Best Mobile Content For Your Phone. Submit Now!

Best Mobile Content For Your Phone. Submit now!

Mobile content is any type of electronic media which is viewed or used on mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, discount offers, games, movies, and GPS navigation. As mobile phone use has grown since the mid-1990s, the significance of the devices in everyday life has grown accordingly.

Mobile content via SMS is still the main technology for communication used to send mobile consumers messages, especially simple content such as ringtones and wallpapers. Because SMS is the main messaging technology used by young people, it is still the most effective way of reaching this target market. SMS is also ubiquitous, reaching a wider audience than any other technology available in the mobile space (MMS, bluetooth, mobile e-mail or WAP). More important than anything else, SMS is extremely easy to use, which makes adoption increase day by day.

Although SMS is an old technology that may someday be replaced by the likes of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) or WAP, SMS frequently gains new powers. One example is the introduction of applications whereby mobile tickets are sent to consumers via SMS, which contains a WAP-push that contains a link where a barcode is placed. This clearly substitutes MMS, which has a limited reach and still suffers from interoperability problems.

It is important to keep enhancing the consumer confidence in using SMS for mobile content applications. This means, if a consumer has ordered a new wallpaper or ringtone, this has to work properly, in a speedy and reliable way. Therefore, it is important to choose the right SMS gateway provider in order to ensure quality-of-service along the whole path of the content SMS until reaching the consumer’s mobile.

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