100% Working! Simple Trick To Make Your Slow Windows 8 Boot Faster

Windows is an Operating system owned by Microsoft, arguiably the most used operating system in the world today.  According to Microsoft, it wants to cross 1.5 billion users by 2018. Well they are actually according to Microsoft again claiming to having 1.5 billion users worldwide. WOW!
Well according to our own estimations, Bill Gates Microsoft has about a billion users.. Cool huh?
Windows 8 operating System is my favourate out of all the others and I have my reasons.
I know there’s windows10, and even though I have my own personal issues with the 8, it cannot be compared with the issues I seemed to have faced with other versions including 10. Windows 8 is awesome for me. PERFECT!
Today I will show you a simple but ignored trick how you can speed up the booting processes of your slow PC.

1.Warm Booting

Warm booting is simply shutting down your personal computer in the right way.
First of all the whole process as to begin with when you are just about to shut down your PC. Just make sure you follow this procedure.


Disk clean Up is almost like the most ignored thing on windows, and I seem to always get surprised by that. All one needs to do is spend some few minutes and perform a simple disk clean-up to free up some space in the memory of your PC. That’s it!

How To Perform Disk Clean Up

Performing Disk Clean Up is very very easy, trust me. All you need to do is
i)Press and hold the windows key plus the key S . A search input box will be shown in the right top corner of your screen. All you have to do is type the words Disk Cleanup and just like a jinni, it will just appear.

A dialogue box will appear in the middle your screen, press ok and wait for it to load. (it will take just a minute, depending on the speed of your PC)

Even if the speed of your website is slow, don’t worry, just wait for it.

iii)Then after disk clean up opens, you will see that there are 3 different options to free more space of you memory when you click on (Clean Up System Files) but on this article we will focus mainly on normal clean up

Click on Ok but m,ake sure all the above boxes are checked.
Recycle bin, Thumbnails, Offline webpages, etc are all bugs (errors) that oocupy the space of your memory and slows down your PC.

iv) Now Click ok and you will be prompted with a dialogue box asking “ Are you sure you want to delete these files?”, just click on Yes and wait for the clean Up exercise to work out. Doesn’t panic, nothing serious will be deleted.  They are just a bunch of bugs.
The only thing left for you to do is to get yourself a cup of coffee or any drink you like that can make you chill and relax. Now after you are back, Disk Clean Up will be off your screen, which means its done. FINITO!.


You just cleaned up your PC and cleared lots of bugs. YAAY!
Your PC will surely boot faster than normal on your next cold booting (Cold booting means switching on your computer for the first time after a long while after it has been switched off).


Now this is the final trick on how to speed the booting process of you PC
Cold booting means switching on the computer for the first time after it has been completely shut   down.  Since you performed disk CleanUp before warm booting, Just relax and allow the computer to flex it’s muscles and wait for the screen to appear.
Now what screen? We are aiming at the Windows menu screen. For some strange reason, I found that if you have a lot of softwares installed on your pc all you have to do is wait on this screen.

Like How Long?

Well believe it or not, not for too long. If your website takes like 7 to 10 minuites to load, jut hide behind the windows menu screen and wait like 2 to 3  minutes and  the TADAA!
You made it. Your computer is now 30% faster that your last login. You can do this clean up almost every 3 to 5 days. But honestly if you really need to speed your PC then you got to this quite often keeping an eye on unnecessary softwares you install.

Well that’s all for now folks. Thanks for visiting 419detector, the home of technology. Expecting your comments right below!

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