lets check out that too.

How to download Facebook videos on computer without any software?

You saw the drawback in using various third party apps to download Facebook videos. Except Tampermonkey, none of them works when we want to download Facebook videos which our friends has shared with their friends. The following little tweak lets you download such videos without any kind of software. So lets see the steps.
Step 1: Right click on the timestamp of the Facebook video post and open it in a new tab.
Step 2: Replace www with mbasic as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Reload the page.

Step 4: Right click on the video and you will get a save link as option.

Save the video to your computer and watch it offline. Its that simple without any software. Facebook itself doesn’t allow you to download videos like it allows you to download photos. So these all tricks can work at least till Facebook officially allows.

This post was last modified on December 3, 2017, 10:11 am

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